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Bedard Makes Sense On Taylor

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Bedard Makes Sense On Taylor

Sorry I'm a day late on this (yesterday, in a word, sucked) but I didn't want this to go by without commenting.

On Bedard's blog yesterday, he used reports that Jason Taylor was visiting the Jets as a chance to once again posit that the Packers should look into bringing in the one time Defensive Player of the Year.

Money quote:

For the past couple of months I've been thinking that depending on what the Packers do or don't do at OLB in the draft, Taylor would be a perfect signing in May or June if the Packers need someone there. He won DPOY in Capers' system. From people I've talked to, he was by far the Dolphins' most consistent linebacker last season (had seven sacks) - and the 35-year-old played 828 snaps. He wasn't just a part-time player at his age. If the Dolphins don't get an impact-type guy at OLB in the draft, I'd give Taylor a one-year contract to help mentor Brad Jones. Taylor is 6-6, 255. Packers need more of that kind of length in their defense, and he'd be a very good leader.

This all makes a lot of sense to me - which, of course, means that Ted Thompson will never consider it.

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D.D. Driver's picture

Bedard is back on the "sign Jason Taylor" crusade?

That is such an awesome idea that Thompson will never consider it. There is indeed only upside to signing savy veteran linebackers on the other side of 35.

Why is Thompson so damn stubborn.

NickGBP's picture

He's on the other side of 35?

Pass please.

D.D. Driver's picture

I also don't understand why the Packers' decision is somehow related to whether "Dolphins . . . get an impact-type guy at OLB in the draft."

Strange. So if the Dolphins get an impact player at OLB in the draft, the Packers don't need a mentor for Brad Jones? Is this some high-level butterfly effect?

Or does Bedard still think he is a beat reporter in Miami?

Either way: he's crazy.

packeraaron's picture

Yep - he slipped there ;)

But did you even read the first part of the quote? "In May or June"? If May or June came along and Taylor was still sitting out there it makes a ton of sense to go grab him if the Packers didn't get someone they liked in the draft. Just don't understand the indignation.

D.D. Driver's picture

It's not so much "indignation" so much as "exasperation." Bedard's annual Jason Taylor pitches are getting as tired as Favre's annual un-retirements.

You really shouldn't encourage him.

Here's a thought experiment, out of all the players in the NFL without contracts, is it more likely that Taylor really think Taylor is the best fit, or is it more likely that Bedard thinks he would be great because Bedard is very familiar with him.

Its the same reason I roll my eyes when fans clamour for the return of washed up former Packers like Vonnie Holliday or write breathless posts about the greatness of present-day Ahman Green.

There are usually better options out there, the appeal comes from familiarity more than actual ability.

D.D. Driver's picture

No more editting? Damn.

steve's picture

Michael Lombardi wrote this morning that Taylor made the Dolphins defense slow and he was a liability in coverage. Taylor has said over and over that he doesn't do well in space.

The Jets are interested in using him as a downlineman in a 5-2 formation similar to what the Dolphins tried doing with him.

And why, oh why, in the hell does Bedard think that Jason Taylor would take a mentoring role for a second year guy in Green Bay. That's laughable.

packeraaron's picture

Steve - I respect Lombardi, but if there's a DC that knows how to use Taylor and what his strengths and weaknesses are, its Dom Capers. I'm sure the Packers wouldn't take a look unless they had a very specific role in mind for him.

bomdad's picture

Capers can devise a way to use a 4-3 DE in a 3-4, unless he has to put his hand on the ground!

chazman's picture

The only way I see this working is if he is picked up in late May or June. He could be a third down replacement for Aaron Kampman, picture a KGB-type player who could take some of the pressure off CM3.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Did you just awake from a coma?

chazman's picture

Nope. Just playing devil's advocate to fictitious player scenarios awaiting something that is actually news.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Kampman got traded... weeks ago. That's all I was getting at.

PackersRS's picture

So, are you saying that Brad Jones had almost the same number of sacks that Jason Taylor had, despite playing half the snaps? AND he's 11 years younger than Taylor???

Yeah, if the Packers don't bring anyne at OLB, if Taylor isn't signed by then, if he's willing to take a backup role, and if he's cheap, very cheap, than it may make some sense.

dgtalmn's picture

Alot of speculation on something that you all know won't happen. Keep it up, at least it is something to read!

packeraaron's picture

Busted. ;)

wgbeethree's picture

Bedard at it again....let's mention a hypothetical that has just about zero chance of happening so when it doesn't I can complain (or if it does I'll bash Taylor....either way I'm gonna complain). Let's see a mid thirties ''pass rush specialist'' for a couple million who (if bedards numbers are correct...I saw 8 sacks two other places) averages a sack every 120 snaps. Why would we take out Jones in passing situations if he is better at coverage AND averages a sack every 90 snaps? Didn't Taylor say that the only reason he is still playing football is to help his future acting career? I distinctly remember that as a reason he wouldn't be interested in GB the last time the ridiculous idea of bringing him aboard was brought up. If he wants to come in for the veteran minimum as a camp body until OBI and/or a late round pick/udfa beats him out for a roster spot I guess that could provide some entertainment.

The money quote should have been about the part where Bedard and Taylor ''don't get along''. Seems like just about everybody who dealt with him in Miami dislikes him. I don't have much of a problem seeing why that would be.

Dilligaff's picture

comes down to price, what we do in the draft, and timing (may or june).

IMO a veteran that has extensive playing time in a 3-4 defense would be asset. I would say the same thing for our ILB position, to have a veteran that has years experience in the 3-4 system would be valuable.

IMO Poppinga (who could not beat out a 7th round rookie)is not an OLB and Thompson's neck problems means there are 2 OLB positions available. We do have Cyril O. on the practice squad as well.

Picking up Taylor would almost eliminate the need to draft a OLB this year.

Who's better Poppinga (making 3 million) or Taylor, giving him 3 million.

Graham's picture

Taylor's last choice is Green Bay. His dancing alone might keep him out. The only way Taylor comes to GB is if we are the only team to offer him a contract, Woodson style. State income taxes and Green Bay's lacluster night life will keep him away. It sucks but it's the hand we are delt.

Ryeguy812's picture

Doesn't New York's state and city income tax make its tax rate above that of Wisconsin (or at least close to it)?

Graham's picture

P.S. it is not that crazy...

FITZCORE1252's picture

I wouldn't mind it for a year or two if we don't get a beast in the draft (maybe even if we did, the tutelage aspect can't be overlooked). I think even more-so than TT, it would be the reluctance of Taylor to come to Green Bay that makes this damn near impossible.

It's well known that he loves Miami weather, don't see him lacing them up in Green Bay (it's been reported he HATED his time in Washington, mostly due to weather).

Square peg, meet round hole.


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