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If you haven't read it already, Brian has a nice Q&A with Matt Bowen over at Railbird Central. One part of his last answer really stood out to me:

One thing Capers brings is accountability for your actions on the field, which didn't seem noticeable last season in Green Bay.

Can't echo that strongly enough. Last season, and indeed throughout Sanders' tenure in general, players were seemingly never held to account for sub-standard play. What I think goes unnoticed is McCarthy's hand in this as well. It's a bad reminder of a problem that was widespread under Mike Sherman. Given his mandate to turn around a failed defense, I fully expect Capers to have complete control over his roster and to 'trim the fat' where necessary.

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Nick's picture

Isnt that one of the two things McCarthy says he stresses? Availability and accountability...he mentions them all the time in press conferences. I dont think thats an issue with him. And how can you hold someone accountable if they follow your instructions but it fails? Thats where the scheme comes in. I know there were gap issues last year but i dont blame it on a lack of accountability, but rather an ineffective communicator and teacher using a highly predictable scheme that easily can be exploited.

Nick's picture

Sorry I cant edit my original comment (on my phone) but if its not obvious Im referring to Sanders in the last sentence. And Im not saying Capers wont improve that...but I think the defense has a bunch of people that owned up to their mistakes... I dont see them as blame passers. I can imagine a lot of people silently or perhaps not so silently being frustrated with the coaching though and I think thats partly why it was a complete cleaning of house this off season and not just Sanders neck. Who knows.

packeraaron's picture

Nick - I think the blame falls mostly on Sanders, but things like the fiasco of moving Woodson to safety are signed off on by McCarthy, or sticking with Frost well past his due date or the continuous use of 'pad level' as an excuse for poor play. McCarthy has to take responsibility for some of it.

WoodyG's picture

MM has a learning curve just as players do. Obviously, 2008 taught MM alot about the importance of those around him to on-field success. Thus, out with Sanders & in with Capers.
I don't know this but somehow I view Sanders as running to MM on a daily basis & asking for direction.... On the other hand, Capers, as an experienced DC, provides the direction for MM. There's a big difference.

Nick's picture

I actually was going to mention the frost fiasco but I figured that had more to mr ted i like my guys thompson. But you are right that definitely has to go through McCarthy as well as the personnel switches. Regardless your/the original article's point still stands...Capers seems like a no nonsense direct guy and that should be a big improvement. In fact from my limited knowledge about the two men, Capers and McCarthy seem to be similar in their approach and it definitely seems like a more uniform coaching staff re approach and temperment than he had with Sanders

Franklin Hillside's picture

Pad level is the cause of, and solution to, most of life's problems.

Nick's picture

I told my girlfriend something similar regarding pads. She didnt appreciate it very much. But I do agree with you... it is the key to all of our problems.

Ruppert's picture

This is a good piece, because the effectiveness of the defense this year is really the key to the season, isn't it?

I mean, the offense could step back a notch from last year in terms of yards and scoring and STILL be good enough to win football games.

If this defense is an upgrade, this team will win. If it's just as bad, they'll lose again.

bomdad's picture

Ruppert, key is the offensive line. Think about it: where is the only position from last year not returning a starter-barring setbacks during rehab? RT - we'll be trotting out a guy with a handful of snaps hoping for the best.
MM sealed the deal with the D by getting Capers to transform a talented group to a new scheme. I know some who read this blog might disagree with the talent level, but at least there is a history to argue about.

Ruppert's picture

bomdad, that's very true. The o line is definitely very important this year, and your point about talent is noted. I just get the gut feeling that the o line will once again be decent--not great nor horrible, for some reason.

Ron La Canne's picture

The question really is, can Capers translate his knowledge of the Defense he wants to the players he has? The pre-season will be interesting, if for nothing but observing the new system.

I'm worried more about the O line. Clifton may or may not be able to handle the entire season. The remainder of the line is staffed by players who have yet to prove their competence. As much as I want to believe the PR on these guys, just who has stepped up and played with competence? I suggest, none yet. Even Colledge with three full years can best be described as inconsistent. Four, maybe even five, of these guys will have to step up and have very good years. The odds on that are not all that good.

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