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Can Mike McCarthy Lead Packers to Greatness?

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Can Mike McCarthy Lead Packers to Greatness?

Before I begin and for those only reading the title or taking it way too literally, yes, I am aware of what happened in 2010.  I'm clearly asking about this point forward.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has been here before.  In the middle of a disappointing start to the season and facing a barrage of criticism from fans and media.

In his 13th season as Packers head coach, the calls for his ouster only get louder with each passing season that the Packers don't win a championship or underachieve.  That's nothing new.  

The question at this point, however, is is this finally the season that leads to the end of McCarthy's time in Green Bay?

The answer to that question is greatly amplified by the fact that he has only one more year left on his current contract and there's a new leadership structure in Green Bay.  General manager Brian Gutekunst is in his first season in that role and will likely have input to his boss, team President Mark Murphy, as to who he might want coaching the players that Gute and his staff bring in.

Based on that current situation, logically McCarthy is coaching for his job more than ever this season.  Some see no way that he comes back, regardless of how well or poorly this Packers team does this year.  Others think a playoff appearance and win keeps him around.

We can only opine at this point but one thing is almost certainly sure: McCarthy is firmly in his seat for the duration of this season.  So, can he lead this team to greatness and reach another Super Bowl?

Players make plays on the field.  McCarthy receives a lot of criticism for his offensive scheming and play calling and for his ability to put those players in position to succeed.  Some (maybe most) of that criticism is warranted.  Some of it is simply lazy, narrative-based negativity.

The reality lies somewhere in the middle.  McCarthy is still a good head coach.  His Packers teams are 124-72-2.  You can argue that he's been riding the coattails of two Hall of Fame quarterbacks during his entire tenure in Green Bay.  But both of those quarterbacks have struggled during seasons that ended successfully.  If we criticize the leadership when things are bad, we have to also give credit when they turn around.

McCarthy is often credited with turning Rodgers into what he is today.  In 2005, the Cal product came in amidst a lot of controversy over having been drafted in the first round when the Packers still seemingly had several years of Brett Favre left.  He was raw, his mechanics weren't great.  By his third season and having to step in for Favre in a big road game in Dallas, Rodgers showed us he had changed for the better.

In 2010, McCarthy led his team to their most recent Super Bowl championship despite losing several players during the season.  They avoided losing major key players, but those losses still created voids that had to be filled.  

The following season, McCarthy's team nearly ran the table during the regular season and had that Packers offense churning out points faster than the national debt rises.

During this bye week, McCarthy says he and the staff will be self-scouting.  And they certainly need to.  Hopefully, though, McCarthy also self scouts what he sees in the mirror.  A typically stubborn personality and the "Pittsburgh macho" demeanor don't seem to lend themselves to our seeing a lot that is different when the Packers take on the undefeated Rams in Los Angeles.

The whispers about McCarthy's messaging falling on deaf ears and whether or not he's lost his team continue and only increase in number as each year passes.  The culture of a team certainly traces back to its leader so he's at least culpable for what it is and also, what it's not.

So here we are, six games into this season and the Packers already find themselves in a situation where many are calling each game a "must win" or pontificating that a loss will effectively end the chances at a magical 2018.  The Rams and New England Patriots loom and while two losses wouldn't mathematically end Green Bay's playoff hopes, both opponents represent an opportunity for a quality win.

It was at home in Green Bay, but in 2014, McCarthy orchestrated one of his best coaching performances in a big win over New England.  Bill Belichick himself complimented McCarthy during the post game handshake.  That Packers team was already peaking and performing at a much higher level than this year's team is, but the point is: McCarthy can step up and hang with other top NFL coaches.

It's unrealistic that the Packers and McCarthy reinvent the offense in two weeks time to roll into LA and surprise the Rams out of their own building.  But he better come up with something.  An emphatic loss on the road, while expected by many, still won't sit well or quiet any of the murmur about McCarthy's abilities as Packers head coach.

Back to the question at hand: can Mike McCarthy lead this and future Packers teams to greatness?





Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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GBPDAN1's picture

How many times over the years have we heard that MM out coached his game opponent ? I can remember only a few over the last 8 years. How many times have we heard that MM was out coached? Alot !

That being said, in fairness, MM has been left, for the most part, with below grade talent at many positions on D through the years. His winning record would be better if he and Rodgers had a quality Defense. We,d have a few more SBs if TT could have delivered better Defenses.

An interesting thing I heard this week as I watched an interview on a sports show from a few years ago, with Rodgers being the guest, is Rodgers stated that he liked the way Payton Manning and the Colts offense ran simple formations on 90% of their plays. Rodgers said he liked keeping things simple and just executing the play.

Maybe Rodgers Offensive philosophy had an impact on MM over the last few years? Of course keeping it simple is easier to do when the O-line consisted of Bak, Sitton, Lindsey, Lang and Bulaga all in their prime.

Bottom line is this team needs to build up more talent on both sides of the ball and it wouldn't hurt to bring in a new head coach as over 10 years with the same head coach in the NFL can get stagnant.

jh9's picture

What happened in the 2011 playoffs?
What happened in the 2012 playoffs?
What happened in the 2013 playoffs?
What happened in the 2014 playoffs?
What happened in the 2015 playoffs?
What happened in the 2016 playoffs?
The Packers didn't make the 2017 playoffs.

Can Mike McCarthy lead the Packers? Yes.
Can he lead them to greatness? No. He has had ample opportunity and has failed.


You need to take another look at what you just typed. Now compare a playoff streak like that to other organizations. We have been so blessed to enjoy being perrinial contenders as of late. A privilege that is not experienced by many

jh9's picture

You need to look at the definition of greatness: "Markedly superior in character or quality."

Twenty years from now when sport historians look back at the NFL, who will they consider a "great" coach of this era? It will be Bill Belichick and not Mike McCarthy. In fact, I think historians will look back and view Mike McCarthy as a coach who lacked the talent necessary for Aaron Rodgers to achieve his full potential.

Coldworld's picture

Well he did win one Super Bowl and he did preside over the great throwaway in Seattle.

More pertinent to my mind is has he had the players he wanted. To me, TT played a big role in building to the Super Bowl and an equally big role in preventing us from getting back there, particularly in the latter years.

We nearly all had issues with the strength of the squad over recent years. If we were right MM had significant challenges. Gute has done well in one off season. Give him another and I can see us having a really good roster with the picks we have and contracts we are likely losing as well as maturation of the recent class of rookies.

If I am right, next year will answer this question not this one. If we win a Super Bowl with this squad, MM will deserve all the praise we can muster.

I am just happy that we have a number of promising talents that were not on the team last year and a D coordinator that can make adjustments. I think that there is a chance we may be a much improved team by December, but that (as many point out) we have significant areas of weakness. If we contend in a strong division even with those weaknesses, MM will deserve credit.

Turophile's picture

This is easy.
Roll a six sided dice. Did it come up a 6 ? Then he does.
Did it come up 1 to 5 ? then he doesn't.

Old School's picture

Playoffs,playoffs,playoffs,playoffs,playoffs,playoffs. Yeah, I can see how that’s not enough.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

It’s not.

Go Pack!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

His fault he kept Dom Caper. Before we even got capers his past history had told us the future and that was his defensive strategy would rise the first few years abd then dive into mediocrity.

And, that my friends is exactly what happened. McCarthy REFUSED to believe it. Capers should have been gone no later than the 2012 season. But, McCarthy kept him a minimum of 5 years toooo long!!

Goodbye MM. Good news you get a street named after you.

Razer's picture

As Pettine is proving, you can't fault McCarthy too much for this defense. Over 8 years Ted Thompson failed to provide enough talent to field anything more than an average defense. We are 2 years and 4 players away from mending that side of the ball.

McCarthy has failed to maximize a well stocked offense and get his HOF QB to play up to his potential. Regardless of the defense that we put on the field, this offense should be able to minimize the time on defense and basically outrun any opponent. Why this isn't happening is the primary failing of the head coach. SO, if your strength is your offense and your QB and you are under achieving then it is fair to say that our HC is squandering our best opportunity for greatness. I don't see this team making the playoffs.

tincada's picture

Over 8 years Ted Thompson failed to provide enough talent to field anything more than an average defense. We are 2 years and 4 players away from mending that side of the ball. Yet all the cheese heads were calling for Dom Capers head. Pet has made no difference and if anything worse.....

Jimmy G is a $10 Mil bust.

Rak47's picture

"Yet all the cheese heads were calling for Dom Capers head. Pet has made no difference and if anything worse"...….. Ok let's analyze that statement a bit by comparing some situational stats over the past two years under Capers and this year under Pettine. In 2017 and 2016 Capers defenses were ranked 21st during in the season. In 2017 the defense gave up 1st downs while in 3rd down 44% [89 of 208] of the time while giving up 1st downs while in 4th down 80% [8 of 10] of the time. 2016 was more of the same as they surrendered 1sts on 42% [82 of 199] of 3rd downs and 67% on 4th down [12 of 18]. Now compare that to 2018 under Pettine where they are surrendering 1st downs from 3rd down 35% of the time [29of 80] and on 4th down 0% [0 of 2]. They're also ahead of the past two years in turnovers, sacks, first downs surrendered as well as ranking 14 spots higher defensively at 7 overall. If that looks the same to you as Capers defenses the past two years especially considering Capers defense was not new and the Pack had been running it for 8 years and Pettine's is about 8 months into implementation I don't know what to tell you. Time for an eye exam maybe?

Tundraboy's picture

Beautiful. Well said and facts to back it up.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Well said, Rak. The defense looks better. I have to say that the talent looks better in 2018 as well. Alexander, Jackson, Twill are simply better than what Capers had at his disposal, particularly in 2016 but also 2017. Still, communication looks better as well.

Chuck Farley's picture

I agree. My thinking, capers had to use the talent he was given. His crazy schemes was solely to make up for a lack of real pass rushers and safeties.
Pettine has done little with more. He also lacks pass rushers and safeties.'s picture

and after seattle championship everybody should know that.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I would not ssy J. Graham is a bust. But, McCarthy failing to get him TD is a bust.

J. Graham had 10 TDs 2017.
2018 with MVP and best QB in the NFL
has only 1 lousy TD is DISGRACE!!!

4thand1's picture

Remember when Jordy had 6 TD's in 5 games before AR got hurt? Graham could go on a tear and still get 10+ before the season is over. Besides, AR keeps saying he wants to get him the ball.

Coldworld's picture

Bellicheck has never had a disaster. Not so.

Tarynfor12's picture

MM won't be back next season unless he gets an extension because being a lame duck HC is given the least help to succeed. If the FO wanted you back, the help they give will be on par with that sense. So far,many a fan here believes Gute is doing good on the FA help. BS. If anything, Gute's FA moves to date are a signal that he wants no part of MM after this season. I think MM to Gute is the broccoli that most kids just don't want on their plate. I might be wrong but unless Gute does some real dealing soon, and not more basement furniture arranging, MM better have his feelers out for his football team elsewhere.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

I liked broccoli.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think TT made if very difficult for Sherman to succeed as an HC in 2005. It looks to me like Gute drafted ready to play guys and spent some money. Very different approaches in my view.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Yep. It looks like Gute really tried to help MM succeed this season, through the draft and free agency, and by letting MM make changes to the coaching staff.

crabby's picture

Every year same old story with the Packers. Every year we get a mouthful of MM. The NFL is changing radically and MM is not . This franchise with AR as the "front man" needs and deserves better than this.

Since '61's picture

In this era of the NFL coaching a team to “greatness” requires talent. After Aaron Rodgers, Bak and maybe Davante Adams this team does not have much talent. We may have some additional evolving talent in our young WRs and CBs and hopefully Aaron Jones as well. After that Clark, Daniels and Martinez round out the good quality NFL players on our roster.

At best rhat’s about 11-12 players out of a 53 player roster. It’s just not enough. Lombardi’s Packers had 12 HOFers, this edition of the Packers has one.

MM is a very good, top 5 NFL coach. He’s not perfect but he has consistently succeeded with holes in his roster, plagues of injuries, very few FAs, rules changes and at times ridiculous officiating. We have bloggers here who would have fired Lombardi during the ‘63 and ‘64 seasons because he didn’t win the championship in those years.

If he gets the players, MM can lead the team to greatness. Great players make great plays. Right now MM has one great player and he has been injured and even when not injured he can't play by himself. Whether MM is the coach or not this team needs another season or two to be complete. Then whoever the coach is they will hopefully be ready for greatness. Let’s see how 2018 ends first. Thanks, Since ‘61

BradHTX's picture

The voice of reason, as always. Thanks Since ‘61.

It also isn’t just on having the quality players, it’s on them executing. The ‘14 NFCCG was referenced by a commenter above, but bear in mind that loss was not just on McCarthy (though there were certainly atrocious coaching decisions he made). Change any one of the player mistakes of Burnett going down on the INT, HHCD allowing the 2-pt conversion, or Bostick botching coverage on the onside kick, and it would have been the Packers against NE in the Super Bowl. You have to have the players, but the players also have to execute.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

The Packers pass in too many good players and have been drafting poorly for way too many years and way, way too many injuries.

Coldworld's picture

Passing on players is not the choice of MM. It is as clear as it could be after the winter shakeup that those decisions were made by TT and/or Russ Ball.

Fortunately TT and Ball are no longer making such calls, a point that we likely share a feeling of considerable relief.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

too too. He he

Jonathan Spader's picture

Since 61' how do you think Lombardi would have done under the new CBA? His teams were about hard work and execution. Is that possible in 2018?

Barnacle's picture

Lombardi would not use very limited practices to go bowling or cut 3 hour practices by 45 minutes. MM would serve the team better by taking a sick day every Sunday. He wastes timeouts, makes foolish challenges and imposes his stupid scripted plays until the game results look awful.

We all know to “lower our pad levels”, we do not need a $6,000,000 per year buffoon to tell us that again.

Since '61's picture

Jonathan - First, we should assume that while Lombardi would be successful in any era he would be a different type of coach than he was back in the 60s. Lombardi would have grown up in a different era with different experiences than he brought to the Packers in1959.

Second he would adjust his approach to work within the current CBA because he would not have a choice about it. Would he achieve better results than MM? Yes, if he had better players. A Lombardi team probably wins the 2014 NFCCG and the following SB. I think that the key difference is that Lombardi would have a better defense. His defense would never collapse like Capers did in the last 3+ minutes of the game. He would not accept having a defense that could not get off the field on 3rd down or play poorly in the red zone.

Beyond that it’s difficult to know how well Lombardi would do with the Packers roster since 2014. He would probably not have the same disciplinarian style he had in the 60s. It would not work with today’s players. Would he be the best coach in the league today? Maybe. He would definitely be one of the best in the league. But with free agency and a salary cap it would be difficult to keep a team together.

The NFL has not had a dominating dynasty type of team since the Cowboys of the early 90s. The Pats have been the best team of the free agency era but each of their SBs have been one play away from a win or a loss. Hardly dominating. Their last 2 SB wins were handed to them by their opponents. My point is that I’m not sure that even Lombardi could build a dynasty in this era. The league doesn’t want dynasties any longer. MM may be closest we ever get. Thanks, Since ‘61

Demon's picture

Have you changed your mind 61? I specifically asked you before the season what you felt MM needed to do this season to be retained as coach. You responded that at veryleast he needed to win a playoff game or 2. Now seems you would be more than satisfied if he were retained no matter what this seasons outcome would be.

I'm all for chucking him!! I dont know who is available next year as a possible replacement and frankly I dont care. What I do k ow whats going on is not working.

I'm glad Ron Wolfe didnt use the line of thinking displayed here "I dont know whos better,so Ill keep what I have" otherwise we would still have Lindy Infante

What many of us see is a team that is poorly trained, poorly prepared and poorly managed. I personlly believe there is enough talent to win a playoff game. If that doesnt happen, I certainly hope whomever has the power shows MM the door immediatly after the last game.

Coldworld's picture

I see a team with different coordinators and a ton of rookies that is yet to play half a season. I see a team showing exactly the kind of frustrating inconsistency that such teams are known for.

Since '61's picture

No, I have not changed my mind. But these are different questions. I still think that MM needs to win a playoff game or two to be retained. I don’t know what the Packers management is thinking about that.

I didn’t say that I would be satisfied with just making the playoffs. I posted that making the playoffs with the current roster would be a good job. That doesn’t mean I think that is enough to retain him or that I would satisfied.

I would be satisfied with an SB victory. But what I think is irrelevant. Only the Packers management knows what they will accept as satisfactory. I believe that if MM wins an SB this season he should be retained and probably will be. If he wins a playoff game or two I would retain him and give him more time with acquiring FAs and draft picks to fill out the holes in the roster. If he makes the playoffs and loses the first game I would move on depending how badly the Packers lose. But again Packer management might want to keep him and give him better players. Time will tell. Thanks, Since ‘61

flackcatcher's picture

Dang it! I wanted to be the voice of reason. (walks away clutching his Jerry Jones voodoo doll tightly to his chest...............:)

Since '61's picture

flak - you can be the voice of reason tomorrow, no problem. LOL. Thanks, Since '61

cpheph1's picture

I gave you a like but it blows my mind that you've received EIGHT dislikes so far...that's absurd! My only disagreement with you is your use of maybe before Davante Adams...otherwise I'm with ya 100%.

TXCHEESE's picture

I'm kinda old, but if memory serves me right, the Packers have been to the playoffs 8 out of the last 9 years, and the only year they missed, the starting QB was gone for almost three-fourths of the season. Four of those times they made it to the NFCC or Superbowl. and one SB Championship. Given that there is approximately at 50% turnover in playoff teams from year to year, it has been a remarkable run.
I live in Cowboy country, and believe me, any Cowboy fan would be doing back flips with those results. If has been stated here multiple time, McCarthy would have a prime head coaching job before he would even be able to leave town, if he were fired. As my mom would always say, "Be careful what you wish for".
Please go back and look at the Packers' record in December. They are head and shoulders above the our division opponents since McCarthy has been HC. What that tells me is his teams typically improve steadily over the course of the season.
Did McCarthy misjudge the talent he had at backup QB last year? Maybe, maybe not. He certainly couldn't come out and announce it publicly, while his team was still fighting for a playoff bid. I admit his loyalty to DC and Slocum went further than it should have, but no one's perfect.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Playoffs for coaches with elite QBs:

NE: 15 of 17 (missed playoffs despite being 11-5)
Indy; 11 of 13
GB: 9 of 12 (AR: 6th in passer rating in 2008)
Pit: 10 of 14 (Ben: 5th in passer rating as a rookie)
NO: 6 of 12.

I've no idea how Loomis as GM and Payton as HC have survived in NO since Brees arrived. NE went 11-5 with Brady playing one game in 2008, and just missed the playoffs.

MM can use making the playoffs on his resume. He has, at the very least, met expectations.

dobber's picture

If you put MM in the position that Holmgren inherited, we'd be looking at him much differently.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

That's too cryptic for me, Dobber. If MM had been in Holmgren's place, would I have a higher or lower opinion of MM?

Holmgren made the playoffs 6 of his 7 seasons in GB. He had a HOFer, but one who didn't know what a nickel defense was.

Lare's picture

I think McCarthy missed a golden opportunity this past offseason to save his HC job by hiring an effective and innovative Offensive Coordinator.

I think he has no chance of leading the Packers to any future greatness with the current offensive scheme and coaching.

tincada's picture

What good would an effective and innovative Offensive Coordinator do? MM is still going to pretend he knows what he's doing. Problem is so does the rest of the league, players, DCs, OCs, and HCs.

Coldworld's picture

I thought Philbin would bring some of that. I wonder to what extent injuries and other factors have inhibited rolling out more. Philbin was a loss when he left. I am not ready to rule out his having an impact as the season progresses.

stockholder's picture

Lead Yes! - Settle for that. Crazy thinking? No! Settle for survival. The players now; are show me the money. Gute must upgrade. Veterans must be unforgettable. Championships are hard to win. The entrainment and atmosphere is Legendary. Lets not let this team go in the other direction.

tincada's picture

No and hell no. Take his tired old very predictable offensive play calling to the CFL or where ever.

tincada's picture

While everybody is busy throwing MM, Mike P, Terrible Ted and whoever is the OC under the bus where's the guy fully responsible for this train wreck....Mike Murphy, crickets.

Lare's picture

Not sure who Mike Murphy is, but if you're referring to Mark Murphy his responsibility for the success (or lack thereof) of this team has been mentioned multiple times in past articles. I think this article was specifically related to Mike McCarthy.

4thand1's picture

Ask Mark McCarthy.

fastmoving's picture

….and Brett Rodgers

Coldworld's picture

Buss Rall won’t let me use the company phone for that


It upsets me to see so much of this talk about MM. Everyone wants to win, including our opponents. Trust me when I tell you that the grass is not always greener on the other side. This fan base has become so spoiled with success lately that after a thrilling comeback victory at home in prime time, headed by a vintage comeback drive lead by 12, the only things highlighted in response are negative aspects. Yes, indeed it was not a good look to get down early against an opponent that needs to be handled. If we are going to win in Dec and Jan. we need to dominate those games. But the fashion in which the team won was fascinating to me. Another exciting moment and memory I will long cherish. And you all should too. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME MY HEAD COACH HAS FACED ADVERSITY. 2010 is oft referenced in any Packer conversation, but oh how soon we forget !!! In 2010 12 goes down with a concussion and oh how quick we are to began barking like the head coach head hungry dogs we are. To quote one of my hero’s “lotta ball game left”. WE ARE WITH YOU COACH, WE GOT YOUR BACK!!!

P.s. the only parallel that sticks out to me with what I’ve seen from this team and 2010 team is a DEFENSE that MAKES PLAYS when they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I really hate this line of thinking. That doesn't mean Prophet is wrong, just that we think differently. GB has been blessed with back to back HOF QBs, including one who I think should have been the greatest of all time. I watched GB during the 70s and 80s. While I am grateful for the last 25 years and the contrast, I don't think GB has been all that it could have been. And I think MM is a large part of the reason.

Lphill's picture

No he can't lead them to greatness.



I’ve seen a lot of talk, on this forum and elsewhere, in regards to the defensive holding call by Richard Sherman on a critical late 3rd and 15 play this past Monday night. Although blaming the call for the drive/victory is a baby back bush league move, people need to understand what really happened. A lot of folks are not only critizing the referees, but also Richard Sherman. Before the play we all saw what the television crew highlighted, Sherman waved off the other corner to the outside and he followed Davante into the slot. Some would view this as an alpha move. Sherman respecting Davante’s greatness as well as understanding the importance of the moment. But when I rewatch the game, especially from the all-22, I see proof of exactly what I was thinking during the game. This changes everything and speaks worlds to the football savy of Richard Sherman. You see all game Sherman kept getting a sort of Deja-vu type sensation. It would come and go but it was really bothering him. As the game weathered on he began noticing it coincided with a strong scent of some sort...which caused his mouth to water? Trying to reason this out while playing a football game was frazzling his brain. He then realized late down the stretch that as Davante was taking over the smell was getting stronger. Jumping jahosafat!! He remembered where he had smelled this before!! It was here! Lambeau Field! Week 14 2017, it was all coming back so fast. It was the play that ended the rise of his former teammate, Jeremy Lane. Much like that play back in 2017, Davante was doing the same to his teammates now. He was turning their feet into literal pieces of bbq’d chicken. Realizing the magnitude of this moment he immediately began to panic. The feet on Davante Adams had picked up full momentum and were working as full blown BBQ smokers. Looking around he realized both other starting corners feet were full blown BBQ chicken. Given the importance of the third down Sherman had no choice but to offer his feet up to the bbq cooker. Being a savy veteran and one of the smartest defenders in the nfl Sherman knew that once Davante’s route began to develop he had no choice but to hold. If he let Tae plant his feet and smoothly run his route, his feet would be full blown pieces of BBQ’d chicken, and Davante would render himself wide open. Although Sherman has a very good prescense of mind in regards to the officials and their line of sight, he could not be sneaky enough to not draw a flag. So you could say he is the reason we got the first down, but really he was sacrificing five yards instead of a big chunk play.

4thand1's picture

I take it you had BBQ chicken for lunch.


No I did not eat bbq chicken for lunch. I just was able to properly analyze this entire situation and felt it was my duty to educate the world on how those events actually unfolded.

Hawg Hanner's picture

McCarthy is certainly responsible for culture, team morale and game planning. The assistants are his. The players? I think Ted Thompson missed on so many draft decisions that the current roster is not that great, more like a 8-7-1. I think before he retires, Mike Murphy will bring in next coach as early as next season.

Coldworld's picture

As long as he gets Mark Murphy to move on first I would possibly like Mike Murphy

Lare's picture

Who is Mike Murphy?

dobber's picture

Old man Murphy's kid.

cpheph1's picture

"I think Ted Thompson missed on so many draft decisions that the current roster is not that great, more like a 8-7-1."

Hindsight is 20/20 so yeah it's easy to proclaim that Ted Thompson missed on many draft decisions. However, you also have to take into consideration draft position, which it doesn't appear you have...and the fact the draft focus is projecting or forecasting how well said player will do in the NFL. I think there's a lot of luck involved too...otherwise how hell did Aaron Rodgers fall to the #24 pick in the 2005 draft (and Nick Collins pick #51? The draft is called a crapshoot for a reason...

Ted Thompson picks that inside the top 21 picks in their respective draft year:
yr rnd pick#
2006 1 5 A.J. Hawk LB Ohio State
2007 1 16 Justin Harrell DT Tennessee
2009 1 9 B.J. Raji DT Boston College
2014 1 21 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix DB Alabama

PAPackerbacker's picture

No, not if he continues to manage the team like he is now.

croatpackfan's picture

Be aware of what you want, because that can happen ...

Pierre's picture

McCarthy does not seem to have good team discipline with all the penalties and mistakes his players make. He also is poor with time management preparation and this shows in wasting timeouts so often and then not having them when needed at the end of games. How many time outs have the Packers needed to call early in games because they are not ready for a given play to run on time? It happens so often with them compared to other teams and you never see any changes over the years. Poor preparation, time management, play calling and team discipline by MM has always been evidenced in the team’s performance.

Lare's picture

The Packers lead the NFL in wasted timeouts, they're also 2nd in most penalties.

At this point, we may need to forget about future greatness and be willing to settle for above average.

Rossonero's picture

For all the talk about Belichick, let's remember he's also the GM and has had incredibly more freedom in building his roster than McCarthy has.

I blame the crappy roster construction on Ted.

I blame the crappy misusage of players like Aaron Jones and Kentrell Brice on MM, as well as his stale offense.

Some might bristle at the "stale" comment, but the players have known it for years.

In 2015, after Arizona decked us 38-8:

"I don't know," Packers right guard T.J. Lang said.

"There's been a lot of frustration in here in recent weeks, especially offensively. We're just not carrying our weight right now. It's hard to find optimism in that, to be honest with you."

Then Josh Sitton weighed in.

"I think the philosophy of our offense has changed or needs to change or whatever you want to say," Sitton said.

"We need to be a team that goes out there and runs it 30 times a game. When you get games like this, obviously you can't do that. And a lot of the games we've been in this year have gone this way [with the team falling behind] and we haven't been able to do that [in the run game]. But I think our recipe for success, yeah I think it has changed."

MM snapped back later:

“Well, first of all, Josh Sitton needs to play guard, and that's where he'll play this week, he'll play left guard,” McCarthy said Thursday.

“As far as how many times you run it, how many times you pass it, in regards to the last game, we ran the ball out of a particular personnel group, the first series was successful [and] went with the similar concepts out of a personnel group that we majored in, in preparation, and didn't run the ball very well at all."

The point: now Aaron Rodgers himself has gotten in a few subtle jabs at how poor the offense has looked.

Working 70-90 hours per week for 13 years surely has taken it's toll on McCarthy. I think the man is just burned out.

Fordham Ram's picture

As much as I find McCarthy stale and redundant after 13 years, the fear I have in offing him is we'll end up with a Ray Rhodes to take his place. If he takes us all the way he must be given an extention. Like the article mentioned he can't be lame ducked after this year it's an extention or sayanara.

Some would prefer we lose so he gets dumped, I'm not in that camp and those who are should just turn off the TV on Sunday and wait for next September, maybe they'll get their wish.

Salvador Silva's picture

I never once credited MM for what AR has become. If that is the case... than what happen with Hundley? Hundley sat behind Rodgers for 3 seasons, just like Aaron did with Favre...
But nobody seems to understand it. I am going to say this for the last time. All of you analysts, sports writers and nonbelievers... Aaron Rodgers is who he is because of #4.

I don't care if he said getting Aaron ready is not his responsibility. Because in reality it wasn't and it never had to be favre's responsibility to teach Rodgers.
Joe Montana did not accept the mentor role with Steve Young. If any of you remember they were both hoping the other guy never came on the field. Does it mean young never learned from joe? No... Because Steve got to see a HOF qb operate the west coast offense. They were in the same film study and we're apart of many game plans as teammates.
With Favre and Rodgers it is no different.

A qb or any other position for that matter cannot teach the other guy, how to play. You can't teach a guy how to be accurate when throwing a ball.
The best thing a starter can do for the guy who backs him up. Is to show by example and that means the little things.
Like how to draw someone offsides and get a free play, the dues and due nots on certain play calls and one thing Rodgers learned from Favre, that has served him well... live to play another down. Don't be a gambler and throw the ball away.

There are also many coaches out there that are better than mike. Mike has a High school playbook that is very plain and he really surprised me vs the 49ers on offense.

I would rather have jack Del Rio or Dick Vermeil going in to next season.

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