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Brandon Jackson Signs With Drew Rosenhaus

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Brandon Jackson Signs With Drew Rosenhaus

From Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal:

Drew @RosenhausSports has signed Packers RB Brandon Jackson, an UFA, for representation. He was repped by Gary Wichard, who is suspended.

Most Packer fans are familiar with the story of another Packer player represented by Rosenhaus - Atari Bigby spent nearly the entire offseason away from the team in an effort to get the Packers to negotiate a contract extension. The Packers let Bigby sit and when he finally showed up, he either injured himself during testing or reaggravated an old injury, depending on who you believe.

One can only imagine what route Drew will be advising Brandon to take. The fact of the matter is that Jackson is more valuable to the Packers than he would be for nearly any other team - a fact Rosenhaus will no doubt use to his advantage - which, of course, is his job. And Jackson can't be begruged for wanting more playing time, as he was pretty much relegated to 3rd down duty after the emergence of James Starks.

It is unknown how much Jackson wants to shop himself in the open market, but by obtaining Rosenhaus' services you can bet he's not looking to simply sign back up with the Packers.

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ILpackfan's picture

If you ask me this is not good. We need Jackson back to block for Rodgers. If Jackson leave, Ryan Grant better learn to block for Rodgers. I hope Drew and TT can work out a deal with Jackson. In TT we trust. TT will figure this out. I hope

bakler5's picture

Sam Shields is represented by Rosenhaus as well.

packeraaron's picture

Thanks - totally forgot. Fixed.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Wait till his rookie contract is up...

jack in jersey city's picture

i think he'll be back. he's just not a featured back and is perfect for the packers' scheme

Jer's picture

I don't think anybody is going to offer Jackson more than the 3rd down role. He's great at that, but the Packers will be competing with other teams looking for a 3rd down RB. So I think he's still got a decent chance to stick around.

Ken at UWM's picture

If we don't resign B-Jack, Coach McCarthy will have no one to anoint each June.

lebowski's picture

Brandon Underwood?

packersplanet's picture

I think Jackson is a lot more valuable to GB than most people realize. He's great on 3rd down and if he's gone Starks will be exposed in that situation. Hopefully TT can come to an agreement to keep Jackson. If he can't maybe the firettnow web site could get turned back on. The haters need a reason to hate and calling tt gay just isn't cutting it

bakler5's picture

I can't imagine B Jack doing anything anywhere else. Maybe the UFL. Not a knock on him or anything, love him as a player, very underrated, but like Nagler has pointed out many times, McCarthy is the one coach that knows how to use him.

packfan4u2c's picture

He cant leave!

Norman's picture

Wasn't Rosenhaus Javon Walker's agent too? We all know how well that worked out, for both parties.

Not saying that Rosenhaus is a bad guy, but I did once see him take a ham sandwich away from a homeless orphan parapalegic.

Oppy's picture

Yes, he was.

In fact, when I read it, I was fully expecting this line to read:

"Most Packer fans are familiar with the story of another Packer player represented by Rosenhaus -(Jevon Walker)".

I was surprised to see "Atari Bigby" in there.

Nerdmann's picture

He won't be back. Don't think he's really cut out for the zBS anyway.
We'll be fine on third down.

jorge's picture

Sources say that Atari is the one who wanted to hold out becuz of TT's unwillingness to sign him for more.Agent advised him not to.Hope Jackson makes the right decison. Let's go pack! !

misterj's picture

Do you have any proof of this, or is it just something a "former scout opined"?

BrianD's picture

Jackson is solid in 3 areas: a) using his quickness to hit holes the offensive line develops out of shotgun sweep plays b) receiving (which Grant is poor at) and c) pass blocking. I can see Starks performing well in the running and receiving tasks, and he certainly has the potential to be coached up to block effectively. With Grant likely getting most of the carries on 1st and 2nd down, Starks will be a more than adequate 3rd down back. Let Jackson walk rather than overpay him, unless he comes crawling back to us after not receiving offers near what he thinks he's worth.

cow42's picture

Dr. Rosenpenis.
Dr. Rosenrosen.

I like Jackson but I'm not gonna get upset if a guy who's lookin' at 5 touches a game goes somewhere else.

Players come and go.
The whole thing's fluid.

If Walker woulda worked out we probably wouldn't have Jennings. The next guy'll probably be better than Jackson.

There are plenty of "Jacksons" to be had.


That's the core.
Those are the studs.

Everyone else is a "plug-in"- just along for the ride.

Mitch's picture

Jackson won't be missed long if he leaves which I hope he is. Starks showed plenty that he is ready for the third down role.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Like to see the kid stay, he's an asset in pass-pro, very underrated in the screen game. That being said, If he leaves, best of luck to him. I think we will manage. I personally wouldn't lose any sleep over it (though Ted might... 2nd rounder and all).


davyjones's picture

One play from BJ's body of work this season really stands out to me--aside from exception pass blocking. It was the screen pass he caught in NFC Championship game where he went for about 15 yds and in the process made Brian Urlacher look pretty foolish...nifty shiftiness. There is some value there but not enough to overpay for.

Point Packer's picture

Not sure why I'm posting this comment in this string but, Atari Bigby is ridiculuosly overated. During the 09 season I heard many post season scouts put him in the bottom 10% of safeties in the league. Big hitter, but a bone head who takes bad angles, makes poor gambles and get a fair amount of stupid penalties. I hope we dump him when we have the chance.

On a related topic, B-Jack is worth keeping for the right price. We shouldn't go scrounging for pennies to keep him around. That being said, and as many have pointed out, he's in the UFL if the Pack don't re-sign him. Maybe not the UFL, but I'm doubtful he finds more than a back-up role anywhere else. BJ is good at some things (pass blocking, screen game), but he hits a hole like my 3rd grade sister and then falls backward.

Likely Rosenhaus will force a high price, TT says "hell no" and he ends up signing for 10 million a year with the Redskins.

Jack's picture

Isn't Drew Rosenhaus, well, Satan?

NoWay Jose's picture

I get the feeling BJax is like our Sammie Morris. He is a totally unexciting RB but fits a role on our specific team and knows the offense to a tee. Hard worker, great team guy, reliable, very limited upside, but cheap veteran labor.

All of your guys on second contracts cant get blockbuster deals, you've got to have a few lunchpail guys that still add a veteran presence.

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