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Bizarro Ted Thompson at the Senior Bowl

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Bizarro Ted Thompson at the Senior Bowl

For anyone that knows Packers general manager Ted Thompson, he's not exactly the savvy, media type prone to giving exclusive interviews to radio outlets. Heck, he won't even hold any in-season or postseason press conferences in Green Bay.

That's why I found it interesting that he granted an interview request to SiriusXM NFL Radio while at the Senior Bowl on Monday evening.

Host Adam Caplan responded to me, sharing some of the topics Thompson touched upon:

I asked SiriusXMNFL on Twitter if they'd post the Thompson interview to their Soundcloud account as they sometimes do, but have yet to receive a response. I'll post the audio if they do.

Then there's this, which is just plain hilarious given Thompson's dry, white-bread public persona:

If there was only a video camera to capture that moment.

Perhaps of utmost interest to Packers fans, however, might this Bizarro World Ted Thompson stick with the Packers through free agency, opening up the purse strings for a high-profile free agent addition?

We can only speculate, although I won't hold my breath. But I do hope this light-hearted moment brought some joy to your day.


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Arlo's picture

Not everyone is enamoured with everything TT does so a little quip like "Let's roll, yo." is pretty meaningless. A joy for me would be if TT could learn to draft again & just (at least a little bit) consider that his roster has many holes & just maybe there's a FA out there worth signing.

15-1 --- 11-5 --- 8-7-1. This is a free-fall that the draft alone cannot fix.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Not everyone is enamored with every opinion Arlo makes, so a little comment like this is pretty meaningless.

gmanB's picture

CHTV is a great blog, however, I can't stand that the "house" celebrates creating a trolling environment.

You guys are the Jim Schwartz of bloggers.

packeraaron's picture

How are we celebrating it? Did we throw the trolls a parade?

Bibbon Hazel's picture

"House" is weak. I like "The administration" much better. So if I respond to an idiot does that mean I'm celebrating trolling? Is the idiot for sure a troll? Are they just an idiot? This place Just became so philosophical. Thanks in part to "the administration." BTW Don't respond or celebrate this. Shit, I think I just trolled. F%$# me! LEts roll,yo.

gmanB's picture

I'm not sure if you've thrown the Trolls a parade but you have created an environment that is conducive to throwing insults, making disparaging remarks and trivializing opinions that are other than your own.

The above article was published to the website, Arlo read the piece, 5 minutes after Arlo typed his opinion Brian Carriveau had a negative remark toward Arlo. Why is BC so sensitive to Arlo's opinion toward Ted Thompson? Why is BC allowed to react so defensively toward a loyal reader of the blog?

Arlo's picture

Oh, here we go. BC is going to comment, Step aside, BC has more to say.---- One must agree with the 'house' or else.

You guys are comical.

WKUPackFan's picture

Brian & company are actually quite generous with the crazy comments they allow in the house.

Hard to call 8-7-1 part of a free fall considering all the injuries this year. GB's season could have easily ended up like ATL's.

Arlo's picture

Ah, injuries. --- Another ready made excuse. Maybe you should investigate just how injuried the Pack were in season 2013 compared to the rest of the NFL. I'm not sure that injuries can be the #1 excuse. Some say lack of true experienced, talented depth is GB's biggest flaw.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Did the Patriots Lose Tom Brady, Did Denver lose Peyton Manning, Did New Orleans lose Drew Brees? Nope...

WKUPackFan's picture

Injuries aren't an excuse, they're a reality. Anyone complaining about a lack of experienced, talented depth should be prepared to explain their plan for acquiring said depth prior to the season, with specific players, not just "TT should sign some FAs or make a trade".

Identifying the FAs available to replace AR, CM3, Cobb, Finley, and Hayward once the season started would be a bonus.

Arlo's picture

Sorry, WKUPackFan, but I'm not the Packer's GM. TT is paid to create the 53-man roster.

His drafts have been pitiful the last 3 years.
He doesn't use all the tools afforded him to create the 53-man roster. (free-agency & possible trades)

I'm just a fan & have absolutely zero impact on what the Packers do or don't do. However, believe me, it's not rocket science by any means. TT needs to fix the team or go away.

WKUPackFan's picture

That's exactly what I thought you would say Arlo.

Phatgzus's picture

I suggest you grab a dictionary and learn yourself a little on the difference between an excuse and a reason.

Phatgzus's picture

Some say-I suppose janitors, town drunks, and village idiots do count as some.

Phatgzus's picture

During TT's tenure, anywhere from 15-25% of each team has been comprised of FAs.

Phatgzus's picture

If you have a problem with the way tge site operates, why do you continue to return, "time after time"?

TommyG's picture

So (playing devil's advocate here) when he took a team that went 4-12 in 2005, and turned them into a super bowl winner within 5 years, his system "can't" work? I believe that a few players must be brought in through FA, but only a few. We cannot buy a championship.

Arlo's picture

I agree 100%. Cap-wise, the Pack can't do anymore than a few mid-level FAs. Season 2013 may have been completely different if a FA safety had been brought in and/or a real back-up QB.

This off-season: Safety, DL, back-up QB. It's not that difficult to see the needs, even now.

Unfortunately, TT is too busy scouting his late round draft picks --- again.

Derek in CO's picture

If Peyton Manning broke a collarbone and missed 7 games, do you think Denver would have gone 13-3? Sure, the defense sucks and lacks talent, but missing the star QB cost more games that the defense. Your free fall theory has holes. When you go 15-1, you can only go one way from there.

Arlo's picture

Here's another option. (out of many possibilities)
15-1 --- 13-3 --- 14-2.

However, that's not reality.
15-1 — 11-5 — 8-7-1 is reality & it's a free-fall in my book. If the trend continues into 2014, look for a new regime in GB at this time next year.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Your right Arlo. Your always right...

Lets continue projecting the Packers win/loss for the next few years to appease Arlo.

Since the slide is on, (15-1,11-5,8-7-1) next year they will be 4-12, The following year they will be 0-16.

Arlo, no one cares what you say. Do everyone a favor and leave. I would suggest leave on your own terms before they kick you out.

Arlo's picture

"Since the slide is on, (15-1,11-5,8-7-1) next year they will be 4-12, The following year they will be 0-16."

Except, this isn't what I said. As usual, you are just rewording my post to fit your mood. You do this all the time to everyone. Go pick an argument with someone who respects your opinion. -- I don't.

RC Packer Fan's picture

lol. your funny. Yes, I purposely come on here and reword 'everyones' posts to start arguments... Yup. That's me.

Your right.

Your a d-bag. Your a joke. No one likes you. Just leave.
I guarantee you I have a lot more people that respect me then respect you.

BTW, good way of dissing Brian who provides these articles for us. Keep it up and I guarantee you, you will be blocked.

Buster's picture

Actually you do reword posts. You've changed the meaning of my posts more than once. Maybe you should use quotes. It might add some integrity to your posts.

RC Packer Fan's picture

'Actually you do reword posts. You’ve changed the meaning of my posts more than once. Maybe you should use quotes. It might add some integrity to your posts.'

I have responded to 2 of your posts.. Didn't reword either of them.

That better?

Buster's picture

Have to disagree with ya. You reword posts and get into name-calling almost on a daily basis.

It's all part of your MO.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Nice try Buster... But no I don't...

You know though. The only person here I get into arguments with is ARLO... The person here that most people have problems with is Arlo.

The only person I ever see coming to the defense of Arlo is Buster.

Is Buster really Arlo?

So if I reword posts and get into arguments and name call daily, prove it. Show me where I do that...

If you have noticed the only 2 people I have ever called names on this website, are Buster and Arlo.
I guess I did call Cow assclown one time...

What is funny to me is how Buster and Arlo give Cow a good name.

Buster's picture

Typical straw man defense. Look it up if you're confused.

I only visit here 1 or 2 times a week and you're always here. You're a homer who can't handle any objective analysis of the Pack. Most who read here won't fall to another misdirection coming from you. You do it too often.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I am here all the time. Yes. Your correct.
Its one of my favorite websites. I love this website, because the writers provide great reading material. I love the fact that they have a great fan interaction with the comment sections.

I have no problem with people with objective opinions. What I don't like is certain individuals (ARLO) that come in here a spew meaningless crap that doesn't even make sense. Basically he comes here to start arguments.

What misdirection am I providing? I am posting facts where as you and Arlo are posting non facts.

Buster. I have had no problems with you, minus that very first time I got into it with you. Why do you keep looking for my comments and responding to them if you don't like what I post.

Buster's picture

Go back to the very 1st post on this page (by Arlo). He expressed his opinion. I don't completely agree with it but I know people who do. But what happens? All the homers including the bloggist decide he can't have his own opinion.

You followed your typical MO. You trashed him, threatened him and finally called him a few choice names. All, because he expressed an opinion you didn't like.

This place is homer-heaven with alot of sicko homers.

Phatgzus's picture

It is not a straw man fallacy, Buster-RC is not misrepresenting (intentionally or even unintentionally) ARLO's position. If anything, it is a slippery slope fallacy and that position is highly debatable.

Phatgzus's picture

It's not what you said verbatim, but it parallels your implication (via the operator "free-fall that the draft alone cannot fix" and the quantitative supporter of W-L Record) that if the Packers do not address issues outside of the draft (Free Agency) they will continue to become worse.

ben's picture

I'm pretty good with numbers. Let's see (15-1,11-5,8-7-1)....4-12? No? Oh, I must be crazy, making shit up, full of it. My sincere apologies.

There is only one thing for me to do now. I should leave here before I'm kicked out, while I can still do it on my own terms.

Sorry guys

TC's picture

how many nfc north division crowns in that little run you mentioned?

Ranch Tooth's picture


ben's picture

against who? the dreaded 3 headed monster of Cassel&Ponder&Freeman? Jay Cutler&whatwasforyearstheworstlineinfootball & some mcown guy? detroit?

TC's picture

Arlo F#$K yourself

4thand1's picture

Many would say arlo is an ass.

4thand1's picture

Ok arloser lets go through this again , this reality. Rodgers, CM, Finley, Cobb. How would you expect to replace 4 pro bowlers and difference makers? TT should have had someone just as good waiting in the wings? You're not a fan. You hate TT and point fingers and piss every one off. I'll give you that, you're really good at the latter.

TC's picture

I think Rogers, Finley, Cobb, Lacy ,CM are all draft and developed players that TT drafted.

I think it is wise to give the drafted player time to develop in a draft and develop system.

Thus the phrase draft and develop.
It requires some patients and time.

I would say 3 years as a rule, but I am just a layman.

Phatgzus's picture

Eddie Lacy, David Bakhtiari, Micah Hyde-I think he's got it covered, desire your expert opinion.

Phatgzus's picture

The humor is in the unexpected juxtaposition of two apparently disparate elements-the perceived "unhip, barmy, old codger TT using a "hip youth" term, whether it be in earnest (laughing at him) or frivolously (laughing with him).

Whether you are enamoured with him or not, the opportunity for humor is there. If you're so disenchanted with the man or chronically or acutely ill-tempered to enjoy it, then that's your issue and there's no need to or justification for broadcasting it.

Finally, he wasn't addressing "The March on Washington" crowd, there's no need for some profound message.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

I agree with arlo that a few mid level free agents would help. I would even love to take rajis 8 mil offer and put it towards a big fish free agent.

I disagre however, with the freefall theory. Losing Rodgers was the reason for our 8 win season, imo. Not injuries overall, just Rodgers' injury.

Could we have had a ten win season if we had a decent backup (Flynn or better) from week 1 on? Maybe. But that's water under the bridge now...hopefully, Ted learned his lesson.

cLowNEY42's picture

Who cares how many regular season wins they would have had if Rodgers had played all year? Even with 14 wins they still would have lost to either SF or SEA in the playoffs.

That's what this is all about.

4thand1's picture

Not true. With a healthy CM, they beat SF at home. He would have made the 3 point difference. Also Shields. SF was as healthy as a team could be. you lose again. 53-0

TommyG's picture

While I would like to agree with you, we had a healthy CM in week 1 and still lost. Our D needs help at Safety(duh), D line, and ILB. There are a lot of holes right now. Having CM healthy in the playoffs may have gotten us past the niners, but Seattle was waiting for us right after that.

4thand1's picture

Yes the safety and ILB are the elephant in the room this year. They fixed the running game and they'll do what ever it takes to fix this defense. The Pack needs get to at least 12-15 in the d rankings. That 1st game was the writing on the wall for the season on the back end.

Hank Scorpio's picture

Health didn't make a difference in either SF game this year.

In both, the Packers had a 4th quarter lead. Both times they lost by less than a TD. They just needed one big play from somebody healthy enough to suit up. They didn't get it. No excuses. That's football.

SF owned the Pack in 2012. Those games were not particularly close. 2013 was a different story that just happened to end the same way, not a continuation of 2012.

I'm not sure how people are taking this year's playoff loss as a sign of doom. They were one play away from beating a team that was one play away from playing for the Lombardi. That's far closer to the SB than some seem to think.

Phatgzus's picture

It's not an excuse, Mr. Scorpio, a better player makes more and better plays than a lesser player-axiomatically that's why he's a better player-and that gives a team a much better chance of winning. Clay Matthews > Andy Mulumba, Casey Hayward > Micah Hyde.

Phatgzus's picture

And Seattle just eeked by SF at home (where SEA had dominated them twice previously by combined scores of 71-16). Furthermore, the Pack have already beaten Seattle at home in the Wilson-Carroll-Sherman Era (granted Wilson was in the throes of neophytism, then again he'd been playing just as poorly in the last half of this season).

4thand1's picture

Yes Hank they are close IMO to making a deep playoff run. Its up to TT, the scouts, and the coaching staff. They know what's not working. I've said this before, were impatient because we got a taste of winning.

Phatgzus's picture

So much "no" you might as well be singing the Isley Brothers.

casual fan's picture

The fact that he grants an interview and then talks down free agency says to me maybe he will try to do something there this year. A lot of what TT does this time of the year is misdirection.

TheClaw's picture

Hope you're right.

TommyG's picture

He has to be aloof when discussing FA. There have been a few players over the last few years that have used us as leverage to get better contracts elsewhere. Case in point, Stephen Jackson. That RB never had any intention of playing in Green Bay. He used those negotiations to get a better pay check. Though in retrospect, that worked out for us.

Evan's picture

Were there ever actually any negotiations with TT?

Evan's picture

This JS story actually refutes the entire notion that that Packers were used for leverage. In fact, it says they refused to get into a bidding war after making their initial expression of interest. It says they never actually made an offer.

Stroh's picture

Well done Evan!! Good find...

I told someone (Ben, Arlo, Tommy, I don't remember) that Thompson didn't negotiate w/ FA unless they came to GB for a visit. They thought I was an idiot and called me that. I told them, Thompson won't let himself be used for leverage and he won't negotiate unless they visit. Same think was the case w/ Chris Canty. He was in NY talking to NYG, his agent wanted Thompson to make an offer. He didn't until he visited. Canty stayed in NY and signed w/ the NYG.

Thanks for finding that and proving my point for me!!

Phatgzus's picture

"Gamesmanship abounds"...

TheClaw's picture

I read here mostly but I'll have to remember that Thompson is off limits. I mean, come on!! All the dude said was that he's not thrilled with TT. I live outside the Fox Valley and there are many Packer Fans that would like to see Thompson retire, sooner rather than later. I agree.

Buster's picture

This has always been a dangerous place to be objective. This place is known at other blogs as homer-heaven.

WKUPackFan's picture

What other blogs would those be? A crass, non-analytical site like TP? The other site that was begging anyone to write for them earlier this year? Never seen any criticism of CHTV at APC, which is OK for what they do, but you don't get the depth you do here.

Stick with CHTV and Jersey Al's. You'll get plenty of TT and MM criticism, if that's your cup of tea.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yes, and how many fans wanted Thompson let go when they drafted Aaron Rodgers? A lot...

Has Thompson made mistakes, yes. Is he perfect, no...

That being said, you can't argue overall with what he has done in Green Bay. In the last 5 seasons Green Bay is the ONLY team to win a Super Bowl, and make the playoffs in all 5 seasons...
He has built a team to be competitive every year.
Would it be better if he went out and signed some free agents? Sure.

Many experts say that Thompson is a top 5 GM in the league. Do you get rid of a top 5 GM? no.

WKUPackFan's picture

TT is not off limits by a long shot. However, factual and reasonable comments are usually much better received. Being respectful to the site hosts and other commenters also helps.

GB has been to the playoffs five straight years, including a SB win. Every game during those five years GB has taken the field with a reasonable chance of victory (except when Wallace or Tolzien were QBing). The only other organization that comes close to that in that time span is NE. Asking sincerely, what more do the folks outside of Fox Valley reasonably expect?

Hank Scorpio's picture

"Many people outside the Fox Valley" must have forgotten what it's like to have a bad GM. And I don't mean going back to the 70s & 80s. Just go back 10 years.

Take Mike Sherman for example. He was the anti-TT. He did it like the folks that criticize TT say it should be done. He was constantly trading up in the draft and going after big FAs. After a few years of that, a really good young team that Ron Wolf handed off to him had become completely devoid of talent and depth. For good measure, they were also in cap trouble. They were carried to mediocrity by a HoF QB in a weak division.

It was under Sherman that Lambeau lost its mystique. If you think the 181 to Kaepernick was embarrassing, what about 4th and 26? Or that humiliation in St. Louis where the Ram DEFENSE outscored the Packers? Or Mike Vick taking a warm weather dome team into Lambeau and humiliating the Packers? Or the Moss mooning?

Nope, none of that for me thanks. TT is far from perfect. I do wish he'd dabble more in acquiring veterans to patch roster holes. But I understand that there is plenty of room to go down. And I'm not willing to risk a change where going down is a far more likely outcome than going up.

4thand1's picture

The Moss one really pissed me off.

Stroh's picture

What? You don't like that the Packers are perennial contenders and are one of the most successful franchises under Thompson's watch?

You should be THANKFUL he's in GB working for the Packers! You aren't going to find many GM's that are better. Prior to the '13 season Thompson was considered among the top 3 in the NFL (google it if you want). Your not going to find better.

Nononsense's picture

Draft and develop is a good strategy but when you miss on as many draft picks as TT has in the last few years you need to alter your approach if you want to continue to improve.

What is the definition of crazy again: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Whats funny is TT has actually hit real big in FA before with Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett, yet he still refuses to participate much if at all in that phase of player acquisition. I want to see more players like that brought in, former 1st round picks who for one reason or another are no longer wanted by the teams that drafted them. TT doesn't seem to see the value in that, which is a shame.

Maybe it will end up taking a 4-12 season for TT to realize hes blowing some great opportunities by flat out ignoring free agency. Especially now that FA prices seem to be on the decline since the rookie wage scale was adopted. The time is now TT, do something different for a change.

Buster's picture


Oops... Now you're in trouble. Making sense and having an objective analysis is forbidden. I'm really going to be pissed if the Pack has to go 4-12 in order to initiate the changes necessary to return the Pack to an elite status.

Phatgzus's picture

Unless he's able to provide some stats relating TT's teams' composition ratios (FA-Draftee) to those of other GMs (so as to determine team-building method and magnitude of) in addition to his draft success ratio (as well as an ad hoc definition of success, likely incorporating player longevity and contribution) then it's not an analysis, merely an opinion, and not necessarily an informed one.

Phatgzus's picture

That's the definition provided by a single, albeit brilliant human that has been grossly oversimplified-he provided the statement in an environment in which it was understood that it would be true with the caveat of "all things being equal". Sorry, butthe NFL is in "dynamic equilibrium" per se, and all things are not equal from one year to the next.

Hank Scorpio's picture

"Especially now that FA prices seem to be on the decline since the rookie wage scale was adopted"

I urge caution in getting ahead of yourself. One year is an anomaly. Two is a trend. We've yet to see the trend actually form. But we could in about 2 months.

Having said that, I think TT missed an opportunity to add some reasonably priced help last year. I get that the uncertainty of the Rodgers & Matthews deals might have been the overriding factor. Those two are the franchise cornerstones and come above all else, IMO. I'm willing to accept that explanation and move on.

Now that there is no such uncertainty, if we see another dead FA market (like last year), TT will get less of a pass from me if he sits out another FA cycle. I'm not talking about deals that put strain on the cap. But mid-level deals in the $2-$3 mil range for guys that are upgrades to projected starters. Those kinds of deals in FA had been like Bigfoot..lots of possible sitings but no solid proof they actually existed. Last year, was different.

Phatgzus's picture

Two points form a line, it takes at least three to form a pattern.

4thand1's picture

No team has won a SB with a QB making 16. 5 mil or more.

Evan's picture

Let's see if Denver can change that in a couple weeks.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I didn't think there was anything that could make me root for Denver ever. But this game does it. I hope they do change that stat about QB cap #.

Not a fan of Seadderal.

Phatgzus's picture

Meh, Denver refuting that stat has no bearing on the future success of the Packers. I hope both teams get lost in the foreseen blizzard and have to build and live in igloos until September arrives-ultimately affording no 2013-Season Super Bowl victor.

TommyG's picture

Denver will more than likely change that stat. I'm not sure the Seattle offense can keep up with that scoring machine.

Phatgzus's picture

The weather's probably going to play a major role; I guess we're really going to find out if Peyton has "small hands" (can't handle the cold and wind).

TC's picture


Ron from ct's picture

Packers draft last year is got to be one of the best in the nfl

4thand1's picture

LMFAO. These experts actually think every pick is going to be a starter. A pro bowl starter they way they talk. TT has missed on so many picks. Newsflash, so has every other team. If Perry stays healthy and does nothing next year, bust. If D. Jones doesn't improve over the next 2 years, bust. You assclowns are calling Sherrod a bust. Bulaga has had the worst luck of all. Look at the other top picks. Go ahead, a lot of them are stars in the NFL. Dam armchair wanna be GM's. Yes the safety's suck.

Jamie's picture

The forgotten component of successful FA ventures...


That HAS to happen before anything Ted may be trying to do can actually come to fruition.

KennyPayne's picture

Sounds like business as usual for TT.

Hope he unearths some defensive gems because we could use 3 or 4 or more.

Evan's picture

I'd be thrilled with 2.

Phatgzus's picture

An ILB and S would be fantastic.

ben's picture

These jems have been on display for everbody to see for the last 7 to 8 years. The gems have been put next one another and systematically compared and untimately judged. There has been billions spent on their display with millions more spent for professional evaluation. The gems are then able to be stripped, tested, examed, interviewed, & researched.

How does Ted do it?

If Rodgers fell into the Viking's lap, or Detroit's lap, or the Bear's Lap would that make the GM's of those franchises great & untouchable? even with the rest of TT's not all that impressive draft record?

Hank Scorpio's picture


There is a reality in the NFL: Finding a great QB is very tough to do but once done, it makes the team perennial contenders. All 32 teams want QBs like Aaron Rodgers. Only a handful find them.

Yes, finding a QB buys you a ton of slack as a GM. And no amount of people saying he got lucky by the guy falling into his lap will change the reality that the GM did what all GMs try but few GMs accomplish. Would Bill Belichek be the undisputed genius he is if he hadn't drafted Tom Brady with a throw-away 6th rounder? It's doubtful. But that's the reality of the NFL.

Stroh's picture

If Rodgers fell into the Bears, Lion, Viqueeens hands? They ALL had the chance to draft him and Minn 2x's! And not ONE SINGLE ONE of them had a Favre at QB when they passed on him. They just didn't have GM's w/ the foresight to draft a Franchise QB! Smart GM's are looking ahead... Thompson! Others react to other perceived needs... Bears, leo's, viqueens.

Thompson drafted Rodgers and didn't have a glaring need!!

jamie's picture

God I hate people like Arlo. just please stop.

Anywho, I think Ted will have to address our defensive line in free agency due to need and the strength of the market. We can't resign Jolly, Pickett, and Raji nor can we rely on the expectation that Josh Boyd, CJ Wilson, or Jerel Worthy will shape up into starters next season.

What's more, there are several diffrent types of high level defensive linemen that are going to hit free agency in the offseason that can fill a need for the Packers. Seattle is going to have to let one or two of Mebane, Bryant, Clemmons and Bennett go. I think replacing Raji with Bryant would actually be a positive transaction for the Packers. And that's not to mention trying to go after someone like Greg Hardy, even though that possibility is effectively zero in every way.

Shlizzy's picture

I think we need to jettison both ILB starters from last year and replace with Lattimore and FA/rookie, which may not even be schematically understandable to a newb ILB in a single off season. Get bigger in the middle of the DL through the draft. Sign a FA safety and draft a top safety. By doing all this, the Pack is still a year away from improving to a top ranked D, IMO. Hope it doesn't get worse before it gets better, this better be rock bottom.

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

Holy the season can't come fast enough judging from these posts. Wow.

4thand1's picture

I get the TT hate. The haters are still hurting from Brett's departure because TT wouldn't put up with throwing ints in playoff games anymore. They are probably the same people who yelled at Rodgers at training camp. Some people just don't like change. Suck it up, arlo, cow, point, buster. I'll bet they wear purple # 4 jerseys when they post.

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