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After Further Review: Packers vs. Seahawks

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After Further Review: Packers vs. Seahawks

Ross will provide a few observations every Monday afternoon following a Packers game based on a few viewings of the condensed version of the game on NFL GamePass.  While this might not be the All-22 camera deep dive that might be more "educational", it should provide a conversation point for the rest of the week.

Mike Daniels. Damn.  What Green Bay lost when Peppers and Jones left in free agency was their "NASCAR" package.  The Packers would routinely use four EDGE players to rush the passer in the appropriate down and distance situations.  Without a lot of those bodies being proven players this season (especially after the Brooks concussion), Green Bay has been forced to let Mike Daniels rush the passer.

OH MY GOD IT"S LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IT ALL ALONG.  There is no longer any debate as to who Green Bay's best defensive player is.  It's Daniels.  He's amazing.  A bully. A refrigerator shaped assassin.  I love Mike Daniels.

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RCPackerFan's picture

Great job!

This maybe one of my favorite post game articles to read.

I don't really have anything to add on the Seahawks game but it will definitely be a different type of game against Atlanta in Atlanta's new stadium.
One thing that I will be happier to see, is that we will see all 4 of the Packers top WR's and CB's all healthy are ready to go compared to the last time we played them. Should be a completely different game.

Finwiz's picture

Assuming Randall doesn't end up in the concussion protocol, or for some other injury that pops up. He did leave the game for a bit yesterday. He looked quick when he was in there and healthy. They will need all the defensive backs they can get with those receivers and RB's catching passes out of the backfield for 5-6 yards a pop.

RCPackerFan's picture

It was reported that he was suffering from cramps. He returned to the game.

But yes they need all their CB's to be in there and to be healthy.

Either way, Our CB's now are better then they were in January. Gunter is now our 5th CB. Last year he was our first. That speaks volumes.

dobber's picture

"This maybe one of my favorite post game articles to read."

Agreed! I don't always get to see a replay (except of the Packers/Rams exhibition which must have been on 40 times on NFL Network), so having this kind of analysis helps a ton.

Thanks, Ross.

Turophile's picture

Atlanta had the no.1 offense in points scored (2016 regular season). Seattle was 18th (Green Bay were 4th).

Seattle had the third ranked D in points allowed, Seattle the 27th.

As RCPacker Fan says, it will be a very different kind of game in Atlanta - in theory, a real high scoring affair. The winner will be whichever sides potent offense does best against the others low rated D. Of course that is last season and things can change.

Packers D looked very good against Seattle. Atlanta will be a tougher test for them, just as the Packers offense are a very stiff test for the Atlanta D.

croatpackfan's picture

First, I suppose you meant Falcons D was 27th...

Second, if Mike Glennon was able to bring the game in equal and had a huge chance to win, something is not good in Atlanta...

Three and Out's picture

You think other people are finally starting to see that Wilson has always been overrated?

zeke's picture

I lived in Seattle for 15 years and learned to loathe that team (and their front-running fans), but I don't know how you watch that o-line and come to any conclusion other than that Wilson is legit.

Ross Uglem's picture


dobber's picture

Is he overrated? Hard to say. He makes that offense go. It's just that the supporting cast is weak.

Many may rank him based on FFL production, where his legs win the day.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think if I'm Wilson's agent I'm having a chat with the GM. Then I'm calling Lloyds of London.

Finwiz's picture

Russell Wilson definitely NOT overrated. He's a damn good player.
He's got as many Super Bowls as Number 12 and should really have TWO if not for a dumb call to pass the ball at the one yard line when they had beast mode standing back there.

Johnblood27's picture

Percy Harvin thought so...

Finwiz's picture

And where is he now?

Bwfd1618's picture

Not sure what to think of Lindsley's reaction to Marty's hit. Throws hands out like "what are you doing?" Kinda want him to pile on Wright and defend QB12. But understand he knows 15 yards could be costly. Maybe he didn't realize they got a first down.

lambeauguy's picture

I was thinking the same thing as Lindsley wondering what the heck he was doing when Packers were in position to run out the clock. I didn't immediately realize it would still be first and 10. However, I suspect Bennett knew exactly what he was doing, that the penalty was worth it and would not have a huge negative impact.

Bennett not only strikes me as a smart football player, but a very smart man. When him and Rodgers get in sync, watch out!

dschwalm's picture

How long do we have to wait? We can't keep falling on that sword again.

croatpackfan's picture

He is signed for 3 years, so you'll have your chance to see him quit lot...

The TKstinator's picture

Additionally, Martellus's speaking voice sounds very similar to Jimi Hendrix.

Handsback's picture

Ross you gave a great accounting of the game. Green Bay proved it could win against a one of the best if not the best defenses in the league. Now they have to prove they can play against one of the strongest offenses. The one question I have is that it seemed that MM didn't play a lot of 2-TE alignments. To run the ball and still provide pass options it would have been the better set. Of course that's just my opinion.

dobber's picture

Snap counts for Sunday available here...

Kendricks with 21 snaps (out of 82).

Look at how many snaps were played by the DBs and DLs. Tells you a ton about how the Packers lined up against Seattle, and how they're likely to line up against Atlanta.

marpag1's picture

I think I'm going to try to moderate the speed of my Mike Daniels hype train just a bit. Yeah, he had a terrific game today, but I'd like to see if he looks the same against an O-line like Dallas or Philadelphia.

I know it's just one game, but based on that one game, I think Seattle is in trouble. That O-line looked sooooo atrociously bad it could have played QB for the Browns. The Seahawks simply can't win with that, and if I'm John Schneider right now, I'm probably pretty close to desperation mode. He simply needs to find SOMEONE who is able to block, or it's over.

To be honest, I didn't think Seattle looked terribly special on defense either. Yeah, they were good. Better than average, sure. But they certainly did not just stifle or smother anything that the Packers wanted to do. I really feel like that Packers should have won this game going away. I thought that they should have scored at least 7-10 more points against that D.

dschwalm's picture

I totally disagree on all counts! It would take too long to itemize

marpag1's picture

If you're saying that I'm underrating Seattle's defense, yeah OK, maybe that's fair. But are you saying that you thought Seattle's O-line played well? If you are, we just weren't watching the same game.

Take a gander at the pic in the link and ask yourself, "How exactly does that even happen??"

Norm's picture

Wow, that picture! I would say screen pass explains it but they're all facing the wrong direction. Total ineptitude.

JDK52's picture

Love this, Ross, thanks for a great breakdown.

Though I have to say. No love for Jake Ryan?? He looked great and made several key TFL's that contributed to the dominant run D. He moved through traffic and got behind the line and made popping tackles when he had the chance.

Great to see Mike Daniels get the credit he so richly deserves! What a man.

Ross Uglem's picture

Jake Ryan played 5 total snaps.

JDK52's picture

How does that mean he wasn't good?

Ross Uglem's picture

" Ryan was fine when he played, but he barely did"

That's literally a quote from this piece. I'm not going to do a long, spirited breakdown of five plays.

fthisJack's picture

i know for a fact he stuffed 2 runs getting through traffic and making great plays.....not sure about the other 3 snaps but in my book that's good football.

stockholder's picture

He was good. The problem is their pushing Thomas, & Martinez. It's the same thing with Adams over Cobb. Cobb was over payed ,and was going to be traded. Well , what did he just do sunday. It's just ridicules that praise is for the select few.

dobber's picture

I need an interpreter for this.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Love this, Ross! Especially appreciate the points regarding the Seahawk penalties that were not called. All Aikman and Buck had to do was look at their own replays, and they could see the Seahawk LT constantly holding on passing downs and our recievers jerseys being pulled or being grabbed. IMO the refs were not perfect but trying to let the teams play. I am happy the Pack was ready for the usual Seahawk nonsense and played through it! To me the Pack demonstrated mental and competitive toughness (something that was lacking early last year). Here's hoping the Pack continues with that characteristic. GO PACK!

RobinsonDavis's picture

On another note, I am curious of your opinion on the play of Brice and our interior offensive line "after further review? " Also, Rodgers seemed very frustrated and unable to find open receivers in the first half. Again, curious if you recognized separation issues and what the adjustments were. Thanks, Ross!

croatpackfan's picture

From that play what I saw is that Graham pushed away Brice before pass was thrown After Brice was all over him. he grabed Brice's helmet and pull Brice down with him... So, it might also be offensive PI so to say. Go, look at the whole development of the snap and story suddenly looks different!

RobinsonDavis's picture

I was not commenting on just one play croatpackfan. I was commenting on the play for the entire game....that is why I also asked about the interior offensive line. However, I agree with your point about the endzone play. Apparently the refs commented that the ball was uncatchable, so no flag.

4zone's picture

Where was Davis and Janis going deep and just winging it? Where was the play action? Great game, lots of room for the offence to grow.

dobber's picture

Davis and Janis played a combined 8 offensive snaps on Sunday. It seems that when they chose to go receiver-heavy, they went with Kendricks (or Montgomery) rather than a 4th WR. I'm not sure that hampered this offense. I was curious going into the game who would see the offensive snaps as 4th WR: Janis or Davis. I think Davis had 5 snaps and Janis had 3. Likely made more sense to be methodical and keep #12 upright rather than risking him over slow-developing long routes. If the Packers play a defense that isn't as potent as Seattle, those tendencies will change, I think.

4zone's picture

Where was Davis and Janis going deep and just winging it? Where was the play action? Great game, lots of room for the offence to grow.

chugwater's picture

Ross, thanks for the balanced analysis of John Schneider as GM. I think a little too often we get frustrated with TT not dipping his toes into the free agent pool. The truth is you can make poor decisions in free agency as much as the draft. Graham has not panned out like they thought he would. Joekel is awful too. They have just as many holes on offense as we've had on defense.

flackcatcher's picture

Schneider does not make the final call on personal. The crook from SC (otherwise known as Pete Carroll) does. Seattle has make a decision to 'grow' their OL rather than spend high draft choices, or pick up FA linemen. Carroll is gambling that Seattle's OL will jell and protect Wilson by the second half of the season. If Wilson is still intact by the second half that is.

lou's picture

Great point flackcatcher, Carroll 's exit from USC is college footballs answer to Dan Devine's exit out of the NFL, just class less. The extent of Carroll's influence on the draft and player personnel is not known but we do know he has makes the final call, again great point.

dobber's picture

They also made a bone-headed trade with the Saints when they dealt a very good C in Unger (arguably their best OL) for Jimmy Graham. Sure, they wanted weapons to put around Wilson, but that's dealing from weakness, not strength. They're still paying for that one.

chugwater's picture

You make a fair point, but none of those trades get done unless Schneider facilitates and supports them. He's not a total bystander.

nostradanus's picture

Great Job Ross!
Really enjoy and appreciate the work you put in on this.

al bundy's picture

Great analysis. Loved the d with a small exception, dbacs playing off to much allowing small chunks of real esate otherwise brilliant

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