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Agent Hints at Restructured Contract for Driver

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Agent Hints at Restructured Contract for Driver

Coming on the heels of a vague and cryptic tweet from wide receiver Donald Driver this afternoon...

...two members of the media talked to Driver's agent on Thursday: former Packers vice president Andrew Brandt––who currently works for ESPN––and Mike Florio of

Both reported a similar message from agent Jordan Woy, that Driver will restructure his contract with the Packers when he's done competing on the reality television show, ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

First from Brandt...

Then from Florio posted this on his website:

“The Packers have always wanted Donald back and we have always planned on him playing there,” Woy told PFT via email. “He has been busy with the DWTS show and the team knows that. I discussed deal structure with the team a while ago and we will work out the details once Donald returns to Green Bay.”

For pretty much the duration of the offseason, Driver's future with the Packers has been speculated by observers.

On one hand, Driver is getting older while the Packers have up-and-coming young wideouts such Randall Cobb, Tori Gurley, Diondre Borel and a whole host of rookies on the team. The line of thinking is, why keep around the player whose skills are diminishing at the expense of developing a burgeoning contributor?

And on the other hand, while he's not at the peak of his career anymore, Driver showed in 2011 that he can still be an effective member of the Packers' receiving corps. He had arguably the best performance of any player on the Packers roster in the most recent playoff loss to the Giants, albeit while frequently lined up across from linebackers.

Driver has a $1.5 million roster bonus due on the first day of training camp in late July. It's doubtful the Packers want to pay him that entire figure. But judging from his agent's biased comments, they are still interested in bringing the veteran wide receiver back at a reduced price.

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FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Good. I've said all along I would like DD back for the right price. Gurley, Borel... Whatever, if one oíd them gets plucked off the PS, so be it, but when I watched our playoff egg being played, I saw one guy who knew what time it was. Donald. Driver. Glad to see the people in the F.O. (you know, the people who's opinions matter) agree. Good news.


Evan's picture

I disagree. I love DD, but it's time to move on.

Ebongreen's picture

I'm with you, Evan. Driver may make it to camp, but barring injury to others I'll be surprised if he makes it to the 53.

Evan's picture

And that I'm torn about. Part of me thinks, sure, bring him to camp and see what happens. Maybe Borel, Gurley and the rest of the young guns crap the collective bed and DD makes the team by default.

But another part of me thinks they should do right by DD and cut him now so he has more time to catch on with a new team before minicamps and training camps (out of the NFC North, hopefully).

PackersRS's picture

Unless he's one of the 5 best Wrs in the team. Which I believe he still is.

cow42's picture

unless you throw finley in the mix.

so you'd be ok with the fact that the 6th best pass catcher on the team doesn't play special teams.

i'm not ok with that.

let gurley try to block kicks and/or run down field on punts/kickoffs.

Evan's picture

Yeah, special teams is an important factor I didn't even consider.

PackersRS's picture

Finley is not a wide receiver, so no, he doesn't count. And Driver plays in the hands team.

I had the same thought process as you, 5th WR = ST.

But the WR position is just too important in MM's offense. You need at least 5 guys to keep everybody fresh. You can't have a guy in there that doesn't know the full playbook and can't play every position.

If the PS guys can beat Driver, not only playing outside but also in the slot, then I'm fine with releasing him.

But you can't have, say, Gurley being the 5th WR and only being able to play in the outside. ST or not.

Oppy's picture

DD was amazing, what with getting open while under the stress of single man coverage from a linebacker all. game. long.

Look, I don't think he's entirely washed up, but he's certainly declining, and while on most other NFL rosters he'd be a legit #3- and on a few teams a #2 WR- with Green Bay's stacked corps of receivers, he's a #5 and he is past his prime and dwindling.

I love DD, he's one of the greatest all around players and man to wear the green and gold, but if he makes the team this season, it will be criminal if the Packers don't keep 6 WR's.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

That's why you folks should just stick to the blogs... And let Ted and I make the personnel decisions.

Frozenlambo's picture

Just for sheer leadership Donald should remain on the team. He's shown over and over again that his dedication and passion for the game is alive and kickin. He can still deliver. My money's on him anytime. He might not be the #1 receiver on the team anymore but he can bring it when it's needed.

cow42's picture


stop it.

Rocky70's picture

Gurley is an undersized, slow 'TE wannabee' (remember Ruvell) who "almost" blocked a kick last TC. Borel is a college QB turned punter turned WR.

Neither have any chance of bumping DD off the 53. I have no clue as to where fans get the idea that PS players are even remotely close to "real" NFL players. Very, very few ever make anyone's final 53 (except for a few games here or there, as a tryout). ------- History says DD will play at least one or 2 more years in GB.

Oppy's picture

I'm pretty sure gurley actually blocked 2 in TC and almost blocked a 3rd. That's impressive.

You'd like to know where fans get the idea that a PS player like Gurley is even remotely close to a "real" nfl player? Ummm, maybe it's because two different teams approached Gurley offering him a spot on their active 53 man rosters during the last half of last season... And the Packers gave Gurley an almost unheard of pay raise (to nearly rookie minimum) to keep him in Green Bay...

Added touch? Journal-Sentinel ran a piece last season about Gurley- and a surprising number of GB vets almost gushed about his ability- both WR's and D-backs gave Gurley high praise. That doesn't happen much, NFL vets talking up a PS player.

You know, just a few reasons to think Gurley might actually be remotely close to a "real" NFL player.

Rocky70's picture

Another naive Packer fan who believes everything in print & on the internet.

Hold on to your wallet. Another easy mark has entered the room. ---- LOL.

Oppy's picture

His job offers are fact. His salary is fact.

What players think of him, I don't just blindly believe to be honest truth. That said, most of the time when a PS name comes up with active roster players, they will state he's got some talent, he's getting better, with some work he could play. These guys went on and on. THat's rare. there's something with this kid.

Trust me when I say, I've never been a mark.. But I've made a living letting guys like you think I am.

PackersRS's picture

Just when you start making sense, as soon as someone disagrees with you, you forget about the discussion and result to personal attacks.

This is basic argumentation. When you can't find fault in other's reasoning, attack the individual.

It's called discrediting tactic.

Oppy's picture

Thanks RS.

While we sometimes disagree with one another- vehemently, I may add- I like to think we are fair with each other and mostly stick to points.

The art of disagreeing and debating without arguing and disrespecting is quickly becoming a lost one.

Rocky70's picture

It's good to see RS defending Oppy again. Just like the good 'ol days. I'm sure 'Daddy Nagler' will show up soon to scratch both your backs. Again, -- like the good 'ol days'.

Sorry, RS, but very few here (now) post to suit your likes & dislikes. (that includes me)

PackersRS's picture

Again, all about me, nothing about what's being discussed... Hey, as long as you win the internet argument...

Anthony's picture

Don't change the subject, though. All he did was state facts. It's not like he's sitting here saying "oh, he blocked two kicks and almost blocked 3, that's why he's gonna be a hall of famer". He's saying he has the potential to be a good WR in the NFL. Not only that, but he's giving evidence by stating quotes that current Packers players have said (and when you make several veterans notice you like Gurley, as well as the coaches giving him a raise they usually don't give to practice squad players)... All of those things point to that he has potential that both players, coaches, and (some) fans like. And I've never talked to any of you, but I think it's ridiculous you attack him personally rather than just talking football with him. As this site is for.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

If Gurley or Borel was THAT great, they would have been on the 53, coach would have MADE room. As for kicking them a little extra cash to stay on the PS, big deal. Perhaps the interested teams were terrible and they really saw no upside to playing there, rather wait out DD retirement or an injury in the WR corps. Perhaps they were happy to have a shot at getting a ring on this loaded team for nothing more than being on the PS. The main point however is, they didn't make the 53 when there were 13 TE's on it... And we're a passing team. So that leads me to believe while promising, they didn't blow Ted's or Mike's skirt up enough to leave then no choice but to activate them. Period.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Pardon my grammar. Fat fingers... Phone.

Rocky70's picture

Nice way of putting it.

Get ready for some fans to 'love' Dale Moss this TC. Another UDFA WR who'll become the next "Don Hutson". They show up every TC & only rarely stick around. (Where's Brett Swain when you need him?) ---- Long gone.

FITZCORE1252's picture

So true, every year there seems to be one.

I still wake up at night sometimes and wonder...

What if Tyrell Sutton was still on our team? LMFAO. 50% of the people on here were convinced he was the next "guy". Why? Because of potential flashed in camp and preseason. Where is he now? I can't remember which coach it was, but he had a famous quote: "Son, your potential is gonna get me fired". Bill Walsh maybe?

People on these boards need to realize, if a player NEEDS to be on the field, the powers that be will make sure they ARE on the field. I quit second guessing TT's personnel decisions after '09... He just barely eeks me out when it comes to knowledge on these things. 8-)

Oppy's picture

Potential is nothing, it's all about production.

This coming from the guy who thinks DD needs to be on the field next year.

Tell me about his production last season.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


All from ESPN...

Donald Driver:
2011 Regular Season 37 445 12.0 35 6 20 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 2011 Postseason 3 45 15.0 16 1
Not sure what 'you' want out of 'your' #5 WR, but 'I' can live with those #'s.

Diondre Borel:
" There are no recent items for this player."

Tori Gurley:
" There are no recent items for this player."

Not sure why you did, but thanks for driving my point home!

"It's all about production"... Where's theirs?

Again, if they NEEDED to be on the field, they WOULD'VE been on the field, and the powers that be would have made sure of it. So I don't want to hear that they have no stats because they were on the PS, they didn't take Donald's job because they weren't good enough. Period.

I'm officially done with this topic. I'm fine with posters not agreeing with me. Ted does, that's all that matters. See ya on the field next season #80, looking forward to it!


Oppy's picture

Fitz, how about "Career lows" since he first played a full season as a starter.

That's my point. Driver is declining. Donald Driver today is not Donald Driver of a decade ago. Or 5 years ago. Or two seasons ago.

I would love to see Driver still on the roster. Provided the Packers keep 6 WR's.. Otherwise, we are stifling the future to hang on to an aging player in decline.

With your argument, a team would never replace a player until they retired with anyone except a veteran free agent.

I, too, am done with this discussion. Tell Ted I said "Hi" when you stop by his place to play Canasta for coupons on saturday night. ;)

Evan's picture

ha! You have no idea if Ted agrees with you. All we know for sure is that for a reduced price, Ted is interested in having DD come to camp. Beyond that, nothing is guaranteed.

PackersRS's picture

Your argument is that because the undrafted rookies couldn't dethrone the holder of several Packers receiving records, they aren't good enough?

I've made my point pretty clear about this, let the best man win, but that's completely unfair and shortsighted, Fitz.

You're completely disregarding any possibility of those guys improving year 2, and of DD, at age 37, declining.

And you're completely disregarding the fact that 2 other franchises, regardless of their receiving corps, tried to snatch these guys. And that the Packers did all they could to keep them.

Rocky70's picture

Wow! Other teams are always trying to snatch up PS players near the end of every season. It's an easy way to hold tryouts for 'potential' players without signing them to anything long-term. This is part of the plight of a PS player. Surely you are aware of this ??

My final comment is simple. Come Sept., DD will be roaming the GB sidelines (in uniform). Gurley & Borel will be long gone.

PackersRS's picture

I take, from you ignoring the rest, that you agree with my other points, then?

Nice to see some agreement from you!

Evan's picture

And Ted thought highly enough of both of them to pay them extra to stay. Doesn't that tell you anything?

KurtMc's picture

DD is a great leader & connects with the fans. Is he a 4, 5, or 6th reciever? Who cares! He bring value to the team, the fans & organization.

Glad to have him retire as a Packer.

GB 4 life 2. Go Pack.

Lucky953's picture

Who doesn't love DD? I believe MM will take the guys he believes will give them the best chance to win the most games, regardless of sentiment. It's a cruel business sometimes.

Jamie's picture

I say we cut him right along with Jennings.

Woodson4president's picture

DD deserves to stay! Game on the line balls in the air so i want DDs hands to try n catch it or JJs. Um no brainer Driver all day! Am i the only person that KNOWS Jones sucks????

idahopacker's picture

I wanted JOnes gone last year.

cow42's picture

dd dropped a hell of a lot of balls last year.

Ceallaigh's picture

Everyone dropped a hell of a lot of balls last year. Your point?

cow42's picture

yeah - but not all of them are old.

young guys improve.
old guys regress.

Oppy's picture

Cow gets it.

PackersRS's picture

James Jones catch rate (2011): 68.4%

Donald Driver catch rate (2011): 67.8%

CSS's picture

It's not just the catch rate, Jones is the only receiver currently on the roster defenders can't successfully jam at the line of scrimmage. He's very physical and sheds defenders to create separation.

PackersRS's picture

I'd say Jennings is awfully slicky. He's not physical at all, but CBs have a really hard time getting their hands on him.

His overall route running, from release to adjusting and breaking, is almost perfect.

CSS's picture

Completely agree. I'm just looking at the value of diversity within your personnel groupings at the WR position. DB's play off Jennings for completely different reasons than they do Jones. Jennings will make you pay for press coverage if you miss, and it will be a home-run. Jones will physically make you pay for press. Outside of 'veteran savvy', Driver is the least diverse at this point. I'm not insulting the guy, but you don't do anything unique with your defensive personnel when Driver lines up in the slot.

Gurly's length is obvious, otherwise I don't know what he and Borel bring to the table.

idahopacker's picture

Man I am tired of thinking this mans done in Green bay bleacher report put him in the top fifty wide receivers in the league and that is with all five of our receivers in the top 50. so that means only 14 teams has a second wide receiver in the top fifty. we need veteran leadership we lost two key leaders we need him at least one more year and than the packers ask him to retire and be an assistant coach.

Evan's picture

I don't buy this veteran leadership stuff. Sure, he's 37. But it's not like Jennings is some rookie. Or Nelson for that matter. Or Rodgers. Or Woodson, Pickett, Matthews, etc... The Packers have plenty of veteran leadership.

cow42's picture


PackersRS's picture

I agree. On top of that, the Packers have one of the healthiest WR locker room in the league, with or without Driver. Just a bunch of selfless (for a WR) guys that support and demand from each other.

Losing Driver wouldn't change that.

Rocky70's picture

A guess on your part, right ?? Or do you have more of your 'inside info' here ??

You have absolutely no clue if this is true so why even post it.

PackersRS's picture

I would link to countless articles about it, including quotations of the players himself, with all the $100 gift cards for dropped passes and whatnot, but why go through the trouble if you're just going to discredit it by saying "so you believe what the media and players say?"?

When you are the only credible source in the planet, you can never lose an argument.

Rocky70's picture


I'd love to see the 'player quotes' or story to support the above. Good luck with your search.

Evan's picture

So you think if Driver retires Nelson, Jennings, Jones and Cobb are suddenly going to turn into a bunch of TOs?

Oppy's picture

Rocky, are you really this difficult, or are you a very well camouflaged troll?

Oppy's picture


If you want to be taken seriously by most serious fans, you NEVER..


I mean NEVER

site a Bleacher Report "Top 100" breakdown.

They are notoriously bad. Inconsistent.



Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Don't be suprised if the Packers keep 6 wideouts this year. Remember that Andrew Quarless will most likely not be back this season leaving us with 4 TEs on the roster (Finley, Crabtree, Taylor, Williams). The Packers could decided to keep an additional player at RB or OL but I don't see that as the most likely scenarios. Either way, with Quarless out, an additional WR (either Gurley or Borel) just might be on the roster in addition to Driver.

Oppy's picture

I -just- posted this exact sentiment over at Jersey Al's less than an hour ago, specifically citing Quarless to IR freeing up one spot that could be used to keep Driver on with 6 WR's

Woodson4president's picture

So basically we just use a player as long as we need them and then ship em out? Where is the fn loyalty? I dont care what anybody says jones is a bumb and DD should retire a packer!!

Oppy's picture

Why aren't NFL contracts guaranteed?

Think about it- a Player signs a contract, he has to honor it. He plays for that team for that duration, or he retires. He can't play for anyone else until his contract is up or the team trades him.

But the team can cut ties with the player any time they want to, for any reason..

Think about it.. That's the NFL. Players get used as long as they are needed and then they are shipped out.

Players get Free Agency. Think about that.. Teams take enormous risks signing these players as rookies or UFA's... Spend time and money training them. Medical costs.. Then, they become stars, and just leave the team to go to the highest bidder. They just use the teams until they can get better money elsewhere and say "See you later!!"

It's a big boy world out there. If you want warm and fuzzies, better check into curling or bocce ball.

Evan's picture

What?! Are you new to the NFL? I don't even know how to respond to this.

Shawn's picture

Offer the guy a coaching job after this year.

Woodson4president's picture

Its just this isnt just some guy this is DONALD DRIVER our all time fn leader. He wants to stay a couple years for cheap let him hes still better than most teams 3rd wrs!!

Evan's picture

You can't live in the past like that. Not at the expense of the future.

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