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Bloggers? We Don't Read No Stinkin' Bloggers...

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Bloggers? We Don't Read No Stinkin' Bloggers...

That's the general attitude of most of the Packer beat guys at the Big Three that cover the team. (JS, GBPG, and the WSJ). However, the newest beat guy at the JS, Greg Bedard, has admitted to reading them and is, nay, WAS considered a friend of the site.

It pains us to see Bedard reference the Coaches Page on in a post at 5:37 PM, knowing full well he could not POSSIBLY have thought to check it himself. No, my dear readers, undoubtedly Mr. Bedard saw my post from earlier today, (posted at 2:12 PM edt) thought it humorous and decided to use the idea of linking to the (still hilarious) page without so much as a Hat-tip to CHTV, as Blogger-decorum would dictate.

Now, we know Greg can't hat-tip us in a blog post because that would throw open the door on the locked room where he secretly checks out all the major Packer Fan Blogs when the likes of McGinn and Silverstein aren't looking. No doubt his peers would cast him out for lowering himself to read such trash, such ill-informed SWILL! And being only his second year with the paper, Bedard can ill-afford to be cast in any dubious light, which his admittance by hat-tipping would no doubt do.

With all that said.

I am, in the glorius tradition of Stephen Colbert, hereby putting one Gregory Bedard 'On Notice' until he admits his pilferage of my Coaches Page idea and makes amends by admitting as much on the Packers Blog over at JSOnline. Or he can just send me a nasty email.


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IPBprez's picture

I have to say, I FFEL YOUR PAIN!
(And, I'm no Bill Clinton afficiendo, trust me!)

For several years now, our Message Board at IPB (since 2004, probably) has been of a certain interest to several of the so-called experts at any of the Packer Press Orgs. And, whilst I cannot prove it (?), it also gives the impression that even the GBP personnel think highly enough of our words to at least go review where we've been pointing our fingers throughout the season(s) and shortly thereafter, folks... TaDaaaaa! Like Frank Zappa & the Mothers (LIVE) "That's right, You heard right!" Some way, some how, suddenly things are moving in that direction because of IPB shoving someone down the hall? Your guess is as good as anyone's! Trust me, people - it's seriously NO JOKE!

OR.... it could be that these very same (ahem) investigators(?) are browing ALL of our diehard blogging, then taking a general consensus ... but, IPB has been on the boards since the beginning of 2003, whilst I treaded HTML specifics with trepidation. And, our SportzDesk has been around for 3 years now.... So you tell me, who the fav might be - it could be PackerChatters, as well. I would garner that ALL of us have been working fer free, for some time now. We just can't prove it... now can we!

MC's picture

"Let he who is without sin..."

Now, I'm not trying to "stir things up" or anything, but CHTV MAY have pulled a Bedard once or twice in its lifetime. (And PACKERGEEKS also, I have noticed, incidentally.)

Just sayin'.

packeraaron's picture

Never! I have never been so INSULTED! Your insinuation, sir, will not go unNOTICED! I demand a retraction! To call my character into question in this manner is...

Ok, maybe once or twice. It WAS a joke post after all... ;)

MC's picture

All is forgiven, good sir.

L.A.'s picture

Someday, I hope that I am not only cool enough to have my work pirated, but that I am also cool enough to be insulted by it. :-D

packeraaron's picture

I got a very funny email from Greg. All is well.

Mowry's picture

Good to see that that was in jest. I was getting a bit worried. And Bedard tends to be very responsive. He's done a good job in his year and a half at the JS. His Insider chats are excellent.

packeraaron's picture

Agreed Mowry. I like Bedard and he's been very kind to CHTV since coming on board at the JS.

IPBprez's picture

C'mon now, Aaron ... yes you have. What's her name again? j/k

Hopefully, we're rightin' such righteous stuff on IPB they never quit lurking overhead.

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