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Cardinals: 17 Packers: 0

By Category

Cardinals: 17 Packers: 0

Aaron Rodgers, David Bakhtiari, Tyrone Walker

The Bad

The Bad

Graham Harrell, Vince Young, BJ Coleman

The Bad

The Bad

Davon House



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The TKstinator's picture

Why VY bad?

Mel's picture

I think Jolly should be in the good. After a three year layoff and still 3yds in the backfield all the time... if the #1 LBs were playing with them they would have been making plays left and right... Jolly makes the team this year...

ben's picture

Jolly's back

Idiot Fan's picture

Getting a preseason kick in the pants can actually be a good thing. And it sure beats a regular season kick in the pants.

Mark in the montain's picture

Is that the case for a home-field de-pantsing?

Idiot Fan's picture


Beep's picture

You learn more from a loss than a win. Rather get our pants handed to us now than when it counts.

Crefan's picture

I think you're being kind to House. That dude was just brutal last night.

4thand1's picture

I've always based pre-season on what the starters do. Most of the poor slobs that were showcased last night will have to fall back on their college majors.

Bearmeat's picture

VY shouldn't be in the ugly. Jolly should be in the good.

Panicking fans should be in the extremely ugly category.

4thand1's picture

right on.

Aaron Nagler's picture

VY isn't in the Ugly. He is in the bad - because he was.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't really disagree, but what more would you expect from Young? He has only been practicing for 4 days. And didn't play last year.

The ugly to me is Harrell. He looks like he is afraid to throw the ball, and had 2 more turnovers. I don't know what happened on that interception, if it was his or Ross's fault. Either way he threw the ball. And the fumble. Reminded me of the only time he went into the game last year.

After seeing Harrell play, I can see why they went out and got Young.

Lars's picture

Young was bad and no amount of excuses is going to change that. He looked amazingly unprepared coming into camp last week for a guy who had 50 NFL games under his belt. Enough with the excuses, please.

RC Packer Fan's picture

So Lars. A guy coming in with 3-4 practices is supposed to just master a playbook?
Of course the guy isn't going to look good.

I do have to admit though. Earlier I ripped on Harrell. I went back and watched some of the game. He was better then I first thought. His interception Ross ran into a defender on his route which caused the interception.

He also had a number of dropped passes which would have extended drives.

When it comes to Young though. Give the guy a freaking break. Let him learn some of the stuff he is doing first.

Bearmeat's picture

completely agreed RC. Expecting VY to do well on 3 days of practice with the #2/3 OL and WR's out there is like expecting an elephant to birth a rhino.'s just not gonna happen.

Not the case with Harell. He had no excuses.

Let's see how VY does by preseason week 4. If it's better than Harell then pull the switch.

hayward4president's picture

I really hope fans aren't panicking....did u see that first drive? It was a thing of beauty. We didn't score but it was also 44 totin the rock (and he did score anyways). This team is as good or better than it was in 2010...

Idiot Fan's picture

I share your optimism mostly, but the D has to improve in order to reach the 2010 team. I think the loss of Nick Collins was the biggest loss we've suffered since 2010. If Jones can replace Jenkins' inside rush, if Burnett can approximate Collins' greatness (could be a stretch), if Hayward can play the Woodson slot role almost as well, and if they can eliminate those frustrating "confusion in the secondary" plays, then the D might be as good as 2010. Those things could actually happen, though they're certainly not a given. The offense, on the other hand, could be better than 2010.

hayward4president's picture

I was speaking mostly about offense and overall depth. We did not have a RB in 2010 now we have what.....3? Maybe 4? And our depth on D is pretty impressive. While I was watching last nite I keep finding myself saying "oh yeah he was pretty good last year" or " yeah he impressed me in college" . You take our starting group on D and sprinkle in the new guys like Jones...Hyde...and 51 ....I keep forgetting his name ..and I would saywe are going to be pretty Damn good.

hayward4president's picture

And I will say this until I am blue in the face .....Perry is a freak.

hayward4president's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree for the most part.

But yes, Fans are panicking. Even though the team marched down the field on the first drive had a touchdown. Oh yeah, and they did it with out Nelson, Cobb, and Lacy.
Also the first team defense held the Cardinals to nothing.

I'm not worried at all. It was the first preseason game. No need to panic.

California Cheesehead's picture

So far so good no new names to the IR.

Cole's picture

Preseason is irrelevant. Perry looked good, much faster and more agile. Bak looked good.

Its time to stop moving barclay around and let him focus on RT.

Get ready for three more games of brutal play from Qb's. I still think VY has the most to offer. MM also destroyed bjs confidence by calling him out like that. Now he's super skiddish.

Dorsey and Johnson need to start stressing otherwise walker will be taking their spot.

ben's picture

Barclay hasn't much more business playing guard than Derek sharrod did. Trying to play them there isn't good for anybody.

Stroh's picture

OG accentuates Barclays best qualities. He plays w/ physicality and aggression. IMO OG would be easily his best position. Get Bulaga and Sherrod back and have Bahktiari as the backup OT then you can move Barclay inside. At OT he doesn't have great feet or length. He's good enough at OT but could be much better at OG.

some guy's picture

people are going to call me crazy (maybe correctly) but I actually thought Newhouse looked fine.

on the sack, it looked like Harrell took a huge drop from shotgun and Newhouse had no idea he'd be that far back. look at the play before. Harrell goes a full 3 yards further back on the sack.

Lucky953's picture

The difference between Drew Stanton and our #2 was startlingly clear. VY, as behind as he is, is the only guy who looks like a pro QB. Has to be addressed earlier in the draft next year. Lets keep holding our breath on Bakhtiari until after the SF game. In the good column for me, no season ending injuries. I also thought that overall, there's good depth at linebacker. Mulumba is raw, but he looks like a powerful guy who can play. Give Greene a season with him and I think he might be the best 3rd OLB.

hayward4president's picture

Yeah I thought so too. Dude is tough.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with everything you said.

I predict that the Packers will draft a QB higher next year. Young looked good enough to me especially considering he has had 4 days of practice. I believe he will be the backup for the year.

PackFanstuckinMN's picture

Young did what he's always done, one look and then run.That can be effective for a play or two, but it won't win a lot of games. The Pack just signed Rodgers to a long contract, they will not spend a high draft choice on someone who will be a backup. That would make no sense. High draft picks should be reserved for people who can make an impact, not people who will be holding a clipboard.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I am guessing they will draft a QB in rounds 3-5. They will train him to be an eventual starter then trade him. Kind of what they did with Matt Flynn, only get better compensation for him.
That's what I think they will do. They wont use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a QB unless they get extra 2nd round picks somehow.

Mark in the montain's picture

I think a big part of it is the system where if you draft someone who can develop into a viable starter he's gone in 4 years. It's amazing the Packers held on to Rodgers. And that transition nearly caused a civil war in Packer Land.

Let the 13-14 Soap Operas commence.

Stroh's picture

You do realize VY easily has a winning record as a starter over 4 years don't you? I agree he doesn't always go thru his progressions thoroughly, but that's the least of his problems. Hell right now he doesn't even know his progressions!

I think VY might be kept around next season too. He is a proven winner, even if he isn't the "typical" Packer QB.

SoTxPhil's picture

I thought alot of the Packer's woes on offense can be attributed to MM's play calling. Nearly every pass thrown after AR left the field was a short squareout with nothing over the middle to the TE's, RBs or WRs which made Ariz's CBs to just wait for the undercut INT. This after 2 runs into the line made for a boring and ineffective offense. The only ball thrown downfield more than 15 yds was AR's 50 yd bomb. Our 2nd thru 5th string def made ALL their QBs look like starters because of no pass rush up the middle other than J. Jolly a couple times. We better hope our starters on both sides of the ball stay healthy or it's going to be along season.

Mark in the montain's picture

MM is going to stay bland in preseason. Plus my guess is the over the middle passes may be second or third reads. Our BU QBs aren't that literate.

Arizona had a great defence last year. Maybe Friday night too.

Copackerfan's picture

Personally, I don't think there are too many back up qb's out there that will succeed behind the packers second string OL and with the receivers dropping so many passes. AR had his struggles with the 1st team OL most of last season (taking more than his share of sacks) not sure it's fair to expect harrell or young to fair any better. By the time VY entered the game he was facing 2nd and 3rd string guys that were pretty worn down. You all need to remember it was just five years ago all you fickle fans were booing AR when he was backing up Farve.

Mark in the montain's picture

Baktiari was part of that 2nd string OL for a lot of the night. the competing LTs as well.

keeley2's picture

If Rodgers goes down, we've got no shot.

Bearmeat's picture

Um... if ANY team that relies on its QB to win the games for them (as opposed to a team like Minnesota who just expects Ponder not to lose the game), has that player go down to IR. They are done.

GB is no exception.

Edward's picture

I'd nominate the "packers pass rush" for the UGLY category.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

I'd nominate the entire squad as ugly. No tempo outside of the first drive! Where is Craig Jennings when you need him!

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