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Barnett Out For The Season

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Barnett Out For The Season

Per Adam Schefter this evening:

Packers LB Nick Barnett is out for season after suffering a wrist injury similar to one that ended Brian Urlacher's season last year.

It is officially time for Desmond Bishop to cash the check his mouth has been writing for the last two years.

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PackersThad's picture

WOW! OK, injury bug! Enough! Seriously!

FITZCORE1252's picture


ShopeIV's picture

3 starters gone... the only hope is that Rodgers and the receivers all remain healthy they are our only hope...

RockinRodgers's picture

Well. Thats just great. Its hard to be excited about this season.

June's picture

Superbowl gone? Not just that Barnett is out - but Grant and Burnett too. How far do you guys think we can go? Unfortunetly, I'm not very optimistic.

James Rarick's picture

So what is up with the second opinion? Is it going nowhere and confirmed done for the year.

Does this also signal the end Barnett's career? He was tailing off a little anyway, and two IRs in three years is a little telling.

PkrNboro's picture

the tiresome-before-it-really-got-started samurai is now little more than a chopstick

JerseyCheese's picture

Can you believe we are averaging one player to IR per game? Harrell, Grant, Burnett and now Barnett. It looks like Chillar will soon be on IR too. And with no running game and ageing tackles, it looks like this Super Bowl season is painfully coming to an end! Someone please persuade me otherwise...

Bearmeat's picture

How much more can go wrong? What a horrible week to be a Packer fan!
At least look on the bright side: Unless TT had gone crazy and gotten a couple safeties, couple LB's, couple RB's, couple of CB's that were starting quality or at least filler quality... we wouldn't have gone anywhere anyway.

James Rarick's picture

JerseyCheese, for all the bitching people say about giving up draft picks, this is exactly why you don't give up draft picks, so you can strengthen the roster with reliable backups.

Not all picks pan out, so you have to get a lot and hope 30% pan out. If you trade them all away, you get 30% of nothing.

Now, they have Bigby hopefully coming back, and Bishop has to prove that he is worth something. So, it is not do or die. We still have Bishop, Hawk, Matthews and Jones as the starting linebackers. Not bad.

When Collins is healthy and Bigby comes back, we have a solid safety tandem.

We are then still stuck with the running back, but I believe Jackson will improve and we have yet to see what Nance can do.

So, keep pressing forward and keep the picks. Because we need good backups everywhere, not selling them all for one spot.

nerdmann's picture

Kinda glad they didn't trade Hawk after all. The thought of starting Bishop and Simpkins the next few weeks is chilling.

PkrNboro's picture

Wanna talk about chilling ?

Check out the Detroit game, 2nd qtr, at 9:15 & 6:04 -- watch Hawk "freeze", while he let's the runner gain an additional 2-3 yards -- as he stands and waits for the opponent to come to him.

...and then if you're ready for more, check him at 1:49 as he gets totally turned around by the tight-end -- the same guy that catches the ball and gains about 15yards.

PackerAaron's picture

I yelled at the tv so loud on that first play I scared the kids.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Your wife still let's the little one's be around you when your watching the Packers???

Just kidding, kinda. If it's Bears or Queens, they kinda just disappear... man I love my family! Although I readily admit that's a bit sad. They're 4 and 7 now, I'm hoping by 8 and 11 they will both be next to me knowing what's going on.

nerdmann's picture

Yeah I remember that play. But I'd take him over Simpkins.

Bearmeat's picture

James, I think when you talking about the LB's you meant:
"We have CM3 and a bag of balls"

Barnett was the only other LB that could do it all other than CM3. We're in trouble. Hawk can't cover. Can't blitz. Bishop can't sort out coverage responsibilities in his fuzzy head. Chillar is out for who knows how long. Zombo is an athletically challenged rookie. Jones is always hurt, doesn't rush well. Doesn't play the run well. Poppinga just sucks. And I haven't even gotten to RB/S/CB yet.
We still have a good team, but not a championship caliber one. Too many holes. TT could've filled them adequately with trades/FA, but we know better than to hope for that!

This sucks.

Sars's picture

James, very optimistic and thanks for making me feel better.

PkrNboro's picture

but look what he does with valuable second-round picks:

2006 -- Daryn Colledge
2007 -- Brandon Jackson
2008 -- Brian Brohm; Pat Lee

not quite balanced with
2005 -- Terrence Murphy (OK til injury)
2006 -- Greg Jennings
2010 -- Mike Neal (hopeful, but unknown)

alex's picture

its always important to find a silver lining in every bad situation......still looking

nerdmann's picture

Maybe this will finally inspire MM to start actually running the WCO and dominate time of possession.

Jack's picture

The Packers need to have a shaman visit 1265 and rid the building of the evil spirits who seem to have taken over there. Then he can go unleash them on the Vikings.

nerdmann's picture

Or maybe get rid of that shitty fieldturf.

bogmon's picture

I for one have BLIND FAITH...because..well, Why not?

I like what we've got here and there's no reason to say this team can't continue to surprise.

Critics and cynics said the D was over last season when Kamp and Harris went down...they were wrong.

Alot of football's gonna be a bumpy ride.

James Rarick's picture

I still don't understand why it is blind faith.

Linebackers: Matthews, Bishop, Hawk (Chillar), Jones (Zombo)

Safeties: Collins, Peprah (Bigby)

We lost what we thought was our back-up safety whom many thought would be a liability as a rookie, and now think the sky is falling because of, and Barnett, who has a capable replacement.

Move on.

bogmon's picture

this is my point...on paper it reads "panic", but football is all about chance and circumstance.
Based on what I saw from this club all summer in camp, I think this team has more than enough talent to persevere and win many more games.

James Rarick's picture

Still, it has been a devastating couple of weeks. I hope it stops. We are running very thin.

nerdmann's picture

In 2008, Bob Sanders was our defensive coordinator. Dude couldn't scheme his way out of a paper bag.
We now have Dom Capers. This dude can make it happen with smoke and mirrors if necessary, at least to some degree. There's at least an element of creativity there. We're not doomed. I bet we go on a winning streak.

Philthy's picture

Completely agree. It's up to Capers to match scheme to available players.

nerdmann's picture


NoWayJose's picture

Let the parade of bad news continue! Guys lost for season, guys not acquired, Vikes improving... For gods sake, we even lost Bedard this week!

At this point, I keep looking over at my dog, waiting for him to look me in the eye and take a dump on the rug. Nothing could surprise me anymore.

I will say this though. I did not think Barnett was having a great start to the year. Good guy, vet, athletic, leader - but not overly productive so far this year. I think it's a hit, but It's survivable. Don't count these guys out.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Vikes Improving? Wait until tomorrow.

nerdmann's picture

Barnett was the "Darren Sharper" of ILBs. Still, I'd take him over Hawk.

andrew's picture

i wish we still had darren sharper... dude makes plays.. every player gets scored on.. when he does it cause he is out of position.. but still.. dude has 10 pick6s.. hes a solid guy.. missed him since he left us

lebowski's picture

Well, at least we still have the Badgers. Oh, wait....

jack in jersey city's picture

ONeill's picture

I think Capers can make appropriate adjustments and get by surprisingly well without Barnett.

RickyBobby's picture

i guess i just have to laugh... otherwise i'll cry.

sucks that we're going to have to wait until 2012 to get our next shot at the lombardi (no season next year).

gotta change my mindset now.

i will no longer be watching the Packers trying to figure out if they're SB caliber. I will now just relax and watch the subs do their best. If they pull out some wins - great. If not - well... it is what it is.

wonder who'll get knocked out for the season this week.

someone should start a dead pool.

lebowski's picture

I love the idea of a 'Dead Pool', at least it'll keep the season entertaining.

nerdmann's picture

You want a dead pool? I'll take the Queens on mine. (Not to jinx us of course.) Check it out:
As Silver quoted one unnamed Viking saying, "I think it's all or nothing. It's either the missing piece and we go all the way, or Moss takes on Chilly and this thing blows up by the end of October. There's no C grade on this one. It'll either be an A or an F."

Gasping for Breath's picture

Shawne Merriman? Chargers may release him...

Chris's picture

If this gos on they might have to clone CM3 and start him everywhere ;-)
Any news about Chillar yet? Not that he can fill Barnett's shoes, but at least he is a warm body out there. Do the Packers need to go out and sign an ILB fro the streets if both are out?

Tony Wilson's picture

This just reminds me of the 4-12 season. Good team, but just riddled with injuries.

Injuries kill good teams, but I hope this is the end of it for the season. It's getting f*cking ridiculous.

Cole's picture

Well, we're 3-1 so I'm pretty sure we are going to be better than that.

CSS's picture

Have to wonder if some of the commentros roll over and die in their personal lives if/when it becomes difficult?

"Screw it, I'm not even going to bother showing up..." (stomps feet, throws hands in the air and cries)

hyperRevue's picture

Seriously. Bunch of chicken littles.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Not if they have a mortgage and family. I hope anyway! I'll definitely admit I've been in a pissy mood at work this week though. Stupid? Definitely! Can I help it? I'm working on it.

I remember my Old man telling me he 'HAD' to stop watching the GBP for a couple years in the 70's because he would just get too pissed and it was upsetting my mom (still read the clippings/kept up, but couldn't watch them). I can't let myself get to that point, but it sure would not be hard... DEEP BREATH


CSS's picture

And it's understandable. You tend to come around after the frustration and look at the big picture with a rational perspective.

For me, you can be competitive in every game provided Rodgers is healthy. My sky is falling if he's out, my sky is close to falling if Woodson is out (can still win shootouts if Woodson is down with a healthy Rodgers).

FITZCORE1252's picture

Dude, if we lose ------- or ------- (can't eve type it), I'm gonna have to go the way of the Old Man, or I'm just gonna lose it! Check back with you guys in 2015!

PACKER NATION: It matters not who you pray to, but P-R-A-Y we don't lose ------- or -------.

PkrNboro's picture

are ya thinkin' Gruden, or Cowher ??

c'mon -- admit it -- you're thinkin' stuff like that !!!

Ruppert's picture

Silver Lining: At least Desmond Bishop will shut up because he'll finally get a chance to play.

What about Michael Lewis, the safety who bailed on Singletary? Is he really retired, or does he just want to play somewhere else? I don't know if he has anything left, but it might be worth kicking the tires. Dude was a Pro Bowler one year, albeit a few years ago.

Sars's picture

A road is never completely staight and smooth it always has turns and pot holes. WE have to suck it up. Everyone on our team has made it to the pros so they are all the cream of the crop. We just have to be even better fans and support these guys as much as we can.

Cole's picture

I'm still confident that we will beat the redskins and dolphins. So we could be 5-1 heading into the bye, and I'll believe the vikings are up to last years level once they start playing like it.

Hopefully these injuries will unite them, but seriously shouldn't Ted consider bringing in a veteran LB? Maurice Simpkins? You have got to be kidding.

PkrNboro's picture

who's bye ?
"our" bye ?
we have to play 9 (nine) games before our Nov. 14th bye.

you must be thinking about the Viking game...

or maybe you're thinking about hitting that pipe (again...)

andrew's picture

im gettin tired.. of all the people ripping on players.. find me a player that doesnt make mistakes.. find me one. that blitzes perfectly everyplay.. never gets beat in coverage.. never has a bad game never hesitates.. or blindy rushes in missing the play...
it happens...
i am not a big fan of bishop ive said it before.. but i think he can fill the void if used properly..
i honestly think hawk has improved a little in coverage.. does he always have good coverage.. no.. obviously not.. and when used properly in blitzing he can help cause sacks and disrupt the qb himself every once in a while..
cm3 is a beast

we assume bigby and harris come back and play well.. and we seem to look pretty fine... who cares about barnett he honestly is just a guy.. a leader.. but just a guy.. he doesnt make big plays all he was was a tackler.. we have another tackler.. hawk.. and if bishop can be a decent starter we look fine.. no depth at all.. but fine.. jones can run inside linebacker if one of them needs a breather.
burnett has lots of big play potential.. but he was still just a rookie.. so in a sense we still have a similiar guy if not a better guy in peprah since peprah has experience. and peprah is a 2 week void filler.. then we have our other safety back.. outside of that i dont see where we are really hurting.
barnett being done for the year is not suprising he gets hurt all the time anymore.. chillar being hurt a slight shocker.. but he would be worthless if he played the whole game

we will be fine. no reason to panic yet seriously..

side note.. barnett is definitely done. i would be shocked to see him come back next year look to see a mlb picked up in this draft

Cole's picture

I agree with some of that, but Barnett is about as done as Urlacher was if it's a wrist injury.

PkrNboro's picture

Andrew ?
Is that your real name ?
or is your name really "Mike McCarthy", and you're pretending to be "Andrew" on this blog ???

Next you'll be saying our running game is fine.

After that, maybe something about "pad-level", or "cleaning up some stuff", or "availability/accountability"...

Andrew: do you have a pen stuck in the back of your cap ?

Be sure to tell Ted I said "hello."

Chris's picture

I'm not going to lie, I just uploaded the packers updated roster on maddenn 11 and all of these back ups suck. I cant stop anyone. I hope madden 11 isn't any indication of how our defense will play on sunday, however it was last sunday.

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