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Bringing the Patriot Way to Green Bay

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Bringing the Patriot Way to Green Bay

No one can argue with the success that the New England Patriots organization has had during the last two decades under owner Robert Kraft and future Hall of Fame head coach Bill Belichick.  Kraft and Belichick have lead the Patriots to eight super bowl appearances, winning five of them and have been in the playoffs almost every year since the 2001 season.  However, Belichick’s coaching tree has been hit or miss at best, seeing the likes of Eric Mangini, Romeo Kranell and Charlie Weiss have had little to no success as head coaches and are viewed through the pantheons of history as bitter disappointments that could not turn the fortune of their franchises around.  

As the search for the next head coach of the Green Bay Packers begins to come into focus, we must ask ourselves why this next generation of New England Patriot head coaching hopefuls not only have a chance to become successful NFL head coaches, but why they hiring one of them would turn the Green Bay Packers into a contender again?  Here is a synopsis of the events that have transpired that have gotten both Patriot coaching hopefuls to this point in their careers.  

Josh McDaniels:

The latest retread from the Belichick coaching tree that has gained some steam in the last couple of seasons is Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.  McDaniels has had enormous success over the last decade and a half coaching Tom Brady which he parlayed into a head coaching stint in Denver in 2009 which was marred in controversy from the start.  This forgettable stint in Denver left a stench with McDaniels which took him almost seven years to rebound from, but finally, after helping guide future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots to two more super bowl championships, the 42-year old is back in the fold for multiple head coaching vacancies.  

Last season saw McDaniels make a controversial move and renege on an agreement that he had with the Indianapolis Colts to become their next head coach and return to the Patriots for one more season.  Surprisingly enough, this latest saga did not leave as bad of a stench as the one in Denver, and just one year later, McDaniels finds himself in the thick of both the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns head coaching searches.  

Brian Flores:

Another Patriot coordinator that is in the thick of all of the head coaching search drama is New England Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores.  Like McDaniels, Flores has been with the Patriots for a decade and a half and has won multiple Super Bowls during the latest Patriot mini-dynasty.  

Flores is considered to have a bright future in this league as he has been successful coaching in many different facets within the Patriots organization.  What makes Flores a dark horse candidate to land a head coaching position, is his versatility, as he has coached on the offense, defense, and special teams units.  Because of his impressive resume and coaching versatility, Flores, at just 37 years old, has also emerged as a legitimate candidate to become the Green Bay Packers next head coach.

As the Packers search for the franchise’s next head coach intensifies, they should take a very long and hard look at both Josh McDaniels and Brian Flores and elevate them towards the top of their list of candidates.  

Why Each Candidate Stands Out? 

McDaniels brings a wealth of success and a proven ability to mesh with a star quarterback which has been seen through him tailoring and customizing the playbook to accentuate his star quarterback's strengths while minimizing his weaknesses.  His previous head coaching experience in Denver, although not a pleasant one, is sure to be an experience that he can learn from while drawing on all of the years of tutelage in New England under Bill Belichick which will give him guidance on how to restore a winning tradition to the Green Bay Packers.

Brian Flores is a bit of an outlier as he has not had previous head coaching experience.  However, in-spite-of his lack of head coaching experience, Flores still fits the current mold in the NFL of a young, multi-faceted coach with an innovative mind that could revolutionize the model of what teams will look for in a head coach moving forward.  The NFL has become such a specialized league which leaves many head coaches engrossed in just one facet of their team.  Flores's experience coaching in all three phases of the game is what makes him stand out from other coaching candidates.    

Flores brings the old school mentality of being involved in every aspect of the game plan and monitoring every aspect of the team, while still fitting the mold of a young brilliant mind who can revolutionize the playbook and help usher in a new era of Packer football.  If given the chance, Flores could prove to be the candidate that is able to successfully meld the combination of Packer tradition and progressive coaching, and make the Green Bay a perennial contender again.  

Approaches That The Green Bay Packers Could Take:

  1. The Packers could take the obvious approach and hire the candidate that they best see fit between Flores and McDaniels (if they chose to pick between those two candidates).  McDaniels is thought to be the candidate who is favored to get the job because of his success with Tom Brady.  However, I would not, under any circumstances, overlook Brian Flores and would give him just as much consideration to become the Packers next head coach.  I personally think that Flores has the potential to become one of the next successful young head coaches in this league.  In a league of copycatting, Flores has the pedigree, the experience, and the brilliance to become the Sean McVay of the Defensive side of the ball and meld the old school mentality of coaching with this new, and vogue wave of coaching. 
  2. The Packers could hire Josh McDaniels and wait for the league-wide coaching carousel to play out, and if Flores is not hired, McDaniels could hire him as the team's defensive coordinator and assistant head coach of his staff.  Bringing Flores into a McDaniels staff could provide more stability to the new regime, by giving the new philosophies and principles another voice of reinforcement and credibility.  

Leaders in the Clubhouse to become the Green Bay Packers next head coach:

  1. Josh McDaniels
  2. Pete Carmichael 

Dark Horse Candidates: 

  1. Brian Flores
  2. Adam Gase
  3. Matt LaFleur

Coach with the most upside:

  • Brian Flores

Safest Candidate out of the Packers Shortlist: 

  • None- I think that all of these candidates have at least some risk attached to them. 

Best Fit:

  • Josh McDaniels- although McDaniels carries a considerable risk (site the Denver and Indianapolis sagas), he possesses the combination of head coaching experience as well as success as an offensive coordinator coaching arguably the greatest player of all time, which should definitely carry some clout and gravitas. 

I encourage everyone to make their voices heard and let us know where you stand with the Green Bay Packers search for a new head coach.  Let us know who your favorite candidates in the Packers coaching search are, and let us know who you think does not make the shortlist.  




David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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John Kirk's picture

Mike Pettine is my guy for HC. Make it 4 out of 5 Packers head coaches named, "Mike".

I'm okay with McDaniels just for the theater of it all. We like the letter symmetry. We've hired 3 Mike's at HC over the last 4 coaches. "Mc" Carthy "Mc" Daniels would be anti-Mike's but start of trend with sucker "Mc" in the last name.

There isn't a single other guy I'm okay with on this list of candidates. EDIT: Now, that Monken is on it, I'm very okay with him.

I also like Jim Harbaugh and Mike Leach.

My stomach willl turn if it's LaFleur, Carmichael, Pagano, Caldwell, or Philbin.

Campbell, Flores, Gase are wait and sees for me with feeling as if they're the wrong guy.

EDIT: Gimme the Monkey Man now that we're interviewing him. He's my guy from the known candidate pool. Gonna make our offense "Monken" awesome, bay bay!

TheVOR's picture

You're dead nuts man, I'm right with you on this (minus Monkey man statements and or Pettine being a HC). I don't want Mike Pettine as HC, but I'd love to see him retained as DC. Liked him allot, thought he did a lot with very little. It was so refreshing to see anything other than a DOM Capers defense.

Would like a Pettine to get some real coaches under him, Like Kevin Green, Clyde Simmons, others..

I really hope they're fortunate enough to get Josh McDaniels, but I sense that if he was the guy, he'd have already been hired. But then again, with this Board of Directors and President, Ignorance prevails! I could see Murphy screwing the pooch on this so badly, it's not even funny. Worst President in GB in a while..

LambeauPlain's picture

Flores, hands down. He will make some team a very good HC next year and I hope it is with the Pack.

He checks so many boxes. Mentored by one of the most successful HC's in the business.

Is only 37 but has had more NFL experience and success than coaches in the mid 50's.

Has spent his entire professional working life in the NFL/Patriots. Excelled at every job and kept being promoted up the ranks.

Was a a LB at Boston College, an intern in NE, then a scout, coached STs, Offense, Safeties, LBs and runs the Patriots D this year.

Is a disciplinarian who is viewed as tough with his players but very fair as he holds them accountable. He says he demands discipline because football is a game of discipline and that "you cannot win consistently without it." He's tough but his players love the guy and play hard for him.

And best of all, he will coach the ENTIRE team, not just the O like MM did and McDaniels will do.

And while McDaniels is said to be a micro-manager (Elway even said this was the reason for his failure in Denver), Flores is a delegator that holds people accountable for results.

Hope he wowed Gute and Murphy yesterday.

David Michalski's picture

I have to admit, the more homework that I did on Flores, the more I liked him. After looking at his body of work and his ability to provide discipline in all three phases, which the Packers lacked in 2018 he became my favorite candidate. I am really hoping that he gets major consideration and wowed the “brass” in his meeting.

Realistically it’s probably, like I said, McDaniels, Gase, or Carmichael because of the experience and being able to have a successful partnership with a Super Bowl winning, super star quarterback. (Brady, Manning, and Brees)

Bure9620's picture

I like Flores as well. One thing is guranteed. He would put an emphasis on special teams just like Belichick. Our teams unit would be instantly improve, which is not saying much.

Old School's picture

I don’t want the Packers to become more like the Cheatriots

Bert's picture

Actually if the Packers can play football and win SBs like the Cheatriots I'm all for it. Fans are fans and all fans want to win. We Packer fans would care less as long as we were winning.

Old School's picture

I'd take a bad ass whupping before I'd cheat to win.

TheBigCheeze's picture

Wrong, Bert.....we win fair 'n' square....and we lose fair 'n' square......

Bert's picture

I'm guessing "fair 'n' square" would be in the eyes of the beholder.

Pack88's picture

I am not in the MC Daneils camp, he did great with Brady but who else?? I would be OK with Jim Caldwell but I prefer Adam Gase provided he is in a win now mode.

Jonathan Spader's picture


Garapolo, maybe you've heard of him. Looked good at the 3nd of 2017 for the 49ers with Shanahan. Won games for the Patriots during Brady's deflategate suspension. As for the "win now mode" everyone wants to win it's a competitive sport.

Samson's picture

Old School -- Cheatriots? -- Any "real" evidence?
You blurt out more ridiculous statements than anyone except maybe your comrade in arms, Dash.

Jonathan Spader's picture


You've made some great contributions but lately are coming across as bitter with a lot of personal attacks. 2019 is a new year try to ignore the people that bother you and embrace the opinions that inspire you. Just a suggestion.

Old School's picture

Evidence? They've been punished twice by the Commissioner.

mamasboy's picture

I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old School.

The TKstinator's picture

I knew my own hypocrisy when GB had Tim Harris. If an opponent acted like him, I’d hate him. But since Tim was “our” guy, I gave him a pass.
Not sure how I’d feel about it if GB was punished for videotaping/trying to steal signals, or having questionable deflation.

Handsback's picture

So you are an OC with the GOAT QB and now want a HC position when you failed miserably at Denver and acted like a punk at Indy. Why would Green Bay even consider him?
He didn't develop Brady, his boss may be the 2nd best HC ever and McDaniels did what exactly?
Sorry, but give me two different old school, and one new bright star. I would go Pettine for the experience factor and LaFleur for the new bright star. Choose between those two.

Johnblood27's picture

Dan Campbell as HC
Zac Taylor as OC
Mike Pettine as DC

second choice HC - Pagano as HC with Gase as OC and Pettine as DC

third choice HC - Dave Toub as HC, Eric Bienemy as OC-asst HC, Pettine as DC

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Realism please:
Bienemy isn't leaving KC for a parallel position anywhere else, no matter how u wanna spice the title up.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Totally agree on keeping Pettine as DC.
These youngsters on D barely have (kind of) learned this system. Let's not set them back another year.
Plus Pettine is a very good DC.

Swigganz's picture

I like McDaniels, Campbell and Gates. McDaniels would command Rodgers respect and I believe would be able to develop an offensive system that would maximize his talents. I think Campbell would bring a level of tough, no-nonsense style of play to GB. While Gates has had great success with his QB's. Whoever they pick as the next HC, I hope they are able to bring in a great support staff.

Swisch's picture

I hate the Patriot Way, and would be devastated if it came to Green Bay. Besides the apparent cheating, I don't want the rapid turnover that treats players as mercenaries.
I want to continue the Packer Way of drafting and developing and keeping our own players. I want to treat our players like people, not as interchangeable parts. I want to the Packers to be a real team, not just part of a fantasy league.
It seems the Packer Way has usually worked really well for us over a long time.
This doesn't mean we can't sign some free agents, but that should be done as seldomly and selectively as possible. At this point, maybe we sign more free agents than usual, while still making the draft our overall focus.
This also doesn't mean we have to keep players who are no longer productive, but that we try to keep them as long as possible. If you take care of your veterans, the younger guys see that loyalty, and will respond positively.
If the front office and the fans don't care about the players as people, why should the players really care about us?
In general, I hate what America is becoming in treating people as disposable. In the long run, that's ruinous for a country, and for a team.
Even if somehow it's worked for the Patriots, as seemingly an exception to the rule, I'd still rather not be the Patriots. I hate the cold and indifferent world of the Patriot Way.
The Packers are better than that.
P.S. I especially don't want a coach who reneged on a prior team. Also, as I remember it, McDaniels started off really well with the Broncos for about the first half-season, which can have people forgetting that his record afterwards was really, really horrible -- a nose dive.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"I want to treat our players like people, not as interchangeable parts. I want to the Packers to be a real team, not just part of a fantasy league."

You are already living a fantasy if you think players aren't interchangeable parts. Nelson was sent Packing due to his contract. Hundley, HHCD, Randall, TY Montgomery, & Pipkins were all traded. Football teams are compromised of interchangeable parts because those parts keep breaking or no longer function the way they used to from the grind if the game itself. Football is an extremely profitable business not the family it used to be.

Johnblood27's picture

Nelson was not let go soley due to his contract.

He said he would play for less, just not the vet minimum, GB wouldnt do more than minimum.

I believe (with just as much factual data as you have for your belief) that Jordy was let go because he quit on Hundley and the team in 2017. He dogged routes, he didn't "scramble drill" and he looked for a safe place to lay down when he did catch a ball.

Performance was why he was let go, not just his contract.

Jonathan Spader's picture


Totally agree about why Nelson was let go. I was putting it lightly to try to avoid opening the Jordy being let go can of worms. My point wasn't about Jordy but about how NFL players on ALL teams are interchangeable parts. For the record I'm part of generation x and 1 of the downvotes.

I downvote comments I disagree with and back them up with an argument for why. Oftentimes it's a misinterpretation due to a lack of the tone on the internet and/or poor phrasing which I am often guilty of as well. When I have a response and the matter is cleared up I remove the downvote and often change it to a thumbs up.

I downvoted the comment because I think he's living in the past and a fantasy world. I gave you a thumbs up because I sadly agree with what you said about Jordy. At the end of the day CHTV gives people the ability to anonymously dislike people. Most people are petty and will downvote posts based off the poster and not the content. David's article had 2 thumbs down I thought it was well written and his opinions were well thought out so I gave it a thumbs up.

Johnblood27's picture

swisch, I dont agree with your posts very often, but I do wonder how your sentiments expressed above get only down voted? (I am the 1 up vote)

You advocate for high character behavior and attitude and allow for respect in the player-team relationship.

How in the hell does that get down voted?

Are the contributors on this board all millennial selfish narcissists?

I didn't think that was the make-up of this site, where are the posters with a belief in character and integrity?


oh yeah, I almost forgot... Get Off My Lawn! Im trying to make my grass great again!

John Kirk's picture

I believe highly in character and integrity which is exactly why I don't like Magic Mark or Aaron Rodgers. It's also why I don't like McDaniels.

Why aren't we seeking former HCs who actually had some success? Bill Cowher, Rex Ryan, guys like them? We're gambling a lot on guys who either have never done it or didn't do it all that well.

Rufus's picture

Rex Ryan!!!! Yikes. He did wonders with the Jets. Especially when he hired his brother Rob. Are you serious??

Skip greenBayless's picture

Kirk, I am interested in your thoughts on Rex Ryan since you are the first person to mention him in a positive other than me. My dream is to see Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine unite and form the biggest badass defense the Packers have had since 1996. I think it could easily work. Your thoughts?

GVPacker's picture

Will Rex Ryan kiss and Suck his wife's toes on the sidelines during TV Timeouts?

John Kirk's picture

Ol' Rex would have to be HC. I don't think it would work the other way around.

Talk about some bravado on this team. Rex is as brash as I've ever seen as HC. Always loved that about him. It wasn't phony. That was him.

HIs emotional intelligence seems high. Defensively a genius.

In December, Rex said he was getting back into coaching. Don't know the capacity. I don't want him to bring his brother with him.

I'd LOVE the hire, but that is exactly the type of thing that doesn't "fit" with Magic Mark and Brian. I don't believe they want a larger than life persona around. They want some quiet church mouse type they can sell as a great fit for the Packers...and Magic Mark's dysfunctional culture.

Again, I'd love to see Ryan and Pettine together again. Get a hotshot coordinator and you talk about exciting and dynamic. Look out. That would be some incredible theater in Green Bay but it'll never happen given what's in place right now.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Thanks Kirk. Yes, those were my thoughts exactly. It would be Ryan as the head coach and Pettine remains defensive coordinator and no, his brother has no job on this team as we have no need for him. I think it would be the perfect kick ass combination. But I said it and you said it, it doesn't fit Green Bay's squeaky clean wholesome image they currently have going on so it's not even a consideration I am sure. I am in amazement that Rex Ryan's name has not even been mentioned yet it makes the most sense to me if you want to win right away with Rodgers. He's the perfect fit for Pettine. How sad Murphy doesn't see this or doesn't want to see it. Corporate image is greater than winning it seems.

dobber's picture

When Chris Berman makes a routine joke out of Rob Ryan, you know it's bad.

Swisch's picture

Thanks, Johnblood27. I'm also surprised at the lack of support for a team built with character and an authentic personal touch.
We all fall short of our ideals, as individuals and organizations, but that doesn't mean we don't keep trying for the good. In general, as Americans, we have to get past the mechanical and commercial and impersonal aspects of our society to the best of our heritage and our humanity.
Even Vince Lombardi and the Packers of the legendary 1960s may have been highly flawed, but on the balance they were a team of greatness -- both in terms of wins, and in terms of integrity.
That amazing last drive in the 1967 Ice Bowl that ended with Bart Starr plowing into the end zone for the winning touchdown was the culmination of nine seasons of building a real team. The Packers were being pummeled in the second half against the Cowboys even as the temperatures plummeted into more and more intolerable depths of frigidity. To overcome all of that adversity took way more than talent. That drive was a crystallization of meaningful camaraderie and a common pursuit of excellence.
For America to survive, and on a much smaller level for the Packers to flourish, we better recapture some of that focus on the importance of people. Why is it that we treasure visits from the likes of Jerry Kramer and Dave Robinson and Willie Davis and Bart Starr -- more than a half-century later? These guys don't have to be perfect people for us to love them for their better selves and their contribution to our community as Packers fans.
Without character and an authentic personal touch, America goes from Bedford Falls to Pottersville, and watching the Packers becomes just about as boring and meaningless as watching the Pro Bowl. It's all garish glitz and loudness, without substance or even real style.
What Lombardi did was not only to elevate performance on the field by players, but to instill character in them as people that transcended the game of football. Lombardi, for all his flaws, was ultimately about love, and love covers a multitude of sins. It also wins championships, or at least makes the quest for them worthwhile.
In a cold and calculating world, let's hold tightly to whatever is good in life, including the best of the relationship between the Packers and their fans. That's not old-fashioned; it's timeless.

Bart_Starred's picture

Superb post Swisch.

Swisch's picture

Thanks, Bart_Starred. I really appreciate the support.
The possibility of the Patriots Way overtaking the Packers Way really hit a nerve with me.
There's an excellent episode of, "The Simpsons" -- in which the family travels to Boston -- which captures a lot of my dislike of the Patriots.
Bringing the apparent cheating, as well as the seeming lack of loyalty to players, to Green Bay would be, to put it mildly, deflating.

Holecrap's picture

How did that great draft and development work the past two years? As Zimmer said when he cut his kicker for missing three field goals, "we're not into developing people were into winning". Translation, dynasties are a thing of the past, you hope to win the big one while you can since you
Cannot keep all your stars, turnover is enevitable.
You don't have time to develop someone. By the time they are developed they ready for fa and saying adios.

dobber's picture

"As Zimmer said when he cut his kicker for missing three field goals, "we're not into developing people were into winning"."


Tarynfor12's picture

The Patriots Way was seen as cheaters by many here and The Packer Way would never ever do what the assumed cheaters would do. But here you are hoping for and willing to toss aside the Packer Way all in the name of winning.
Let's make a list as to why it isn't the same, who will go first?

John Kirk's picture

"Packer People"...just a fancy phrase that engenders you a warm and fuzzy but has zero basis in any type of reality. Feel-goodism at its finest. :)

Those who hate the Patriots for perceived cheating should go to the site:

Your Team Cheats. Com (Packers have more recorded incidences of cheating than New England. Perspective is a wonderful gift.)

Swisch's picture

The Packers are indeed special. This is the best franchise in football, and perhaps all of pro sports. We have character and success. We have been built around people, and the fans hold the players close to our hearts.
Any coach who doesn't appreciate the wonderful uniqueness of the Packers, and doesn't realize he is getting one of the best job in sports -- isn't worthy of us. I don't want some strategy geek who doesn't get the grand history of the Packers and the awesomeness of being our head coach.
This all may seem over the top, but if so, only just a tad. When we have something truly special like the Packers with all of our heritage, let's not take that lightly. Let's not lose the sense of being Packers People, because that is something that sets us apart, a way worth cherishing.
John Kirk, I didn't go to the website you noted, but I'd be glad to hear about any of your own concerns about the way the Packers have run their team.
Yet, even if the Packers have made mistakes, that doesn't mean we should continue doing so.
It really seems as though the Patriots are cheaters, and that they use their players as mercenaries. I wouldn't want to win 10 Super Bowls in that way.
As a fan for nearly 50 years -- through good and bad -- I'll take my chances doing things the Packers Way.

John Kirk's picture

I think the Packers "were" special. Not anymore. I've been to Lambeau off and on over the years. It used to feel different. Small-townish.

That city is full on corporate now. I went to Lambeau in 2017 pre-season and was appalled by how different it was. Gouging residents trying to overcharge fans on parking for a pre-season game. The whole thing just felt different than when I was there for the NFC Championship in 1996 (1995 season). It's like the nice 12 year old kid you knew in 6th grade who then became a jerk when he "matured" and went to middle school/junior high.

Murphy brought Green Bay into the corporate age for better or worse. I see the need, but I also lament the loss of what once was truly "special".

Packerpasty's picture

so your talking about when players didn't want to come to Green Bay and many would refuse to?? Cant return to those old times...everyone looks back and thinks things were great "back in the old days"....sadly they often weren't, if Green Bay and Packers didn't stay up with current trends they probably wouldn't be able to field a team...

John Kirk's picture

Swisch... If you really, really, want to know you can read below. For your sake, I recommend you do not. Your illusions will be shattered and you won't be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube. This team has cheated from some of its earliest moments as a franchise.

Here it is: (from the site I noted above)

TEAM: The Green Bay Packers


SUMMARY: The Green Bay Packers cheated so badly in the early part of the 20th century that they had their franchise revoked in 1921 and were forced to buy their way back into the league, which founder Curly Lambeau did, by paying the $50 league entry fee in 1922.

The infractions were for recruiting three Notre Dame players -- Hunk Anderson, Ojay Larson, and Hee Garvey -- for their final game of the season at Milwaukee. Chicago head coach George Halas found out and complained, which contributed to the revocation of the Packers' franchise. The Chicago Tribune, the home newspaper of the Packers' archrival Chicago Staleys (later the Bears), broke the story.

VICTIM: The entire league


PUNISHMENT: The Packers were founded in 1919 and immediately established a high bar for cheating by getting themselves kicked out of the league a mere two years later in 1921.

Swisch's picture

John Kirk, I am truly thankful for your reply, with all of the effort involved; please let me present another perspective (as a complement to another reply I just made above).
The magnificent Herb Adderley went on from the Packers to win a Super Bowl with the 1971 Cowboys -- but in retirement he considered himself a Packer.
Adderley said he loved his dad, but didn't think about him every day. He thought about Vince Lombardi every day.
Then there's a photo from Lombardi's last game with the Packers, the victory in Super Bowl II, with Jerry Kramer helping to carry off his coach -- and the two looking joyfully at each other, after nine years of common effort and shared glory.
When Bill Curry was drafted by the Packers as a rookie from the segregated South -- as he relates movingly -- a black man named Willie Davis took him aside at training camp to tell him he would help him make it as a Packer.
While these kind of true stories may lose some of their power in my retelling, my remembering of them still brings tears to my eyes.
If we have largely lost these kinds of personal relationships with the Packers, we should strive to bring them back. If the team has gone to a great extent commercial, we as fans don't have to follow.
As fans, we can support our guys as players and people, in good times and bad. We can be the best fans in the country. We can elevate our Packers, and create memories with them.
I struggle with severe depression and have seen some hard times, so I don't think I'm naïve. The more cold and cynical our world gets, it seems the more we have to hold close to what is warm and human.
Football doesn't mean all that much simply as a game, but it can mean a lot when it is infused with human aspirations and relationships.
Let's hold close to the human in our past, and try to bring it forward into our future.
Fantasy football can be fun in its place, but let's not forget that anything in life that is truly rewarding involves real people, with all our flaws, in real cooperation for goodness.

John Kirk's picture

I agree with you. I'm glad you find joy in the Packers. I have for many years. It is unique. I'm just very unhappy with the course of this franchise like many with our country depending on who is in office.

Relationships are very important.

Here's one for you that I hope brings you some joy and I don't share this to put the light on me but rather Clay Matthews.

There's an old friend of mine from my HS days who has a little sister. That little sister had a son who was born under a death sentence. He's had countless surgeries. She was about to lose her mind as she, herself, was a cancer survivor and literally every other month her son was facing dire medical news. She was a Facebook friend and I read her just pouring out her soul about how hard it was to face bad medical news...again.

Her son is a huge Packers fan. I used to work in sports broadcasting. I used some old connections and Clay Matthews called that child in his hospital room at the Ronald McDonald house. It absolutely lifted both their spirits. Clay didn't have to do that. He did and made an unbelievable difference in their lives. I was on cloud 9 knowing they were uplifted. It will always mean something to me that he did that.

So, there are probably countless stories like that regarding some of our players. Clay doesn't make videos about the things he does. Nobody would ever know this if I didn't share it. This was a few years back now. That child is still going strong.

My two biggest areas I need work on in my life is road rage, which I never had until the past couple years of going through some incredible traumas, and the Packers who once gave me joy.

I should just walk away as I find myself more upset than anything when I think of what used to bring me joy. I can't pretend I like Mark Murphy or a lot of what has gone on in this org the last several years.

For road rage, I just let my wife drive a lot of the time. I'm blessed to work from home doing NFL related stuff so no more commuting.

I'm sorry if I ever took any joy from you. I'll be more careful going forward.

If you ever need someone... you can get me at rowboat robot at gmail rowboat and robot are together.

Swisch's picture

Thanks for your reply, John, and reaching out.
Your comment illustrates that most of us have something difficult in our lives, at least at times, and sometimes to the breaking point.
One nice surprise is that the child actually made it through the gauntlet of surgeries, and is doing well. God bless him and his mom.
It's always good to hear about players trying to help fans. It's amazing how much of a difference a player can make in the life of a person. It's amazing how much of a difference a team can make to a community. I don't understand these things -- after all, it's just a game -- but I try to just go with it, and enjoy.
I've been really bothered by the commercialization of sports, as well as the politicization.
One reason I've really disliked the anthem protests is that even with all the disturbing flaws in America, it seems to me that there is so much more good in our country than there is bad.
Just about everyone could find a reason for protesting something about America; but If we can't even unite for the national anthem, then it seems we're in danger of losing our nation. For me, sports is not for division, but diversion. It's an escape, and an opportunity for a variety of fans to find comfort and camaraderie in a common bond.
It's also hard on me to see players come and go. I realize guys can't play forever; that there are legitimate economic considerations for teams and players; and that sometimes it's actually good for a player to get a fresh start with a new team.
All-in-all, I just try to hold on to what's still good about the NFL, and the Packers.
Most important to say is that your post gave me a lift. Thanks, John. I earnestly pray for you in overcoming your own challenges. All the best to all of the fans of the Packers at this site of CheeseheadTV.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Wow + John Kirk.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Hey Swish, thanks for sharing parts of your life. It helps. I also agree with you on the anthem. Hang in there.


Swisch's picture

Thanks much, Dash.

Bert's picture

Yep. I really doubt if Packer fans are any different from most team fans. We like to think so but we fans all like a winner. We will take winning any day over losing and justify whatever we need to in order to maintain a winning team. I am pretty sure most us would gladly take Bill B. and the Patriots SBs over our one SB for the past decade. C'mon.

Packerpasty's picture

It is amazing how loyal Packer fans are and how they think everything about the Packer organization is the best and sort of that way myself but some of my friends think every player on the roster is some sort of superstar in the making when actually our roster is mostly full of JAGS that the next head coach will probably dump...hopefully..

Lare's picture

I really don't know enough about any of the candidates to pick the best one, I trust Murphy & Gutekunst to do that as it's their job. In addition to those mentioned, I also suspect that more candidates will be identified as teams become eliminated from the playoffs.

I just think it's time for a change from the same-old, same-old as Wolf did when he brought in Holmgren and a complete new coaching staff. You don't get better by staying the same.

Daren726's picture

I agree Lare, except I don’t think there will be many more candidates as the playoffs go on. I think the packers have already almost exhausted the viable candidates in their search. I’m just hoping that Gute can pick a coach. Otherwise we are in for a few more bad years and a waste of the end of Rodger’s career.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think Lare is right. I mean, can anyone who has not worked for the Patriots really say that Flores is capable of re-inventing the playbook? I'm not slamming the guy, but I just don't know how we know what we think we know.

That said, I've got serious concerns about the ability of McDaniels to put together a quality staff. My gut is that 1/2 of the guys who would have been his first choice for a staff are still in Indy. The other half might be a bit squemish about hopping aboard that train.

I'm not afraid of a retread - Belichick was retread and look how that turned out. Nor am I afraid of a first-timer - Holmgren and McCarthy were both first-timers with the Packers, and they worked out pretty well. I just think you need a guy who is really F-ing hungry to prove that he can lead this team to a Super Bowl win. Let's face it when MM said, "I'm a highly successful NFL head coach," you knew it was all over.

Old School's picture

And yet, when Holmgren had to be Wolf....he brought in Rhodes and then Sherman....both people who'd been part of the Holmgren-era success.

We're not changing from a 4-12 team that hasn't been to the playoffs in 20 years. We're changing from a team that has missed the playoffs two years in a row for the first time in over a decade.

Hire Philbin, Rodgers likes him and is familiar with the offense. Keep Pettine and give him something to work with in the draft. Offensively, add the personnel we need to ensure that we have a good pocket and require Rodgers to stay in the pocket. Get the ball to our RBs more.

I think this is our absolute BEST path to success in 2019. If the Packers don't win in 2019, then I suspect the focus will shift towards developing a new QB.....something Philbin also did with Tannehill in Miami.

It's the safe choice. Whoever you choose, half the people will not like it and call you stupid. But IMO, Philbin has the best resume and is the safest choice. I actually think this decision was made last January and we're just watching the end of it play out.

Samson's picture

Philbin has a "near zero" chance of being the next HC in GB. --- You aren't going to change that reality no matter how often you "blurt out" Philbin's name. --- We heard you the 1st time, 2nd time, 3rd time ............... on so on.

fastmoving's picture

dont know how the chances are, just like you, but I would be ok with Philbin. like everyone who knows football and likes a good Offence. Philbins teams are always fun to watch

Bert's picture

I was pretty much neutral on Philbin until the team totally quit against the Lions. Then I decided he wasn't the guy.

Jonathan Spader's picture


For Christmas you should have bought Dash a Boyle drum and Old School a Philbin drum. Then we could have painted Dash Green and Old School Gold. I'd watch that show!

Skip greenBayless's picture

Do they sell Boyle drums at the Packer Pro Shop? Just asking for a friend.

D.D. Driver's picture

"You don't get better by staying the same."

The Saints did. They stuck it out with their guy and it turned out fine.

I think the more common mistake is that most teams are constantly churning. Hire a coach who instills a new scheme. Retool the roster to fit the new schemes. Success does come as fast as the team would like. Fire the coach. New coach brings a new scheme. Rise. Wash. Repeat.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Well done but the animosity towards McDaniel is incredible. What he did last year to Indy is inexcusable and you wonder if he could put a staff together after that fiasco. I think he is better off waiting in the wings for Bill B to retire. I'd take Flores

Kb999's picture

I wouldn't touch McDaniels with a 10 ft pole. Also, I don't think Pettine should be invited back let alone be considered for the HC job.

Jonathan Spader's picture

What if that 10 foot pole were a spear? What was wrong with Pettine? I thought he did an amazing job with the injury ridden talent he was given. He got Fackrel double digit sacks.... Fackrel!

Kb999's picture

J Spader, let's look at this year's resume starting with the last game. 31-0, how many games did the defense give up a ton of points to bad teams. It seemed like every game we dug ourself a deep hole that we couldn't get out. Constantly playing from behind. Lack of talent also didn't help. Also a new head coach has the right to choose his staff. He may not want Pettine. I hate to say it but I think Capers did a better job. I was not a Capers fan.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Sure Kb999 let's look at the Lions game. The defense was missing Clark, Alexander, Danoels, Wilkerson, etc. The offense scored 0 points and left our defense on the field for way too long. Morrison had a great game, Fackrel was able to get to double digit sacks.

I was a Capers fan when he switched GB from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and said let's get our best players on the field. Unfortunately, Capers like MM didn't keep up with the times. His nitro package didn't work and without turnovers his defense was left exposed.

flackcatcher's picture

Uh Capers big 5 package got the Packers into 2016 NFC champ game against Atlanta. (and if you want argue it was Rodgers fine. I'll counter with Cook and Monty and going back to their more west coast style with slants and skinny posts in the second half of that season.) Only difference between 2016 and 2017 was the Packers ran out of secondary players. Can not run a system without competent DB. Take a look at the league. Every base defense features 5 DB, most teams run 6 with Hy/S in the LB slot. Capers did it first, more out of desperation with the injuries to the secondary than anything else. But he was the first. Atlanta ran a big 5 all the way into the Superbowl the following year. And this years Packer defense under Pettine uses 6 DB in their main package. His nitro package brought defense back on equal footing with offense in today's pass happy NFL. A failure, hardly.

Guitar dan's picture

Murphy & Gute will make a wise choice, they have a candidate in mind i'm sure and they are doing their due diligence by casting a wide net.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed because, none of us really know a damn thing about what really goes into this process.

Things like:

> How will the fit be with Aaron Rodgers?
>Does the new choice for head coach really want to put roots down in Green Bay and become part of the community?
>How thrifty is the Packers brass going to be? Some of these guys are going to ask for a ship-load of money!
>What kind of Coordinators do they have connections with?
>Would the new HC be open to keeping guys like Pettine, Campen, Whitt?
>How much input do they want with player procurement?
>What is the new HC vision?
>Is he a Defensive minded coach?
>If the new HC is Offensive Minded will he just leave Defense & Special Teams to his Coordinators and be hands off like McCarthy was?

So many questions to be answered, compiled and scrutinized before the final choice is made.

This should be very interesting

henry113's picture

Murf & Gute haven't made a wise choice all year. I got no faith in them. They should both resign.

GVPacker's picture

Showing Mike McCarthy the door was a wise choice, yea I know it was a no brainer but they still get credit for for it!

henry113's picture

GVPacker, I stand corrected. 1 wise choice.

Coach JV's picture

"Murf & Gute haven't made a wise choice all year. I got no faith in them. They should both resign."

I don't know... It looks like Jaire Alexander and MVS were pretty wise choices for the 1st year GM. Jaire will be a freaking superstar. And now that we don't have Ted anymore, perhaps we'll actually keep him instead of him taking the Casey Hayward route.

henry113's picture

Coach, I would have traded both those guys for K. Mack.

Coach JV's picture

Well, considering that they're 1st year draft picks, they really have no trade value. But that doesn't mean that Gute didn't make a great decision with them both.

Agreed, he dropped the ball on acquiring Mack... but he has still made good decisions which was the point of my comment I believe.

pilot67's picture

Just don't have warm fuzzies for McDaniels. Flores sounds like he checks off squares I like. Breadth of experience, Tough but fair a delegator of responsibilities with high expectations. Coached ST's at one time.

Bert's picture

I'm warming up to Flores myself actually.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Would you feel better about McDaniels if he lost the visor?

Bert's picture

Only if he traded it for a fanny pack Jon.

Jonathan Spader's picture


Rebecca's picture

I like your style, sir. Well said.

Rebecca's picture

That visor. Could reflect a weak personality. A golfer perhaps. Moody. Given to drink.

Minniman's picture

Sean Payton sports a visor too??

It'd be a funny look on the NE sidelines if the HC, OC and DC were all sporting " the hoodie"

Jonathan Spader's picture


There is power in the dark side! With 5 rings to prove it.

John Kirk's picture

Packers are interviewing Todd Monken, tonight. He's go right to the top of the list above all the guys on the list save for McDaniels...

Made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like a HOF quarterback this season...

jww061356's picture

I must say, the analysts are making a nice case for Flores. I never heard of this guy before about 3 weeks ago, but he sounds like the next big thing. Offer Alex Van Pelt the OC and you eliminate issues with commanding respect from your OC. You can even keep Pettine as your DC in this scenario. He has coached Teams, Linebackers, Safety and been a defacto D Coordinator. All have been persistent problem areas for the Packers. I like the idea of a coach that has intelligent opinions on all 3 phases of the game and ideas how to implement changes to make the team better. I think he will delegate without being someone that ignores one phase because it's not his area of expertise. I think part fo McCarthy's problems was he never found the sweet spot between micro-managing and trusting his coaches to say and do all the right things to effect a turnaround. Exhibit A: Zook. Exhibit B: Capers. Exhibit C: Slocum. Flores sounds like a guy that keep his hand in everywhere and make his coaches accountable.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"Offer Alex Van Pelt the OC and you eliminate issues with commanding respect...."

Or cement them in place.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I thought I'd steal an idea from BDU on APC. GB hires McDaniels, the whole FO and coaching staff resigns in protest, McDaniels can't put together a staff and then backs out of the deal. We have to hire CHTV posters (not authors because they can't take the pay cut). The idea is to roast (that is, be funny - not my strong suit), but not toast. I came up with:

CEO: Since '61. Experience, equanimity. I like the way he uses the word "chuck" in his comments.

GM: dobber. Comments on a wide range of topics with general sense. Used to grading others. I considered ALP because he is decisive and ruthless.

The Turks: RCPackerFan. Can't think of anyone better to tell those UFDAs they didn't make the team. He can delegate to Marpag, though.

Analytics: Rossonero
VP - Human Resources: Turophile
Dir Pro Personnel: Jonathan Spader
Dir Scouting: Rak 47
Scouts: PeteK, Guam, jjBrown, tincada, 4th and 1 (and 10), packergal, tundraboy, Rebecca,

VP Operations/Cap: Hank Scorpio. Has a good understanding of the cap, just not sure he is sufficiently cheap.

Cap Intern: Oppy. Has real promise.
Dir. Team Travel: Since '61. I believe in pluralism and there'd be no addl. salary. Since '61 always seems to be in an airport.

Dir: Nutrition: Dobber. Players and staff need plenty of cookies.

VP Press Releases: Tarynfor12. I am sure she could dash off clear, concise press releases.

Chief Speechwriter: Stockholder
CO-VP Media Relations: John Kirk.
CO-VP Media Relations: Fastmoving.
We only need one person in this position, but not to worry: put these two in the same room and only one will emerge.

Dir. Player Engagement: Old School
Horticulture Technician: Coldworld.
Beverage Technician: Aaron Nagler & I are ineligible so LeotisHarris.

VP Titletown Marketing: Lare
Corp. Giving Coor.: Derty Ernesto
Dir. Media Relations: Winston Moss is ineligible, so Dash Riprock

Motivational Speaker: LeotisHarris. Knows how to keep the atmosphere light, and it goes with beverage technician.

Team Physician: HolmesMD
Coach Evaluator: Packers0808
Team Historian: Since '61. No research necessary: he can just remember it all.
HOF Curator: Bearmeat (thought he'd like the job).

Dir. Communications: Mojo
Head Coach: Flackcatcher. The name is perfect: the HC and GM get most of the blame for stuff.

Asst HC: Samson

Off Coordinator: RCPackerfan. Can get along with AR and never throws anyone under the bus.
Def Coordinator: Bure9620. He's got the right mindset.

ST Coordinator: We don't need no stinking ST coach. Actually, Zook is the only one who didn't quit.

OL Coach: KnockTheSnotOutOfYou
WR Coach: Sons of Sixto Lezcano
QB Coach: Dash Riprock
RB Coach: Gort
CB Coach: TKinstinator. He can warn them not to bite on play action, if not help them diagnose it.

OLB Coach: Nick Perry. Some can do and some can teach.

Still lots of positions open. Pay might be over the minimum wage - we use the term honorarium to get around those pesky laws. Nominations are open and resumes can be sent to our HR department.

John Kirk's picture

I literally laughed for 10 seconds straight when I read what position you had for me...and then I laughed harder when I saw who you had me paired with.

Trust me... I'm emerging.

Insulted you put me in PR, but at least I found a job. Ha ha. I'll have little to do because I'd dismantle, and the puff n fluff releases are stopping immediately.

BTW, I'd work for dobber, but if the power structure is '61 makes the calls, I don't want any part of working for him.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

A little roast, not too much toast. Besides, either of you can apply for other positions. [By the way, I only made up a few jobs: horticulture and beverage Technician for example really exist.]

Since '61's picture

No worries John. I won't get in your way, I think that you'll be reporting to Taryn in this organization and she will have a free hand in running the media and press release functions. Enjoy! Thanks, Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

OMG, thank you Reynoldo. I'm the qb coach!! I I get to work with the heir apparent to Rodgers in Tim Boyle. Talk about a dream job.

Only bad thing is the CEO is Since 61' who does not see eye to eye with me on Boyle. He will "chuck" him in a second. Damn it!!


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Murphy is gone. Because we're back to the Harlan model for CEO, it seemed to me that Since '61 knows how to run a business. His one football-related job is to evaluate the GM annually. Dobber and the Turks will decide about Boyle, so get him prepped!

Skip greenBayless's picture

Well that's good news as I was ready to resign before even taking the job as I knew Since 61 would chuck him immediaely and like Kirk I wouldn't be able to work for him. What is new GM Dobber's thoughts on Boyle? Is Dobber a Boyleist like I am? I hope so.


dobber's picture

I'm all about letting my HC, OC, and QB coach come to an agreement as to who the team carries as a pet project. ;)

John Kirk's picture

10-4. I'm in. I'll work my way up to head coach like Brian Billick who started as a PR intern for the Niners.

Since '61's picture

Don't worry Dash, I'll give you a shot with Boyle. At this point what do we have to lose? Besides those decisions are up to Dobber and unlike Murphy I will stay out of the GM's way. Thanks, Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

Thank you Since 61' thank you!! I won't let you down. You'll see what I have been raving about in due time.


Jonathan Spader's picture

Dir Pro Personnel: Jonathan Spader

"One of an agents’ best friends is the Pro Personnel Director. We need him to have a positive opinion about our clients, we need him to get our client a workout when he’s on the street, and help sell his value internally when doing a contract.

One of the most understated jobs in the NFL is the Pro Personnel Director. On paper, his job is to know every relevant player in the league who can possibly become available in any capacity and help his team. The Pro Director doesn’t get to make a lot of moves. The ones that he does make can make the difference of a team making the playoffs, having solid back-ups, and making sure that the bottom half of the roster is competitive and can fill in when a star player is hurt. However, this position is at times undermanaged, mismanaged and the wrong man can do more harm than good to his team."

Nailed it TGR. You should make an article using CHTV writers to make your FO!

4thand1's picture

TGR , glad to be a scout, just don't send me to scout the Pac 10.

flackcatcher's picture

(LOL) Lord I'm going to have to build a bigger bunker now.......:) And with my new (and final ) command, all in all, I rather be the Packers HC. That way I know which direction the crap incoming. Ah, the nickname. Got that plaster on me by my Plt Sgt. We had become so good at our jobs, that we became first responders for any crisis that had even the hint of direct action. Forget Delta or Team 6, every idiot with stars on his collar was making his call to us. On our back to our LHA (yes we were a float) Gunny starts screaming at me saying " Why do we have to catch all this ***** flack (pause) SIR. Understand, this conversation was happening in a CH-53, so loud voices were the norm. Well, after debrief my call sign had been changed to 'flackcatcher'. Seemed our SM and CO agreed with my Plt Sgt. We were too successful. Been struck with it ever since. (Hell, even my wife calls me by my nickname. I can't win....)

flackcatcher's picture

First and last answer at my presser after I resign. "Pad level too high".........:)

dobber's picture

"Off Coordinator: RCPackerfan. Can get along with AR and never throws anyone under the bus."


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

RC (and Marpag) as The Turks tickled my funny bone more (and you as Nutrition Specialist), but I'm happy it worked for you. Input from TK, Leotis, Gort and others probably would have improved this.

Since '61's picture

TGR - this is hysterical. Great job putting this all together. I appreciate you naming me as the CEO. In that role the one thing I can assure you is that I will stay out of our GM's (Dobber) way and let him build the team. He will know how well I think he is doing by the volume of cookies I send to his office at least weekly, maybe even daily.

I would need help as the team historian prior to the 1960s. However with a good researcher I might be able to cover the years prior to 1960.

I can handle the Director of Travel until my airline and hotel points run out. At that point it will be every person for themselves.

Let's all keep our sense of humor we may need it more than ever depending on who is selected as the new HC. Go Pack Go!
Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

"In that role the one thing I can assure you is that I will stay out of our GM's (Dobber) way and let him build the team."

I promise to leave no stone unturned...who knows when you might find that next David Whitehurst or Keith Woodside!

Since '61's picture

Cookies for Dobber already!!! Thanks, Since '61

Spock's picture

"(that is, be funny - not my strong suit)". I beg to differ -that was hilarious! I'd like to put in for the position of the guy who hands out food during practice and site my experience at the American Club in Kohler as a pastry cook along with my culinary degree. Of course, my food would have to be signed off on by Dobber as Director of Nutrition (cookies could change hands -I make a mean pistachio cashew shortbread cookie). Well done, TGR. It's been hard to smile at any news lately; I think we all needed this! :)

dobber's picture

I'm working on lining up a long-term deal with Krispy Kreme, too.

Guam's picture

Love it TGR - thank you for a good laugh. I'll scout Division III since I'm not qualified for anything higher...….!

dobber's picture

There are hundreds of Jeff Janis's out there just waiting to be found!

Rossonero's picture

This post is awesome. Thanks Reynoldo. I am all about the data.

dobber's picture

Agreed: every now and then it's nice for someone to post something that lets us see that, even when we bicker back and forth on things and occasionally have words, this is still a blog where the commenters really do seem to get along.

marpag1's picture

I can live with this. Being the Assistant Turk really isn't all that tough a job. Sure, we'll be cutting almost everyone, but there's no need for us to collect all of those playbooks. The whole league already knows exactly what's in there anyway.

I'm willing to help out the beverage technician if he needs some extra taste buds.

4thand10's picture

A scout. Thank you TGR. I would also like to assist the beverage tech. :-)

Oppy's picture

Cap intern?
That's a negative, ghost rider.
I'd rather clean toilets for da Bears.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Swung and missed, I did? I don't have any influence with the Bears, so that's moot anyway. The DL, CB, and Safeties assistant coaching positions, along with the passing and running game coordinator positions are still open. So are some administrative, medical, Risk Management/Insurance and tons of positions related to the stadium.

Can't believe I forgot Spock.

I should have nominated Marpag for the 7-person executive committee. He seems like a good fit there as a person from time to time who gives good advice and evaluations. Perhaps Spock and Oppy would be interested in that as well. Need three more.

Spock's picture

TGR, That's a NO to the Executive Committee. I sat through WAY too many meetings as a Mechanical Engineer (middle management, lol)for 27 years. The only meetings that ran on time, made it through the agenda, and finished on time were the ones that I organized and called, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed them! Carry on with your filling of openings, it's enlightening to see how much the new HC will need to put in place. :)

Oppy's picture

There's a reason why whenever the topic of cap comes up, I toss the ball into your court above and beyond your relative expertise on the subject TGR.

Salary cap makes my head hurt.

marpag1's picture

Da Bears?



alforno54's picture

Doesn't the young lady from the Ashley Madison add look like the girl from FLASHDANCE

Golden Retriever's picture

Dear God, I hope you are wrong about Josh McDaniels’ being the frontrunner for HC of the Packers. What a colossal mistake that would be. We need someone with a great football mind AND high character. McD is seriously flawed in the character department.

Tonight I met the great-nephew of Ray Nietschke at a restaurant in Austin where he works. Small world. For those of you in the Austin area (or who might visit), his name is Pete Forchette, and his restaurant’s name is Dan’s One Trick Pony, a fantastic burger bar in the new Line Hotel downtown. Highly recommended, and Pete is a great guy.

sherrmann1806's picture

Lets not overlook "Laflure" or whatever the spelling is, ive heard that he is one of the most brilliant " offensive" minds in the NFL..and was mentored by the likes of Kyle shannahan, also considered a brilliant offensive mind in his own right!.....just putting my 2 cents out there for him!

Coach JV's picture

I'm in the LaFleur camp too... thought I was the only one though.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

For those who worry about the "staff" that McDaniels could bring: Good news is there's a good chance he leaves Pettine in charge of the D.
He's faced Pettine's D before & surely has respect.

Josh will focus on making The Offense Great Again.
And bringing in someone, anyone, who can fix our special teams.

Lare's picture

I doubt if the next HC can find anyone that will make the Packers special teams any worse than they currently are.

dobber's picture

Until further notice, I think we need to write "special teams" when talking about that Packers unit.

Coach JV's picture

Or maybe "special" teams... as in they need to ride the short bus... Hehehe

Packerpasty's picture

Did Mcdaniels teach Brady anything or did he ride Brady's coattails? I would be cautious..

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