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B.J. Raji Only Getting Better

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B.J. Raji Only Getting Better

How great was it to see nose tackle B.J. Raji playing his best game of the year last night? The big man made life miserable for the Patriots front all night long, both in the run and passing games.

When the Pats tried to slide away from Raji and single him on the backside of their zone plays, Raji simply blew past whoever was assigned to him. On one play he jumped over an attempted cut-block like a man half his size might and made a tackle for a loss on BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Of course, the big surprise were the two sacks of Tom Brady and the constant push Raji got up the middle on passing downs. The NBC telecast made a lot of noise about Vince Wilfork having to play all the defensive snaps because their defense was down so many key players, yet not once did they mention the fact that Raji has been doing that pretty much all year. And the scary thing is, at least for upcoming Packers opponents, he seems to be getting stronger and quicker as the season wears on.

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mark's picture

Raji is so much fun to watch. I just love the guy. What a great draft pick.

Josh's picture

Is anyone else perturbed by the announcers being unprepared for the game? They talked about Patriots injuries, but ignored every player on the Packers who is IR'd or out.

hyperRevue's picture

Perturbed that the announcers focused almost exclusively on the Pats. Of course. Surprised? Not even a little.

JerseyPackFan's picture

NBC loves Tom Brady and the Patriots. Dan Patrick brought up on his radio show this morning that he and the entire NBC Crew went to Foxboro Saturday night to a dinner at Robert Kraft`s.

Josh's picture

Another instance was were the graphic popped up that he was breaking Magic Don's rookie record. He's not a rookie. It's not just commentators, it's producers.

Nerd's laptop's picture

If we stop pissing games away, they'll start focusing on us to the detriment of other teams.

Seekr's picture

Collinsworth was unbearably annoying.

hyperRevue's picture

The eating cereal or whatever celebration is so silly and awesome.

Speaking of celebrations, I loved Flynn doing the belt.

aussiepacker's picture

Flynn's belt celebration was hillarious.

Matt Fraijo's picture

Good stuff Aaron, Well really need him to flush Eli next week and stuff up the running games of the Giants... 2 biggest games of the year coming up, well need all the Raji we can get.

Nerd's laptop's picture

We getting Jenkins back?

packeraaron's picture

Not this week. Maybe against Chicago.

Jerdavid's picture

The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that there have been whispers about him not playing hard all the time, and easily his best game last night was when he was back home in his BC stomping grounds. I just hope he is that motivated for every game.

packeraaron's picture

I hear what you're saying but I tend to give him a pass due to the fact that he's playing almost every defensive snap. For a guy that big to not be totally winded and to even be out there that much is amazing. He's going to have plays where he gives a little less.

Brett Cristino's picture

Quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team, just got his jersey last summer. Our 2009 1st Round haul has shades of Sapp/Brooks, Ted definitely hit the jackpot there.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, but what about Kuhn???

packeraaron's picture

Did you miss my last post?

PackersRS's picture

Oops, forgot to use the funny font...

Regarding Raji, last night I thought he wasn't so different from other games. I still have to see more from hm on running downs, he tends to get turned around too easily. I think the sacks were more of a consequence of luck, he has been applying pressure like this all year long, last night it simply paid off...

But no doubt, he's gonna be a top 5 NT in the league.

thepretzelhead's picture

Kuhn a reindeer

WoodyG's picture

Ndamukong Suh who ??

Would love to see C. Jenkins ready to go this weekend ..... Along with that other QB ..... What's his name ..... Rodgers.

alexwoodsIAM's picture

I would hate to see rodgers going against that Giant Line

hyperRevue's picture

In what is essentially a playoff game, I sure hope Rodgers plays. Flynn exceeded expectations, but he's no Rodgers.

davyjones's picture

Not to look past the Giants, but looking past the Giants...if the Bears win tonight as expected & clinch the Division, is it concievable they rest some guys on Jan 2nd?
Not saying the Pack needs the help, but just thinking out loud...

hyperRevue's picture

It's definitely a possibility. But I feel like if Chicago has a chance to keep the Packers out of the playoffs, they'll do everything they can to do just that.

Chad Toporski's picture

You think Lovie Smith will take it easy on the Packers?


Asshalo's picture

tisk, tisk, Nagler. Nothing about his sack celebration? It was hilarious. I had to rewind the tv twice-- even better than Cullen Jenkins'

Morli's picture

Talking about celebrations, the way Bishop reacted to his sack showed the team's mindset and motivtion. I was stunned by this sheer display of willingness.
Quite a contrast to CMIII's response to his sack last a week.

PackersThad's picture

I love Raji's "eat 'em up" celebration!! He's a big boy!! He's gotta eat!!!

Corwin's picture

Didn't Quinn Porter do that same celebration after a run in preseason?

Oppy's picture

Yes, Quinn Porter did (I couldn't remember his name yesterday, thanks!), and to the best of my knowledge, he was the first to do it.

PiedmontPackerFan's picture

Your observation about NBC focusing on Wilfork while overlooking Raji is spot on and a big reason why I find Cheeseheadtv so useful. The networks deliver headline - level information. Networks miss the details Cheeseheadtv delivers.

cow42's picture

Sure hope Mathews is hurt because if he's not then he's been figured out. I miss the Predator.

packeraaron's picture

They were def doubling him on nearly every passing down last night. But you saw him get free early when Dom blitzed him up the middle. Wish we'd see a bit more of that.

zub-a-dub's picture

I am glad someone else noticed how the announcers were going on and on (a number of times) about NE's injuries and how they are playing hurt.

Come on, a team playing through the injuries, let me think, who could that be.

I mean for petes sakes we did not have our Tom Brady. How long is the list of defensive starters and second string players on IR??

That may have been the most off based comments I have heard in a long time by an announcer, I can see saying it once but then to repeat it again and again makes me wonder if they did any homework before the game.

BigbyATTACK's picture

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but the Raji sack; me and a couple friends were watching the game together, and on that play, I don't know what it was. The way he lined up, maybe, but I said "ooo, watch Raji, here. He looks hungry! He's gonna get him, watch him." Boom, he owns the line and gets the sack. There was a moment of jaw dropping, then the high fives and cheering, and "I can't believe you called that!" Thought I'd share a fun Raji moment.

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