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Capers Not Alone

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Capers Not Alone

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows how long I've been on the Dom Capers bandwagon. And I'm happy to see Packer Nation climb on board.

But I think it needs pointing out that, while Capers has done an extremely impressive job getting the Packers defense into game-shape, he was not alone in doing so. Mike Trgovac, Darren Perry, Winston Moss, Kevin Greene, Joe Whitt Jr and Scott McCurley - all these men deserve to be recognized for their hand in what Packer fans saw Sunday night.

Now, it's only one game and there is a long, long way to go. But for a defense that many league observers, not to mention one or two local beat reporters, thought would need as many as 4 or 5 games before showing signs of being a cohesive unit, Sunday night was a great rebuttal and, hopefully, the start of something special on the defensive side of the balin Green Bay.

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alfredomartinez's picture

i agree. i remember thinking at the end of last years season, how badly we needed to shake things up defensebly...and i know its only one game down, but these men have, like u said, shifted things into a direction that looks scary in dominance...

Asshalo's picture

"Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows how long I’ve been on the Dom Capers bandwagon. And I’m happy to see Packer Nation climb on board.

But I think it needs point out that, while Capers has done an extremely impressive job getting the Packers defense into game-shape, he was not alone in doing so"
One could fearfully point to the NYG Cowboys game in '07 when they got lit up in spagnolo's first game. I think most people expected growing pains while the team would eventually get to where they needed to be. What I am getting at is I don't think anyone expected such a fantastic performance in game 1. The skepticism is somewhat healthy too as most transitions don't work so great in year 1. Yes, you could point to Caper's knack for drastic improvements in his first year of takeover, but, again, I don't think anyone expected a improvement like that. I had almost forgotten what a tackle for a loss looked like at the hands of green and gold

AdamInEngland's picture

Amen to that. When was the last time you felt truly confident against the run? Can't wait for the Queen's offence to fall to pieces.

PackersRS's picture

When we got Capers, I was a little skeptic. But then people started naming his accomplishments... And when we got Greene and specially Trgovac, I said this was probably the best D staff in the league. It's no coincidence that our DL got so much push and created so much havoc. Trgovac had a lot to do about it. Remember in OTAs him screaming his brains out? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Asshalo's picture

I wasn't ever really sold on Greene due to his experience, but you all need to check-out Darren Perry's Bio-- dude is accomplished.

Ruppert's picture

I am still just floored at the drastic and immediate improvement in the run defense. It's been since Reggie White that we had a good run defense. If it keeps up, you can't help but think we're going to win a lot of games, especially within the division. I can't wait to see how we fare against Minnesota. I can't wait to see Raji against ANYBODY. Sunday's performance of the defensive front was very good, and it could get even better with a healthy Raji.

NickGBP's picture

Asshalo, it's mutha****in' Kevin Greene. Nuff said.

baboons's picture

I was struck by the maturity of that team on Sunday night, considering that yet again Green Bay are the youngest team in the NFL. For the D to perform so well, when I'm sure they expected less time on the field, is truly laudable. The only time I thought they looked vunerable was after the mythical interference call on Al Harris. They looked to be tiring, but still managed to restrict what Chicago could do.

Asshalo's picture

Maybe, NickGBP. Maybe.

PackerBacker's picture

I liked seeing Kevin Greene on the sidelines after Kampman returned that fumble for a touchdown. He looked like a kid getting a pony for Christmas. That kind of excitement spreads in a team. He's intense and gets in their face. Great qualities in a position coach.

Ron La Canne's picture

Watching the Defensive Coaches as their players leave the field is all that needs to be said. They approach them with emotion and let them have some immediately feedback and support. That's Capers' style. How many times did we hear, "We'll have to llok at the films and evalutae it and fix it"?
Not this year! They'll have some hickups along the way but as long as there is improvement each week there will be something to hang on to.
Way to go, Dom and the D Coaches.

Oppy's picture


I had read that someone from the Pittsburgh camp- I think it was LeBeau himself, but don't quote me on that- was asked what they thought about the Packers' announcement of the hiring of Darren Perry. The response was 'the Packers got the best secondary coach in the league, and he's going to be a great Defensive Coordinator someday.' He went on to reiterate that Perry will indeed someday be a D-co..

That pretty much says it all. That's crazy respect from his peers.

erikgj's picture

Absolutely agree. I thought that they played well during the preseason. Not that they were perfect (although close at times) but that they showed no signs of communication break downs or personnel issues exposed by the shift to 3-4.

They seemed ready to go and compete. On Sunday night they competed at a high level. Allowing 13 points in todays NFL is pretty good. The critical stops they had were crucial.

Last year the Bears would have scored in the final seconds to win.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Your boy Mike Vandermause said he thinks Rouse just might take the starting job from Bigby if he gets "coached up" properly (latest Insiders video). I think he could surprise you.

Nighty Nite



AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I am impressed with the defense for sure. I expect the next 2 weeks to be productive also. The real test is in 3 weeks aginst the Queens. That's when we'll really know what we have in my view

Satori's picture

Football Outsiders chimes in on "Capers Crusaders".

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