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B.J. Coleman's Struggles Provide Tipping Point for Packers Backup QBs

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B.J. Coleman's Struggles Provide Tipping Point for Packers Backup QBs

The timing of quarterback Vince Young signing with the Green Bay Packers certainly seems to suggest that the decision to add a veteran quarterback was directly tied to the struggles of B.J. Coleman in camp and during Saturday's Family Night scrimmage.

In fact, by signing Young to a one-year deal Monday, the Packers likely revealed their offseason hope that Coleman would beat out Graham Harrell and win the backup job behind starter Aaron Rodgers fair and square for the 2013 season.

But as Coleman has struggled since the start of training camp—culminating in Saturday's two-interception disappointment during the intra-squad scrimmage—the idea of the former seventh-round pick winning over the trust of Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff has waned. Faced with the prospect of entering another season with Harrell as the primary backup, the Packers finally made a move for Young, who was reportedly in the team's crosshairs earlier this offseason.

On Tuesday, McCarthy dismissed Young's addition as a critique of either Coleman or Harrell, but the timing makes that claim hard to believe.

Just a day after Coleman turned the ball over twice—once on a telegraphed and poorly-placed throw that was returned for a touchdown, and another when he made a poor decision to force a pass into the end zone—the Packers had Young flying into Green Bay for a workout. By Monday afternoon, he was signed, sealed and delivered as the team's fourth quarterback.

McCarthy was more straight forward about his feelings towards Coleman later in his post-practice press conference.

"B.J. did not take the step I was hoping for," McCarthy said. "But I'm not giving up on B.J. Coleman. I think he has a bright future."

McCarthy might not be giving up on Coleman long-term, but he's clearly concerned about his young quarterback's ability to handle the backup duties for this season.

Harrell, on the other hand, now looks like Plan C in the Packers backup quarterback stable.

Keep in mind, the 28-year-old handled the team's backup duties in 2012 and actually looked very confident during the Family Night scrimmage. Unofficially, Harrell finished Saturday by completing nine of 12 passes for 88 yards and one touchdown. He led two different scoring drives against bits and pieces of the No. 1 defense, including a long touchdown during the no-huddle segment. It was an efficient and effective performance, one that would have seemed to give Harrell the inside edge to reclaiming his role as the backup quarterback.

Instead, the Packers went out and signed arguably the biggest name left on the quarterback market.

Clearly, McCarthy and his staff came into this offseason wanting Coleman to beat out Harrell for the No. 2 job. If not, the team would have gained confidence in Harrell as a the top backup following Saturday, while also gearing up to potentially send Coleman back to the practice squad for Year 2.

But instead of keeping the status quo, the Packers decided to give Young a legitimate chance to win the job.

And in the process, Harrell has potentially become the team's fallback option incase Coleman fails to reverse his training camp slide or Young can't grasp the offense fast enough to win the job.

Some have postulated that Young was brought to Green Bay solely as a scout quarterback for the read-option look, which the Packers will face in both Week 1 and 2 of the regular season. Such a claim—at least in its entirety—doesn't appear to be based in reality.

Instead, adding Young should be seen as an admission from the Packers that Coleman, the quarterback they wanted to win the backup job in 2013, simply hasn't done enough to show the staff he's capable of handling that role this season.

Zach Kruse is a 25-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].


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WisconsinRob's picture

It should also be a reminder that Graham Harrell is a terrible, no good, very bad Quarterback.

cpacker's picture

Seems that Harrell had another really good day today. Maybe MM and TT are being honest and really want some competition in Camp. With BJ there is simply wasnt any push or motivation for Harrell to take that next step. Keep in mind that Flynn wasn't so hot until so hot until he had been in the program for a few years, so expectations are now high for Harrell. Option C - I think not. Young comes cheap and without any risk. I don't see how he is going to learn new totally footwork and a complex playbook and be ready for backup duty by the start of the season. Remember - he didn't even make the 3rd cut at the bills last year, and threw quite a few int's in his last outing. Don't get your hopes up on him jumping into the backup seat so fast.

Longshanks's picture

That's exactly what I said yesterday. I referred to Coleman as Brett Favre Jr. meaning he's a freakin turnover machine and MM saw that on Family Night. No way is he remotely ready to be our backup. Harrel in my opinion is ready. If Young is better than Harrel (I highly doubt it) than so be it. With Young and Harrel, now we DO have ourselves a qb competition.

Coleman for all his positive spin he got with his size and strong arm, has failed to take that jump that MM was hoping to see from rookie to 2nd year. McCarthy absolutely hates turnovers and Coleman is another Brett Favre and I don't want to go back to those days ever again. When I say Brett Favre I mean the bad Brett who throws balls up for grabs and doesn't use his brain. Harrel is smart and accurate like Rodgers and I can live with Harrel now as our backup no problem. He's going to shine this preseason.

Lucky953's picture

"But I'm not giving up on Mason Crosby. I think he has a bright future."
Not so much. Wait, did he say that?
I understand you have to support your guys and stay pozitiv but "BJ did not take the step I was hoping for" is pretty strong criticism from MM. Coleman doesn't seem to have an NFL brain to go with his NFL arm.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Favre sucks - trips to two Super Bowls proves it!

Rich's picture

Zach, the only thing not based in reality is your assessment of the situation. I'm not going to hold your youth and inexperience against you. BJ had a rough night, but there was no "hope that Coleman would beat out Harrell." QB competition is always intended to push the more experience QBs to get better. Vince was "clearly" brought in to help the defense get better against the read option because none of the QBs on the roster could feasibly emulate Kaepernick or RGIII. Vince was never very good at reading defenses, audibilizing at the line, or motivating his teammates. BJ will grow just like the others, and Vince will hopefully help the Pack get better and even provide additional motivation for Harrell. Leave the analysis to those that know and report the facts.

Zach Kruse's picture

Pretty disrespectful, Rich, but you are entitled to your own opinion. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Rich's picture

Zach, your analysis was disrespectful of everything the coaching staff has been doing for the past 3 years. My assessment of your article was factual, not disrespectful. You're young, and I didn't intend to offend. only educate and hope that you learn.

Zach Kruse's picture

I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk down to me. And please, your comment was based in as much opinion as mine. Have a good night.

Longshanks's picture

Zach, I just started posting here but for what it's worth, I think your spot on the mark with Coleman. Nice job.

Rich's picture

Sorry Zach. There has been a Harrell-hater movement throughout the offseason; a movement that you have been a part of, that was all about how great BJ is and verbally kicking Harrell to the curb. Now you're on the Vince bandwagon. I'll let your actions and writings speak for you. Good night.

packeraaron's picture

Zach from Saturday night, long before this VY stuff started:

<em>Harrell staked his claim for keeping the job, while Coleman was inconsistent and occasionally erratic. While splitting reps, Harrell was accurate and confident in his decision-making. He threw one touchdown pass with no interceptions. Coleman, however, tossed a pair of picks, including one where he telegraphed his decision and then delivered a terrible throw that was returned for a touchdown. </em>

Yep. Sounds like a Harrell hater to me. (rollseyes)

packeraaron's picture

Or, Rich, if you prefer to go back to just after the draft, Zach wrote this:

<em>Harrell’s physical ceiling has always been low, but he’s been ready to play from a mental standpoint. Coleman has the big arm and everything you want physically, and might now be closer to putting it together mentally in his second season.</em>

God, I can't concentrate for all the Harrell Hate. It's just so over the top and obvious. (rollseyes)

packeraaron's picture

Wait! Wait! Rich! I found it! I found the post by Zach on this here website that is just OOZING with Harrell hate!

<em>Coleman has been through the offseason program and should be expected to stand out in a group of first-year players. He’ll now need to impress McCarthy when it counts—during OTAs, training camp and the preseason—to make the jump over Harrell. Only once Coleman’s mental ability matches his physical traits will Harrell’s job truly be in trouble. His quest to No. 2 seems to have gotten off to a good start.</em>

My GOD man, you have totally exposed him! THE HATE! IT IS UNDENIABLE!


RC Packer Fan's picture

Aaron. You forgot the most important part. Zach is young... (rolling eyes as well)

No Zach, I pretty much agree with everything you said. Well written. I view the Vince Young signing as they basically lost faith in Coleman taking over the number 2 spot, which they wanted... I don't feel they trust Harrell to be the number 2 guy.

Not saying he won't be, but now he is going to have to actually earn in, unlike he would have had to playing against Coleman. I believe they will try to stash Coleman on the Practice Squad and try to develop him more.

I personally feel that signing Young is really a no risk high reward signing. If Young doesn't pan out they are out basically no money. And at the very least he should be able to prepare the defense against the read option as well as he will force Harrell or Coleman to prove they are the number 2 QB.
And if he does work, then they will have a good backup behind Rodgers. One that hopefully would be able to come in for a 1/2 a game and not lose it.

Great Article Zach. Don't worry about to much about the people that have to find something wrong with everything...

BradHTX's picture

Why do I read this "Rich" guy's self-indulgent blather and picture him smoking a pipe and wearing an ascot?

Rich's picture

Brad, keeep smoking the pipe and you'll be fine...stay away from the analysis of the's just a mirage...

AscotWearingPipesmoker's picture

I'm taking my pipe out just long enough to say "Bully" to you, sir! As a fellow of said community, I and my ilk quite resent the comparison to this "Rich," if indeed that is his name. His condescension embarasses the all of us who comprehend how it is done properly. His trite commentary debases our jaunty dialog united around our fair sport. When one of us pulls rank, we all suffer for the loss of fellowship between the common man, seeking a brief respite from weary labors, and the refined class that celebrates the spirit of competition and civic pride that comes with cheering for home club's victory. Men like "Rich" wield their disdain for such base purposes as self-superiority. We, on the other hand, wield it for a higher purpose: class superiority. Huzzah for our Packer men! Onward!

Evan's picture

Look at Rich dropping the knowledge. It sounds like you've been hanging out at those newfangled Packer forums I've been hearing so much about lately.

Cow42's picture

This is easy.
Coleman goes to practice squad again.
Whoever wins the battle between Harell and Young gets to be 12's backup. Loser gets cut.

I hope Young wins.

I like backup QB's who can fall back on athletic ability when things don't go as planned.

BradHTX's picture

That's an insightful thought, Cow. Sort of like, if he goes down, why try to replace our elite pocket passer with a second-rate facsimile when we can have an athletic running type who may boy have a great arm but can still do more than just be game-managing loser?

Worked for SF with Kaepernick, sort of (not that Smith was elite).

Rich's picture

Brad, we're talking about a guy who could't read defenses, motivate his teammates, control his composure, or discipline himself in anyway whatsoever. The Pack needs his limited ability to run the read option to train up their defense so they can kick the crap out of SF and Washington when the face them. I'll be surprised if Vince doesn't blow out a knee in training camp.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Cow, I couldn't agree more...

Right now I say Harrell has the edge just because he knows the system. That will be the greatest challenge for Vince Young.

I do believe though that Young will end up winning the number 2 spot.

But that is why they play the games and practice to see who earns it.

Rich's picture

Someone is seeing what's going on in the bigger picture. Let the coaches do their job and trust the system rather than relying on emotional wants and desires. That's what the rest of the league does.

Taco's picture

Wait, did BJ Coleman's dad just tell Zach to stop disrespecting the Packer coaching staff? Classic!

Rich's picture

You're a goober. accept it an move on.

JakeK's picture

Don't see anything wrong with looking for an upgrade over Harrell. Does this mean Harrell has regressed from last season? ... Plus, how can one lousy performance at 'Family Night' by Coleman cause a signing like Vince Young? I mean, Vince Young .... ouch!

Gotta wonder ... "What the hell's going on out here." (at 1265 Lombardi Ave.)

Rich's picture

This response doesnt deserve a comment. You're an idiot. Take ownership. I'll leave it at that.

Rich's picture

An upgrade? someone who couldn't make it out of Bill's camp. Seriously. Follow some other sport that doesn't require any thinking.

hayward4president's picture

Hey dumba$$ tell me how many NFL games Graham has tell me how many VY has won. This is the point here dumb dumb. VY has experience not only playing in games ..but winning them. How is this so hard to see?

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

Yeah, Is Harrell's dad named Rich? Somebody look into that.

Jamie's picture

Rich is more right than he's given credit for. Though I agree the delivery may need some work...if he wants folks to listen (I speak from experience).

Does anyone actually think McCarthy or Thompson (or anyone else leaking bits to the media) is going to come out and tell the world a major reason for the VY signing is for scout team looks? Hell no they're not...for multiple reasons.

Otherwise, why the hell did they wait so long to sign him?

Sure, they'll give him a fair look while he's here, but they aren't counting on anything there.

Rich's picture

Thanks Jamie. Diplomacy has never been my stongpoint.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

For the record, I actually am on record at a site that rhymes with 'Shmotal Shmackers' saying that I believed he was brought in overwhelmingly because of his athleticism, size (very similar to Kaperdink), and wiggle... Essentially to give us an in house read option look. And I like the move. Perhaps after awhile he will show he's better than BJ and Graham, but, initially, I think he was signed to prepare for weeks one and two.

Rich, just comes across as a dick bag.

Rich's picture

Fitzcore, et al. It doesn't take a genius to know how made it out of the 8th grade. Recognize you're not as intelligent as you think and trust the coaching staff and leadership of the Pack. The Packersl develop QBs and bring in the motivational tools they need to improve the team. The sooner you come to grips with that the sooner you'll you stop making posts like this that say more about you than they do about the object of your affection.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture


Good night, puddin'.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

"It doesn’t take a genius to know how made it out of the 8th grade."


Rich's picture

Exactly. Thanks for making my point. This article is just noise. Trust the coaches and what they say. Forget about the hooplah and emotional plays.

hayward4president's picture

Would u quit trying to make cow look like less of a douche? Cause its totally working .

packeraaron's picture

Oh my god that made me laugh.

Cow42's picture


hayward4president's picture

Well cow you're a pessimist....but at least you bring legit football knowledge to the table Rich is just an idiot. And Im here all week Nagler. Well unless we get another injury because then I'm just gonna run away.

BradHTX's picture

Well played, sir, well played!

MarkinMadison's picture

Just. Wow. Zach - I think I joked a while back that you should dump your age off your bio. You are a good writer. Your opinion is just as valid as anyone who is not a former NFL coach. Keep it up.

calpackerfan's picture

After reading this crafty theory, are we supposed to believe that the powers to be in Greenbay have had some insane covert plan to slide Coleman into the #2 spot by keeping and paying a player that they dont want or trust around? Why? So BJ could win over the position in front of the public during the preseason by beating out an inferior athlete? And they were going to do this without a back up plan or another option until the plan fell through? So - now that BJ is not even close to winning the number two spot there going to bring in an outside washed up QB to take over and save the day - this late in the game? If this is the case, the packers have some major issues at the front office.

djbonney138's picture

I don't understand why you want your #3 guy (Coleman) to make the jump to be better than your #2 guy (Harrell). Wouldn't you want your #2 guy to improve as your #3 improves keeping everybody in the same spot? Do they think that #3 has more potential than #2, then why not make #3 your #2 in the first place?I am confused...

calpackerfan's picture

Why? Because, according to the author, the packers dont want their current #2, but are afraid of getting rid of him for some reason. Therefore they had hoped the #3 would beat out the #2 so they could cut the #2 and end up without a #3 or anyone eligible for the practice squad. But now they have a #4 they are hoping beats both the #2 and #3 so they can cut the #2 and can keep the #3 in the same place on the PS.


Taco's picture

#2 is 28 years old. He doesn't have the physical tools to make all the throws MM would like. He never will. He has a low ceiling. But he knows the offense and is somewhat safe within his limited ability. You'd expect that he could come in for one play and hand off the ball without fumbling, even though that wasn't the case last year.

#3 is 24 years old. He has the arm and the physical tools to be a #1 in the NFL. He has a high ceiling. He just doesn't have the mental tools yet. Now in his second season, he can show what all the off season coaching has produced. In MM's system players are supposed to make a jump in their second year.

So to answer your question, the Packers were hoping that the more gifted but less experienced guy, #3, would make the mental jump this year. And that (combined with his physical tools) would catapult him beyond the limited #2.

Copackerfan's picture

Here we go ago . This assumption requires everyone to believe that the front office is stupid enough to keep harrell around even that they don't trust him and are hoping bj passes him without any other option or a player to stash on the practice squad. Simply doesn't pencil out. No way a team like the packers keeps a guy that the don't want in hopes that he fails and get supplanted.

calpackerfan's picture

Lastly (Im on a roll here) , If the packers were so set on BJ wining the #2 spot, who was going to get stashed on the practice squad? GB has carried only 2 QB's on the active roster for how long? Logic says they were planing on Harrell staying on as the #2 and BJ moving back to the practice squad all along. Otherwise they would have found a rookie to place on the P.S. before now. The problem is that Bj has offered no/zero/nothing which would facilitate the type of competition and foster the competitive atmosphere a team wants and needs.

WisconsInExile's picture

FYI, they did have a rookie to stash on the PS, but he was injured.

jicinsba's picture

Harrell may be the number 2 QB coming out of pre-season but I don't think the coaches would count on him long term if anything happens to AR. I believe Colman will go back to the practice squad and the Packers will keep 3 QBs on their team if Young can prove he has something left in the tank. I know they haven't done this recent history but Young would be a ligament (backup) option late in the season if he can master the playbook. Being the scout team QB during the first 2 weeks is just one of the benefits Young will bring. Young is a low risk/high reward addition.

Fudding's picture

If you look at what has changed from last year (or what hasn't changed) I think their motivation is appearent.

1) The Packers trusted Harrell as the #2 QB last year. Did anything change? No, he's gotten stronger and performed better if anything.

2) Coleman showed he wasn't ready. Is this a change from last year? NO, wasn't ready last year either.

3) Did Vince Young all of a sudden become available? No, he sat out of football last year after being cut, and the Packers could have signed him any time.

4) Did they get smoked by the read option and need to practice against it?
Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zach Kruse's picture

But they've also known about their Week 1 and 2 opponents since March, and there are probably 100 available QBs who are faster than Young and have played in a read-option offense within the last 12 months. They waited until now to bring in a 30-year-old quarterback with declining athletic skills to practice the read option? I still really struggle with that line of thinking.

Fudding's picture

Going that route, there's a 100 available QBs that have run a west coast offense, so why not sign one of them to compete for the #2 so they wouldn't have to change around the offense. Also, why not sign him months ago so he could attend QB school and have the playbook down.
I do appreciate your reply even if i disagree.

Cole's picture

Totally agree Zach. Even if they wanted Young for the read-option, why not bring him in at the beginning of camp. Anyone that has common sense can see that they brought him in to actually compete. What? After a scrimmage against themselves they are suddenly worried about the read-option more than they were a week ago? Nonsense.

Jamie's picture

There are many logical explanations for the timing. A couple of decent ones...

• They play mostly conventional type QBs.
• They just (or are just) now finishing the repetitions start.

As for why Vince Young? He's been very to moderately successful in the read-option scheme, and I think the team is trying (though I think SF and WAS don't believe it) to hide the fact that a dominant reason they brought VY in was to prep for week 1 &amp; 2.

Fudding's picture

Anyone else remember Packer fans bashing a low ceiling, weak arm, unathletic #2 QB becasue he performed poorly in a couple early preseason games? Then he almost lead the Pack to victory against the Pats, and the next year sets records against the Lions, and is now going to start for the Raiders?
Now Harrell is that QB that they are sure isn't #2 quality, that they Pack is bringing in a Read Option QB to replace him, though Harrell has done nothing but improve.

Zach Kruse's picture

My intention with this piece wasn't to bash Harrell, in any way. I was simply reading the tea leaves on how the Packers have approached the backup QB situation.

Fudding's picture

Sorry, that one wasn't aimed at you. I meant to put it under Taco's comment.

Also, i wanted to add i think you do a great job on your articles. Unfortunately, i only seem to get riled up enough to comment when i disagree.

Taco's picture

Hey, Pudding, I don't think they brought VY in to replace Harrell. I think they've brought him in to replace Coleman. They'll carry two QB's on gameday and it will either be Harrell or somebody that can beat him out. As I said, Harrell is a safe choice, but they're hoping somebody can be more. It appears Coleman hasn't bridged that gap, and they aren't intent to wait around for him.

BTW, comparing Flynn of 2011 and Harrell of 2013 are different situations. Flynn was young and had only one year of college starting experience (during which his team won the national title). He was a relative unknown, reported to have moxie and a high ceiling, IMO. He had his break out season at age 26. If people were giving up on him, it was premature. Harrell is 28 right now. Three year starter at TexTech, a year in CFL, and now three in GB. He is who he is. It's unlikely he'll suddenly get the physical tools to be a superstar But he has the potential to be a serviceable #2.

That being said, they may have more in common now in 2013 as Flynn really has yet to prove his "break out" was anything more than lightning in a bottle.

taco's picture

Sorry, Fudding, not "pudding" eyes must have been hungry..

Evan's picture

Who knew there were such strong feelings about Graham Harrell?

cpacker's picture

Don't know that theres that much love (plenty of hate it seems) Problem is that articles like this are so far off base, if you believe what is written, then you have to inadvertently believe the coaching staff are a bunch of stooges by supporting Harrell for 3 or 4 years.

Lou's picture

If the Packers had real reservations about Harrell being a capable #2 and Coleman providing a credible challenge to him the question no one asked was - why did they not attempt to acquire a young QB with some starting experience (i.e the old Colt McCoy rumors) that fit their template at no risk financially following last season ? This would have allow them to have him participate in the QB School and learn the offense prior to training camp. And, if they didn't want to say out right they were not comfortable with Harrell and Coleman they could have said they just wanted another camp arm to distribute the reps.

jicinsba's picture

Ted said they wanted another QB in yesterday’s press conference. Remember they had another guy but he got hurt and they released him.

cpacker's picture

Yeah- Ted couldn't even remember that guys name (nor do I). He was a camp arm, that's it. Never someone they felt was going to stick around. Hence the need to VY.

Ma linger's picture

Ted doesn't want anyone with a name that could costs him big bucks. VY was a has been and was cheap. Cheap is the key word when it comes to the Packers and Ted Thompson.

Evan's picture

Right?! I mean, why didn't Ted sign Peyton Manning last off-season to be the backup.

zeke's picture

You understand that there is a salary cap in place, right? And why would anyone want to spend "big bucks" on a back up?

Morgan Mundane's picture

I wonder if Coleman would serve a purpose on the practice squad? If they have three qb's you don't need to have that fourth guy around taking a spot for a future prospect.
Coleman has shown us his talents and there aren't any,l unless you consider throwing interceptions a talent.

cpacker's picture

Damm - and another good outing and more positive feedback from MM and AR about Harrell's progress and camp so far. MM and TT are putting on one hell of show since Harrell is quote - 'Plan C'

Zach Kruse's picture

Explain to me how Harrell impressing this week disproves what I wrote? If the Packers were so thrilled with Graham Harrell as the team's backup QB to begin this offseason and earlier this week, then why is Vince Young a member of this football team? And don't give me the read-option non-sense. Young isn't even running the scout team; Coleman is.

Copackerfan's picture

Need I say it again? A day later and another good showing from harrell - and not so much from the other two. When is the biased author going to come out and admit he fabricated this junk? Harrell has been given no 1 and 2 reps this week, if he was now plan c as our author out it I don't feel this would be the case.

Zach Kruse's picture

Fabricated what? All along, this was my opinion of how I read the situation. And why is it so hard to believe that the Packers came into this offseason wanting Coleman to win the job, but when he disappointed in a live-game setting, the Packers made a move for another QB? The Packers know what they have in Harrell. And sometimes, results mandate that the original Plan C actually becomes the best option. That's been the case here so far.

cpacker's picture

Maybe fabricated wasn't the right term, but it seems like the media has been pushing a theory that the Packers have wanted BJ to push past Harrell and take over the #2. Problem is it simply never made sense and there was no justification for this to be the case. If BJ were to push Harrell out they would have had to carry either 3 QB's on the active roster (which they haven't done in the recent past) or cut Harrell, leaving them without a #3 or a practice squad player. They had that 4th guy at the beginning of OTA's, but he never seemed to be someone beyond a practice arm and when he was cut they didn't replace him before camp started. If they were concerned about Harrell then common sense would have mandated that they bring someone in way before now- its simply too late for VY or pretty much any other guy to jump in at this point and become an effective player before the regular season starts. I have to believe the coaches know what they are doing and that they wouldn't have risked/waited until the last moment to find out if BJ was going to work. MM and TT have had no issues criticizing BJ, but have always stood behind Harrell-even when things were ruff during last preseason. My problem isn't with you - its with how the media feels it can consonantly use conjecture and fabrication to create story's that are not based on reality or fact. Sports news is more like watching that bitch Nancy Grace than real reporting any more.

I'm done with my rant - Go Pack tonight.

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