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Best. Reader Email. Ever.

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Best. Reader Email. Ever.

I present this email from what can only be described as Cheesehead TV Super Fan in its entirety.

Just recently came across your website CheeseheadTV.  I have been a lifelong Packer fan and though I have not lived in the Midwest for almost two decades now I still watch every game and read the JS online and the GB Press Gazette every morning.  At first glance I liked the site, but as I have checked it out for a couple of weeks now I must say I have no interest in even looking at it again.  Why?  Two words: Aaron Nagler!!  Wow, without stooping to his level of commentary, which seems almost impossible in trying to describe why, I will just have to leave it at that.  Too bad you can't fire yourself, huh.  The site would be so much more enjoyable and just plain better if he could imagine keeping HIS OPINIONS to himself for the most part.  I wise man said to me one time, "you can win the argument, but lose the sale, so what is the point."  Something Mr. Nagler should take to heart.  His rants and raves and continual arrogance in cutting down the same people he claims to be makes my point.   If you what to bitch and complain about everything the packers do, with little to no knowledge of how or why, like any fan, than by all means do so.  If you want to have any credibility so others will listen than go about it more objectively, like a real journalist.  Maybe I have missed the point.  Maybe this was all you guys intended, a rant and rave website devoted to more your opinion than the thoughts and comments of others and another way to make money.  But I must say football is not the only sport I follow or website devoted to a specific team and this site is by far the least civilized, snotty, and argumentative than any other I have visited,  and you are the referee.

You can take to heart this comment or not.  I just felt very compelled to write you this letter, because as a lifelong Packer fan, and one who goes to at least one game a year Mr. Nagler you embarrass me.  I have met many great fans all over the country and world of the Packers.  Instantly there was a bond and everyone got alone great, even though we disagreed with certain things that the Packers were or were not doing.  I do not have the same feeling about you.  I am starting to feel embarrassed for you.  I appreciate your devotion to the Packers, but less appreciate your style.  I, nor any of my other Packer friends will be visiting your site any longer (so feel free to rip me apart as I have seen you do to others). Because I will not be listening.

The email, shockingly, was unsigned.

Go Pack Go.

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KCousineau09's picture


Chris Havel

PackOne's picture


JC Lombardi.

nerdmann's picture

What's the deal with Havel anyway?

Sean Begg's picture

Wow. Just, Wow.

JohnRehor's picture


JC Lombardi

SpartaChris's picture

Looks like someone needs to go back and re-take English 101.

Jack's picture

Or maybe English as a Second Language.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Love the making money part. Don't let the server hit you (or your legion of friends) in the ass on the way out.

KCousineau09's picture

And the JC Lombardi line was my 2nd choice. Awesome.

foundinidaho's picture

Hahahahaha! Awesome.

Bogmon's picture

Coincidently this dude also thinks the Tea Party is on the fast track to 'repairing' America.

KCousineau09's picture


Alex Tallitsch's picture


ZeroTolerance's picture

I would have hoped that people could leave their political feelings to themselves in a football blog site.

lebowski's picture

Seriously. I mean, everyone knows the Republicans are the a-holes.

fish's picture

Republicans and Democrats are both A-Holes working on the same plan. Government works on a 20 year cycle, alternating political parties to achieve there ultimate agenda. Each change in office is just the talking heads handing the baton to the next in line to continue the plans of congress. Everybody should know that by now.

ZeroTolerance's picture

OK, so now I may reply. And you, sir, are a complete idiot.

packeraaron's picture

Come on guys. Chill with the politics.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Thanks Aaron.

lebowski's picture

Sorry Aaron. I assumed people could take a joke.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Mr. Lebowski. Glad you replied. I've always liked your perspective.

Bogmon's picture

I didn't know the Tea Party was considered political....I thought it was a free form comedy bad!

mel's picture

WOW what a loser!!! Cheeseheadtv rocks and jsonline and GPG is second fiddle to you guys!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Ruppert's picture

Aaron, you should be punished. Biggles, fetch the comfy chair!

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Poke him with the soft cushion.

Love it.

Two Jet Winston's picture

Funny he didn't mention anything about your grammar.

PWC's picture

Wow. CHTV breaks news on rare occasions, but it's primarily an opinion site. God forbid the author of an opinion and commentary site give his opinions on anything. Sheesh...

Bogmon's picture

Nagler and Behnke break it down just as well as anyone in the biz! Just because they make if more fun than anyone else doesn't dilute or diminish the quality of the content.
This guy needs to loosen up; get drunk and do something stupid, ridiculous and fun once in a while....
And take the stick out of his hind side.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Please Homer Simpson, go home and take you 5 fingers(I mean fans)with you. I wonder if Greg Bedard get the same type of email from this person when Bedard covered the Packers.

"You keep it Homer" disgruntled Nagler Hater.

Jayme's picture

Homer has 8 fingers - 4 on each hand. Then again, that may explain the abundance of typos.

PS. I'm pretty sure I'm completely over the "[superlative][noun]EVER!" fad.

packersplanet's picture

"You can win the argument but lose the sale so what's the point"
Seriously?!? The point is, not everythings for sale. I prefer to read opinionated articles from people that do what they want, when the want and how they want.


zcalvelli's picture

Love folks who just don't get that blogs are not always aspiring to be "journalism." CHTV needs Nagler to be the mascot/Zaphod Beeblebrox that he is for the whole thing to work, which it does.

Packnic's picture

Zaphod Beeblebrox might be the best description of Aaron Nagler I have ever heard.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I've got better ones 8-)

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

Hey, _I've_ been the Zaphod Beeblebrox on this site for a long time ;)

Zub-a-Dub's picture

This is the best site on the web, I get better news and facts from this site than I do from the Packer's official site.

I like the debate, opinions, and thoughts written on this site. Some things I agree with and other things I don't.

Its true Packer fans getting down to truth, before we crack open the beers on Sunday and become blind drunk Packer fans where the green and gold can do no wrong.

Dougie Smooth's picture

He says this:

"I still ... read the JS online and the GB Press Gazette every morning"

followed by this:

"this site is by far the least civilized, snotty, and argumentative than any other I have visited"

Clearly he has never seen their comment sections.

I actually do come here to read Nagler, even though he is a total homer. Transplants Rulz!

Oppy's picture

Fred is a better writer than he is an orator.

maxginsberg's picture

Well played, Oppy. Well played.

BrianD's picture

Apparently the writer hasn't been to Total Packers and read Monty's articles.

FITZCORE1252's picture



Satori's picture

$50 says he has a purple number 4 jersey hanging in his closet

JD's picture

Haha, I was thinking the same thing. Well said.

Austin Auch's picture

Hate to say it but I think I have to agree with this guy Aaron Nagler sucks. I have been coming back to this site every day for about a year and a half, it is hard to peel my eyes away from this train wreck of a site. See, I can troll too =) Love the site keep it classy and F you Mr. Nagler. You and your Harrison Ford twitter pic, how arrogant of you to think of yourself on the same level as Han Solo. I hope you become frozen in carbonite and never post again.

nerdmann's picture

Seriously, that wasn't me.

thepretzelhead's picture

Nagler has had his lose his cool moments- who wouldn't/doesn't? Love this site and all the posters. Dang near all good.

thepretzelhead's picture


Ruppert's picture

It's pretty obvious that I don't get terribly serious around here. I try to keep it light and have a laugh. I should probably point out more often than I do what a great site this is. Aaron and Corey know what they're talking about and they're great fans WITHOUT being insufferable, blind homers. And they rarely unnecessarily bash the team. That's tough to pull off, but they do it. People, please just take this site for what it is...whatever THAT is.

And where else can you hear such great terms as "Douchey McDouche" or hear somebody refer to Jared Allen's sack display as "craptastic." Come on...they have to keep the live show clean for Aunt Gert! That's great!

WoodyG's picture

The guy, obviously, hasn't been to too many sites devoted to 'entirely Packers' if he claims that CHTV is "by far the least civilized, snotty, and argumentative" ...... CHTV is much more civilized than most & also has informative substance to boot .....

However, didn't I just read a recent blog titled ..... "I Don’t Do This Often…" ..... I'm think'in there has to be at least a little agreement with the premise of the dude's e-mail .... Or why apologize?

PkrNboro's picture

the *best* part...

packeraaron's picture

I closed the comments to that post because I didn't want the message diluted. It was a sincere apology.

As for Woody's point - I wasn't apologizing for giving my opinion, no matter how "snotty" it may be.

Badknees's picture

Your closing of comments was cowardly.

Bogmon's picture

ha ha ha...cowardly? really?

I thought the point was "Hey folks I made a mistake...friends don't let friends drink and blog. I'm sorry, not shut the F up and get on with it"

IMO the comments section for Aaron's apology would have turned into some overly sensitive pissing contest over what is or isn't appropriate on the web..blah blah blah...

Guess what! It's his party and we are all lucky to be invited. Just cuz you have an internet connection and a keyboard doesn't mean you are special or deserve to be heard (read, whatever)

God, suck it up.

packeraaron's picture

Badknees: Right - because there is nowhere else on the site for people to voice their opinions. Get a grip.

Ruppert's picture

Quite true. However, Aaron, if you had properly aligned your comments with your brain in the first place, you could have avoided the entire, issue.

PWC's picture

One more thought. If he thinks this is the most snobbish and nasty site in the Packer blogsphere, then we're doing pretty good for ourselves. Go read what the Vikings fansite, Daily Norseman, put up after the Vikes loss yesterday. He somehow turned it into an unfounded attack on Packers fans.

(re-reading this comment, I can see that it could possibly be misinterpreted as saying I think Nagler and co. ARE snobbish and nasty. We may disagree quite often, but I certainly don't think that)<--DISCLAIMER

jaydubya's picture

"Yeah, and what kind of goofy TV is this anyhow? I'm calling the cable company and demanding my money back. WOLVERINES!!!"

OK, all kidding aside... I sure would hate to read your worst reader email ever.

JerseyPackFan's picture


Overkill's picture

Tough ol' world, Aaron.
Look on the bright side. Ya always got us. (sounds of green and gold cockroach scuttlings)

Brad Stanley's picture

I wonder what he thought of poor Greg Bedard?!

PkrNboro's picture

"this site is by far the least civilized, snotty, and argumentative than any other I have visited"
...obviously, this person has never been to

"I, nor any of my other Packer friends will be visiting your site any longer"
...comeuppance: redefined

bigfog's picture

Aaron, you just keep doin' what you're doin' baby.

Starry Barts's picture


Tommyboy's picture

Thanks, Aaron - I needed a good laugh and an overwhelming wave of disappointment in our public education system. That thing was damn near unreadable. It's pretty clear that you are the Biff to this guy's McFly. I mean, could you PLEASE keep your opinions to yourself on your opinion site? It really gets in the way of the green and gold backdrop.

Think, Nagler! THINK.

JerseyPackFan's picture

CHTV...smarter then your average bear.

Nononsense's picture

Haters hate, thats what they do.

Piedmont Packer Fan's picture

Proof that you can't please everybody. But I enjoy cheeseheadtv immensely!

Mr_Fastbucks's picture

Only we understand you Aaron.

fish's picture

Ya!, You must Conform Nagler! Keep your opinions to yourself, Don't be different, be the same as everyone else! You must be Politically Correct and stop calling people names because your argumentative devotion is hurting there sensitive feelings. Quit Ranting and Raving like some kind of arrogant sports fan who Luv's Him some Packers Football or your gonna lose the sale (Whatever that means). Keep doing what your doing! In Fact, I wanna see a ranting vein pop out of your forehead the next Transplants.

We need Clay in this Video.

packsmack25's picture

Please post the e-mail address. Thanks.

DanTX's picture

A very sincere poetic from a friend just looking out for society, I'm sure. It's nice to know we have knights in shining armor living in their parents' basements roving the blogosphere to protect us all from enjoyable, content-rich sites such as

David's picture

This guy has to be from That place is filled with blind homers who think the Packers can do no wrong.

DAWG's picture

Mommy drinks, because you cry

Anita's picture

You know you've "made it" when you have fans AND detractors. CONGRATS, AARON.

RockinRodgers's picture

Who the hell is Aaron Nagler?

foundinidaho's picture

I hadn't thought about it being Fred. But it makes total sense. Better not answer the phone tonight, Aaron, he may be calling in. Aunt Gert won't stand for that type of language!

davyjones's picture


If this guy calls tonight, hang up. If he calls back a 2nd time, hang up again.
If he calls back a 3rd time, answer, "Alcoholics Anonymous" and I'm pretty sure he won't be calling back again.

I thought closing the comments section on the apology was actually a very classy move. It made it clear you weren't fishing for an' "aw shucks, Aaron, it's OK. Everyone has a bad day now and then". An apology is an expression of regret--it is not open to discussion as an expression of opinion is.

packeraaron's picture

Glad someone gets it.

foundinidaho's picture

I got it too. First class all the way, "sir." ;)

DAWG's picture

Yep- hey, see you tomorrow!

some guy's picture

That email should remain on the front page for all time as a badge of honor.

from now on, Aaron's signature should be, and i quote

"Why? Two words: Aaron Nagler!!"

djbonney138's picture

When people criticize sometimes they will make a few valid points that you can use to improve yourself in the future...this is NOT one of those situations. I have been a CHTV fan for a short time and have no idea what the f%#@! this dude is talking about. Every now and then things get heated in the comments section but I see it as us just being passionate about our team. This cat is off his rocker and the internet allows way too much opinion anonymously. Though I don't always agree with everything I read I appreciate the hard work these guys do and for that I say Thank YOu!

Lumpy Gravy's picture

I honestly had a hard time getting through that email, but while anyone can find flaws with a given site over time, there is a multitude of reasons I keep coming back to CHTV. The only real complaint I have is the inability to edit comments - I think that would be a welcome addition for most folks. Otherwise, you're all doing a great job with the site, I think.

PAPAckerFan's picture

The guy is a 1st class IDIOT (Let's see HIM do his OWN show....and it better be GReaT!....Otherwise....shut-up!)

al's picture

Aaron Nagler you should have never been born..

Seekr's picture

Money Quote: "The site would be so much more enjoyable and just plain better if he could imagine keeping HIS OPINIONS to himself for the most part."

- I'm sure the creators of CheeseheadTV created this blog so they could "keep their opinions to themselves."

Wiscokid's picture

Hey, it's a blog. I would expect that not everyone will agree on any given topic. It's a forum to voice opinions. None of that matters. I actually like to hear what everyone has to say.

This is still the best place to get in depth Packer news that I've found.

MarkinMadison's picture

So he blasts a huge rant to what, counter your ranting, which is usually pretty much not ranting? Hey, anonymous, if you think Aaron or Brian or whoever here screwed up, just call them on it. You don't have to have a snit, pick up your ball and go home.

BigbyATTACK's picture

As a lifelong Packer fan (except the first year in America in '88 when I fell in love with Bernie Kosar and the Cleveland Browns), this is one of my favorite all-time finds. I've never gotten so much information, and enjoy the banter. Everyone is different, but also human. Aaron, you don't embarrass me at all. I live a simple life, and really look forward to your new posts, AND opinions. It doesn't matter if someone doesn't agree. If we were all the same and agreed on EVERYTHING, life would be pretty damn boring. Like being a Bears fan. Thank you for the site, for your opinions, for allowing EVERYONE to share their opinions, and let's support our boys against the Vikes!

gbpackersftw's picture

Much deserved. Thanks for all the work you guys do It has made life so much better waking up wednesday morning and listening to Packer Transplants for the last few years! I still remember when they were like 25 minutes long!! Go Pack Thank you!

Phillthy Phill's picture

lol wonderful email. You guys are true Packer fans and that shows in your site, which is what true Packer fans love.

Glorious80s's picture

Yes, there's passion in the commentary. Sometimes it gets a little wild, but always with an obvious affection for the GBPs. (except those odd appeareances of Bears and Vikings fans).
Beneath all of that is real knowlegeable and intelligent analysis, with great media presentations to illustrate the points made.
Is it always accurate? Probably not. Does it get under the skin of fans, players and coaches? No doubt. Are there things going on with the team we can't know and should always allow for? Yes.
But at least the CheeseheadTV staff and bloggers ask the questions and probe for answers. If you want to know what makes for football success or not, or want an education into how things work or a heads up into all things green and gold, this is a great place to get it. Good work guys. Know that it is appreciated.

JJ in CO's picture

Aaron - keep up the great work. I love this site and I enjoy your commentary.

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