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Adrian Amos is Exactly What Packers Need at Safety

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Adrian Amos is Exactly What Packers Need at Safety

Last season, the Green Bay Packers were a mess at safety. Really, for years, the position has been a glaring weakness with blown assignments and missed tackles routinely leading to big plays.

However, the Packers acted in free agency to try and address that weakness and in terms of limiting big plays, there may be no one better on the market than Adrian Amos.

Amos may not be a superstar or the first safety you thought of during this cycle of free agency, yet he's 25 years old, has started 56 games and over the past two seasons, he has three interceptions and 12 pass deflections.

Those numbers aren't necessarily eye-popping but when you combine them with what you see on the field, it's a perfect combination for Green Bay. 

Not only can Amos make big plays but he also does a great job of preventing them, unlike the Packers secondary, which seems to have more holes than swiss cheese.

Amos isn't going to fix every problem the Packers have on the back end. The team still needs a starter opposite him and while Josh Jones still has room to grow, if Green Bay comes back with Kentrell Brice as a top-three safety, then it will still have a major problem.

Brice can't play. He can't cover, he can't stay healthy and outside of some big hits, he doesn't bring any value to the defense. Special teams? Sure. 

But he should never see the field on defense unless it's an emergency situation. 

Ideally, the Packers would probably like to see Amos take the job at free safety and allow Jones to play more around the box, which is his strength.

That's not a bad plan, especially because Amos excels at limiting big plays. According to Pro Football Focus, he was downgraded (negative plays) the third fewest times of any safety last season and the previous two years, he was also in the top 10.

Essentially, that means that Amos doesn't make a ton of mistakes. He doesn't blow coverage and doesn't miss a ton of tackles. 

Even without impact plays like interceptions and forced fumbles, that would be an upgrade. 

But on the flip side, Amos is still a guy that is growing and progessing. He's heading into this prime and over the past two seasons, he has gotten his hands on the ball more and more. 

Although some might not view him as an elite safety, he's definitely an ascending player and at the very least, he is above average, which is a huge upgrade over what's been on the roster. 


Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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Jonathan Spader's picture

Great player at a great price tag. Looking forward to seeing how he plays against Chicago especially!

Turophile's picture

Good (not great) player in a position of serious need and therefore a very good acquisition. The Packers are still likely to get another safety in the draft (imo).

However, let us not forget we have Josh Jones on the roster, a super-athletic safety that could be a terror near the line of scrimmage. He was showing improvement late last year and I hope he will fulfill his promise in 2019, which is his crucial third year.

I still think we lack a true single high safety type, but players that are capable of filling that role are few and far between. Amos might not be awful there, but i'm betting he is much more comfortable in a cover two than single high. If the Packers DO get another safety in the draft, I hope the player they select is one of a handful of players that can do that.

Rak47's picture

I wonder if Gute would be interested in bringing in Eric Berry now that he's been released by the Chiefs. He tore an Achilles in 2017 and had issues with his heel last year limiting him to 3 games. However he has been seen, assessed, and cleared to play by Dr. Robert Anderson who is the leading foot and ankle specialist in the NFL and also happens to be a Packers team Doctor. Gute will have first hand, all the info he needs on Berry's foot and Achilles issues over the past couple years. Add to the fact that he could probably be had on a prove it deal [after 2 years of injury] it may be worth Gute taking a flyer on him. He would be a huge upgrade if healthy. Berry may also be inclined to play where he's going to get the best care for his foot.

SterlingSharpe's picture

I predict Berry will end up in Cleveland under former Packer brass Elliott Wolf & John Dorsey.

porupack's picture

Well, there's the thing about medical patient no, Gute doesn't get first hand knowledge on the foot, and can only get first hand knowledge by talking to the man first hand, or in this case....the foot.

bartstarrfan's picture

Berry can consent to let the Dr. share that info with Gutey, if he so chooses. Those consents may already be signed, otherwise it would be very difficult to get medical evaluation info from the team physicians.

mamasboy's picture

I hope you're right about Josh Jones, but he was still clueless last year and you have to wonder if the light is ever going to go on.

Bert's picture

I agree. I think Amos is the best player and the best value of the Packers signings so far. I like the Smith signings too but I think Amos is the real gem to date.

Packerpasty's picture

and your not alone...all the national sports outlets agree, he's the gem for the Packers he's from "Da Bears"....even better!!

Old School's picture

l love the trash talk about Brice. Two different head coaches have started him. Two different DCs have started him. Two different GMs have had him as the starter. Burnett, Dix, and Whitehead have all left the building but Brice is still there.

But the author knows that Brice can't play, so I guess he sees something that the professionals who work with him every day don't.


I like the Amos signing. Our #1 need on defense was a vet on the back end. I think it'll improve the play of everybody in the secondary.

Demon's picture

Old school let me ask you, being that Green Bay is so loaded at talent like you seem to believe, just who is it that is responsible for 2 straight losing seasons?

You sing the praises of Perry and how great he is and now Brice. YGBSM!

Coldworld's picture

Brice looked totally lost in space last year. So did Jones. The difference was that Brice initially made his name tackling, yet his tackling was poor at best last year to my surprise.

If one can’t cover, you had better be pretty darn reliable as a tackler. Brice was not. Therefore he was a liability. Liabilities are not acceptable. Was there a reason such as injury? None that I know, but the team will. On last year’s performance he is not roster worthy.

Demon's picture

Brice had a couple big hits as a rookie and has done nothing since. Josh Jones is a disaster waiting to happen.

hobowilly's picture

GB has the talent (short of just a handful of players) and is steadily improving with the change to Gutey. IHMO, a good deal of the credit for these past two disappointing seasons is gone now (MM) as i tend to look at team leadership, play scheming and preparation as well as player performance. I don't feel MM prepared for the first Bear game very well and was out-coached by a first year coach! AR was off his game last year during a few spots, and MM's lack of creative play calling and game situational awareness contributed to several losses. One loss is attributed to the refs (QB roughness fiasco). Let's just see how AR bounces back with a new HC and OC....i'm very excited for GB to return to the playoffs this coming season.

Demon's picture

I am very excited too hobo Its just that im not afraid to call a spade a spade. N Perry was a total NOTHING and Brice should be on a practice squad somewhere. I laugh at people who defend TT and his garbage.

Old School's picture

Obviously, not having our starting QB contributed to a bad season in 2017. 2018 was a combination of things.

Perry is above average for the position. And Brice has been the choice of two different groups of coaches. If reminding you of facts is “singing the praises” , then call me Sinatra.

GBPDAN1's picture

Extremely happy about the Amos signing. The contract is right in line with his skill set. I also like the Preston Smith contract. It's slightly high, but not bad at all for the 2nd day of FA.

The Baltimore Smith contract is to high. I'm glad we got him, but his contract exemplifies the first few days of the FA signing period. Over paid average player. I wonder who the Packers were bidding against? Oh well, I've been complaining about our edge for years and now we got a GM who did something about it, we needed edge players and we got them. I'm happy overall with yesterday's big day.

I still wouldn't mind getting Burns with the 12 pick if he's there. But, it will depend on if he's the BPA when we are on the clock.

A stud O-lineman and TE would be extremely beneficial, also. (And a slot receiver)

Tingham's picture

I find it odd when people say that a contract is too expensive before the player has ever taken the field. Literally no one knows. Not Gute, not the professional pundits and certainly no one commenting here, and I will put myself at the top of this list. What I do think I know is that all 4 of the FA signings yesterday are an improvement on the players they are replacing. At worst case they are younger. Looking forward to 2019.

GBPDAN1's picture

Hi Tingham. I don't think it's that odd to look at a players past performance and new contract to suggest it may be over priced. JJ Watt's contract averages 16M a year for example. Smith's is averaging 16.5

JJ Watt is head and shoulders better than Smith. I re- watched the Ravens / Chargers playoff game. Smith did nothing except get blown off the line in the run game. I'm not saying one game should define a player, but it was a huge game.

What I am saying is that FA has inflated pricing typically, especially the first few days. Smith is being signed for potential, which I'm good with. I really hope his game jumps to the next level so he can earn and justify the pay that he has been given.

We needed pass rushers, and our GM delivered. I'm very happy overall with yesterday's developments. It definitely will help with our draft decisions regarding taking the best player available. This team is heading in the right direction. Go Pack

Rak47's picture

The reality is sometimes the Packers and teams like them Buffalo Cleveland, Detroit, and Cincinnati will have to overpay to overcome perceptions in players. Also there are teams like those in Texas, Florida, and California that not only have warm weather year round but also have large metropolitan cities with no state taxes. So it's only natural for many players to have preferences when it comes to where they want to play and often the deciding factor is money.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Maxx Williams is still out there at TE.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've been on the Maxx Williams bandwagon for some time now. I do fear that the re-signing of Marcedes means that ship has sailed. Gute has been a little surprising though.

Lare's picture

I’m glad that the Packers signed Amos, that addressed a huge need on the defense. They should probably still bring in another player at SS in case Jones doesn’t step it up this year. If Brice is starting opposite of Amos it means that a Packers GM once again failed to bring in a productive player at that position.

stockholder's picture

I love all the signings. I love the money spent. I love the outlook. I Love what Gute did.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

and I 'love' all your enthusiasm Stockholder! :)

Jonathan Spader's picture

It's Stockholder syndrome BG got him his wish list.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I love it when a plan comes together...

canadapacker's picture

My biggest complaint about the Packers back end besides the crazy blown coverages is the lack of guys making an immediate one on one tackle when they have the opportunity . I dont know how many times we have had the chance to stop a guys short of first down or in the backfield on a sweep and either had him carry our guy down the field or totally whiffed on the tackle. Good teams make that play immediately so that the other team has to change their strategy. Amos should help from what I saw last year and what his stats say. But we need others to improve in that end as well.

Dzehren's picture

Love the Amos signing! Could Oren Burks be Amos’s partner at Safety? Just throwing it out there.
He played safety at Vanderbilt... seems Jones & Burks are tweeners but will be effective pieces if deployed correctly.

Coldworld's picture

We need another coverage safety, even if we keep Williams, to make it through the season. That could be Greene, but I’d like to see a vet FA later in the offseason as well as a draft pick to develop. At SS, Jones, perhaps Cambell, Burkes and Brice if they bring him back on the 90. That is a little deeper if you have options when leaning coverage.

MikeS's picture

Good job Gutey. Amos is a real find. Now get rid of Brice.

Guam's picture

Christmas arrived on March 12th for Packers fans. Gute plugged every gaping hole on the roster. We still have a number of issues, but we also have the draft to fill several of them. For the me the best part is that we no longer have to pick for need, but can draft BPA and seek playmakers.

Jonathan Spader's picture


holmesmd's picture

Why? GB really crapped the bed by not signing Breeland unless they are getting him to try to do another full season “prove it deal”. He & JA our the Packers best CB’s. I have no idea why Breeland wasn’t done long ago. Oh well, he’ll be a star elsewhere like most of our released or trades corners. If they somehow get him, the Packers may have a top 5 defense by season’s end....barring the typical MASH UNIT of course.

holmesmd's picture

Are the Packers...stupid iPhone dictation. SMH

hobowilly's picture

Guam, i know you're a few hours ahead of us in the states, but you forget our real Christmas present that occured before Christmas and that was letting go a worn out, non creative play calling HC. In my family home, we celebrated and when mgmt selected Matt La Fleur we celebrated again!

Guam's picture

Fair point about HC hobowilly, however I am no longer resident in Guam. Retired back to Wisconsin a few years ago after a long stint in Asia.

sam1's picture

3:00 today could prove interesting!

Bearmeat's picture

I really am excited about the Amos signing. I'm a little on the fence about signing TWO top Edge players to big contracts, but we certainly needed at least one.

With Amos, what I like is his versatility. He can tackle in the box, but he certainly has the speed to play FS effectively. 4.27 in the 40 coming out and that shows on the pro tape. This was a poor FS draft... glad we fixed the position before April!

packergal's picture

I love what Gute did!
And the fan that posted here and named Gute "CheeseWhiz" created a very appropriate moniker!
Can't wait for the draft-Go Pack!

Handsback's picture

First off I don't believe that the Packers or any pro NFL team can get superstars/great or all pros at every position. You need to have solid players that can provide occasional burst of sensational performances. The three new pick-ups can do that on defense. JJ should be improving his game enough so that he can start w/ Amos and shut down any huge gains.

Tundraboy's picture

Yeah we haven't had enough solid players. These are good moves. Now we can focus on finding the best talent to add in the draft.

Swisch's picture

Although I'm concerned about the total price tag for all four free agents, I think this may have been the year to do it.
We need to rebound right away after a two-season slump, and generally our draft picks are unlikely to turn us around in the next season or two.
So this may not be the way to go with free agents most years, but it may be a great way to go now.
I like that our free agents are at the point in their careers when they may be ready to take a leap forward.
Here's hoping they all excel; but if not, it's a couple of seasons for our younger guys to develop.
More hope for playoffs next season; and contending for the Super Bowl in 2020.

SterlingSharpe's picture

#1- The Packers could miss the playoffs again this year, could finish behind Chicago and Minny, and remember even the Lions swept us last year.

#2- The Packers could make the playoffs, and could go to the Super Bowl.

#3- A lot depends on health, for the Packers and for every team.

#4- Last year, Jacksonville & Minny were coming off AFC/NFC Championship losses, just 1 step away from the Super Bowl. Neither made it further than we did last year.

#5- Josh Jones needs to figure it out this off-season.

#6- Orren Burks. Who is he? He needs to figure it out this off-season.

#7- I agree with Nagler on Kuuuumerow as a good slot guy. Remember, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola weren't immediate great slot studs. Rodgers indicated he had trust in Kumerow last year, but rarely threw to him once he got on the field. Let's get him into the slot and be our cheaper & younger Cole Beasley.

#8- Maxx Williams was a popular late rd mock pick to the Packers in the 2015 NFL Draft but got stuck going to Baltimore before our 2nd rd pick. He's available now and won't break the bank. Eric Ebron v2?

SterlingSharpe's picture

#9- Josh Jackson really seems to have the skills to be a much better safety than an NFL corner. Let's hope Pettine gives him a chance because he and Amos could be a great combo and each guy is still young.

#10- Ed Oliver at 12 if he's still there as half the mocks have him?

#11- Please no WR or RB before Day 3.

#12- Would you trade #12 & #44 & our for #24 & #27 picks? Trade Value Chart (new one) shows this is the fairest deal.... maybe an extra 6th rounder would be added.

Lphill's picture

Brice not being tendered .

Ryan B Dub's picture

Addition by subtraction! I love this signing of a good safety. Now send Brice to the Bears. Or the Vikings. Or the Lions. Just get him out of the Green and Gold.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Brice was a guy who has potential, just not in GB at the moment. He should never have been starting, that is not on him. He was not ready, did not appear to know his assignments and that helped make him look a step slow and unsure at times.

Just as Randal and now his position coach, Whitt, now say that the CB idea belonged to neither of them and both disagreed with it and were "OVERRULED" by higher ups; so it was with Brice.

But if Brice had delivered the plays he was in position to make he would have been a game changer. He is the first back S outside HaHa who was able to be in position to make plays. that was a big upgrade over guys like Burnett.

The bad part is that being on the screen missing highlights the typical fan who does not bother to put the work in to see what happened and whose mistake was whose.

Or, IOW, for most fans being in position and failing was worse than not being in position and being overlooked as the problem.

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