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Browns: 35 Packers: 10

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Browns: 35 Packers: 10

Aaron Rodgers, Jarrett Bush, Jerron McMillian

The Bad

The Bad

Randall Cobb, Mason Crosby, Sampson Genus

The Bad

The Bad

Graham Harrell



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Evan's picture

Nagler and company keep saying that Harrell will be fine, but, man, I really don't see it.

I agree that his receivers and o-line haven't been doing him any favors, so why don't the Packers let him start one of these next two games so they can see what he does with the #1 offense?

Tony's picture

Agree totally. Guy's lost.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Love it when the Good, The Bad, and Ugly returns.

I dont know what to take away from this game. Sloppy play, mistakes, a bad #2 O-Line. Hard to get a real feel for what Harrell can do.

COREY S's picture

I love it! Man I missed this. The simplicity is great! I always look forward to this post after every game more than any others!

Really happy to see McMillian show something because I am not sold on the other safties fighting for this spot yet.

razor's picture

I hoped that GH was ready and able. But he looks like a deer in the headlights. His throws are off the mark - way off - no excuse for that. His throws are late. I can't imagine that he could be this un-ready to step in.

Starting to worry about the whole team. Sloppy. Too many bodies missing. Too many bodies to evaluate. Can't just flip a switch when the season starts. Reminds me of how the team looked and played against the NYG in the playoff game.

Love AR but thinking that he needs to start clicking up his leadership intensity now.

redlights's picture

Deer in the headlights is exactly what I told my kids at the game. I always give TT/MM the benefit of the doubt, but I have a really big doubt about QB2.

Though I'm not half the expert of many other posters, here; my other observations from the north end zone:

Nick Perry will gel in time. Probably nto ROY, but will be at least as good as anything else we've had there in the CMIII era.

Marshall Newhouse won't be in the Pro Bowl, but will be adequate until if/when Sherrod heals and/or gets on board.

D secondary was better than I expected. Young talent and repetitions should prove this to be improved in 2012.

Herb Taylor isn't the answer at backup RT,either. Nice career; hope you've saved some money.

Andrew Datko made some mistakes, but seemed to play at least well enough to go on the practice squad.

My $.02

Evan's picture

Also, I'm not one to really buy into this sort of thing, but I would have preferred not to see Harrell all smiles on the sideline last night.

Tony's picture

He certainly had more fun playing awful than we did watching him

Tobey's picture

I thought the same thing, " dude, what are you smiling look like crap"! All of 'em really, up and down the sideline, Packers seemed to be yucking it up too much. If the score was closer...ok, but they got their butts handed to 'em. Maybe losing by 40 pts would have smacked the smirk off?! I'm old school!

MarkinMadison's picture

I think, big picture here is where I see the Packers' defensive secondary. First, the Dom's system works best with bump and run corners. Second, playing bump and run requires superior corners. Third, starting with the Super Bowl season Woodson was not able to consistently play bump and run without cheating. This resulted in a string of calls against him at the end of the regular season and into the playoffs. The Dom was able to cover over this effectively for a few games. Fourth, by the beginning of last season teams had caught on. The Dom responded last season by relying on more zone coverage when he figured out the Sam Shields was not the answer. Fifth, the Dom still has not figured out the answer, so we continued to see a lot of soft zone last night because he does not trust the secondary yet. That's my take. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, because I certainly hope I'm wrong.

bigfog's picture

This was noticed last night. Lot of soft coverage with players giving a nice cushion. Really don't like to see that.

bigfog's picture

I'm going to reserve judgment until the third preseason game. It'll be a chance to see starting offense and defense play for a half and should be a much better indicator of where the team is.

But I'd be lying if I wasn't a tad bit concerned. Sloppy play all around.

Barry's picture

Maybe we need practices that last a full two hours(how can anybody be expected to focus that long?).

Maybe the Detroit coach was on to something with his idea to practice football instead of skeet shooting, bowling, etc

Pack66's picture

The Good: Brett Favre!
The Bad: The Green Bay Packers this year...
The Ugly: Aaron Nadler...(jk)

You are right, GB's secondary is going to be this teams achilles heel..

Prediction: Brett Favre will come out of retirement and play this year when some teams QB goes down this season..stay tuned!

Could even be Green Bay...Heaven forbid!!!


Bearmeat's picture

You sir, are a chode.

Shut your mouth - it'll make you look more intelligent.

markinmadison's picture

Apparently you missed the last Farve photo that I saw. You can forget about him backing anyone up. He has "gone to seed" as the old folks used to say. He is not up for anything more competitive than rec league softball followed by a good keg.

PackersRS's picture

I think the date on this post is wrong.

Point Packer's picture

I think Pack 66 is a huge d-bag. +1 myself.

Bearmeat's picture

I'll +1 you for that Point P.

TRVS's picture

I think the first couple drives both on offense and defense looked good, some minor mistakes, but its pre-season. The idea that this is a big lights practice makes me less worried about our starters and more excited to see who stands out. We need our players to get healthy first and foremost, so why push them too hard or even show the plays you know that work. I foresee our "ones" looking sharp when it counts and playing hard all season.

With that I wouldn't be opposed to going after another back up quarterback. Harrell is not a Matt Flynn and its pretty clear he is in need of some more development.

Hopefully we can stay healthy, not give up the ball, cause turnovers and play with a lot of energy on D. That will make us a tough team to beat.

GBPDan's picture

When house played last week he was in bump and run coverage and he looked great. With House and Williams playing near the line, the D will be competitive. Playing 8 yards back is a recipe for disaster, just like last year, thanks for getting House injured on ST in the 3rd qt of a meaningless game Mike

Oppy's picture

Do you just cut and paste this post on every single Packers fan site?

Kinda cheapens the sentiment, don't you think?

PackerFan4Life's picture

Pack66 aka douchebag, nice to see your parents let you out of the basement. I know you love to suck off Favre. Its ok maybe one day you will actually get to kiss a girl instead of when your mommy tucks you in at night

dat der Packer backer's picture

...when people lower themselves and cheapen their posts and then say it's because of someone else...

Come on, dude. We can banter, we can get intense, but that's just pretty sad. I really hope people that type crap like that to someone else don't spend too much time patting themselves on the back and realize how dirty they make the site.

Oppy's picture

I was guessing that he's a high school kid or something.

PackerFan4Life's picture

hahah very far from a high school kid son nice try though. I see you like to stick up for your buddy Pack66. Oppy try not to assume it just makes you look like an ass

Tommyboy's picture

I've seen a few blogger/media peeps playing the "Calm down, quit panicking" card to the Packer masses, which seems to be a staple of those positions. It's very rare for me to panic, but anyone who suggests after that game that people are overreacting/panicking didn't watch the game. Harrell was a train-wreck.

I like Harrell and hope he shows something with his time left. I can't see them keeping him if he doesn't turn it around significantly and QUICKLY.

Tobey's picture

I hear ya "Tommyboy" and I've NEVER been given to panic. I'm not a NFL caliber talent evaluator but I'll see this, Harrell looked like he didn't belong at this level; all the smiling, what was up with that? Frankly, shocked would be a better word than concerned as describes my feelings on Graham Harrell. I just flat out, thought he was better than that...and he isn't. Wow!

Jamie's picture

If Harrell is definitely not the guy (backup guy), there are very few (maybe one...McCoy...maybe TJack (puke)) options to even moderately upgrade.

There is some majorly flawed logic taking place in terms of expectations for Harrell...

• There may be 1 or 2 backups in this league, and maybe ZERO that could successfully lead their team to, or in, the playoffs should the starter get hurt for an extended period. So, placing that expectation on our guy is unfair and naive.
• Stop comparing a guy 1+ year in (Harrell) to a guy 2+ years in (Flynn), when the guy that looked pretty good 2+ years in (Flynn) also looked questionable 1+ year in...also unfair and naive.

Oppy's picture

Harrell has been in this system for going on three years now.

Jamie's picture

How many offseasons and training camps, the part of the season overwhelmingly considered most important to young players, has Harrell been in?

< 1 (and a watered down version at that...with the new CBA limiting QB school)

Conversely, Flynn had been through two complete QB schools, two full training camps, and 8 preseason games before we knew he was a legit backup.

CD Angeli's picture

I thought you didn't bother reading the entire article. Didn't you just skim to the question and stop reading?

Patrick's picture

I agree Harrell should not be smiling on the sidelines when he is playing like a deer lost in headlights, way to to take your job seriously jackass. With Flynn you could see he actually cared how he performed and it showed up when he got a chance to play in games that mattered, Harrell is a joke 3 years in the system and his claim to fame is one come back victory last preseason, pathetic.

retiredgrampa's picture

Maybe Harrell has not had all the training he needs but it won't matter because excuses aren't going to win any games. IMO, if Aaron goes down, Harrell will show just how little benefit he has to the team. Disaster may well lurk.

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