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Bigby, Smith Most Likely Out For Atlanta Game

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Bigby, Smith Most Likely Out For Atlanta Game

Remember how some of us had our disagreements about the platooning of safeties Charlie Peprah and Atari Bigby, but that we could all agree that it was nice to have quality depth at a position for a change?

Yeah forget all that, at least for this week.

Mike McCarthy indicated in his press conference this morning that Atari Bigby and Anthony Smith would be "challenged" to be healthy enough to go on Sunday when the Packers visit the Atlanta Falcons.

Atari Bigby had a hamstring strain. He’ll be challenged to make it back this week. Anthony Smith had an ankle sprain. He’ll also be challenged to make it this week.

That means the Packers will head into Sunday with just three healthy safeties - starters Nick Collins and Charlie Peprah and Jarrett Bush backing up both.

Making things even more precarious for the Packers is the fact that Peprah had to leave the Vikings game for a handful of snaps. He could be seen on the sideline getting stretched out before returning to the game.

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DaveK's picture

I thought the Packers had used up their quota of injuries in the first half of the season. WTF?

packsmack25's picture

Bigby's quota is obviously not capped.

Lumpy Gravy's picture

Wonderful! This is welcome news as we're set to arrive at the doorstep of Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez.

packsmack25's picture


Scriptura's picture

You have posted the correct reaction of everyone who read this.

PackersRS's picture

Call me crazy, but I'm not worried about Bush. I'm not worried about anyone missing time besides Rodgers, Woodson, Tramon and Matthews. Maybe Jennings.

dennis eckersley's picture

uhh, he's not concerned about Bush "missing time." He's worried about Bush stepping onto the field. And so should you be. Very concerned.

PackersRS's picture


And I'm not worried about Bush playing. I'm not worried about any of the safeties missing time.

But it was my fault, I wasn't clear enough, I thought just replying to him, I was talking about what he said...

Jayme's picture

The actual newsworthy bit of this story: they haven't been placed on IR. Other than that it's just SSDD for the Pack this year.

Cole's picture

Maybe they rushed Bigby back into taking too many snaps too soon.

ILpackfan's picture

Where I see this hurting the most are special teams. Smith has been a special team monster since he has been here. Hope Bush remembers to play good on Sunday

ZeroTolerance's picture

Bush's play this year has not been bad.

PackersRS's picture


But at nickel, playing 5 or 10 yards back. Not at S, 15 or 20 yards back.

But still, you're right.

WoodyG's picture

Not ideal, but, if need be, Charles could slide to safety in a pinch & then it would open up more possibilities with Shields, Lee & Underwood ...... Plus, it's only Monday.

PackersRS's picture

Sir Charles is playing his best when he's allowed to roam free near the LOS.

With him in there, he's an asset.

No doubt he can play Safety, but we'd be losing too much IMHO.

foundinidaho's picture

I have always liked Atari Bigby. But the man is apparently incapable of staying healthy for more than one week. Get rid of him and get someone in who can consistently produce. That is all.

PackersRS's picture

What? Atary actually lasted a whole week? Impressive.

Ruppert's picture

I myself admitted to being an Atari Bigby fan in last week's Peprah/Bigby post. But the dude can't be leaving the field for a "hamstring strain" six plays into a huge game. Come on, man. This is a Super Bowl run (hopefully). Peel your ass up and get back out there.

PackersRS's picture

Right, but did he leave on his own, or did the coaching staff preserved him?

Well, either way, he's not durable...

jeremy's picture

If Peprah was being stretched out it was just cramping. I wouldn't worry to much about that.

Can you do me a Favre?'s picture

I voted for Bush as a special teamster for the pro bowl! We can't baby Atari Bigby any more... He appears to be a wuss, and hopefully its not season ending.

PackersRS's picture

I'm voting on every single Packer. It's working!!!

Mat-Trix's picture

All this hate on Bigby on here how quickly Packer fans forget how some of our players have made an impact on our team in prior years SMH

WoodyG's picture

At all times, there has to be at least one player to bash ...... Go figure ..... I'm not a Bigby fan & don't believe he factors into GB after this season but with 6 games & the playoffs, it would be nice to retain as much healthy depth as possible ...... Focusing on the goal is vital .... Odds are still that Bigby can help.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, but all that was erased when he laid down in the playoffs at AZ, even being called out by his teammates. He was injuried, but he could play. He just stood on the sidelines. He quit.

WoodyG's picture

Again, I have to defer to MM/Capers .... GB would have simply released Bigby or rescinded their original RFA offer if they felt the same ..... Ultimately, it may end up that way but without inside information, I have no way of knowing nor does anyone else.

PackersRS's picture

Well, in my defense, I didn't say to release him, did I? I merely stated why Packers fans are against Bigby "all of a sudden".

As of late, I'm with you. Whatever the trio (TT, MM and DC) decides, it's good. From everything that's happened, they've been right 90% of the time.

And the fact that they retained him doesn't necessarily dismiss the notion that he quit. They could be exempting him, in lieu of what he brings to the table and what they have in the roster (then I bring in again my theory about Peprah and the playbook).

I don't think it was a coincidence that they moved up in the draft to get Morgan Burnett, though. Not saying it was because of that, because Bigby being injury prone, that could've factored in.

But one way or another, they thought that Strong Safety was an area that needed upgrade. Either they thought that Bigby wasn't good enough, or that he wasn't available or accountable enough.

thepretzelhead's picture

... from one's couch it is easy to write the word "quit".

foundinidaho's picture

I don't hate Bigby. I like how he hits. But if he's not on the field it doesn't matter if I like him or not, he's taking up roster space that could be filled by someone as good or better and healthy.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I believe I said"let him get his highlight shot and send the one hit wonder and I'm out" to Miami.I repeat it again.Bigby is a roster disease for the Packers.We are fine and have been fine without him.Why the hoopla about him being hurt...again.Why torment yourselves by even acknowledging he's on the team.

BrianD's picture

Hasn't Underwood taken snaps at safety before. If active, I think he'd be our #4 safety after Bush and ahead of Woodson.

RickyBobby's picture

The way this season has gone, you've gotta believe that this'll end up being a blessing in disguise (again).

Watch Bush get 2 picks and break up a crucial 4th down pass.


davyjones's picture

So seriously true. Everyone who has been asked to step up, has. Bush should be no exception. He has really been improved this year and if it's his turn up, he's gotta get the job done. I think he's up to it this time around.

Woodson was just a beast blitzing Vikes in 2nd half, just kept coming. he really is too valuable at the LOS. I'm hoping they let him just torture Matt Ryan.

Sam's picture

Quarless has kind of disappointed me this year. I thought he had the tools to pick up more of the slack Finley left behind. Of course with all the injuries if thats the disappointing guy filling in I'll take it.

PackersThad's picture

Agreed on Quarless. It seems that he can only catch the easy passes that come into his chest. He doesn't seem to have any range to reach down and get the ball. And then he gives that sour-puss face. When you look at him catching a ball, he is nowhere near as dynamic as Finley or even Dez Bryant...and that is just disappointing.

thepretzelhead's picture

My God! Quarless, our 5th round Rookie who is improving every week, isn't as "dynamic" as Finley and Bryant. Such a disappointing thing. Next you'll want to fire TT for that. WOW.

PackersThad's picture

Dude...whoa! Get the rope and slow down the horses!!

I compared him to those two, I didn't say that he need to be as good as them.

If anything, my comparison of Dez and Quarless still stands...if Quarless was more dynamic and flexible with his pass catching abilities, he would not have gone in the 5th round. I think Quarless has potential, and this is definitely the time to show it while Finley is out. All I want is for him to be a good checkdown option for Rodgers. There have been at least three third down plays this year that Quarless has dropped. Not to mention at least two touchdowns.

Now where exactly do you see his improvement?

PackersRS's picture

He's a junior, rookie TE. Remember Finley in that same spot?

If anything, I'm surprised Quarless has contributed at all.

Next year we'll see Quarless show signs of potential, and in 12' we'll have the best TE tandem in the league (if we re-sign Finley)

PackersThad's picture

I don't even want to entertain the thought of not re-signing Finley....

Norman's picture

Agreed with the thought on removing Woodson from the line of scrimmage (not that he couldn't blitz from the safety position). Kind of like how I hate when one O lineman goes down and they shift half the line to compensate, I'd rather see just one guy impacted if one of our safeties gets hurt, i.e. bring in Bush, or Underwood, but don't move Woodson to safety.

What the hell, why not sign Leroy Butler (my all time favorite Packer) for a week.

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