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Bulaga Meets The Press As A Packer

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Bulaga Meets The Press As A Packer

From Bryan Bulaga's press conference:

Q.  You must be very excited to go to the Packers, tremendous tradition.  Not even a question.

BRYAN BULAGA:  No, it really isn't.  I'm ecstatic to be a Green Bay Packer.  I grew up in Illinois and really familiar with the NFC North and familiar with what it's all about.  I'm a cold weather guy and it's going to be good for me to play up there.

The fans are tremendous.  The fan base is amazing.  I've only heard great things about Lambeau Field so I'm ecstatic to be a Green Bay Packer.

Q.  Did you root against the Packers growing up in Illinois?

BRYAN BULAGA:  I was more of a college football fan growing up my entire life.  Obviously you are rooting for the Bears when they are doing well so obviously I think my allegiance has suddenly changed.

The Bears, no, I was never a fan.  Never.

Q.  Can you talk about so many great skilled players on offense for Green Bay, can you talk about how much you are looking forward to learning from them?

BRYAN BULAGA:  Yeah, absolutely.  They are a prolific offense.  You see what they can do when Aaron Rodgers is able to stay up.  He set some records, some personal bests last year throwing the football, so if you're able to give those guys time to catch the ball and throw the ball and give some leg room to the running backs, big plays can happen.  I'm really excited to get around that type of organization and those type of guys because obviously they are going in the right direction and that's the type of organization I want to be around, one that's going up and one that I can learn from.

Q.  What advice did Coach give you about taking it to the next level?

BRYAN BULAGA:  You know, he didn't give me too much advice.  Besides that, it's a big game of fundamentals, technique, because every guy is big and strong and fast.  It's the best of the best of college.  It really comes down to who plays with the best technique, who really wins, it's who is the lowest and who plays with the best hand placement.  When you get to the next level, where the NFL, it's all about who can be the most efficient with the technique, I think that's the one thing that he's really pounded home to me.

Q.  You are known as an outstanding run blocker; do you look forward to playing with Ryan Grant?

BRYAN BULAGA:  You know being from the Iowa system, we are really a run?first type team.  We really like to run the ball and set up the play action off that.  I think I'm going to be able to help out.  I love to run block and get after it and he's a downhill type guy, seeing him run the football on TV, he really likes to get downhill fast, so I'm really looking forward to it and just getting to work, you know.  This whole draft thing is drawn out and I'm just ready to get to work and help out any way I can.

Q.  Have you talked to the Packers, have they have talked about left or right side?

BRYAN BULAGA:  I haven't heard anything.  Once I start working mini?camps and some OTAs and getting a feel where I'm going to fit I'm sure I'm going to find out more.

Q.  Some people said you don't have a great reach but what would you say are your strong points?

BRYAN BULAGA:  The great reach, there have been plenty of guys who have been able to play with 33?inch arms, I think is what you're talking about.

I think when it comes down to it, you have to put it on the tape and watch the guy play football.  You can pick and choose on that but it's a game of technique and it's whoever plays the most efficient with that, I think is going to help out.  I think I do that very well.

I pride myself on being a technician and I think being skilled in that aspect will help me out with my short reach, so to speak.  (Laughter). (Editors note: he was hilarious when he said this - really sarcastic)

Q.  Have you talked to Shonn Greene?

BRYAN BULAGA:  You know, I haven't ?? I talked to Shonn probably a couple weeks ago.  He's obviously been busy.  He's a big?time guy in this city.  Everyone loves him and I still love the guy.  He's a tremendous person and maybe I've got a call from him on my phone or something like that, I haven't been around it.  But Shonn is tremendous, I love Shonn.

Q.  Talk more about being a cold?weather guy and the division; you must be so jazzed up to be a part of those rivalries now, the Vikings and the Bears.

BRYAN BULAGA:  Oh, yeah, absolutely.  Growing up, those are the things, you know, in the NFC North that you watch and they hype up so much, those big rivalries.  You see how hard they play when those games are going on, "The Black and Blue Division, " you know what I mean, just going after it.

I'm just so pumped up to be a part of that, and being an Iowa guy and playing in that cold weather in Iowa, it's cold in Iowa, believe me, when it starts to get cold, it's cold.

I'm really looking forward to getting into that and just being back in the Midwest and let's go, let's go.

Q.  When I say Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, and now Suh, what's the first word that comes to mind?

BRYAN BULAGA:  You know, can you even put that into words?  That's hard to put into words, you know what I mean?  Scary.

But they are all tremendous, tremendous football players, and it's going to be a great challenge.  You've got to go into it being positive and looking forward and wanting to attack it, and then sitting here thinking, oh, man, who wants to go up against those guys.  You have to be excited about it and look forward to the challenge.  They are tremendous football players but there's a reason why there's an offensive line, to block those guys.

It's going to be tremendous to go up against talent like that.  Those are the best of the best right there.

Q.  Excited about working with Coach McCarthy?

BRYAN BULAGA:  Absolutely.  I had a meeting with him at the Combine, and the staff is great.  The style of play is very similar to Iowa.  So I'm looking forward to making it as easy as a transition as I can.

Obviously it's not going to be easy, but you know it's going to help out, that I can recognize maybe some style of play and technique that could help me relate back to Iowa.

Q.  When did you think that maybe there was an inkling that Green Bay was going to pick you?  Did you think that there was any chance of you going to the Packers before the Draft?

BRYAN BULAGA:  You know, I never really thought about kind of where I was going to go.  I mean, that was really up to my agent.  I thought that, hey, there's a couple of teams that needed tackles and I thought, you know, depending on the run on them, I can really fall into any one of the slots and I fell into the slots of the Green Bay Packers.

You know, I couldn't really have told you two months ago, hey, I'm going to end up being in Green Bay or I'm going to end up being here or there.  I wouldn't have known.  A lot of trades happened today during the middle of the draft that really mixed up some orders and they just so happened that I wound up as a Green Bay Packer and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Q.  Do you think sometimes it might be better to be picked down the Draft and be with a team that has a better chance to win now?

BRYAN BULAGA:  Yeah, I think having that potential is all great and being a Top?10 guy, that's all great, but when you get to go to an organization like Green Bay where they already have a good thing going, they have great tradition and the coaches are great and the players are great; I think it's going to help me out tremendously being around a system like that, that we have things figured out here and if you jump into the system, they will be able to jump along, too.  I'm very happy that that's where I'm going to be playing.

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Bryan Aschenbrenner's picture

If this guy is half as good as his personality, we hit a home run.

coloradopackerfan's picture

He said all the right things. Wow, this guys sounds like he knows his football! He's way more intelligent than you would guess by his mugshot.

To hell with arm length this guy is going to be good!

Ted would have been crucified if he didn't pick the tackle that no one thought would be there.

Read that again: Suh, Allen, Peppers. We got extremely lucky to even have a chance at this type of value for that spot. He was supposed to go top 10.

Hopefully day 2 goes as well.

Wiscokid's picture

His mug shot isn't nearly as bad as Spitz's was coming out. That goofy grin on his face still makes me laugh.

Black Hawk's picture

This is a great value pick, should be a bookend for the next decade. Only thing with this interview...BB says "I think I'll be able to help out". I would like him to sound a little more confident. This kid can play.

alfredomartinez's picture

im glad he got picked, one of our problems was 2 hopefully takes care of yet another patch...great job uncle Ted!

Junkyard Dog's picture

I was skeptical at first, but being an Oline type of guy I will warm up to this guy very quick.

dilligaff's picture

I did not realize until now that he has short arms, reason why he was available at the 23 pick

Either way if he does not make it at LT, I think he will be a solid lineman at another position.

Question now is, if he has a solid training camp, do you start him over Clifton or Tauscher? If MM is unwilling to do that do you start him at LG, getting the best 5 on the field?

IMO I would go with the young group, get through the growing pains and allow them to gel. They are the ones to most likely to stay healthy enough to play all the games.

What do you want to have happen, Clifton plays well during the season only to go down and not play in the playoffs, leaving Bulga to come off the bench cold and inexperienced in the most important game of the year, or have Bulga start all 16 (or start him after 6 or 8 games)games and is ready to make his mark in the playoffs with experience.

Evan's picture

His arms are almost an inch longer than Joe Thomas'. I'm not worried about that.

I was beyond thrilled he was available at 23. I never thought that would happen. Actually, the Packers had a ton of great options - Dez Bryant, Kindle, Hughes - that they could have grabbed any one of a number of players.

I wonder what it would take to move up to grab Sergio Kindle in round 2.

Wiscokid's picture

I was thinking the same thing. If TT could do that, I think that this would be a successful draft.

PackersRS's picture

He doesn't have Thomas' athleticism, though... But I agree, I don't see it being a problem, not with his mean streak and technique...

aussiepacker's picture

would be happy for him to start when he is ready but i would think it would be good experiance to throw him in against allen, peppers etc. for a couple of snaps for the experiance.

dilligaff's picture

I think Bulaga changes things, the Packers signed Clifton because they felt at the 23rd pick they would get a LT that would be a work in progress.

Bulaga has the ability to start in his first year. This may be the last we see of Tauscher. I don't see the Pack keeping Lang and Bulaga on the bench.

Evan's picture

It's certainly possible, but I think going into training camp Tauscher and Clifton will be penciled in as starters. If Buluga wows the coaches, all the better for depth, because you know Clifton and/or Tauscher are going to miss a game or two as the season goes on.

Wiscokid's picture

I wouldn't be in such a hurry to run Tauscher out of town. Besides being a solid RT, he's added a lot of stability to the line. I love that guy.

packsmack25's picture

His arms are the same size as Clifton's and as has been mentioned, Joe Thomas's. Also Matt Light, Chris Samuels, Jordan Gross, Jason Peters, and Donald Penn. And they are LONGER than Sam Baker and Michael Roos. I think he'll be ok...

packsmack25's picture

Oh, I left out last year's rookies. Monroe, Smith, and Oher all 33" arms as well. So yeah, they made a lot outta nothin'.

packsmack25's picture
Evan's picture

I won't lie - as thrilled as I am with the Buluga pick, part of me was having day dreams about Jennings, Finely and Dez Bryant running wild over the field.

dilligaff's picture

I agree we may end up regretting this pick 5 years from now. Bulaga may not have been the best player available.

Dez IMO has not been in trouble with the law, but was a bored College athlete

I would call this a safe pick, and best for the short term and the current state of the Packers O-line.

Evan's picture

Totally agree. His character issues seemed way overblown.

Then again, while not in trouble in any way with the law, he did seem to be a diva wide receiver and I'd hate for the Packers to have another Javon Walker to deal with.

Jayme's picture

I think Bulaga was the top player on the Packers' board. Because of Bryant's personality issues, I doubt the Packers would have taken him even if they had a need at WR.

I do see Bulaga as kind of an AJ Hawk type guy. He doesn't have a lot of upside, but you know what you're getting. He won't be making a ton of pro-bowls, but he will be in the NFL a long time.

Evan's picture

I agree.

And while Rodgers probably would be on IR by week 6, the Packers passing attack would be the best in the league.

packsmack25's picture

Reminds me of when everyone wanted Chad Jackson. Except back then, there was actually a NEED for a WR.

Evan's picture

I loved all the ESPN commentators talking about how the Vikings shouldn't draft Clausen because it would annoy Favre. They have absolutely no QB of the future on the roster and Favre is holding the whole team hostage. Hilarious. Been there, done that.

Wiscokid's picture

Really? Worried about upsetting Brent? It would be a couple/three years before Clausen is ready to take over anyway. Favre can't possibly think that he will still be playing at age 43. I would think that Jackson and Rosenfels would be the ones to be upset.

retiredgrampa's picture

I'll go againest the grain by putting Lang at LT (ask Jared Allen why) and Bulaga at RT, because he's not the quickest on his feet). Another benefit is now I expect both Clifton and Tauscher to rachet up their games to keep their spots. All to the good.

dilligaff's picture

You bring up an excellent point I had not even thought of, this does give competion to Clifton right away, were as the LT from USC or a later round pick would have been a work in progress.

Even with the big contract Clifton signed, its an uncaped year and look at him as an insurance policy at 34 years old.

I really think Tausher may be the odd man out, if Spitz has a solid camp and Lang continues his progress.

Brett Cristino's picture

This guy is going to look SO good lining up across Peppers in a snowy Lambeau Field Week 17, a game in which we'll be looking to lock up HFA. : )

bomdad's picture

OK, Peppers in Week 17:
-not playing because the Bears are in the playoffs
-not playing because he is hurt
-not playing hard because its cold out and the Bears are out of contention?

Wiscokid's picture

That's pretty darn funny

Brett Cristino's picture

Don't ruin my vision!

Ron LC's picture

Well schooled in daying the right thing. I'm a happy guy today. My biggest complaint has been addressed. I wish someone would have asked him about his medical issue and what its' potential impact could be.

I really like the choice and am hoping for a long and illustriuos career from Bulaga.

packsmack25's picture

They did ask, and TT said their doctors were comfortable with him. Apparently he just had a virus that was gone in 3 weeks.

Evan's picture

Apparently caused by a tattoo infection.

Ron LC's picture

Good, that was my only concern.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"The Bears, no, I was never a fan. Never."


"Bears fan growing up? "I like the Bears, yeah"

Just sayin'... make up your mind dude.


packsmack25's picture

I think the sarcasm was lost in print. He admitted he was a fan and then said he immediately was switching allegiance. It was a "Who me? Never!" type haha deal.

PackersRS's picture

Dontcha worry. He'll learn to hate their guts in time...

Wiscokid's picture

Yesssss, come to the dark side young Skywalker

FITZCORE1252's picture

I bet that has to be hard on his family though. He's down playing it, but I've never met any wishy-washy bare fans.

Think about it...

Beighur fans hate us as much as we hate them. This kids' old-man raised him to hate the cheese... I can just see his dad watching the draft, with the rest of the family (all sporting Earlicker and ditka jerseys) as his son kept slippin' saying "please God, anywhere but Green Bay" (oh and in this vision, his dad is played By Chris Farley in the Old Chicago sports skits on SNL).

I know if my boy got drafted by Chi... I'd be pissed (though it may wear off when he bought me that 'new crib'). LOL

Wiscokid's picture

That too funny but bet you're right.

PackersRS's picture

That superfans sketch is just too funny. I hate their guts, but that's just too good of a comedy. "Who would've won in a fight? Ditka or a Hurricane? WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE! The Hurricane is named Ditka!"

retiredgrampa's picture

I like the fact that Bulaga realizes "technique" is more important than brute strength...that everyone in the NFL is strong and talented. If I were he (or him?) I would watch film of Peppers, Allen, and all the best in the NFL. He'll soon see what techniques he'll need to neutralize those guys. BTW, the Vikes didn't draft a good QB because they really expect TOG to play another 10 years. (or Chilly does, anyway.)

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