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Ahmad Brooks is Now a Green Bay Packer

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Ahmad Brooks is Now a Green Bay Packer

Ted Thompson is going "All In."

After last season's debacle in the playoffs against the Falcons, Aaron Rodgers pronounced, "We've just got to make sure we're going all-in every year to win. And I think we can take a big step this offseason."

In yet another move that tells you Ted Thompson was listening, the Packers signed just-released linebacker Ahmad Brooks to a one year contract. 

Linebackers coach Winston Moss is an obvious fan of the signing: “He can do everything that we would ask him to do in our scheme. He can play to the tight end side, he can play to the open-end side. He can play the outside linebacker, he can play the elephant.”

From 2009-16 with the 49ers, Brooks registered 264 tackles, 51.5 sacks, and three interceptions. He was a starter for the last six seasons and missed only five games over the course of those years.

Welcome to Green Bay, Ahmad Brooks!

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PackfanNY's picture

I like it. Big tough, physical linebacker to add depth behind Clay and Nick Perry. Now if we can find maybe another veteran O-Lineman I think we would be set.

KenEllis's picture

When was Ted Thompson replaced as GM of the Green Bay Packers?

After years of being told that free agency is the Devil's Brew and leads only to ruination, the Packers have now signed six free agents?

I know this cannot be Ted making such ill-advised moves, so I must have missed the announcement he was stepping down.


croatpackfan's picture

When you go back and analyse FA market through few years, you may find something interesting. Packers were signing FA released from other teams (just to remind you recent signings - Guion, Peppers, Cook), but there was some kind of frenzy amongst teams. The prices of FA are unbelievable high and, in the most of cases, those prices were not justified by FA contribution to the teams. Go back to this spring and find out what kind of money TT spent on Bennett, Kendricks, Evans, House, RJF and, now, Ahmad Brooks. You'll find something interesting - TT invested 16.2 mill $ for all 6 FA. Earlier seasons, you might signed one, maybe 2 FA for that money with very debatable influence in upgrading the roster (I will remind you on frenzy few seasons ago about S Byrd - Saints signed him for more than 10 mill $ per year - he was injured in preseason, spent whole year on IR and than played quite unimpressive, so Saints finally released him!).
So, TT said that he and personal department always looking for better players to sign with purpose to make Packers roster better. But that FA must come for right price, not just to come...
I know that lot of you are very nervous about Packers. I'm not. I believe Packers are well organized franchise, lead by people who really cares about it. I'm not fan that long as many of you are, but I have enough sample to trust Packers leaders....
Thank you!

DThomas's picture

Your post conveniently forgets a couple of things: First, many of us have not advocated for Thompson to jump in during the first hours of free agency. We were advocating adding veterans for depth and insurance - like RJF, Kendricks, and now Brooks. What we heard instead was such players could disrupt the locker room and 'next man up' is the best way to go. Earlier this year I posted I was happy that Thompson has gone outside his comfort zone by signing so many free agents and I got push back from some here who wrote Thompson hasn't changed, the players just happen to be signing with the Packers this off season. Now Thompson has signed 6 UFAs: 3 who will start and 3 who will play extensively. If you don't recognize that as a change in the way Thompson has performed his GM duties, you may be a Thompson apologist. As Jersey Al wrote below: "This is like 4 years of his signings in one shot".

I really don't understand why some fans feel the need to justify everything Thompson has done. Yes, he's an above average GM but he has been largely (not completely) blind to the advantages to using free agency to bolster the roster in the past. For example, how long did the hole at ILB last? Thompson's adherence to almost exclusively building through the draft (compared to other GMs) made a lot of sense early in his tenure as GM. But after the team was established it was time to use ALL avenues including free agency and again, compared to the rest of the league Thompson didn't do that. I'm extremely happy he has changed.

Samson's picture

You've hit the "proverbial nail" on the head. --- To basically ignore free agency like TT has done over the years has put GB in a position where unproven players have had to play waaaay too many snaps. Many have failed and as a result GB is still trying to get back to the SB.

This season is different. -- Most Pack Fans have no problem with the added veteran presence in Green Bay.

KenEllis's picture

Right on DThomas.

Many of us have have been advocating for just this type of veteran addition to plug roster holes for years only to be told by the Ted Thompson fans (not Packers fans but TT fans) that signing free agents was what other, less well run teams do (despite New England's liberal use of free agency and having a better record during the TT era).

How many times have we heard we need to stay young and "draft and develop," "draft and develop" and only "draft and develop"?

Now, after we finally, finally sign a slew of veteran free agents in just one year, ages 28, 29, 30, 30, 33, and 34, the TT fans insist this is nothing out of the ordinary, yeah right.

fthisJack's picture

and i don't understand why some people bitch about him no matter what he does. be happy this team has been good for this long.....the only other team with more success is NE.

DThomas's picture

I don't understand that either, but there seem to be a lot more posting here who always make excuses for him than those who are 100% negative. As I wrote above, I think Thompson is an above average GM. His remaking of the roster upon becoming GM and quickly getting the cap under control - and keeping it there - have been great. I just wish he would have been more active in free agency (and not in the big name huge paycheck ones) after the team became a steady contender.

Jimmy Ryan's picture

Oh Hell Yes!!! This is EXACTLY the type of player the Packers need on Defense. He's insurance against Matthews hamstrings and groin, Perry's hands, wrists, and ankles, Elliotts back, and Frackrell still being a little light in the ass. Not only all of that, he actually had more pressures and sacks on the QB than CM!! and more "Run Stops" (7) than Perry had (5). Put Matthews in the middle and Brooks and Perry outside, and Daniels and anyone (Lowry, Clark) inside and you suddenly have a very formidable pass rush and some depth.

Now, if we can just get Biegel healthy.... VERY nice job Ted! Thank you!!

Nick Perry's picture


I think "Oh Hell Yes" summed this signing up very nicely.

cheesehead1's picture

TT obviously was concerned and brought him in and now signed. If it doesn't work out, so be it, but at least there's more depth. I guess this gives Biegel more healing time as well so as not to rush him. Would like another O Lineman as well for insurance if they can pull it off. Good day.

croatpackfan's picture

CAn you tell would TT brought him if Ahmad Brooks were not released? Can you explain me that, why he did not sign himearlier in TC?

Nick Perry's picture

Ted couldn't have brought him in until he was released Croat, it would be tampering. He was a 49er until being released just like Rodgers is a Packer until March of 2020 unless he's extended.

croatpackfan's picture

Nick, I know. But people are always talking as it is just TT will if he would or not bring some player on the roster.
1. Player must be FA
2. Player must be at right price
3. Player should want to come to Green Bay
4. You have player for trade and other franchize and player are willing to do the trade
Now, how do you think TT should brought Ahmad Brooks before he did?

cuervo's picture

Great signing, is better than average at everything, still a force at his age, and for all the Barwin lovers, he's better. Right now he's probably our 2nd best OLB behind Perry.

There's going to over a thousand players released soon, wouldn't be surprised if there's another depth signing or trade.

dobber's picture

By all accounts, neither Perry nor Matthews have injuries that will cost them any regular season time. They were unlikely to play much this week, anyway. I think Elliott and Biegel are the issues. Elliott's got a bad back and those are always trouble. Biegel looks to stay on the PUP (assuming he wasn't activated today).

Mojo's picture

Wouldn't say Ted is "all in" yet, but he's inner than when the day started.

Jersey Al's picture

signing five bonafide NFL level free agents isn't all in? This is like 4 years of his signings in one shot.

KenEllis's picture

Isn't it six Al?

Bennett, Evans, Kendricks, Francois, House, and Brooks?

Jersey Al's picture

Yep - forgot about House since he hasn't played in a preseason game yet.

KenEllis's picture

Would love to know the reason for this newfound eagerness to add veteran free agents.

Did someone tell Thompson he needed to step up?
Is someone else pulling the trigger?
If it really is just Ted deciding to go all in this year, why 2017 and not last year or before that?

flackcatcher's picture

Short answer, CBA. Teams cut vested veterans mostly because of cap hits they would take in contract, even though most of the money is payed upfront in signing bonuses. Cap rules. Which is why Russ Ball is a pearl beyond any price paid. Second most important person in the front office behind Ted. Bet he has already gamed out the lost of cap space this year, against what the team will pick up next year and 2019 and five years out. I believe the cap space the packers are working with, is far larger than reported. Otherwise why would Ted make so many free agent signings. He must think or know his room to act without impacting cap space is fairly large. It's Hoodie like.

KenEllis's picture

Vested vets were getting cut in 2016 and before that but TT only signed a couple of them going back several years now.

dobber's picture

The only signing TT has made that costs the Packers against comp picks is Bennett. Everyone else fits his normal MO...there's just more of them.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Jahri Evans cost us a sixth rounder (Peppers). Bennett cost a 5th. Most likely, that is, since the exact formula is proprietary.

dobber's picture

You're right. I keep forgetting Evans...

Mojo's picture

He's signed six free agents but lost seven bonafide NFL level FA's to other teams - Lacy, Peppers, Hyde, Tretter, Cook, Lang and D. Jones. He's actually net -1 after all is said and done. At best he's holding serve.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"I believe the cap space the packers are working with, is far larger than reported."

Only if TT is planning a surprise cut this year or has pretty well decided to cut certain players in 2018. Otherwise, the exact amount of cap space each team has is known, at least to the NFL and NFLPA since every transaction and contract has to be reported to them. Taking into consideration the "far larger" language, that limits the possibilities a lot. The only other thing I can think of is that GB is close to extending someone, say Adams. While that might reduce our cap, knowing the terms of the deal reduces uncertainty.

flackcatcher's picture

I agree. My point is Ted and Russ Ball know how much cap space they have. Ted seems to operate with a bigger safety margin than most teams. And they budgeted out player signings based on that. While the NFL and union have the contracts and numbers, they do not know how the contracts are structured to get to those numbers. That in between could be a lot of wiggle room, or to be honest, very little. The packers work very hard to leave as little dead money as possible on the cap every year. Most of the players the packers lost signed fairly large front loaded contracts with their new teams. By any standard free agency was 'nuts' this year. We do know what the packers FA signings was on the front end. What we do not know is what the packers deal with the back end of these contracts are. Contract language leaves more wiggle room than what we think. OR, I could be be totally completely out of my frigging mind.

Turophile's picture

Ah Mojo, that is just silly. It takes no account of all the drafted guys coming in this year, not to mention the undrafted FA's. Then there are the improving young guys already on the team.

It is -1 vets, but PLUS all the rookie additions and PLUS the improvements of young (but not rookie) players getting better and rising up the depth chart, which doesn't affect numbers, but does affect quality, as (some of) these guys rise to what you called 'bonafide NFL level'.

Mojo's picture

I don't think its silly Turophile. BTW, I didn't include Shields who was lost to injury but had the same effect - a significant contributor lost for the team in 2017. As far as the "bonafide NFL level" I was hijacking Jersey Al's descriptive phrase used in detailing this years FA acquisitions.

As far as the drafted guys and UDFA's that are brought in, well that's the case every year. He drafted guys and brought in UDFA's in 2016 so I suppose he was "all in" last year too.

I may be a simple person, but for the life of me I don't see how the math works. You lose seven significant contributor FA's from last year, plus one to injury and bring in six who should play substantial roles this year and some how Ted is "all in". Plus, you currently have more free cap space than than in the recent past.

To me if Ted started mortgaging the future - like trading draft picks to supplement this years roster and take the cap to the limit, then I'd say he's all in.

RCPackerFan's picture

What is interesting is we signed 6 FA's for less guaranteed money (12.3 million) then what Seattle & Buffalo signed Lacy and Hyde for (13.1 million).

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"While the NFL and union have the contracts and numbers, they do not know how the contracts are structured to get to those numbers."

Wut? The NFL has to approve the contracts. They know every clause, every sentence, word, comma and period. They know exactly how the deal is structured. So does the union. It appears that the media doesn't have access to those contracts: either that, or the media is too lazy to go look. This is a minor thing, not worth wading back into old articles.

HankScorpio's picture

All offseason, it has been hard for me to imagine a realistic scenario where OLB was even average. it would have taken everything going right at the position and that is just not how it works, usually. There is always an injury or a guy that doesn't develop like you hope. TC already seems to be proving that true.

So while I usually avoid the clamor for other teams discards, I am really glad they got this done.

Snake Plissken's picture

Good signing of a good, tough football player..... this guy raises the toughness quotient on the D 100%.
He can set the edge and rush the passer. Glad to have him on the team

GVPacker's picture

Glad Ted made this move. Brooks is a nasty sob who will improve the pass rush and compliment Clay Matthews and Nick Perry!

dobber's picture

I like the flexibility this signing gives them with CMIII (and Fackrell).

In the event that Perry and CMIII stay on the field this season, this sets up as a nice OLB rotation. Add a little pass rush from the DL? I'm feeling better about how the front 7 are sizing up.

Tundraboy's picture

My thoughts exactly.

Was not feeling comfortable depending once again on Matthews and Perry to be there every game, and praying others stepped up, relying solely on RJF to to fill a spot.

dobber's picture

It seems the less Matthews is called on to be a pure OLB beating his head against tackles, the more available he'll be. So if Brooks really just eats up Peppers's snaps and the defense doesn't change much from last year?

The counterpoint is that the ILB situation looks better and more athletic than in 2014 and 2015 when Matthews played inside a lot.

Evolution, please, Dom.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes. Could be a win win.

GBPDAN1's picture

Very good signing. I've been worried about OLB depth all off season and the resent rash of injuries confirmed my fears. I was on TT hard to address the situation and he has. Thank you, Ted! These are the types of moves that help very good teams inch closer to a trophy without breaking the bank. If Ted can land a quality backup OL/ OT in the next couple of weeks, I will be a happy camper and get off his back. Good Job today!!

Allan Murphy's picture

This is good news he will bring the nasty to the line backers group sweet !!!!!!!!!!!

chugwater's picture

Somewhere NP is smiling.

EdsLaces's picture

We needed this...

JohnnyLogan's picture

Thompson had to have felt the pressure when Aaron said we need to go all in. I'm sure it was frustrating as hell for him to see Brady getting replacements every year and playing with top 10 defenses while Aaron was left playing without a viable TE and having to play all world just to make up for TT's stubbornness and Dom's inadequacies. There's no defense for TT leaving such glaring holes for the past five or six years. Let's just hope Dom knows what to do with his new toy.

dobber's picture

I don't believe TT paid any attention to what #12 said.

Pauly's picture

I actually think TT and the front office may have taken AR,s comment seriously. He has a contract up soon and they are figuring out a new one.
AR is in the driver's seat with all kind of options in front of him. What if he demanded a 1 yr contract for instance?

dobber's picture

"What if he demanded a 1 yr contract for instance?"

Given that he's signed through the end of 2019, that would seem odd. He can always choose to "retire"...worked for Favre.

croatpackfan's picture

MAybe, if Aaron accept restructered contract as Brady did, TT would sign more FA? WHo knows, but Brady is playing for cents and have a little influence on Patriot cap space...
Is that right?
Well, that is when we are talking about frustrations...

Packer Fan's picture

Packers need to check out OL and CB too. Stock depth. We got the money. I like Rodgers term. All in!

Lphill's picture

Great move , rumor on that another signing is coming , my guess is an O lineman , I don't see any other need right now but I have a feeling it's a corner . We shall see

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If you are talking about rappoport, he clarified that no FAs other than Brooks are known to be under consideration by GB. Just one.

Jonathan Spader's picture

The Browns just released CB Joe Haden think there's any chance the Packers at least bring him in for a work out?

pooch's picture


marpag1's picture

I have no idea what happened to Haden, but he was pretty awful last year.

Jersey Al's picture

Steelers just signed him.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I wanted this signing, even though the guy isn't exactly packer people.

pooch's picture

Put Brooks and Perry on edge Clay up the middle...CRUNCH!!!!!

MITM's picture

Hopefully Brooks and Francois can bring some of that nasty from the great 49er defenses that terrorized us for all those years. Brooks is a mean dude and is about as steady a veteran OLB in all phases as you could ask for. Desperately needed this guy glad we got him.

dobber's picture

You make a good point: I wonder if RJF had anything to do with Brooks signing.

flackcatcher's picture

The move to sign free agents is very consistent with Teds M.O. If value is there, he will go for it. The CBA has forced a number of young veterans on the street early, and like any good value shopper, Ted is taking advantage of it. I wonder how active Ron Wolf and John Dorsey have been in consulting with the packers this year. Still, this is his call. As you say Al, Ted's all in. Superbowl or bust.

DThomas's picture

Thompson has now signed 3 free agents who will start and 3 more who will play A LOT of snaps. Writing this is consistent with Thompson's M.O. makes me think you are unfamiliar with that M.O., or you are a Thompson apologist. (BTW, the CBA hasn't changed this off season.) Give us an example of this volume of significant FA signings by Thompson previously.

flackcatcher's picture

Sorry don't play gotcha DThomas. Besides you already know the answer to your question. I think Ted is an open book on player moves and an excellent GM. You think he is pond scum and should be washed away. We'll agree to disagree.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree with Flackcatcher. I think this year's off-season transactions are very consistent with previous years. TT evaluated all of our FAs and let the ones go that were not good value given the circumstances of our team. Then he signed mostly FAs who don't count against the comp pick system and who represented good value. He is still going to increase the amount we roll over into next season, and it looks like that increase will be significant.

I don't think TT is all in, or has mortgaged our future. Looks a lot like the TT I have seen in the past.

DThomas's picture


Of course I know the answer to the question. It makes the point this off season is unique for GM Thompson; so much so you can't come close with another example. Why you and others can't admit Thompson has been far more active in free agency than ever before shows how far you'll go in defense of Thompson. The funny thing is, going outside his M.O. has made the team better so it needs no defense. Sadly, some here are stuck in the 'Thompson is perfect and never changes' mode.

As far as what I think about Thompson, I wrote in a post above, and then repeated in another post, "I think Thompson is an above average GM". But someone who believes that about Thompson while recognizing his flaws upsets your unfettered adulation of Thompson.

If this off season fits Thompson's MO, name another in which he signed 3 free agents who will start along with 3 others who will get significant snaps at their positions.

Since '61's picture

The Brooks signing should be a good one. It will help our OLB situation immediately. I was hoping that we would take a shot at signing Joe Haden at CB but the Steelers have scooped him up already. Maybe an OT will be released that we can sign to shore up our OL depth as well. We'll see. Thanks, Since '61

Pauly's picture

Great signing and rumor is another FA is in the works, hopefully the OL.

IMO, all this years FAs came about with a mix of Wolf the younger, Wolf the elder and with a dash of watching Belicheck's tactical maneuvering and SB performance.
Then to top it all off, a very unhappy AR (with a contract up soon) after the game in Atlanta. In February I actually had bad thoughts ala LeBron James and the MIami Heat. Brady may retire after 2018.

I do believe that TT's primary responsibility and focus for the last 10 years has been the financial health and prosperity of the city of Green Bay. He wanted to maximize team profitability to build GB tourism infrastructure and team facilities. You do that with a winning team built as cheaply as possible, which means having to always being competitive in the playoffs, but not spending what it takes to win a SB. If you accidentally win a SB,, great!!
EX: J, Findley retired 4 yrs ago and was sorely missed but no attempt to replace him. I think TE J Koch's tremendous success was the straw that forced TT to change this year and "go all in". It became obvious how cheaply and easily holes can be plugged while younger players develop.

With the construction of Title Town and the tremendous Tourism success of GB over last several years, that has been accomplished. Remember the dark financial times in GB before Farve and R. White revitalized GB Packers and the good fortunes of the City.
Now TT realizes it's time to win some titles and go all in for long as AR is playing. HOORA,,, a new era has begun.

Question, does anyone else think that R. Rogers may be odd man out if Pack keeps 4 RB, 3 QB, 7 WR, 9 OL leaving only 2 TE spots. Maybe stash best rookie TE on PS.

dobber's picture

"I do believe that TT's primary responsibility and focus for the last 10 years has been the financial health and prosperity of the city of Green Bay."

I don't think TT puts any weight or stock in the economic health of the city of GB as he makes his decisions. The interactions of the Packers with the greater GB community are for Mark Murphy to worry about. If TT was spending his time trying to manipulate team/community interactions rather than trying to put together good rosters while maintaining the long-term health of the franchise, he should have been canned a long time ago.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think Pauly is completely or nearly completely wrong. Murphy is responsible for the long-term financial health of GB and community relations, with TT of course as GM only peripherally involved.

GB spent 99.01% of the $155.27 million cap in 2016. That left a surplus of $1.397M, which when added to the rollover from 2015 to 2016 of $6.53M gave us $7.93M to rollover into the 2017 league year. Since $6.5M of that was due to cutting Sitton, which I don't believe was planned, I think TT was all in last year. In other words, but for cutting Sitton, GB would have fewer dollars to rollover than it had the year before. in fact, instead of rolling over $7.93M, GB would have rolled over a paltry $1.4M into 2017.

For 2017, GB has spent (so far) about 95.47% of the $167M cap, or 91.14% of its cap space ($167M cap space + $7.93M rollover). Although we are listed as having $15.5M to $17M in cap space (I am assuming Brooks' cap hit will be $3.5M, but the initial reports are often off), we will magically lose $2M when the rule of 51 ends and we count the top 53 instead of the top 51, plus 10 PS players making about $110K apiece. Then there is something I call "churn" during the season (I wrote a pretty in depth piece on APC documenting about $4M in lost cap space during the season for a previous league year). Churn comes from a myriad of places, but some of the biggest are incentives that players reached, extra pay to PS guys to induce them to stay, injury settlements, bringing in players for more than the rookie minimum, NLTBE for cap purposes contractual terms that get earned. Brooks has $1.5M in incentives, but we usually don't find out what those are or know how likely they are to be earned given his different circumstances in GB.

Spock's picture

TGR, Thanks for the info. This was helpful in understanding how the all the money is used and why. I appreciate this (and typically all of your) post (s).

Jersey Al's picture

great info! Want to be our resident "capologist?"

Grandfathered's picture

I think TT's "primary responsibility" is to maintain a high quality sports entertainment product. This includes a consistently competitive team and long term financial prosperity while maintaining the historical brand. And of course as a VP he is also concerned with the City and community and facilities building as part of the long term prosperity. I also hope that TT will take a little more risk to put the Pack over the top, and had been taught by Belechick that you can maintain a draft and develop core, yet win with smartly chosen FA players.

CheeseCurd79's picture

I know everyone thinks TT has changed but most of this is a reaction to all the guys they LOST during free agency. The Packers usually do free agency by signing their own guys. They wanted to sign Lang, Hyde, and Cook but the money was too much. So they brought in Evans, Bennett, and House (being a former Packer helped). Francois was a reaction to Guion getting in trouble again and they knew he was done. They tried to resign Datone Jones but he wanted to be in a 4-3 and Peppers left as well so you end up with Ahmad Brooks. The Packers are going to have the max 4 compensatory picks next year because of all these losses. I think had the Packers signed everyone they wanted to keep, House might have been their only FA signing.

Mojo's picture

Exactly Curd. TT isn't so much "all in" as he's just trying to fill positions he lost in free agency. And even with the Brooks signing the current years leftover cap space is still way higher than last years.

I guess if you want to spin-it, TT replacing lost pieces is his version of being all in.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Brooks has what I want most in Green Bay's OLB's:

A pulse.

Outside of that, I think people are getting ahead of themselves viewing this guy as some sort of savior. He's a desperation pickup, and I agree with the decision.

We'll see if he has any burst left.

DThomas's picture

Not sure who views him as a savior, but I think it's fair to say he's definitely better than Elliott and Fackrell.

Fordham Ram's picture

Ted is hearing the the ticking of Aaron Rodgers' gerontological clock and making his moves. If we can get Hayden too boot, the defense may go from a liability to a force. In Ted we trust. Go Pack

RCPackerFan's picture

This was a great signing! I don't want to say it was a move out of desperation, but it is a move that really adds a boost to the defense.

This gives them a 3rd proven OLB. It allows Mathews or Perry to come off the field and there won't be much of a drop off if any. Also it gives Capers a lot more flexibility scheme wise. If he wants to use Mathews at ILB he has 2 good rushers on the outside.

Another reason why I like this move is it allows Biegel to come back when he is full healthy. He will likely be on the PUP to start the year which allows his foot to fully heal. I'm not saying his year will be a waste but his impact might be later then we hoped. Last year Bosa didn't start playing until the 6th game of the season and had a huge impact. I'm not saying Biegel will have that type of impact, just saying he can still contribute later in the year.

Signing Brooks was a great move!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

RC, I don't think it was a move out of desperation; I think it was a move seizing on opportunity. Naturally TT considered need: if a 33 year-old average starting SS gets released for cap reasons, I wouldn't expect TT's wallet to spring open like it probably would if an older good back-up quality OT got released.

Everyone is talking about pass rush in connection to the Brooks signing. I'd just like to add that with any two (or three) of Daniels, Clark, Lowry, or RJF playing DL and Perry and Brooks at OLB, we've got the makings of a fine run defense. Brooks is very stout against the run. With CM3 at ILB as you noted, or Ryan and Burnett/Jones, that looks good for run defense.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, I agree with that. I like the way you put it.

I wouldn't be surprised if they bring in a veteran OL. Though I think they may look to add more of the OG/C backup.

You do bring up a great point to with the run defense. Perry is a really good run defender and Brooks maybe better.

I like the idea of having Mathews playing some at ILB. If they have Daniels and Clark or Lowry as the DL, Brooks and Perry at OLB, and Mathews at ILB, they have a really good pass rush. Mathews can be moved around or blitz to any gap. It really gives Capers a lot of options. I'm not sue if he's ready for that role yet, but in that same formation if they put Josh Jones at the other ILB spot, they added a ton of speed.

This was a really good signing. It gives Capers a lot more options.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is a question of opportunity on the OL. Practically every team is begging for another OL, even a quality back-up. If some team actually released such a player at cut downs, I'd expect more than one team to put a waiver claim in, meaning GB would be pretty low on the pecking order, and it seems very unlikely to me that such a player would make it past waivers. Maybe if there were something "wrong" with the OL: IDK, shady past, wants a big contract despite being old, injury concern. Perhaps TT can find a diamond in the rough.

Mojo's picture

Pssst ... everyone knows that Brooks still has a pending court date on a sexual battery charge- right? Supposedly caught on tape. Could result in a suspension.

I know there's a general euphoria about this signing and don't mean to bring anyone down, but I thought I'd mention this since no one else has.

croatpackfan's picture

While you may be right, somehow, I think Russ Ball and TT already have all checks on the issue. It looks like their genetic code to do that before signing...
But, I might be wrong!

cheesehead1's picture

Glad TT got this done. We need the depth. I have to be confident that management did their homework on him, I'm sure they did. Go Pack.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

True, and I mentioned it somewhere. The incident occurred in 2014. A woman slipped and became unconscious. She has no testimony to give against Brooks as far as I can tell since she was unconscious. She states that Brooks groped her, and then McDonald carried her inside and raped her, based on a surveillance tape. I am guessing that the tape is grainy, but I haven't seen it. It was enough to indict Brooks in May of 2015 for groping (a misdemeanor) and McDonald for raping her inside McDonald's home. The victim was apparently semi-conscious by then, but McDonald claimed she had recovered and was fully alert, and consented to the sex act. The victim refused to testify against McDonald and the criminal case was dismissed against McDonald in April of 2017. The victim has filed a civil suit against McDonald and I think Brooks through his attorney, Gloria Allred. It is coming up on 3 years since the incident occurred. Maybe they decided to go after McDonald first for some strategic reason, but it sure is a slow process.

In addition to allegedly hitting a teammate with a beer bottle and punching him (there was a police report but no charges were filed), and a 2008 incident where Brooks allegedly punched a woman in the eye, which has been expunged, so there zero record of the matter, Brooks also had an argument with DL coach Tomsula in 2014, and was suspended by the team for 1 game, and he missed a meeting and was suspended by the team for another game.

flackcatcher's picture

Yes you did on one of the early Spriggs thread. Brooks is a real risk that's for sure. I've been told by an assistant coach I know that the packers vetting process is extremely intensive even for the NFL. Whatever Brooks did, the packers know and they still signed him. Yeah, Teds all in.

Donster's picture

Like to see TT pick up a veteran offensive tackle. Though that won't be easy. Not a lot of quality tackles out there, and maybe still won't be after final cuts Saturday.

I would like to see TT trade Cobb for Sheldon Richardson from the Jets. Richardson can help the d-line's anemic pass rush, so Caper's doesn't have to blitz so often. Sending safeties and LB's equals getting burned when they don't get to the QB. Happens way to often. Richardson would provide the needed pressure, along with keeping teams from double teaming Daniels.

Samson's picture

Great signing!
Obviously someone has gotten through (finally) to TT regarding the importance of depth at key positions. I see Brooks playing many minutes. No way CM3 & Perry stay healthy for all 16 games. -- I'm actually feeling better about the Pack right now than I have for at least the last 3 or 4 seasons. ----- Minimal injuries and a few breaks and the SB is again in the picture.

4thand10's picture

Title should have been...Aliens abducted TT and replaced him with an alternate replica :-)

Jersey Al's picture

Some great discussions here! Nice work readers!

Oppy's picture

A lot of people were convinced LeTroy Guion was a massive character liability in the locker room.

I've got news for you, Guion wasn't a bad guy I don't think. Made bad decisions? Sure. Bad guy? No, I don't believe so.

Brooks? This is a guy you would not want moving in next door.

Talent is there, even at his age.
But this is not a guy I would want on my team if I were making the decisions.. And I generally don't care about so called 'packer people' stuff.

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