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And Lo, It Came To Pass...

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And Lo, It Came To Pass...

...and to run, and to drive for touchdown after touchdown.

And so, Sir McCarthy smote the foul beast that was Sanders of the Bob.

And the people, they did rejoice.

(No. Seriously. Like, remember how people were dancing in the streets when Obama won? This was bigger.)

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Holly's picture

And there was much rejoicing. :)

L.A.'s picture

And so, doth this mean that Sir Mike of Nolanham will be bringing a new defensive scheme with him? Or will we continue to useth the Bates Schemeth that no longer worketh?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You guys make the best posts. Seriously.

Stanislaw's picture

Hope your happy a guy lost his job over some stupid game - anyone with half a brain knows it isn't schemes or lack of schemes that win or lose football games. It's the talent.

Sleep well tonight.

packeraaron's picture

Stan - If you have read this site for more than three days, which I know you have, you know that I am well aware a man lost his job. He did his job poorly - he got fired. He has more money, right now, than most people will ever see in their lifetime, esp the record number of unemployed as a result of the financial crisis.

So spare me.

IronMan's picture

Well said Aaron.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Me thinks he doth protest too much

PRC's picture

I hope we turn to Peter (Giunta), the rock of our salvation.

Ron La Canne's picture

And the scourge of good defense is gone, Thank You, Thank You. Give me anyone who can implement the Philly (Johnson) approach or the Baltimore approach to defensive football.

That said, GB still needs two D-Linemen and a LB before 2009.

Will Campen be the next to go? Joe Philbin hasn't sounded very happy with his Line's performance in 2008. Did anyone see how San Diego ran that sweep with Sproles? Awesome, looks like the old Packer running game with pulling guards and mobile tackles sealing off the D-line and LB's. Hope MM and Philbin were watching.

A couple of O-Linemen are a must also.

astyak's picture

I rejoiceth with much mead and great frivolity that the court jester has been smote (or is that smitten, or smoten or smitted).

May the Greatest Team to grace the kingdom return to a defense that smites with abandon.

Keith's picture

The Philly scheme only works with good defensive lineman who can rush the passer (see, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.) Anyone who watched the Pack this year knows we don't have that kind of talent.

The Baltimore scheme is the most complex defensive scheme in football, with Ray Lewis essentially playing the role of a defensive Peyton Manning, making play calls on the fly. I don't think we have a Ray Lewis on this roster either.

Not that I wouldn't like coaches from either of these systems, but I just think it would be difficult to implement with our current roster of players. Personally, I am a big fan of the 3-4.

And Ron, Bob Sanders was a poor DC who showed little inclination or ability to make the necessary changes that his lack of talent or game situations dictated. He deserved to get canned.

Stanislaw's picture

Ah I was only kidding, I could care less that he got fired, christ I'd wish you and yours cancer if it would just get us into the playoffs.

IPBprez's picture

Johnson's Defensive Scheme is based on some really really good Safeties. Never forget that. Of course, he KNOWS how to use them, as well.

For those that think we have NO TALENT on defense, you're lost. Besides, coaching is also known as "teaching" ... and if they're just showing up to get the free coffee and hang out at the water-cooler, then what good are they, except to spread rumors of gossip?

I just heard about this on the way into work, this morning (First Team on FOX with Steve Czaban). I said: Glory, hallelujeh! It wasn't all Sanders fault - but as a DC (get it? Lead Defensive Coach?) he should have been able to find a way to make it work despite losing (one guy) Cullen Jenkins.... and he didn't. Would you rather have SLOWIK back?

The question always was: are the players responding to the coaches they have. If not, then damn well find out WHY NOT. Maybe these meetings MAC described in his ENd of Year Presser told him a few more things than what most SportsPundits were allowed to say at the time. One can gander a thing or two.

Sanders will most likely land on his feet. He DID get paid a LOT of money. I have no doubt he invested it well.

As for getting rid of the 4-3. to go to the 3-4? Forget it. It takes more than one offseason to switch up when you have the personnel we have. Kampman is not a 3-4 guy-it would diminish his presence.

Plus, we need (IMHO) a more attentive Linebackers Coach. Not really slamming Winston Moss, but I do believe he spent '08 worrying about prepping for a HC position with some team, somewhere. Therefore, the LB's did slack off on how well the focused on the game.

I'm not finding any notice of who will replace Sanders yet, but I would wish for MAC to bring back Jim Bates! Does anyone know a potential LIST?

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

IBP, Silverstein has a list here:

I also totally agree about not switching to the 3-4, if for no other reason than it reminds of those 1980s Packer squads. (But there are other reasons.)

Andrew's picture

I really don't think these linebackers are talented enough to play a 3-4.

packeraaron's picture

Stan - that's horrible - and very, very funny.

Stanislaw's picture

It was mean spirited and terrible and yes, I understand kill or be killed in the world of professional sports. It's sometimes I can't understand the vitriol spewed on MM and TT. I mean these guys want to win too and the self-rightgeousness (sic) and hostility showed by my fellow fans . . . everyone just as the stupid** as the next (and I include myself in that group) I'm ashamed to care even one iota.



**If I hear one more knuckle-head state how Kampman can play end in the 3-4 - seriously I'm going to lose it.

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