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Can the Committee: Packers' electric Aaron Jones needs to be featured

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Can the Committee: Packers' electric Aaron Jones needs to be featured

-- The backfield in Green Bay is currently in a state of flux. Oddly enough, it's not exactly a dismal problem to have.

The reality is, the Packers have three talented running backs who, in their own respective styles, bring their own qualities to the ground game. The trio of Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery have all shown enough promise to this point that it would be criminal to keep either one of them off the field.

That doesn't mean either one of those names is immune to seeing a decrease in snaps, but one less understandably so than the others.

Jones has been far and away the Packers' most electric tailback and shown what he's capable of when the ball is in his hands -- even if that's a rare happening -- when given those opportunities.

This season, Jones has just 28 touches -- 24 carries, four receptions -- which ranks third amongst the previously mentioned group. However, he's averaging over six yards per carry (6.1), over a yard-and-a-half more than Montgomery, who is the next-closest.

"It’s a team game, I know there are other players on the team who are just as capable as I am," Jones said of his colleagues to earlier this week. "That’s why they’re getting opportunities as well. You just gotta be ready when your number is called.

"We have three backs who have shown they can do it. There’s no reason to sit there and get mad when we have two other backs who are just as productive. You just have to sit and wait your turn."

Jones' turn seems to be somewhat of a paradox. Despite how efficiently he carries the ball, the Packers continue to deploy their "committee" approach with their running backs and get each one of them involved.

At one point during the Packers' loss to the Detroit Lions last weekend, Jones' last touch came with 12:24 left in the second quarter. It took until a minute left in the fourth quarter for him to finally see any form of playing time.

The defense here for that usage is simple: the Packers were down 24-0 at halftime. For a majority of the second half, you want your best pass-blocking running backs -- Williams and Montgomery -- in the game. But the Lions only pressured twice on Sunday and for a majority of the game, dropped their defenders into coverage.

Both Montgomery and Williams were involved in the passing game in the second half as well, with five passes going to one or the other. When you need to claw your way back into a game and cut into a three-touchdown deficit, it'd seem almost obvious to get the ball in the hands of your dangerous players -- one of them being Jones.

"I think it's very obvious what we're seeking from our running back position," McCarthy said on Monday. "I think it's one of the strengths that we've had since Aaron's came back. We have three young men that we believe in and three guys that contribute."

McCarthy noted that there's more to the running back position than just running the football with the subtle implication being pass-blocking is vital. He's not wrong, but according to Pro Football Focus, Jones has the highest pass-blocking grade of all the Packers' running backs.

"I'd like to get Aaron more opportunities. I agree with that statistic. But I think there's a lot more to it."

Since 2017, Jones ranks first amongst running backs with at least 100 carries in yards per attempt (5.67). It's possible that falling behind to the Lions early threw off the Packers' game plan, which could've been to get Jones extra work. Especially considering he was alternating with Williams on their opening drive.

The Packers' opportunity to capitalize on their opponent's poor unit may have come and gone with last week's loss in Detroit. Their next opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, rank sixth in the league in yards allowed per attempt and seventh in average rushing yards allowed per game.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Lphill's picture

When someone says the 49 re game is not a must win they are lying , it absolutely is a must win game , good run D or not McCarthy has to establish the run early and use Jones , they should go hurry up right away and march down the field and score often.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Jones does need to be the featured back. And when they get in the red zone stick with the run instead of throwing 3 incompletions and then attempting a field goal. Play - action would be much more effective if the Packers had a feature back like Jones. MM is to quick to abandon the run and go deep. If you get 6 or 7 yards on first down why throw 2 incompletions on deep passes? Stick to the run and play - action will be effective. Throw in some short, quick passes to keep the defense off balance and this will open up the deeper passing lanes if the defense has to respect the run. Running the ball more will also slow down the pass rush, making play - action even more effective. The Packers offense has become to predictable and complacent.

The TKstinator's picture

I’d argue that the offense is already off balance.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Off balance because they don't run the ball more. If they would run the ball more the offense would be more balanced instead of one dimensional. Oops, changed one word in my original post. Meant defense not offense. Me bad.

The TKstinator's picture

I knew that, I’m just a yanker of many a chain!

Pauly's picture

Rodgers should watch Brady film.
Watch Brady,, pass, jog forward 8 yds, pass, jog forward, pass, jog forward.
Watch Brady throw deep pass to Gronk.
Watch Brady win and be in SB. Easy peasy! Simple game.
Watch Packers make game hard, like pulling teeth to win!!

ILPackerBacker's picture

throw deep pass to Gronk!

your entire line ends there. Gronk is not in GB and there is not even a 3rd rate imitation. We had 2 dropped TDs v the lions.

How many tds did Gronk drop?

The TKstinator's picture

I’d love to see what GB would do if a 23 year old Earl Campbell (or, insert your own all time favorite RB) clone suddenly showed up for a FA tryout. Would it be, “well, he MIGHT be able to earn his way into our rotation”?

I think I just threw up a little.

Tarynfor12's picture

Not to long ago, it was Rodgers arm will get us to the SB,then Rodgers arm will get us to the playoffs and now it's Rodgers arm will ensure we miss the playoffs.
We can blame the lack of a run game or it's lack of usage but the Packers just signed up for 4 more years of Rodgers arm no matter who the RB is or good.

The TKstinator's picture

I know!
That is exactly my concern; GB has Rodgers so they really oughta favor the pass. Heck, ALL teams pass more than run.
I’m just thinking even IF (capital I, capital F) GB had a generational RB, would they STILL be 66% pass???

Dzehren's picture


Nick Perry's picture

I was thinking about something this morning when making another post. McCarthy LOVES his TE's and the Packers management good or bad has brought in established veterans the last 3 years to try and fill the position and attempt to provide a TE like McCarthy had in Finley.

Now I can't remember the exact year Finley was injured but it's been YEARS. The Last 3 McCarthy was given TE's who have excelled in the past yet they come to GB and it's if their stuck in the mud... Now I now Bennett was a real POS but the point I'm trying to make is does McCarthy even know how to best utilize a TE OR RB?

I'd love to see Jones be given EVERY opportunity to showcase what he could be if just given the starting gig. But IMO we'll never see that under McCarthy because the guy refuses to adjust to the players he DOES have. He's still trying to run an offense which was successful when the Packers could trot out a combination of Jennings, Jones, Nelson, Cobb, Driver, and Adams. He's STILL trying to run the same offense with guys like MVS, ESB, and Allison.

The point is McCarthy either doesn't know how or is to stubborn to use a RB like Jones consistently. I'm a die hard Packers fan. A person who makes over 13,300 comments on CHTV IMO qualifies as a die hard fan. Mike McCarthy is making it HARD to watch the team I wait 8 months each Winter, Spring, & Summer to see in the Fall because I KNOW what's coming.

I'll admit what I'm about to say is messed up. But I'm inches away from saying "I don't give a damn". Why? Because I just want McCarthy GONE. I don't want him back next season or even see a remote chance of that happening. For the sake of winning another SB while Rodgers is still standing I'll gladly watch McCarthy stumble and fumble his lineup for one more year. I thank McCarthy for what he's given the Packers, but his time in GB should be over. That way we'll get to SEE players like Jones be able to show us what they have..Play after play.

Jonathan Spader's picture

When Cook was healthy he was used effectively in GB. He's a streaky player as we've seen with his time in Oakland. I'll never forget that sideline throw Rodgers made to Cook in the Dallas playoff game that set us up for the Crosby field goal. Kendericks was considered good with the Rams but was never a great TE. Graham was a great TE with the Saints but disappeared in Seattle and hasn't looked revived in his time in GB.

As frustrating as MM has been with his play calling the refs are making the entire NFL almost unwatchable. The inconsistency if maddening. The rules don't make any sense and are never explained.

You also might want to check your stats NP you've made 4,220 comments. You have 13k thumbs up. So you're only a third of the way to diehard fan status by your standards lol.

Nick Perry's picture

LOL...Oh man, see how upset McCarthy is making me? I can't even get something THAT simple right!

I stand corrected...all 1/3 of me.

stockholder's picture

Nick I do give a Damn. I know what it was like after Lombardi. I know A-Rod is not the MVP QB we all trusted in. A-ROD had Nelson, Cobb, James Jones etc. IT DIDN"T BRING A SUPER_BOWL WIN! COBB resigned for that chance. AND CAPERS AND TT SCREWED IT UP! So now you want MMs ass because he won't play Jones, and KISS A-RODS ASS BY LETTING HIM CALL THE PLAYS. A-Rod is REGRESSING! IT"S JUST that simple. Depth is the foundation to winning. Especially when the veterans are only there for the money! MM is a smart coach. He's using the players for what they can do in the offense. Not how great of athlete they are. He's not looking at stats. Money, or SPLASH PLAYS. He's looking at getting the most from his players to give him results for his play Book. Something A-Rod doesn't want to do now. So lighten up. The damn will burst sooner or later. Creating Fires when there is a lot of football left won't help.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Ok I have read this three times now and I think what your saying is as follows 1. Rodgers was never as good as we thought. (oh yeah you did lose me with Nelson Cobb Jones and at not winning a sb with them, didn't know they played both sides of the ball)
2. AR is more at fault at the moment for AJ not being used. (You may be right with that)
3. AR is regressing yep I agree and I agree dude needs to change to thrive again.
4. MM is using players for what they can do and is a smart coach. ( Nope will not agree to that at all on the first part. MM has 3 tes and they hardly play, and the red zone come on that's where Lewis is made for and they man has had what 3 passes to him. The man will put out 11 personnel, until the cows come home.If you were to rate the best players on offence, doesn't Graham and Jones rate higher than Cobb and GoMo? Also a smart coach will find a way to get his best players the ball. MM still believes he's right and that dangerous. Starting to feel the same way about AR too. 4. MM doesn't look at stats (full stop you don't think we doesn't look at stats, how would one become an offencive guru without stats to back up the claim? You say don't start fires, but yet you blame TT and DC, fro what the team has become, funny MM was there the whole time too, how is he not part of the blame? Sorry for text wall,

stockholder's picture

Yours: 1. MVP, , \\<, Now Over-paid.> A-Rod had Nelson ,Cobb and James Jones. NO RING with them. 2. And yes Arron Rodgers wants to throw down the field more than hand off. 3. Thank You I agree. 4. 3 TEs. The 3 have seen better days. But he should use Lewis more. I believe thats on A-Rod too. Graham is getting 10 mil. (A-Rod will throw to him before the Lewis etc. ) Adams and Cobb will get the target in the red Zone. Even Allison. Before Lewis! A-Rod is trying to prove Allison and Adams are the next Nelson and Cobb. I wouldn't have either. Neither can Catch beyond 10 yards( so far. Especially over the middle!!! IT's YAC, and it takes out the TEs. Stats: Adams got his big contract without being a 1000 yard WR. MM will praise the player that follows the play Book. YAC, And doesn't turn-over the ball. Capers and TT were replaced. Blame: MM is still coaching. What is changing is the veterans being signed. MM now for the first time has veteran TEs. A promising secondary. A DL. And more veterans. The same problem though still exists. Perry. Spriggs and several OL players got hurt. Bottom line Injuries and Busts.

Nick Perry's picture

In 2014 the Packers trotted out Jones, Nelson, Cobb, and Adams and it was damn near as effective as when Jennings was here. My point as he doesn't have the WR's to do NOW what he did THEN and the players he does have he doesn't use. How about a combination of Montgomery and Jones in the backfield at the start of a play for example. New England and now Philly and others are making a living doing things like that.

AR is regressing, but the guy is still far and away the best player on the field most Sundays no matter who they play. He's MORE than good enough to win another SB. Give him a coach like McVay or even John DeFilippo and Rodgers would be back in 2011 or 2014 SHREDDING defenses with creative offensive play calling. Creative hasn't been used to describe McCarthy for YEARS. Not when we hear time and again defensive players knew EXACTLY what was coming on specific down and distance or game situations.

I also understand your point about the money and Thompson IS to fault here. But Gute coming in couldn't just start cutting EVERYBODY. For one Thompson's previous drafts didn't allow it. It's easy to say cut Cobb, Matthews, Bulaga, and Perry but who are you replacing them with? What about the dead cap space that creates? Perry's contract was/is a nightmare from the start and what's worse we still have the guy who negotiated that and gave him MORE power. UUUUGH!!!!!!

There's plenty of blame to go around but keeping McCarthy is staying in the problem, not the solution. I'm not saying McCarthy is a bad coach. I'm saying McCarthy is a bad coach for the Packers. Even Bill Parcells has said after 10 years it's time for change (something like that) But he also said this and THIS applies...

"No matter how much you've won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you're not winning now, so you stink."

Bill Parcells

stockholder's picture

I do remember Parcell's saying that. Ny did stink last night. I still think MM will leave at the end of the season. 50/50 he resigns. not fired. A-Rod is Regressing. I was against the extension. But you are correct in believing we still have a chance with him. I'm not upset about Jones or the TEs. None will win the game for you. Arod, - Adams and Cobb can. But Cobb has regressed too. We have one game changer. Adams and his Yac now. If only he could start catching down the field or on the goal line again. The defense must win games. Until A-Rod can give us that chance. I still see a Patched offense because of TT. I'm in MMs camp because of it. But you have a solid point with Parcells. Still I'm worried because this team has just Adam's YAC. I view Cobb, A-Rod, Graham, Bulaga, Lewis, Kendricks, Perry, CmIII, Bell, Williams, House , Crosby, all on the decline. The odds are against MM staying. Gute must hit on his draft picks again. The safeties are DEEP this year. So Dix and Monty will leave. The biggest way MM stays? They sign CMIII and keep Perry yet.

The TKstinator's picture

I only commented 13,299 times.

Since &#039;61's picture

What the Packers offense needs is efficiency. Jones is the most efficient back that we have so give him the ball. Either via the run or the pass we need to get the ball to him and let him make plays. MM talks about giving players opportunities but failing to utilize Jones is a lost opportunity, an opportunity to get this offense going and establish some rhythm. Not to mention moving downfield and scoring some points.

As for the other Aaron, Aaron Rodgers, he has been one of the most efficient if not the most efficient QB in NFL history. He needs to get back to that or at least close to it. He is leaving too many yards on the field by not throwing to his open receivers. Get back to the quick short passing game, the no huddle offense and give the ball to Aaron Jones.

If everyone on this site can see it why can't the Packers? Once again we must ask and shout very loudly, "What the hell is going on out there?"
Thanks, Since '61

Lare's picture

I have probably read 100 posts and articles this week raising the exact same points. So the question is, if everybody else on the planet knows what McCarthy & Rodgers need to do to improve the Packers offense, why aren't they doing it?

splitpea1's picture

Because they live in their own bubble and refuse to do anything different than they have for the past ten years.

Royalty Free GM's picture

“He is leaving too many yards on the field by not throwing to his open receivers.”

You’re dreaming here. The ‘twitter gifs’ you have given here... you’re expecting him to throw to open guys who are on backside of Rodgers. Every great QB misses throws once in a while, but you don’t have any facts that shows he is missing open receivers more than others.

AR has never thrown over 5000yds. He has thrown once over 4500yds in his career. And with current pace he is on the way to throw over 5000 yds, so he is not leaving too many yards on the field.
He is doing a very good job to find receivers IF they get enough separation or he can trust them to make a catch in traffic. A lot ‘drops/tipped balls/route confusions’ we have seen so far will crumble this trust.

I’m surprised that he gets even this many yards with our depleted receivers. He is that good. And he is still playing injured with his knee brace! He would be MVP with Nelson and Ridley.

Since &#039;61's picture

I'm not disputing Rodgers numbers but when I watch the All-22 there are many plays where he has open receivers and not throwing to them, even on those plays where he eventually completes a pass. He has missed throws that he usually makes in his sleep.

My concern s over his decision making and his throwing motion. I posted on another thread here that I think he is still playing injured and it is affecting his throwing motion.

When your team is playing from 3 or more scores behind you are going to throw for a high number of yards. It's not the yards that matter it's points and we have not been successful in the redzone. Also against the Lions in the first half he needed to a better job of protecting himself and the ball.

I have posted here repeatedly that if everyone on this team played as well as Aaron Rodgers we would be undefeated SB champions. But the fact is that he has not played well during the last 2 games. It didn't matter against Buffalo but it did matter against the Lions.

Are all of the Packers issues on Rodgers? No, absolutely not. Pointing out that Rodgers has not played well is not a knock on him or his greatness it is just stating what has actually happened against the Lions.
I expect him to play more efficiently than he has and I expect that he will return to his usual form. However, if he doesn't this season is over. Thanks, Since '61

ILPackerBacker's picture

I don't remotely believe you are watching the all 22.
Take away the drops and the packers win the game, even with Crosby messing up and bad officiating.

You seem to seriously be saying Rodgers had to complete 100% of his passes AND avoid constant pressure from 3 man rushes because 1 out of about 3/3 snaps the defense is using a DE on Graham.

Tell us what happened the strip sack where adams ran into monty. Who was the open receiver Rodgers missed then?

fastmoving's picture

acutually the seperation is much better than the years before, but AR vision is clearly not.
Jordy did not get a lot of space between him and the CBs anymore. He had only the backshoulder to depent on and thats not enough.....

Since &#039;61's picture

fastmoving - I agree on the separation. Many blame MM on the play calling and some of that is deserved but we had many open receivers during the Lions game and the ball was just not thrown to them. That is a decision making issue on the part of AR and he, not MM, needs to adjust what he is doing accordingly.

He is looking for home runs when singles and doubles will get the job done.
It will also make it easier on him and his injury if he releases the ball quickly and doesn't take hits. Thanks, Since '61

flackcatcher's picture

I feel like I'm watching Aaron Rodgers via 2014. Not until the Bengal game when McCarthy chewed him out on the sideline and then stripped some of his play call options from him did Rodgers change. The problem is not this offense. It is the player who is running it. I hope the older Aaron Rodgers is an wiser QB and football player now, and makes the adjustments to win, for himself and this team.

flackcatcher's picture

Actually Nelson was getting more separation last year . But he was running a different set of patterns in the Packer offense than he had over the years. Nelson's separations came on the breaks, the very hard cuts he made. He always got a good two step to half yard on DB who were covering him. Frankly, to this point in the season, the Graham for Nelson swap has been a failure for a whole host of reasons. That's on IAMGUTE.

Tarynfor12's picture

A prevent defense also contributes to passing yards especially in conjunction with a bad defense of one's own. Ask Drew Brees how much of his passing yards are from his bad defensive teams and the opposition playing prevent because of the lead they had.
This is not to take away from the ability of each QB, but the numbers are high for reasons other than just trowing but allowed by willing dictate. Give them all they want between the 30's...that adds up fast but can be useless as crap if a win isn't garnered.
Passing totals gets Brees to the playoffs once every 3 year average...awesome right?
Rodgers gets to the playoffs every year almost, awesome right? The difference is Rodgers is an expected yearly SB contender and playoffs is the low limit. Brees is a playoff QB as the high expectation.

BAMMER44's picture

Do you mean touches or carries?
Touches would include rushes and receptions.
Ty 32 touches for 245 YD's 7.66 AVE.
Aaron 28 touches for 188 YD's 6.71 AVE.
Jamaal 60 for 242 YD's 4.03 AVE

LambeauPlain's picture

So a creative coaching staff would develop plays to get both Monty and AJ on the field at the same time...especially with so many WRs injured.

Here's a thought...maybe some creative plays with both Monty, AJ, Graham and Lewis on the field at the same time. Multiple run, pass, blocking options galore.

And take some pressure off the injured knee of #12.

dobber's picture

I agree in that I want to see more of a Monty/Jones backfield package that gives them the ability to run, motion backs, split out...there's a lot that could happen there.

RCPackerFan's picture

This should be pretty simple. I just don't get why its so hard.

Jones is the best, his number prove that. He should be getting at least 50% of the snaps.
Montgomery is 2nd best plus his versatility should provide a lot of mismatches.
Williams while he has looked better in 2 of the last 3 games, his carrier average of 3.64 yards per carry should tell you he is not a dynamic RB.
In comparison Montgomery's career average is 4.69 yards per carry and Jones is 5.82.

I just don't get why it should be so complicated.

McCarthy basically came and said that Jones isn't good in the pass game. Ok, I may disagree but whatever. But why isn't Montgomery used more in the passing game? He was a Receiver! He has the ability to be a complete mismatch if used that way. So why aren't we taking advantage of that?

Hopefully we start seeing Jones and Montgomery more!

Royalty Free GM's picture

Let’s have some ‘trick plays’ with both Jones and Ty at the same time on the field.
And let’s find if Jones is capable of being our own Bell (rushes AND receptions)

It’s third of the season already gone and we have no idea what Jones is capable of...

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree! I'd love to see that. I think most fans would love to see it.

I'd love to see them line up in the pistol with one RB on the side of Rodgers and another behind him. With that lineup they could do a lot out of it. Run, pass, motion one out of the backfield. I mean options are limitless.

ShanghaiKid's picture

I’m with this line of thinking. I’m surprised MM doesn’t have more “window dressing” type plays. Imagine a full house set of 2 TE’s, Monty, AJ, Cobb in the backfield. You could empty and go 5 wide, motion into 2x2 or 3x1 sets or you could honestly run out of it. That’s the kind of creativity I was expecting when MM talked about a scrub brush and the additions of TE’s.

Tarynfor12's picture

" Imagine a full house set of 2 TE’s, Monty, AJ, Cobb in the backfield. You could empty and go 5 wide, motion into 2x2 or 3x1 sets or you could honestly run out of it. That’s the kind of creativity I was expecting when MM talked about a scrub brush and the additions of TE’s."

' Imagine '
Even John Lennon is laughing.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

While some of what he described may be crazy to you, image what the other side would think. I still laugh out loud when thinking of the Pats Ravens playoff game, when BB had the three to four man line and there was nothing JH could do to stop it. He even bitched about after the lose. So if BB can pull out crazy stuff why can't MM laughable or not? Me I would love it, if nothing else the horror, if it does work. Also if its Lennon laughing you may be on to something, if its Yoko burn the playbook.

Booner's picture

Put Big Mike in Concussion Protocol for the season.The game has passed him by. Even if we win the next game they will not beat the Rams or New England on the road. Their record after their first 8 games will be 3-1-4. This team is just not good enough with Rodgers and his bad knee to pull them out of this dumpster fire! Lack of talent and poor management will be the same old story for our Packers this year!

Lare's picture

"Their record after their first 8 games will be 3-1-4."

If they beat the 49ers and lose to the Rams and Patriots, their record would be 3-4-1.

The TKstinator's picture

3-1-4 would be more ties than Men’s Wearhouse.

4thand1's picture

Would you like to tie me up with one of your ties, Ty ?

PAPackerbacker's picture

I agree that the game has passed MM by, disagree with the lack of talent the Packers have. They have talented players but it's the poor management that doesn't allow the talented players to shine.

4th and goal's picture

I really am just getting tired of listening to McCarthy talk. Using your best back more than your others...there's nothing wrong with that. C'mon, practically every other team in the league does that, yet the Packers can't, it's insane. It really is almost like he's trying to get fired.

BigCheese2's picture

The reality is, frankly, at the end of the day, I am too.

4thand1's picture

WTF are they afraid of? Are they worried Jones may miss a block and AR will get hurt? He can block as well as the rest. Maybe we'll look bad if Jones gets all the hype, after all AR is making a bazillion dollars. This will be my Dec surprise thinks MM, I will give AJ the ball 25 times and we'll win. I'll be a late season genius once again! MM is the most stubborn, pigheaded HC I've ever seen in GB. His seat should be on a river of lava on the surface of the sun.

I bleed green more's picture

When we play real teams and we know who is coming we will see. In years past I thought we could actually win, this is the first year with AR I am not so sure its just all out of wack.

Descarte's picture

McCarthy needs to go. It's obvious that Rogers is unhappy with his game plans and play calling. Rogers said that we need to get the ball in the hands of our play makers. That would indicate Jones needing to get way more touches. Three yards up the middle by Williams isn't cutting it.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Just think if Monty or Jones is there with Williams those 3 yards up the gut, may turn to 5-6, with the defense keying on the other back.

Lare's picture

So maybe this all just a charade on the part of the Packers. Maybe Rodgers and others aren't really injured, maybe the team isn't mistake-prone and the plays & play-calling ineffective.

Maybe they just want to get to the Bye week around .500 so that when they come back and go on the road against the Rams & Patriots they're a completely different team the second half of the season with all the players hitting on all cylinders and running plays that the opponents have had no time to prepare for.

Or, I suppose it's possible that they really are as bad as they've looked.

stockholder's picture

I'm still in the MM camp guys. I see positives with Williams , Jones and Monty. Jones is pushing. And maybe thats what MM wants more than him being the feature back. Williams runs very well in the middle of the field. Monty does well, but I think he's gone next year too. Jones is exciting. But he's NO BELL! And that's why he's backing up yet. He also was suspended for 2 games. MM is doing the right thing to keep all three from injury. He's putting the games on A-Rod. And we all know the situation there.

Gort's picture

Let me go in a different direction. MM loves his WRs and was short both Cobb and Allison for Detroit. It would have been an ideal opportinity for an offensive minded genius with a newly revamped playbook and new OC to use Montgomery at WR and Jones at RB at the same time. Montgomery is a wannabee RB and was put there as a band-aid covering for injuries. His natural / better position probably is WR. Jones is obviously a better RB. It would be something different, new, and unexpected. A good coach uses his best weapons at their best positions and tries new things.

Barazinho's picture

MM put Davante in the slot in the second half and he dominated - I expect we'll see more of that going forward, with Allison/MVS/ESB on the outside. ESB's big catch and run came from the slot.

LambeauPlain's picture

Over the last 47 games, the MM led Packers are 23-23-1.

Without #12, MM would have been fired years ago. Rodgers has carried this team as defense (until this year) and STs have been pedestrian or just plain bad.

MM has been "trained" to rely almost entirely on the the arm of #12. He develops his playbook, play calling and game plan to revolve around Rodgers. He stubbornly ignored the awful D under Capers for 5 years because he always believed #12 could overcome the defensive shortfalls.

Last year showed how weak the Pack is without #12.

MM gives lip service to the run game. But it is an afterthought...even as most can see he has a real weapon in A Jones and multi-talented Monty to add creative horsepower to the playbook.

He says he loves TEs...he once kept 5 on the roster...but rarely develops a game plan to exploit them...even as the best blocking TE in the NFL and a good receiver (Lewis) sits on the bench and a potential stud, Tonyan, never makes the field except for STs.

AR cannot cheat father time. He needs his coach to give him some help carrying the load going Brady has in New England and Brees has in New Orleans.

I think the Pettine D is going to be helpful for Rodgers...but the offensive playbook clearly is not his ally.

I think this is MMs last year in GB...playoffs or not.

Jonathan Spader's picture

How many Superbowls has Brees won for NO? How old is he compared to Rodgers?

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Funny thing about Brees Rodgers debate, when Brees was the highest paid qb in his mid 30's, his squad made what 1 playoff appearance. Lets hope history doesn't repeat itself.

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It is not worth responding to the people blaming Rodgers for not taking check downs. The pod cast people here talk about that as well.

They talk about how the 2 stip sacks in the lion game...JUST TAKE THE CHECKDOWN in the flat

but they also talk about adams running into Monty and knocking him down.....but that is THE SAME PLAY

there was nobody open in the flat, there was NO player in the flat because he ran into Monty.

Once the QB starts throwing and defenders start reacting means it is to late to say the guy the defender just left is open. It is not that tough to watch and see

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Yes, there is always more to a play than meets the eye. That play was a brown eye.

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McCarthy believes in his system a system he's been using for a long time now with little change. As far as the "successful" coach is concerned if it ain't broke don't fix it. A record of 8 straight playoffs and over 500 ball over most of that span makes one reluctant to change anything, after all who are we anyway, just emotional fans who react to the small picture and don't take the season as a whole into account. I'm sure he's heard the rants but he doesn't care. You don't tamper with success even if the evidence of its inefficacy is hitting you over the head with a 2 by 4. Stubborn is as stubborn does. He won't change a thing until he has a losing season with Rodgers and doesn't make the playoffs as proof his system is behind the curve, but by then the rants will have turned to pitchforks.

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How well did that philosophy work for TT? The truth is, all of the Packers management /coaching staff got too comfortable or even LAZY.

Why change anything if their jobs were never in jeopardy? TT never had to worry he had Murphy in his corner. MM doesnt need to worry for the same reason.

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"...He won't change a thing until he has a losing season with Rodgers and doesn't make the playoffs as proof his system is behind the curve, but by then the rants will have turned to pitchforks…."

There are some who believe that AROD plans to become one of "the pitchfork holders"....

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Aaron Jones big problem is two fold. One is he is one hit away from the IR. Two is this offensive staff thinks he still does not know the play book. No matter how much talent a player has, he has to be accountable. The Packers like Jones, not only as a player, but as an person. Guys like that coaches love to play. Pass blocking is only one of things that is holding Jones back. The good news is he is young, and it takes a couple of years before a player fully understands what it takes to play in the NFL. I have no problem with the number of snaps any of the RB get. This league is brutal, and keeping players healthy enough to play is hard enough as it is. Jones time will come this season.

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