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Cameron Heyward Leads List Of Packers Draft Predictions

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Cameron Heyward Leads List Of Packers Draft Predictions

With the NFL Combine less than a week away, I thought it was time for my annual survey of internet mock drafts to find out who people think are the most likely targets of the Green Bay Packers come April.

Most of the people creating these mock drafts are far from what one would call experts, although I do think Mel Kiper's mock draft was one of those I included.

What I try to get out of this exercise is to see what players are still likely to be on the board when the Packers pick at the 32nd slot in the draft and see who the top few consensus players are.

I looked at 84 mocks updated since the Packers won the Super Bowl provided by the databases at Walter Football and Hail Redskins.

Picking at the tail end of the first round, there was very little consensus as 30 different players were predicted to go to the Packers. Among them, seven were 3-4 defensive linemen, five were primarily offensive tackles, four were primarily interior offensive linemen, three were running backs, three were 3-4 outside linebackers, three were cornerbacks, three were wide receivers and two were safeties.

Here are the results:

  • Cameron Heyward, defensive end, Ohio State (9)
  • Mikel Leshoure, running back, Illinois (8)
  • Danny Watkins, guard/tackle, Baylor (7)
  • Justin Houston, outside linebacker, Georgia (6)
  • Anthony Castonzo, tackle, Boston College (5)
  • Gabe Carimi, tackle, Wisconsin (4)
  • Ben Ijalana, tackle, Villanova (4)
  • Muhammad Wilkerson, defensive lineman, Temple (4)
  • Rodney Hudson, guard/center, Florida State (4)
  • Ryan Williams, running back, Virginia Tech (3)
  • Tyron Smith, tackle, USC (3)
  • Those appearing in two mocks: Mark Ingram, Stefan Wisniewski, Adrian Clayborn, Aaron Williams, Corey Liuget, Rahim Moore, Brandon Harris, Phil Taylor
  • Those appearing in one mock: Jeremy Beal, Derrek Sherrod, Jimmy Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, Mike Pouncey, Cameron Jordan, Titus Young, Jonathan Baldwin, Allen Bailey, DeAndre McDaniel, Torrey Smith
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Mark's picture

I've seen a draft where Miami WR leonard hankerson goes to us

Mark's picture

I've seen a draft where Miami WR leonard hankerson goes to us.

andrew's picture

we dont need that many lineman 0_o... we need a tackle.. or two i guess just in case we the first one doesnt work out.. cough tj cough cough.. but we dont need a center? or a guard really.. a WR a CB and some linebackers. why do we need runningbacks?

mark's picture

"why do we need runningbacks?"

Grant just missed a season, and Starks has been far from injury-proof. I'd be surprised if TT didn't use one pick to add some depth to the position.

The guy i love is Graig Cooper from Miami.

Sam's picture

I look at a running back named Darren Evans. Dude is a beast, plus we could get him in a later round at a very high value.

NoWayJose's picture

Sure is complicated to predict when you pick at #32 isn't it?

That just feels good to say!

Josh's picture

Does anyone else think that DL, OL, or WR would be the best pick?

jack in jersey city's picture

OL would be my pick. a right or left tackle

thepretzelhead in Japan's picture

I want a lineman for the county...every year

Wiscokid's picture

The draft usually falls apart after the first 10 picks and is about impossible to predict who is going to be there at pick 32. I'm sure TT will let the board come to him make his best decision on based on those available.

Is Aaron going to be at the draft again this year?

rich's picture

i think we need a guard. The appearance of Suh in detroit scares me and i think we need to beef up our run blocking against that guy. Then other than that grab a wr and some OLB to help out matthews.

asshalo's picture

Colledge is a FA this year and Sitton is next, Can't say I disagree.

jack in jersey city's picture

i'm thinking tj lang might be colledge's replacement

Sam's picture

Suh said that the best guard he played against all year was Josh Sitton. Pouncey would be nice to get, but I think there is no way he is around at 32.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Did anybody catch NFL Total Access yesterday? Jennings was on set and asked what he thought we needed, I found it VERY interesting. He said Clifton's not getting any younger and he thought we needed to go LT. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought we drafted our LT of the future last April??? Makes me wonder if the guys at 1265 are beginning to think of BB as a RT at this level.

I'm hoping BB is our LT of the future, if so we could put mauler like Carimi at RT next to Sitton and just have a straight up nasty right side of the line... Justin Houston sounds pretty good too. But, in Ted we trust, I'm not even sweating the draft this year, just gonna let the man do what he do.

Also #85 was asked if GBP fans should book a flight to Indy next year, he said yes. I've never known the man to lie.


asshalo's picture

Rodgers endorsed Bulaga is the future LT Mid to late season this year, so I'm not sure if Jennings comment means much. I think they have a lot of options with him regardless of whether they pick up an LT this year.

Ryan's picture

I'm pretty sure most Packers fans would drive to Indy next year and not have to fly :)

asshalo's picture

Cameron Jordan out of Cal would be a steal that late in the draft. Then again, the first round is pretty deep with 3-4 caliber D-lineman.

Much thanks for compiling this, Brian.

BubbaOne's picture

"Most of the people creating these mock drafts are far from what one would call experts," kidding, as of last week about one out of every 6 mocks didn't have the right draft order for the first round. One even hadn't changed the order since the start of the playoffs (having the Packers pick 26th)...oops!!!

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Let's hope we start stockpiling those 32's. I don't think our draft position will improve for the foreseeable future.

jack in jersey city's picture

this is FINE with me :D

BubbaOne's picture

On a more serious note:

Don't we also have the first pick in the 7th round from the JJ Jansen trade to Carolina?
And do you think we get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick for losing Kampman?

Hofschneider's picture

Yes, we have a 7th-rounder from Carolina.

I think we only get a 4th round comp pick for Kampman.

Keith's picture

I'm going to go out on a limb and say there is no freaking way Ted goes RB.

Assuming there is no discernible "Best Player Available," with all things being equal, I say Ted goes:

1) OLine
2) OLB
3) DLine
4) WR

Keith's picture

Wanted to elaborate a bit:

I kind of want the team to keep the WR corps together as best they can. It takes time for the QB and WRs to get in lockstep, and I think we saw plenty of times during the playoffs where Rodgers showed trust in all of them, including Nelson and Jones. Obviously, another team could offer too much for Jones, forcing us to let him go, but if I had my druthers, I'd vote to keep the offensive skill players static as much as possible.

By contrast, I like the idea of spending your high picks on lineman. Quality lineman can generally step in and contribute right away (see Bulaga, Raji, and heck, even Lang contributed his rookie season.) Plus, adding to the oline will mitigate the need for a high quality RB because it doesn't really matter who carries the rock if there aren't holes to run through. And of course, adding olineman protects our most valuable asset: QB1.

Finally, I also don't mind spending high round picks on defense. I think the Colts really limited their team's upside by not focusing as much on defense. As long as we have Rodgers our offense is going to be at least solid, if not stupendous. Get your elite QB a defense and watch the Super Bowls pile up (see: Patriots, Steelers.)

FITZCORE1252's picture

"I like the idea of spending your high picks on lineman."

Yeah. You just can't go wrong fortifying the trenches with high round picks. It's not flashy and kind of anticlimactic, but that really is where games are won and lost. Imagine getting Rodgers another .3 seconds in the pocket... HUGE. Conversely, quality bodies on the D-line (especially in the 34) are just as big. If your line is destroying the pocket, that just makes your LB's jobs that much easier.

Can't go wrong with the bigs. Although I think we have a potential beast in the making in Neal, and if we get Jolly back in any kind of shape our D-line is looking pretty deep when you throw in C.J. I think Pickett has a bit of life left too. And Raji, well, we all know what that kid can do.


MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. Assuming TT is looking for value, I'd say OG is more likely than anything else, just because even the best interior OL prospects almost never go in the top 20. In contrast, highly regarded DLs regularly go in the top 10. But all of this really is so impossible to predict. No one would have thought we'd get Rodgers at the end of the first in that draft. Bulaga was likely to be gone by where we got him last year as well.

Sam's picture

Can't go wrong? ahhheemmm.. (harrell)... It is very hard to hit a home run every first round ;)

Jim's picture

"Quality lineman can generally step in and contribute right away (see Bulaga, Raji, and heck, even Lang contributed his rookie season.)"
On the DL I'll agree with ya. But OL is probably the hardest position to jump into for a rookie. (Besides QB) All the calls at the line, blitz pickups and such usually keep rookie OL guys on the bench their rookie year. What Bulaga did last year was not the norm, and he even came in half way through the season. I'm not saying I don't like taking an OL in the earlier rounds, I just wouldn't expect him to play this coming year unless there is an injury, ie TJ Lang.

Josh's picture

Profootball Weekly's Nawrocki usually nails who will be drafted in rounds 1-3, the top 200 picks.

cow42's picture

In my opinion (and I do not know shit)...

If there's a stud interior o-lineman available he will be drafted.
If there's a stud outside linebacker available he will be drafted.
If there's a stud offensive tackle available he will be drafted.

If there is not a stud from one of the above listed positions available, TT will trade out of R1. A player who plays any other position than the three above has zero chance of starting. He would just be there for depth.

bomdad's picture

Well, he drafted Aaron Rodgers with BF on the roster. Ted will take the best player, but if there is no player worthy, he will trade down. It might be notable that his trading partner in recent years has been New England, who has 6 picks in the top 100, and gave us Clay Matthews in a trade down.

cow42's picture

And Jennings in a trade down.

Man I hope the Pats and Pack make a trade again.
Kinda looks like TT's got B'cheet's number.

PackersRS's picture

I don't think Ted took Rodgers solely because he was the best player available, nor did he do it just to find Favre's replacement.

Ted took Rodgers at 24 because he was too big of a bargain. He was probably graded as a top 5 pick, and when compared to the rest of the picks available, he was just so much better that TT took him.

If he was only slightly better than a position of need, I don't know if Ted would've taken a swing at him.

pizzadoc's picture

With so many picks, why wouldn't TT trade up in first round?

FITZCORE1252's picture

That's a definite possibility. This team doesn't need 7 or 8 guys in THIS draft, just too deep of a squad (saying that Ted will probably trade down 3 or 4 time and get 10 picks)... I could def see that if Ted falls in love again like he did with Clay.


aussiepacker's picture

Does anyone see the possability that TT trades up in the draft as we already have heaps of bodies for training camp, So we wont need as many picks?

BubbaOne's picture

The price is so steep unless it's another Matthews scenario I don't think he trades up. Plus 2012 is likely to have a rookie salary cap so why have more money tied up w/ a 2011 rookie than necessary.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I believe this draft class will be under the new CBA when complete since the draft is after the current one expires, the draft will happen as usual but there will be no signings until the NFLPA and the owners knock out a new CBA (not sure, could be wrong, been awhile, I'm due). If that's the case it sure sounds like there will be some sort of ceiling on rookies starting with this class, I know that's a big factor on owners end, just not sure what that will entail.

FITZCORE1252's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Hell, I'm all for trading half of our picks to move up and snag Von Miller... won't be holding my breath however.

PackersRS's picture

If we get some draft picks in a trade, like say Barnett for a 2nd rounder, or we tag and trade Cullen, then I could very well see it.

If not, no. We don't have enough ammo to make a trade like for CM3.

packsmack25's picture

Until the CBA is done, they can only trade picks for picks. There won't be any player-pick swaps until there is a new CBA.

mark's picture

I like that OG from Wisconsin, John Moffitt.

tyler21's picture

Hey I'm all for a sick dl or lb I mean who doesn't like to watch bj cullen clay desmond and aj do work but just once wouldn't u guys like to step on the field with a badass return guy like our good friends in Chicago have? I mean yeah we will never find a DH cause he is just amazing, but maybe someone like Titus Young could give our sad special teams a great boost. No offense to Tra or Jordo, but they should be on the sideline anyways their too valuable to us.GET US A JOYSTICK TED!

Beemer's picture

Just want to say I completely agree regarding not having enough OL and DL picked in the draft.

But if LeShoure or Ingram is there and Ted thinks he has Adrian Peterson/Chris Johnson potential he will take him. An elite RB can take the OL and passing attack to a new level.

Keith's picture

Obviously, Peterson and Johnson are elite backs, HOWEVER, people forget that the Vikings and Titans have had some really, really good offensive lines the last few seasons.

Beemer's picture

Titans yes; Viqueens no.

packsmack25's picture

Combined titles for Peterson/Chris Johnson: 0

Combined titles for James Starks/Brandon Jackson and Pierre Thomas/Reggie Bush: 2

Seriously, name the last "elite" back to win a Super Bowl. Marshall Faulk? And he was more of a pass catcher...

Point Packer's picture

I hope we don't wast our first round pick on an RB. In this NFL, in the current Packer system, using a first round draft pick on an RB is a waste. We just proved we don't need a premier RB for this offense to run and more importantly win. I hope we prioritize the O and D lines in this draft and based on the uncertainiity of Jones, maybe look for a gem WR in the middle rounds. Adding some additional depth at the LB position would also be nice.

Main point: We don't need to waste a high draft pick on an RB.

mark's picture

Maybe we don't need to waste a high pick on a RB, but I wouldn't say the offense doesn't need a run game. Without Starks' big game, we may not have gotten past the Eagles.

And god forbid Rodgers gets injured, but if he were to miss a couple games for some reason, we'd surely need a run game to pick up the slack.

Our pass attack is the focus, sure, but that doesn't mean you neglect the run. Why not have a great pass AND run game? Why not dominate in ALL phases? It's not as though we have to pick one or the other, and be weak with the run. We don't. Make it a strength.

Point Packer's picture

Not saying we don't need a run game, I agree that adding another positive element to our offensive would be beneficial. And yes, without Starks big game against the Eagles I may not have that tingling feeling in my spine since February 6th. But if you recall, Starks was a 6th round pick. Yes, the gap in the talent level between Starks and a guy like AP or C. Johnson is evident, but most RB's in the NFL are pretty closely matched talent wise, with a few limited exceptions. My point, you can get something in the late rounds (like a Starks) that will be as talented (or close) as the projected first round RB's. Not to mention, the 21st century lifespan of an NFL RB is not worth a first round pick - in my opinion.

That all being said, I won't ever again question any move that TT makes. Period. Ever. We're in good hands with Ted Thompson.

mark's picture

You can make that early/late round comparison for almost any position. tramon and sam shields weren't drafted, and i'm pretty sure we got driver in the 6th.

Mostly though, I was responding to, and disagreeing with, this: "We just proved we don’t need a premier RB for this offense to run and more importantly win."

Point Packer's picture

But we just went to and won the Super Bowl without a "premier running back".

ILpackfan's picture

For me TT should pick the best player available, In TT we trust

Browne's picture

Our young, talented, super bowl winning team will be a young(ish), talented, expensive team in 2-3 years. TT has the luxury of drafting projects to groom before our current players leave for lucrative free agency deals. Trade up only if necessary. Otherwise, stock up picks to keep the organization winning for years to come.

packsmack25's picture


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