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Barnett: "Super Bowl Or Die"

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Barnett: "Super Bowl Or Die"

Yesterday on NFL Total Access, Nick Barnett took the 2010 Packers Super Bowl rhetoric to a whole new level. When asked by one of the hosts of Total Access if the upcoming season was a "Super Bowl or bust?" affair, Barnett responded, without hesitation:

Super Bowl or die.


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Tarynfor12's picture

This goes beyond over-confidence,talk about putting a bounty on your self and the team.
Speaking of team,do they get to vote on what some say on these shows.
As Joe Pesci said " objection,I would like to bring in another expert that may contradict the viracity of his testimony so the team may testify on their own behave".I added some but you all get the drift.
Remember what happened to the deer in that movie as told by Ms.Vito!
The doe(PACKERS) just stepping through OTA's and spotting the brook of clear water(training camp) and BAM, some one blows your effen plans right out of your sight,and it doesn't matter what uniform he wearing.

Graffin's picture

So the other members of the team should step up and say, " hey hey hey, SUPERBOWL!?, are you crazy? We're not THAT good." Overconfident? Maybe, but let's hope not. And if the rest of the team calls him out ( what r u thinking Nick!? saying we're gonna win the SUPERBOWL? Shame on you!)we're definitely screwed.

Bearmeat's picture

I seem to remember one August day in 1996 a certain Mr. LeRoy Butler saying "There's no reason we shouldn't go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl this year."
That put a bullseye on that team too. Did it matter? NO! They proceeded to win all their games in September/October with scores like 40-3.
This team is confident and poised. They are ready to wrest the division crown from the Queens, and they WILL be a strong contender to win it all this year.

RogerRamjet's picture

Agree with Bearmeat. Your all a bunch of whimps. If you don't have the confidence you will never get to the next level.

packeraaron's picture

Agreed Bearmeat.

Tarynfor12's picture

I just don't get why some keep comparing the "96" team with this team.Do some of you practice some kind of voodoo that you need to ressurrect the past in hope that they take the field in "2010"
A true apples and oranges,no comparison.
OL,RB,DB no way.
QB,DL,WR more yes than no,and from the talk of most,won't even put LB's in the mix.

PackersRS's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but only 2 teams in the history of the NFL had the best offense and defense and won the title in the same season: he 62 and the 96 Packers.

That should quit any comparison talk.

Graffin's picture

He wasn't comparing the entire team position by position, just ONE similarity. Trying to make the point that this one thing in common is not the end of the world or particularly bad at all.

Tarynfor12's picture

Sorry I left out the biggest difference-SPECIAL TEAMS.A mirror image of "96" if ever I saw one.If Howard doesn't run it back,we probably don't win it.

some_dude's picture

Enjoy the hype, but don't let it go to your head.

nerdmann's picture

Two out of the last three years we were eliminated from the playoffs in extremely painful, flukey ways. The other season out of the last three, we had a complete meldown on defense. That was a fluke too.
Our team needs to start overcoming these messed up, excruciating flukes.

Tarynfor12's picture

Nerdman,"two of the last three years we were elimnated from the playoffs in extremely painful,flukey ways".I didn't recall seeing a flea-flicker on those last plays.That would constitute "flukey" whereas throwing an INT to a wide open DEFENDER(deja vu) or getting Rodgers blasted by a blitz and fumbling isn't FLUKEY.

PackersRS's picture

The #2 defense giving up 45 points, the refs not calling a single thing in our favor, and we turning the ball over when we didn't use to to me is flukey.

But yeah, nobody should be surprised that Favre blew a game...

nerdmann's picture

Think he does that on purpose? I'm serious. Think about it.

Tarynfor12's picture

If it happened once ok,twice EEHH IDK,Cinn,Pitt,ARI,Min(2)TB(geez)"FLUKEY"?

nerdmann's picture

Not to mention he took a dive for Strahan. Think people didn't have bets on that record?

Jack's picture

Dear Nick Barnett: Please STFU unless and until you have won the NFC Championship game.

Shootz's picture

Wait, why is this a bad thing? Some of you are reacting like Barnett is grandstanding or something, as if after this was said he pushed Rich Eisen out of the way and started doing samurai celebration dances on the desk.

You can't tell me that every coach doesn't want his players believing that they're going to the big dance this year and, therefore, playing accordingly. I, as a fan, absolutely want my team to be going forward with confidence, swagger and a clear goal in mind. That's all this is, relax.

Side note, Barnett comes across as knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining in that package. Really good to watch.

Graffin's picture


NickGBP's picture

Agreed. He's been on the show pretty often for a guy of his popularity. Meaning they bring him on not necessarily for the big name draw but because he is interesting and articulate Wouldnt be surprised if they're testing him out for a potential job when he's done if he wants it.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Some people will never be happy. How do they all seem to end up on the Internet?

Super. Bowl. Or. Die.

aussiepacker's picture

Its no problem talking the talk if you can walk the walk and i believe the packers can do more than walk the walk this year.

Tarynfor12's picture

So the concensus is the Pack can talk the talk and walk the walk.
Hmmm? Don't get me wrong as I would love to talk and walk as convinced as some.The thing that gets me is;
How suddenly the Ol is inpenetrable(2 that we hope last a year,and 3 that need to bounce around and 1 that everyone wants cut)which guarantees Rodgers safty.
How the secondary is untoastable since we got rid of BUSH(like that was the only problem)and a SS named Bigby who gets hurt when he hits.
How the OLB(no pass rush) spot that is always being trashed as we rely on Jones.
How some want Poppy and Hawk gone.
How a run game doesn't start till late Nov.
I 'm totally convinced we can TALK and WALK at the SAME TIME all year long.
This team is better than those of the past!!! A shoe-in,a lock,a can't miss.

FITZCORE1252's picture

You might wanna top your drink off, it appears to be half empty.


Graffin's picture

That drink is filled with sarcasm. No one said all those things but you. Simple as this, Nick Barnett or any other veteran leader saying his team should go to the superbowl isn't a bad thing. What about that Woodson clip? "I'm thinking superbowl." Barnett was a bit more cocky then that, but that's just how he rolls.Same idea.

Tarynfor12's picture

Graffin,perhaps you read through some of these other articles.The Ol,Grant,OLB and tell me I;m the only one saying these things.Please tell me alzheimers is the norm here.No disrespect to those who actually suffer of it ,so lets not feign it when caught. REREAD some of the ARTICLES posted and the comments.

Graffin's picture

Your'e right. No one has said those things in this thread, and while there have been discussions of the OL, Grant and so on in other posts, even those with the optimistic opinion have not said impenetrable, untoastable or a lock. Again, this was about what Barnett said and if it was to much, too cocky. I don't think it was.

Tarynfor12's picture

You say half empty and I say half full,so who's the optimist?

Tarynfor12's picture

Graffin,being a female allow me an attempt to make a comparison of the "Super or Die" from Barnett.
A man(Barnett) walks into a bar(the NFL) and yells"I AM THE MAN and NO ONE can STOP ME".He stands in the middle of the floor awaiting all who dare(end of OTA's).
Hours pass(time till Training Camp)and it dawns on him why nobody has affronted him with a bigger CHEST POUNDING and BRAVADO as his.HMMM?
They all know from experience,when you boast such things, you do think you're "inpenetrable and untoastable" and then you get gang banged in the bar(NFL).
Best to walk in and size up your opponents and take them on outside- ONE AT A TIME.

Graffin's picture

Yeah , I don't agree with that comparison. But it's all good. Different people different opinions.


NyPacker's picture

Even Nick Barnett is predicting the Pack for the superbowl. C'mon Jersey Al!!

Oppy's picture

I've always thought Nick Barnett is a very good football player, but I've also always thought that Nick Barnett has historically done a good job of portraying himself as an over-confident knob who has a tendency to get into physical confrontations involving women in his spare time- but he has always been able to turn on the charisma when ever he wanted to.

That said, I think Nick presented himself in a very positive manner in this clip. There's nothing wrong with a guy stating that he and his team mates are looking at anything but a super bowl birth as a failure. It would be different if he was guaranteeing an appearance, but he didn't. He represented the Packers well.

Just wish he would have mentioned Brandon Jackson when the subject of RB's not wanting to Block or not being good at it was brought up.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Super Bowl or die."

F'ing A.


CJ in Guatemala's picture

TOO MUCH SHIT being talked about here by a SENTENCE. Bottom line in my book is, you can't win without a winning mentality and if you don't have THE FINAL TARGET on your mind.

Peace out.

PackersRS's picture


"No, no. We got a very good team, I believe, but our expectations are low. We're thinking maybe winning 8 or 9 games. That's our goal."

That's what he should've said...

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Testing my new avatar.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Keep tweekin' CJ.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Fixed now, i had a wrong email associated to it.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Good stuff, I dig it.

Keith's picture

Geez, no one is comparing this team to the '96 team. Bearmeat was just saying that making confident statements to the press won't derail a team.

Who cares if the 2010 team couldn't beat the '96 team, anyway? They only have to worry about the other teams in the 2010 NFL.

Ruppert's picture

After Barnett said "Poontang" on the sideline of a preseason game broadcast, I will never be surprised at anything he ever says again.

I don't care if they're silent, loud, obnoxious or nice...provided they go out and win.

PackmanAZ's picture

Thought I was on the Green Bay Press Gazette forums for min.

Super Bowl or Die!!

some_dude's picture

Superbowl or Die.... muthaf*ckaaaaaaaaaa!

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

I see his comment not about the team or the fans or the '96 team or anything but a personal all-out commintment to winning. If we had all players and coaches saying "Superbowl or Die" and everyone set that goal, we'd be even more of a lock for it. It is a great statement that he is willing to die for the cause.

But of course you don't win super bowls by dying for your team. You win super bowls by making some other son of a b**** die for his team.

PackersRS's picture

When a RB lowers his head to gain an extra yardage, or jumps to the endzone, he's "dying for his team".

When a QB knows he'll get hit but still delivers the ball, he's "dying for his team".

When a LB takes up two blockers by himself, so his teammate can make the play, he's "dying for his team".

Yeah, we need that mean streak. But we also need the self-sacrifice, the team mentality.

holly's picture

Tarynfor12, I love the enthusiasm, just like I love Nick's. At this point, a month from camp, there's no reason not to feel confident. Nearly the whole gang (minus Kamp) is coming back for more, and everyone has good things to say about your team. The Packers are as yet undefeated in 2010. If that kind of confidence pumps up Nick (or any of the other players on any of the teams in the league), I have no beef with that. It's July.

FITZCORE1252's picture



Tarynfor12's picture

Hi Holly,As like yourself and the many in PackerLand,I adore enthusiasm and I love Nick,Aaron and every vet and rookie on the team or simply "I Love the Pack".I would just prefer that any player wait till after the 3rd week of training camp to be as"BOLD" as Nick when we are more sure of who is on the team.
Everyone simply coming back(except Kampy) means nada.My question(s)in all of this are the what(if's)and they must be weighed.
What if Clifton or Tauscher go down (in camp)and are lost for 4-6 weeks,is our OL better than last year w/o them?
What if Harris is done and Bigby (ahem)gets hurt,is Burnett(R) able to step in and are Lee and Underwood difinites?
What if our SPT's isn't much improved?
I'm sure most think me to be a pessimist but I assure all I'm a total optimist for the Packs future,but optimism can only be truly founded by weighing in the WHAT IF's.To discount them so early will only make those who do so ask"What the Hell was I thinking"with some regret I would hope.
These are the things that will be answered in camp and will show a clearer picture of the Packers destiny this year.
SuperBowl or Die this early is to foggy a road,I'll wait for the sun to rise(late Aug) so I can see the road and the bumps in it.

packeraaron's picture

"Everyone simply coming back(except Kampy) means nada" - I strongly disagree.

Tarynfor12's picture

Aaron " I Strongly disagree".Since you posted no reason(s) shall I assume you are waiving off all "What If's" as simple nuisances to be ignored?How come I can never find a magic wand as some do.Respectfully.

Boris_x4's picture

I'm glad we have some confidence from one of our team leaders on defense. Now let's see it translate on the field.

...and for god sakes, beat the stupid Vikings at least ONCE this year

packeraaron's picture


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