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Redskins: 42 Packers: 24 The Good, Bad and Ugly

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Redskins: 42 Packers: 24 The Good, Bad and Ugly

Aaron Rodgers, Jared Cook until 3:05 in the fourth quarter, Mike Daniels

Jeff Janis, Mason Crosby

Pass Defense, Third in the NFC North



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Nick Perry's picture

The Good...

Just how good this team has been for so long. The Packers have had 2 (TWO) losing seasons since 1992. That's 25 years.

The Bad...

Just how far this team has fallen in the last two seasons. Injuries aside, this teams as we know them started to die January 18th, 2015 in Seattle.

The Ugly...

The number of needs this team REALLY has. They have NO leadership anywhere and have positions of need everywhere. I can only speak for myself but I believe many of us thought this "Dive" might start in 2017 when age and Free Agency might catch up with them. The dive is here now and it's not going away. Unless the Packers change GM's or our GM changes the way he does business, it could take quite a while for this team to be fixed.

Houndog's picture

You nailed it Nick, no (veteran, or any other type of) leadership!
What I'm afraid of is whether or not that lack of leadership goes all the way to the top! I guess we'll see where Murphy and the B-o-D's stand at the end of the season, but I won't hold my breath.

al bundy's picture

Leadership? Does leadership make our pass defenders faster, cover better and tackle better? Cant blame Capers he didnt draft these bums but he is expected to take so so players and make them playoff contenders.
Ted T has had three years to fix the pourous pass defense and his pea brain still thinks they can develop. Bottom line all year, were giving up more points via the pass then we can score.
Its not a lack of leadership is piss poor drafting and piss poor lack of free agent help where needed.

rdent's picture

Colin Cowherd just blasted the Packers and the organization on his show this morning and I had to agree with what he said.

Amanofthenorth's picture

For those who missed it he said he can't believe the packers don't win every game by 40 including every super bowl. He demands the whole organization be thrown in to turmoil due to a down season that isn't even over yet.

Packer_Pete's picture

The good: Nick Perry (at least plays hard), Montgomery, Richard Rodgers (caught everything, got the kickoff fumble back)
and there actually was a Peppers sighting with a couple of positive plays

The bad: Where to start? Everything and everybody else

The ugly: Are there any secondary coaches on the Packers staff? Doesn't seem like it...
going into a game with the only 2 OL backups at OT...
going into a game with only 1 real RB, but having 2 FBs on the active roster...
On the crucial 4th down, Guion being totally unaware where Cousins was...

marpag1's picture

I'm about the least "reactionary" sort of guy there is. I'm "one game does not a season make." I'm "stay the course, trust the system." I'm "Donald Driver sucked for years before he turned it on." But yeah, I think I might be going over to the dark side.

If there is a silver lining to this loss, maybe it will be that Barclay will disappear. I haven't seen a full grown man getting bitch-slapped like that in a long time. Sure, he's a little bit of a tease... he can look tolerable vs. TEN for example. But it's to the point where you just can't put him on the field in good conscience. Someone - namely ARod - will get hurt. Barclay was on his own personal slip-and-slide all night, to the point of being comical. He got injured and improved the team.

I'm not a hater of Dom Capers. I do believe that he is pretty screwed with all the injuries. But for the good of the team I think he probably has to go. The NFL is a hard business, and even very good coaches (Capers is closer to ordinary) sometimes need to move on simply because the team needs a change of scenery. This defense needs a change of scenery. Heck, the whole team does.

You could almost see Capers' frustration, though... and understand it. He sits back and plays coverage and he doesn't have he corners to pull it off. Against WAS you could see he just said "screw it"... if I'm getting beat anyway I might as well try blitzing. He sent corners, safeties, LBs ... they didn't get home .... hello, Ladarius Gunther! 70 yard TD. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I still think Capers needs to go, but geez, he's got NOTHING to work with at corner. I can't deny that injuries have really hurt here, and losing Matthews for a chunk of games just made it worse.

I'm not willing to say that "the offense did its part." Ordinary point production against a mediocre defense is not what championships are made of. Obviously, the injuries have hurt here, too.

Put Jeff Janis on the same plane as Barclay. I never understood the Janis love, and I still don't. He used to earn a spot by special teams, but now he's not doing that anymore. He sure as hell won't make a living on offense.

I'm NOT as "doom and gloom" as some others are. I don't think Thompson's recent drafts are horrible. I don't think the team needs to be "blown up." I do think that there is more talent on the team than their current play would indicate. IF they had health, and IF they had their "swag" - both of which are sorely lacking right now - they would be contenders, and one or two young playmakers could possibly put them over the top.

It just won't happen this year.

croatpackfan's picture

I supports your points. I think one of the best DC in the league by knowledge is Dom Capers, but, obviously it is not working for Packers. I'm also not a person who would like to fire everybody and I do not think TT should go, but I think big remodeling must be done.
I have no problems with Mike McCarthy stay as HC, I just do not see point in keepeing Tom Clements. Edgar Bennett should take his WR coach job back (if he are willing to) or let it go. I would offer OC job to Joe Philbin (at the moments Colts' Offensive Line Coach). Regarding D, I'm not sure to whom we can offer DC job. Maybe to someone who possess more luck regarding injuries...

caruso81's picture

If you don't think Ted should go, then you're simply not paying attention. No HC or DC in the league could win with this personnel.

Give MM one more season with a complete house cleaning of the rest of the coaching staff. Show Ted his early retirement, and use ALL of the avenues available to a new GM to populate this team with serviceable players rather than 30 projects.

dobber's picture

This is the funny part, because last week, several people were saying that if you gave this group to Belichick (and I can't remember which other coach) they would be playing winning football. Not saying it was you, Caruso, but others were saying that.

Finwiz's picture

Marpag - you're a little late to the Capers party, but better late than never I guess. This guy needs to do the HONORABLE thing and just resign before the seasons over. He's yesterdays news, players don't respect his system anymore and it shows. The scheme is dated and offenses have torched us all season. They have given up more points in four games in a row since 1958. That's a long, long time. There is no pride on this team, not to mention NO TALENT in the secondary. You could cut all these guys at CB next year and nobody would miss them Start over. Joe Thomas? Theres another joke of a linebacker. There are so many needs at this point, it's rebuild time baby. Look for us to be a below average time for 2-3 years.

fastmoving's picture

you guys are crazy. what did janis do wrong besides that muff in extremly windy conditions.
He is a non factore, because he got no chances (maybe 5 snaps zero targets) and you put him in the bad????
adams has a couple of bad drops, jordy and cobb are non factors and cm3 can beat a practice squad guy......
seams clear why everything goes the way it does the last month in this country. there are a lot of bitter folks out there.
and unfortunately..... not a lot of smart guys anymore

Three and Out's picture

Fell asleep in the first quarter, woke up at midnight, saw the score on my phone, laughed and fell back asleep.

That's about as much annoyance I'm going to let this team give me. It's hilarious how bad they've become.

Lphill's picture

Maybe Capers should coach from the sideline maybe there is a disconnect with him and the players. I don't know but I think he is one of the few who coach from the booth.

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly, I have wondered that. Really have.

Tundraboy's picture

Just wierd that Coach is never on sidelines interacting with players. Been saying that for years. I also think MM gets too caught up in his play cards at the expense of interacting, encouraging, motivating, players?

RCPackerFan's picture

Good: Rodgers for the most part was good. Cook was good until his fumble. Spriggs was good at Guard. Perhaps we found Langs replacement?

Bad: Janis, Injuries keep coming.

Ugly: pass Defense.

marpag1's picture

I don't know if we found Lang's replacement, but we sure as heck found Barclay's.

RCPackerFan's picture

I can't say whether or not we found a replacement for Lang. But Lang continues to be hurt, and play through injuries. Spriggs looked really good I thought. Although maybe that was comparing him to Barclay, which would make anyone look good.

4zone's picture

I'd add Cobb in the Good. Made a ccouple of nice, hard plays.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, he played hard. That 3rd and long play he turned into a 40+ yard reception was all on his determination.

stockholder's picture

Week after week we see the same problems. Soft in the middle! The QBs the packers are facing are not MVPs. Their using text book throws to the hash marks, and under, or over the coverage. I keep saying that Thomas Sucks. Continues to get caught up in traffic. For years I've wanted another Desmond Bishop. But now I just want Moss gone as coach. The revolving door here has to stop. We had injuries at CB. But the talent is just not there in the secondary. Their SLOW! And what does your secondary coach say. Why It's not about speed. Hyde got burned big. And team after team knows how to beat these safeties now. For all the picks used on the offensive line. You don't waive an All-pro guard and keep Barclay as your back-up plan. How stupid of TT! Team players do what their coaches want! If you want a Ring you do want your coach wants! Now A-Rod is 32. I saw 2-3 times Nelson was open going over the middle.( Early -on) Does A-rod need glasses? A-Rod can be traded. What did Adams do last Night. He's kept the players behind him from getting better, and wrecked A-Rods vision. Janis has a broken heart and won't recover. Dump him and get him away from A-rod now. He's doing everything he can to get off the team. The WRs sat to long on the bench. Their crap now. Allison,Janis,Davis,and Adams are not worth keeping. But were stuck with Adams until we get a comp pick. Guys Adams is a F**k-up. You have to baby him with two easy catches first. The Good Peppers. The Bad. Hyde. The ugly, The forth quarter.

m159267's picture

Good: My Tivo - So I do not have to watch the futility - just delete it.

Bad: Having not watched a Packer game for some time.

Ugly: The thought of my Tivo 'Delete' option not working.

Handsback's picture

Washington beat the Packers in all 3 phases of the game. I'm sorry, but the only good I could see was Cook's return (and even he fumbled, but most players would in a strike like that) and Cobb's reception.
ST and defense were pretty pathetic. they have just wouldn't know it by their performance.

Tundraboy's picture

Montgomery, ARod, Cobb, Cook (Caught some big passes and although he fumbled did not get hurt) , Rip when he played)


3rd down Defense, Secondary

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree.

Though instead of Barclay in the bad can we put Thompson for keeping Barclay on the roster? There isn't a better option out there?

dobber's picture

I think they've convinced themselves that versatility >> quality. He made it out of camp because he could play C and LInsley was hurt, IMO.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think that is why. The problem is he isn't good at anything.

fthisJack's picture

there is....Spriggs. so why put Barclay out there first?

dobber's picture

I think they needed to be forced to test Spriggs. Now that they know, there's no good reason to keep Barclay when Tretter is heatlhy. Otherwise, they still need someone who can play C if (sorry, I mean when, given this team's luck with injuries) LInsley gets hurt.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This drives me crazy with MM: Spriggs is a better OG than Barclay but Spriggs doesn't get to play until the hand of the coach is forced. I wonder what Campen told MM about Spriggs' readiness to play OG. TBH, I suspect that Murphy is a better OG than Barclay as well. Murphy was active for the Washington game. [I do acknowledge and agree, Dobber, that Barclay is one of the active OL because he can play center, and probably should be until Tretter returns.]

jlc1's picture

You've got to downgrade Daniels for the roughing the passer penalty that kept a scoring drive alive. Especially as it is the second time he has done it during this losing streak.

Since '61's picture

Good: A. Rodgers, Monty, J. Cook, R. Rodgers, Spriggs for first game at guard.

Bad: D. Barclay, J. Janis

Ugly: Packers defense especially the pass defense.

Note: Chuck Barclay and Janis now. Make room to sign 2 NFL corners if we can find them.
Fire Capers at the end of the season

Thanks, Since '61

Finwiz's picture

Capers needs to do the honorable thing, take one for the team, and resign immediately. The 2nd in command couldn't be ANY worse than what he has done to this once proud team. The defense is simply awful.

Bugeater's picture

The Good: I'll be moving up a few spots on the season ticket waiting list. Only 40,000 people need to jump off the bandwagon!

brewers_rule's picture

Several things:
1) The Good (Adam Czech; & that should remain in this column until season's end), The Bad (Ted Thompson refusing any questions after that debacle last night), The Ugly (#intedwetrust fans now circling the wagons to find a quick solution that isn't 'drastic' like hanging it on Capers when he's been making bonfires w/2 wet twigs this season Thompson gave him)

2) 2 clear notes from last night's game:
Adam Schefter-"It is first time since the final four games of 1953 season that Green Bay has allowed at least 30 points in four straight games, per Elias."

Packers are in 14th in their division out of 16 teams & are currently on track for the 11th overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Between #2's notes lies what folks such as myself have been asking of #intedwetrust folks for the last 2 years: at what point DO we need change? All I've heard for 2 years is 'Well, we don't wanna do anything drastic. We don't wanna go back to the 70s/80s or turn into the Browns, do we?' when anything such as replacing TT/MM or major coordinator/player spots are discussed. Reality check, folks: we're 10 spots away from BEING the damned Browns and in our freaking horrid division we're only TWO away from being them!

I asked Behnke where his line in the sand is & the dude told me on Twitter he HAS none. Seriously? A tweet yesterday said 'Packers may be a bad team but they're MY bad team' too. Are you kidding me? This is what the great Lombardi descendants are accepting now out of this team?

No more hanging on injuries (or if you do to justify it, 2010 WAS a fluke by that logic), no more platitudes of 'we had a good week of prep; we feel pretty good about our guys; we'll get this minor problem fixed,' and no more apologizing for a GM that caused this by whiffing on 3 consecutive drafts from 11-13. We have a 33yo-to-be QB and the window's closing. As Kevin Greene said during that 2010 Super Bowl, the only motivating coach we've had since then by the way, to the now-underperforming 'stud' Matthews: 'It's TIME.'

Go take a listen at Title Town Sound Off for reality, folks. I can't listen to CHTV's Jersey Al 'essplaining' to me because I don't get it on Twitter how we just can't sign 'everybody' when all we're asking is to fix holes you AREN'T sealing in repetitively bad drafts. This, while we watch freaking Jurrell Freeman making plays at LB for an awful Bears team. How so many can just put their heads in the sand and say 'oh well' when we could still save this squad for '17 if Murphy uses the status this team still HAS as the best GM/coaching gig in the NFL to bring in some fresh looks & faces before it's too late is beyond me. I'm not saying fire now but if these guys get another year out of this w/all the excuses, it's jumped into insanity territory, Packers fans. No WAY Lombardi would tolerate this BS.

Darryl Clemmons's picture

How can Janis be listed on the ugly? He mostly only played on special teams. We didn't lose this game on big plays by the special teams. It is unfair to single out someone for no reason. I think the pass defense was obvious. I saw plenty of ugly for the players who were on ther field.

fastmoving's picture

just what I thought, they blame everything on him for no reason. even if he doesnt play. He got more haters than jarrett bush at his best days.
Dont get it, Janis could be the closest thing to a deep threat they have. but 12 is runing the show.........

Darryl Clemmons's picture

It is the typical media tricks. They build up a hero and then tear him down. He didn't deserve either one. Everyone on the team has had a bad game or two. I get tired of the media's straw man approach. However, I have often thought Janis was the new Bush. Like Bush he never gets hurt and when he is on the field you know a lot of people are hurt.

fastmoving's picture

You right. But most of the time its the people, not the media. It always comes down to us. actually in Janis case the media more often than not takes a fair stand. but like I said.....lot of crazy folks out there.

al bundy's picture

The Good - Now the top tier can do some soul searching since its obvious the team is not going to the playoffs.
The bad - All the injuries. Are they due to drafting injury prone people, poor conditioning, oppes? This team year in year out leads in injuries. Does Ted take this into consideration at all drafting??????????
Abby was one concussion from the happy farm in college and Ted drafted him when everyone else passed on him like the plague. They knew.
The Ugly - Pass Defense and Pass rush. Going to take more than one draft to clean this mess up. First cut the fat: Perry Datone, others.

wimiller's picture

face it; we are not a good football team; the roster is weak. CMIII is on the downside. Daniels is the only guy who could start for the Seahawks. on O? some speed, or speed that can catch. but as a friend of mine said: nothing that wrong with AR that Gronk or Julio Jones could not solve. i think he is not quite right: Mac's shelf life is way past the use-by date. do not blame it on Capers. none of those back 5 is playing well, Ha-Ha has taken a giant step backwards this year. but as others have said. this team (and many of us) have never recovered from the debacle in seattle. and that was on Mac, who remember, never knew Sherman was playing one armed, though we at home did and were wondering why we were not going at him. Still cannot forgive the Peppers, Burnett, take a knee fiasco, long before we got to Bostick and the ten other impossible things before breakfast that happened to hand that game away.

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