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Ahman Green: Better Than You Think

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Ahman Green: Better Than You Think

After a month of hearing and reading how Ahman Green was obviously a goner, Green himself was quoted yesterday saying that the Packers are interested in having him back in 2010. Well, this obviously didn't fit the storyline the guys and gals on the beat had already written out - Jason Wilde in particular almost sounded like he was belittling Green on the D-List yesterday when asked about it, saying that it was "nice of Green to think that" but that, clearly, Green is done.

I'm here to tell people that Green is not only not done, he's ready to split time with Grant.

Look, is the guy older for a back? Yes. Did he spend two years in the injury wilderness down in Houston? Yes. But I went back tonight and watched most of Green's carries and receptions from last season and I'm telling you - the guy still has it, he just needs more carries. Not only that, he's by far the best short-yardage back on the roster.

Don't write him off. He could be the Packers' version of Curtis Martin, who everyone thought was done and who then came back and had two more stellar years starting for the Jets. He can do everything Grant can do and can do some of them (catching the ball, goalline running, etc) even better.

Yes, the odds are stacked against him, but people would be wise to actually go look at the tape - Green can still play. He just needs a chance.

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Shootz's picture

As long as no one ever asks him to return kicks ever again, I'd be happy to have Green back on the team. The question of our running back roster becomes more interesting if we are able to pick up a decent halfback in the draft, because who do you cut (or not bring back)?

ZeroTolerance's picture

With our other needs being greater, I can see it happening.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

I completely agree with you, Aaron. I kept yelling at McCarthy (through the TV) to run Green more. It also seemed like having Ahman in the mix made Grant play better.

D.D. Driver's picture

Wow. No Green really is done. Nothing he did last year was all that impressive. If the Packers need a warm body that can give them spot mediocrity, Green can fill that void. But lets hope that such a void does not exist.

packeraaron's picture

DD - you could not be more wrong. Cheers.

Dilligaff's picture

I am not sold on Grant alone, but his stats do not give my ill feelings any support. I was one that wished MM would have used Green more this year because of his screen play ability/pass catching and the fact that Green will get that one or three yards more when we need it the most, making something out of nothing. Grant seems to be unable to get those tough yards when the O-line has not clearly opened a hole. Aaron you forgot to mention a number of pass blocking plays that Green flat out neutralized a blitze giving A-rod more time to pass, where Grant is so so in picking up the blitz. If I remember one anouncer made a mistake on giving credit to Quin Johnson, when it was really Green.

D.D. Driver's picture

Nope. I can ALWAYS be more wrong. But I'm not this time. Green is done. It's time to move on.

Keith's picture

What Aaron said x 1000.
Green brought a lot more to the table than expected of him and I think he should definitely be back at a reasonable salary.

JerseyAl's picture

I happen to agree. In fact, here are the last words in my Ryan Grant "can't cut" article back in early December:

"Throughout Ahman Green’s career, one thing has been definitive - he consistently gains positive yardage. Consistency that Ryan Grant does not have. Green is rarely stopped for no gain or a loss. He finds a way to make something out of nothing. Consistently.
Of Ahman Green I say, 'Give him the damn ball'."

DanTX's picture

I'm starting to think that some of the negativity towards Ahman Green's performance last year stems from commenter personal shortcomings. But I won't name names.

Green is a decent backup. His potential is realized. I'm sure when Aaron said he can do everything Grant can do, he meant it, with the wrinkle that the breakaway speed isn't there. It seems like as long as Grant feels like some of his carries might get taken away, Green makes Grant a better back, too.

Jon's picture

I'm not sure what tape you're watching, but it must be from five years ago. And exactly how does Green compare to Martin? Martin was productive until his final season, when he still gained more yards than Green has combined for in the past three years.

packeraaron's picture

Jon - your second point is a fair one. You're right. My perception of Martin was different than the reality - I had remembered him having a down year and then coming back, but even his 'down' year was pretty good. As to your first point, Green played well when given the chance this season, esp in the second Viking game. He just needs more touches.

bomdad's picture

Green played half a season. While I agree he's still got "it," "it's" not in the quantity to sustain a training camp battle and a full season. His best role is to stay in shape, stay by his phone, and stay away from his ex so the Pack can call him up when they need a third back later next season.

Oppy's picture

Ryan Grant might be better than you think.

Ryan Grant actually averaged more yards per reception in both '08 and '09 than Ahman Green did in '09... Yet it's extremely common to hear people talk about how much better Green was in the pass/screen game than Grant last season.

Perhaps just another example of perception not necessarily matching the reality?

packeraaron's picture

Oppy - I hate stat 'gotcha' like that. So what? When did those receptions happen? What was the down and distance? What formation was the offense in? Was the defense playing man or zone? All factors that Grant's average yards per reception tells us nothing about. It also doesn't help that Grant has had a bazillion more chances than Green. (Yes, that is an official number.)

foundindaho's picture

I really, really like Ahman. I hope he can come back and keep much needed leadership in the locker room.

MadJam's picture

Green has great vision, runs low, huge lower body strength and power, soft hands, blocks well, tons of experience. He's a team guy at this stage. Keep him.

PackersRS's picture

How can you rip Jenkins for falling down the stretch, when there was noone to rotate with him (Pickett hurt), but turn the eye towards Green's late season ineffectiveness? I'm not saying Green is a bad RB, he was clearly better than all the other backup RBs we had (til Jackson got healthy). I'd like him back, but to suggest that he should SPLIT time with Grant?

packeraaron's picture

Green's late season ineffectiveness? He was hardly on the field! Jenkins started and played every game.

PackersRS's picture

And what did he do when he was on the field? When he subbed in for Grant, he had worse yardage than him.
The first couple of games, when he came in, Green was BETTER than Grant. But Grant was miles better than Green late season.
And yes, Jenkins started and played every game, thus why he wore down. Why did Green?????

D.D. Driver's picture

I'm not in love with Grant but he is a solid and legitimate starter. The grass is always greener, though.
Last offseason we heard about how Deshawn Wynn was going to take over for Grant, then folks got a little more "realistic" and predicted that Wynn wouldn't take over for Grant per se he would just "split carries" with Grant. (For the record, I don't recall Nagler suffering from the Wynn-sanity.)
I never saw what people were so blown away by about Wynn and I don't see what people are so impressed about Green's performance last season. He's just a guy now. The Packers might need a guy and Ahman might be just the guy they end up with, but I am seriously, seriously hoping that there are some better options at training camp.

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