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Batman To The Rescue?

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Batman To The Rescue?

By now you've heard that the Packers are close to signing Ahman Green, if they haven't already.

We talked about this with Greg Bedard on last night's show. Greg pointed out that while it seems like Green has been out of the game for quite awhile, in truth he was playing football at this time last year. Obviously, the hope is that the year or so he's taken off after his last bout of injuries will have given him time to heal.

I won't say I'm shocked at this move, but it is curious to say the least. The Packers obviously are concerned about Deshawn Wynn's knee, and Tom Pelissero is hearing that he'll be out a least a month if he's not put on IR. They have also just got Brandon Jackson back from a bad ankle injury and he looked less than inspiring in the 15 snaps he took on Sunday. As Bedard pointed out last night, one kick to that ankle could send Jackson back to the bench for an extended period of time. So the Packers obviously need something at the position.

But Green?

Signing Ahman Green to get healthy at the running back position is the height of irony, since the guy has been nothing but a walking (limping?) injury for the last three years. He could certainly still play the position last year. He has soft hands and could be a nice compliment to Grant on third downs and even splitting carries. But for how long? Green hasn't made it through a season since he left Green Bay. That should tell you something.

UPDATE: Per Bedard, Green has signed a one year deal.

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PackersRS's picture

Yeah, definitely an improvement over anything we have as a third down back. And he could break the rushing yard record this year. This is a very good sign, if he's healthy...

Todd From Minnesota's picture

I'm glad I'm the first commenter. Green what a joke. I love the guy in his prime but really Green. I'm a Vikings fan wishing for a little competition on Nov 1. Please Green Bay . Ahman Green LOL.

PackersRS's picture

This was one of the last respectable places to talk Packers... What's with the sudden influx of queens fans over here? Guess is the price you pay for being very popular...

Favrelicious's picture

Ahman Green? Really? Wow. I guess I can't really rip it because I have no clue who any of the other Packer RBs are. Is he better than whatshisname, or whatshisname's backup? Possibly.

Dave's picture

I actually like the move (assuming it does happen). He wouldn't be brought in as a number one back, so he could just spell Grant and give us a change of pace. Whatever he contributes is has to be more than Wynn and Jackson have done to this point. He could be a veteran mentor for Jackson (and even Grant) and might be a nice receiving option out of the backfield. Maybe he can show everyone how to properly execute a screen.

As for the Vikings fans, it's like this any time their team gets off to a good start, then like clockwork when their team tanks they crawl back in their holes. Either that or they're bitter because Green ate their lunch for YEARS. Still stings, huh?

Packnic's picture

Its not like this is a game changing move or anything, but i like it. Batman was a great Packer and I'd love to see him break the record. He may surprise some people in a role that Jackson has been half ass filling. Consider him our change-up pitch.

I love when Vikings fans get confident. I seriously do. Its like Road Runner and Coyote. Try as they might, it always ends in some hilarious cartoonish disaster that I never get tired of watching. They fail every year despite how confident they are. Now Childress has gone to the Acme Catalog and picked out the strap on rocket in Brett Favre. We know its gonna blow up on their back eventually and it will end the same for them as it always does...In tears. So keep shooting off at the mouth Vikes. You're just building our anticipation for your ultimate hilarious demise.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Hey, I'm only giving an opinion on a very respectable website. I like this website and the people behind it. But Really people Ahman Green what a joke.

PackersRS's picture

"Try as they might, it always ends in some hilarious cartoonish disaster that I never get tired of watching."
Best sentence ever. Don't mind if I steal it ;)

aalshinard's picture

all we need is tony fisher and we will be complete

PackersRS's picture

"Hey, I’m only giving an opinion on a very respectable website. I like this website and the people behind it. But Really people Ahman Green what a joke."
Opinion and Smack Talk are different animals.
And I really never understood this need other fans have to come to the Packers' sites and smack talk. I personally never done it. But then again, I usually don't have to, as there are allways vikings and bears fans coming to Packer forums... I've also never seen a Lions fan smack talk, but then again...

Packnic's picture

speaking of cartoonish endings. Does anyone ever really get tired of this video?

Paul Allen at his best.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Opinion and smack talk?? Half of the things said on here are smack talk towards other teams. Packer nation has been over rated for years. If it wasn't for number 4 Fudge Packers would be gone from the state.

packeraaron's picture

Todd, Fudge Packers? Really? Come on buddy, you can do better than that. Just keep it relatively clean ;)

Ron La Canne's picture

Three Super Bowl victories vs. What? NONE!
Don't forget the rubber band is streching each week. See last year for more info.
At least we didn't elect Al Franken as a Senator.

alfredomartinez's picture

really viqueens fans, is there such dire need to come to our packer site and vent...really...really? Can't said i'm surprised, we got a lot of you's here in Fresno, walking mighty tall with a price tag still in that brand new purple shity jersey...

packeraaron's picture

alfredo - don't know if you listened, but Corey over at ESPN radio in Bakersfield called you out yesterday during my interview. ;)

alfredomartinez's picture

haha no way, havent had a chance to listen to the podcast just busy keeping up on this BATMAN green thing...

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Ok I take back my very rude comments about a very tasty treat. Who doesn't like fudge.

jenni's picture

We come here purely for entertainment purposes. It's fun to read Packer forums encouraging their fans to celebrate a win against the Lions, which is like giving knucks to the fat kid for beating up the retarded kid on the bus.

We also come here for comments like this;

"really viqueens fans, is there such dire need to come to our packer site and vent…really…really? Can’t said i’m surprised, we got a lot of you’s here in Fresno, walking mighty tall with a price tag still in that brand new purple shity jersey…"

Grammatical nightmare aside, that comment alone is enough to make me throw on my horn/braid combo and parade down the street in my shiny new purple jersey.


matthew's picture

Well.......I don't expect Ahman Green to be all world. But I do like his blocking in pass-pro (which is obviously important considering our o-line). I also think it can't hurt having him in practice everyday and hopefully can teach Ryan Grant how not to get dropped by a one arm tackle from a cornerback. Will ths happen? Probally not. But I don't think it hurts the team and I do like his toughness on the field (when he was healthy).

Bad Knees's picture

Initially I like the move, quality back, quality guy. If he stinks it up on the field then it is a failed acquisition.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Politics is another matter. I agree Minnesota votes for the strangest people. But really people Alman Green is that the first choice. Resurrect Reggie White that is what you really need. Favre was never touched, the man is 40 for cheese sakes. Please fire your coaches and release Kampman we’ll show you how to use his talent.

Jim in DC's picture

It really is pathetic to see fans of other teams trolling the various Packers' blogs. I've never even been to a blog that supports another team, and I don't think I ever will. Do many Packers' fans troll elsewhere? Dunno. It seems pathetically neeedy, like they are compelled to toss feces at whatever they dislike. Oh well, the world is made up of all kinds.

Signing Batman may work out, but my initial reaction is WTF? Too many injuries, and too many fumbles when he was healthy. I guess I'll take a wait and see approach to this signing.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

I also troll the bear sites and give them my very smart and wise suggestions. But I have to say you cheese freaks are the best. Go Vikings.

NickGBP's picture

Let the Queens cheer. The bigger they talk now, the harder they'll fall after Favre collapses when it counts the most. Nothing like building up a failing team's confidence only to completely decimate it lower than it's ever been before. I think after this season the only people in Minnesota that will be happy are the therapists, rolling in dough from all the crushed Queens fans.

PackersRS's picture

Really, queens fans? You really wanna point about picking an old player to improve your team? Really? At least we aren't putting the hopes of the decade (or is it the whole franchise existence?) on the forementioned player, that's in his last snaps.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Win or lose this year. I would never trade it for the amount of fun I've had in Wisconsin Bars. I remember a time when I was asked to leave a bar because I talked trash about Favre. The Legendary, Icon of Wisconsin Favre I think they called him. I love the Irony.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

getting made fun of by a vikings' fan is like having a guy with two teeth, toilet paper hanging out of the top of his black jean shorts, and his seventh wife (cousin) yelling at him to pick her up a pack of parliment menthols make fun of you for stepping in dog shit on your walk to work. purely for entertainment, and not to be taken seriously.

come back when you've won a title, and if my arthritic fingers can still type, and my alzheimer-ed brain can remember these lovely moments, we'll have a nice little argument. until then, enjoy another late season collapse, courtesy of green bay's own trojan horse.

AdamInEngland's picture

This influx will only last a couple of weeks right? Don't get me wrong, its great for Aaron and Corey but jeez its annoying when Vikings fans come over here and argue like we made TT/MM's choices personally.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i'm sorry, i was a bit insensitive, since your team will have been in l.a. for 30 years by then.

you think they could use the metrodome for low-income housing if the economy gets worse?

Ron La Canne's picture

I've been waiting for the Queenie fans to go away before airing my concerns on the signing of Green, I guess that will never happen, they're king of like Dog Poop on your shoes. No mater how much you scrape off the stink is still there.
Now, the signing of Green is still, at best, a stop gap. Nothing more, nothing less. If he comes in and plays hard, he could easily upgrade the RB backup situation. There-in lies the problem. The Packers went into the season with one RB already injured and an injury prone #3 back. Lumpkin is still on the Practice Squad, which should say something too. Hall goes down and the 3 FB strategy (i.e. RB backup) goes out the window. Green, certainly, will be no worse at backup than any of the others we've had and maybe better than most. The point Im trying to make here is that GB was not prepared for an emergency. The philosophy towards the O line was no different. 3 players were forced to move positions because of one injury and we saw how well that worked out. Safety and most of all QB are issues that could surface before too long also.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

I agree Packers have more Titles and years in the league but I wouldn't trade for one title to have the Packers Record. In the 24 seasons from 1968 to 1991, the Packers had only five seasons with a winning record (above .500), one being the shortened 1982 strike season. It's cold in Minnesota but that really makes for a Cold Winter. Ouch.

Ron La Canne's picture

Sorry, blowhard you don't get to cut and paste. It's all or nothing. I realize you have to do that to avoid the discusssion of the greatest "Chokers" in NFL history. I guess you could make an arguement for Buffalo. I pick the Queenies.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Yes I cut and pasted that in. Like the Vikings being efficient with my time and draft picks is important. I agree the Vikings take the league in choking but still it’s not an easy task to get there. Please a 500 record that is easy.

Just Pete's picture

Viqueens: 0 NFL titles
Packers: 11 NFL titles
nuff said on that

Favre: 1 Superbowl title (Desmond Howard MVP)
Starr: 5 NFL titles
2 Superbowl MVP
nuff said on that

When it comes to winning the big game, Favre fails everytime, that's why HE has never won an NFL title, Reggie White and Desmond Howard won it.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Wow so your telling me that the Packers could of won that title with Lynn Dickey. Hmmm. But I do agree the Great Reggie had a lot to do with it and Desmond created a new position in the NFL. But Please too much cheese in the ears. Without Brett We won't have Green Bay Packers it would be San Fran Packers... and you know what they're packing in that meat.

jenni's picture

Wow. You guys sure put the fan back in fanatical.

You're also exhibiting the first few stages of the seven stages of grief.

1). Denial; which can also be identified as living in the past. "Come back when you've won a title." Yeah...Keep holding on to that, it seems to be working for you.

2). Anger; exhibited in this instance in the form of name calling. Example; "Pathetic, needy, blowhard" and my personal favorite, "Dog Poop."

3). Bargaining: Bringing Green back. I can't wait to read more about how the Vikings are relying on an old dog to come up with new tricks. Priceless.

I assume depression and acceptance will come shortly after 6pm on November 1st.


packeraaron's picture

Just Pete - for the record, the Packers have 12 titles, not 11. ;)

Just Pete's picture

thanks Aaron, it's hard to keep up with such a good team and all their records. I think I made my point though.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

todd, does your mommy know you're using the internet without her supervision? the ____packer jokes might get lots of laughs at recess, but most of the readers here are 14 and up.

also, i don't think they move teams that have sold out every game since dinosaurs walked the earth. that happens to teams that can't sell out playoff games in a stadium so depressingly awful it's cited as a cause of suicide in otherwise healthy and happy adults.

really dude, go home and finish your social studies.

PackersRS's picture

"and you know what they’re packing in that meat."
What do you know... queens fans can actually be funny, and bearable... Or is it a natural phenomenon, like the Harley's Comet?

PackersRS's picture

Joshy, the Lakers moved to L.A. The Timberwolves tried to move to New Orleans. See a trend? I just think our purple fan is scared of the thought of his beloved team moving to L.A. I mean, they can't even sell out a PLAYOFF game, for crying out loud. But, hey, maybe Favre will save their franchise!

Todd From Minnesota's picture

It looks like that is it. Like always the Packers dust off thier old trophies get out there record players and play the songs from the Wizenhiemers. Point to the star in the sky and preach about that is how Bart got his name. Vince Lombardi days are over. Another 10 years of a .500 ball club again.

PackersRS's picture

"Another 10 years of a .500 ball club again."
Familiar with the topic, eh?

jenni's picture


As far as I'm concerned New Orleans can have the Wolves. Hell, you can take the entire NBA, move them to Balfour and let us all wash our hands of their piss poor attitudes.

However, you forgot the North Stars moving to Dallas. That's a big one. Your credibility as a hostile Packer fan is dead to me.

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

PackerRS, You can't forget the Northstars either. The country is littered with old Minnesota teams fleeing to greener pastures. At this rate the U of M will be eyeing property in North Dakota.

jenni's picture

Oh, and one more thing. Harley doesn't have a comet, he has a motorcycle. It's Halley's Comet.


D the Dragon's picture

NEVER should have released Sutton! I'm still agitated. He was shifty and powerful for a lil guy. Way better than Wynn that tub-ass. And RG sucks, it takes him 20 steps to make a cut ... if he ever makes one. We need a new core of RB's.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Batman Returns.
46 more yards and he will be the all time leading rusher for the Packers. Welcome back Ahman Green and good luck getting those 46 yards...just dont fumble the ball getting there ok? Thanks!

wgbeethree's picture

todd from minnesota- so you're telling me that they could have won that title with lynn dickey?

I hate to do this but I'm going to have to say that this vikings fan made a great point here. lynn dickey would have been 40 years old that season and was famous for not showing up in big games. no one in their right minds would think you could win a superbowl with a 40 year old choke artist, right. one point for the logical rant of a vikings fan.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Oh, and the Queens had great QB`s through the years?
"Too Drunk Tommy" Kramer
"Wife Beater Warren" Moon
Wade Wilson
Gino Torreta
The list goes on and on. Dont even get me started on Fran Tarkenton the human interception throwing machine.

Asshalo's picture

may be reading into this a bit much (not about wynn). If you're name's not Grant and ur an RB, you're workload's not going to be much. He's a band-aid fix to a position with not much productivity. We always have Lumpkin on the PS to fill in too.

Even at No. 2 on the depth chart, Jackson hasn't done much all year. Worrying about Green on the depth chart really only becomes an issue if Grant get's hurt.

foundinidaho's picture

Hm. I liked Green a lot, but yes, he's older and the injuries are a concern. However, I can see we had to do SOMETHING.

I hope you're getting some ad revenue over here Aaron and Corey with all the Queen fans. Reesh.

VApackerfan's picture

hahahaha, indeed, these Viking fans on here must not have a life trolling along Packer forums looking to fulfill their pleasure. One blog post about Ahman Green and it is infiltrated by Viking fans, who are putting a 1 in front of their 6-0 record. I've noticed more bandwagon Adrian Peterson fans in my area than Viking fans. I guess when things are good you gotta jump out of your shell before it gets bad again. Just think about when the Lions start winning games.

PackerFan4Life's picture

so you come to packer blogs and forums to do what? run your uneducated mouth about non football issues and to tell us what your going to wear. I seriously doubt any of us in here really care about you're pathetic excuse of rethoric questioning. Go put your purple favre jersey on and get a tissue cause if you watch any football at all you would know he breaks down midseason and its about time for that to happen. I wouldnt talke smack in a packer forum either if my old memory serves me right the queens played the browns, st louis, and the lions too and youu so called great team played like dump. So remind me how many chamionships the queens won? Next time think before you write something and claim victory on a game that has yet to be played. Learn some facts maybe it will help you sound a little more intelligent instead of sounding like a overbearing reject

jenni's picture

And time.

Wow, four hours. Honestly, I thought it would have only taken two, max. I see I struck a chord. "Overbearing reject." Nice touch.

Maybe it's time to stop being so serious and have a little fun. Good natured-ribbing between two teams that have been life-long rivals is part of the game. If you watch any football at all you'd know that it's part of the fun, which apparently you are not.

Remove the corncob, PackerFan4Life.

Packsmack's picture

jenni, fun is the occasional ribbing you give rival fans in PUBLIC and not hidden behind a computer. Fun is trash-talking in forums designated for such things. What you're doing is posting on Packer-specific blogs, trying to fuel your need for attention by making outlandish statements. That, jenni, is the definition of a reject. Sorry if it hurts when people have you pegged.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Ok you had to go there you went too far Green Bay Packers.
Too Drunk Tommy” Kramer - I like a man who drinks.
“Wife Beater Warren” Moon - Come on its Warren
Wade Wilson - 87 seasons Washington sucks.
Gino Torreta - Cut
The list goes on and on. Don’t even get me started on Fran Tarkenton the human?????????????? --- Hold on there You said whhhhhhattttt

Now I almost crapped on a cheese hat when I heard this. Don't you even touch this Icon of a Man. Fran will still run circles around Ahman Green. The purple pride runs deep with this truly legendary Viking. Go Vikings.

wgbeethree's picture

good natured ribbing between two team that have been long time rivals is just part of the game.....when its amongst friends you are are absolutely correct...nothing is more fun than a little smack talking amongst friends....when you do it to complete strangers though its just purposely being an asshole (and most likely in real life will result in a physical altercation which is why most do it in a forum like this)...for 99.9 percent of posters there is no point to go on another teams board and talk smack and attempt to upset people other than to purposely be an asshole in an attempt to drag down others into the same sad, pathetic place those posters are trapped in... you can pretend that's not the case if you want but its the cold hard truth

jenni's picture

Packsmack, You're absolutely right. You've got me pegged. I especially like the part about me needing attention.

It was all in fun, but the genuine mean-spiritedness exhibited here is something that, as a Packer fan (and simply a human being), you should be ashamed of.

I always looked at the Green Bay packers as a team that is lucky to have such great fans. Unfortunately, after this, those fans don't look quite the same. It's really too bad when a few bad eggs spoil the whole lot.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

attempt to drag down others same sad, pathetic place those posters are trapped in??? Hey I don't live in Wisconsin you one was too easy. Actually I love Wisconsin but live in Minnesota. Go Vikings.

JenniSucks (Asshalo)'s picture

Dear jenni,

Get a life or a boyfriend. It will help the trolling.



packersbaleno's picture

I love ahman and am so jacked hes back, best RB in packers history, 46 more yards....

JerseyPackFan's picture

Todd From Minn...

To sum up the history of choking by your beloved Queens.


packersbaleno's picture

phenominal play to get the pack in the playoffs

nerdmann's picture

The thing about Queens fans is that they HATE the Packers more than they LIKE their own team. They're perverse.
They're bandwagon jumpers too. A choking QB on a team famous for choking. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.
As for Green, he's had some durability issues with age, but his role here will be as a 3rd down guy. I think the Packers would have activated Lumpy from the PS, but they want someone who can catch the ball and get a first down on some screens.

Todd from Minnesota's picture

Purple Pride runs deep in these veins. I come to this site to get charged up for the next game. I won't trade anything for one of those Green Bay Packers titles. The longer I wait the better the incredible feeling will be. Go Vikings.

PACKERS's picture

Don't vikings fans have blogs about, maybe, their own team to chat in? Green back would be awesome. Hasn't he had injury problems, though?

InFact's picture


But Grammar Cop says:

It's "complement"......not "compliment," above.

oppy's picture

When I heard Green was working out for the packers, I wasn't thrilled.
I thought, my god, if Wynn is going to IR or cut, why wouldn't they promote Lumpkin as opposed to signing a guy who's produced 500 or so total yards since we let him go to FA before the '07 season.
Then they signed him, and I was baffled. Not upset, but definitely confused.
Then I saw Green's locker room interview, and I caught a warm smile crossing my face.
It's good to see him back in green and gold, whatever role he will play. And it seems as though he's learned a life lesson through the "Journey" he's taken from Green Bay to Houston and back again, and truly appreciates the opportunity to not only play football again, but to play football for the Packers.
Welcome back, Ahman.

oppy's picture

Oh, It's also interesting to hear that Ryan Grant has apparently developed a sort of relationship with Ahman Green over the last two years, being connected to him through Edgar Bennett. It seems Grant has talked with Ahman on the phone about a dozen or so times, with Ahman giving Grant little tips or sharing insights on what he thinks may help improve his game from his observations. Pretty special, I think, and cool to boot.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Welcome back!


PACKERS's picture

Green will add depth to the rb position nicely, but his stats aren't that good and he's been hurt. I say it's hit or miss with the results the packers will get out of green.

ctSharpeCheddar's picture

Da da da da da da da da Batman! Pow! Bam! Cape crusader with this offensive he won't last.

PackersRS's picture

First, Halley.
Second, don't care about Hockey, or whatever.
Third, this wasn't a post about anything vikings related. So spare me the lecture when you get your asses wooped and come bragging that it's for fun when you were clearly attempting to troll.
BTW, are you saying that you wouldn't trade nothing for a Green Bay Packers title to sound like you're not jealous? Or is it the truth, you vikings fans are just a bunch of masochists that just like to lose when it matters?
It's just like I said in another post, we're the franchise in the North. The rivalries are between us and the rest of the division.
And about the topic, Green is the 3rd down back/returner, for just the end of the year, by a low price. Anything else is a plus.

PackerFan4LIfe's picture

PackersRS well said! Jenni is a troll an nothing more then to go on opposing teams blogs forums and draw attention to herself for her lack of daddy issues. You dont see us going to queens forums blogs and talking smack like you. The Packers do have the greatest fan base in the world and you should be jealous of that. If you dont like how we treated you in here then I give you the suggestion of get the F*&^ out. by the way I have a corncob for you to stick in your arse, seems vikings fans are used to it

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Teddy, Teddy,

Keep making those great decisions ... it won't be long that a lot of Packers fans can finally come home when you are finally gone.

It's the OL that's the problem. But hey, when you are clueless I guess you have to do "something..."

The only upsize is Green was only 46 yds from taking the franchise record and was a great guy to watch in his prime and gave a lot for the Packers... perhaps he gets a second chance if his injuries and ball carrying don't hold him back (I hope he does well). But if Green wasn't worthy 3 yrs. ago what has he done since then to show he has recovered? But no surprise in decisions like this .... we had a QB who had his BEST season traded the very next year because he had an opinion about what the team needed in order to get to the SB - cranky ...

Maybe Teddy has gone nostalgic and sentimental? Sorry Teddy, White is long gone, Sharper is on a winning team, Moss found a nice home w/ Brady and Favre's number is no longer in your cell phone contact list... lol

PackersRS's picture

"e had a QB who had his BEST season traded the very next year because he had an opinion about what the team needed in order to get to the SB"
And that opinion was to be as lazy as possible until the start of the season... And then get "tired" at the end of the season, too!

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