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Aaron Rodgers Still Not Medically Cleared

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Aaron Rodgers Still Not Medically Cleared

Rodgers could still be cleared to play later this week, but as of Monday, the Packers are preparing as if Matt Flynn will be the starting quarterback on Sunday in Dallas.


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RunAndHyde's picture

I second the fiddlesticks!

packsmack25's picture

Means nothing if he's not been tested yet.

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RC Packer Fan's picture

Yup, I thought it was funny when he said that he has not been medically cleared yet. But hasn't been examined yet.

I heard last week on a local radio station a Packer insider had heard that Rodgers collarbone was 60-70% healed. That was last week. If that is the case, I don't expect to see Rodgers for a while...

We shall see...

jack in jersey city's picture

i'm not expecting to see him playing this week

Stroh's picture

If its 70% after 4 wks should be closed to healed by wk 5 or more. If he's 90% or more I say play him! Risk of injury at that point is very low. Give me #12!

casual fan's picture

If it was 60-70%, that would be based on last Tuesday's evaluation and would give him another 1.5 weeks healing before going, which seems like a decent amount of time. I'm not a medical doctor, but I think he should risk it as well. There's a good article on this at:

White92's picture

Thanks for that link. Good article as he states that it really isn't dependant on some scan..

C's picture

He said, 'it's not based "soley" on the X-ray or CT scan.'. He also said it's a 6-8 week injury and they're at a 'risk/reward' stage in determining his ability to play.

Stroh's picture

No it said a Mid Shaft clavicle is 6-8 weeks. Rodgers has a distal end fracture that wasn't displaced. It also says that those are usually quicker to heal than mid shaft, so the 4-6 weeks is most likely.

Its all about risk/reward and at this point I would say the reward vastly outweighs the risks. It also says even if a reinjury occurs it wouldn't cause any long term problems, meaning it wouldn't jeopardize Rodgers chances of a full recovery and being completely healthy next year (likely w/o missing any training camp).

Arlo's picture

"Its all about risk/reward and at this point I would say the reward vastly outweighs the risks."

Of course there's no risk on your part. But as a fan, you'd receive the reward of Green Bay putting a better team on the field. I doubt AR wants to go through several months of rehab if he plays & gets reinjuried. Please, don't come back with more of your "amateur" medical analysis.

You're just another fan thinking only of himself.

Stroh's picture

Actually NO. I care for Rodgers long term health. But if there is no long term health consequences to re-injury he should play. At most he get re-injured, has offseason surgery and misses some offseason but not training camp. While the rewards are immense. Possible trip to the playoffs are at stake. Its time to play him.

BTW don't EVER try to tell me who I am or am not... I'm fully F'in aware I am just a fan! Just like you. Shareholder and GB native!

Arlo's picture

What you are is just another fan who gets run off of most blogs & forums because of your outrageous statements. I'll use your most famous line ... Why don't you just STFU!!

Stroh's picture

Arlo yes it is an "amateur" medical opinion, but its a pretty well informed one. I have a degree in Human Biology/Exercise Physiology and minor in athletic training! So Its a pretty well informed opinion, at least FAR more than your COMPLETELY amateur opinion! And if you even bothered to read the link its explains it extremely well. I know it was probably beyond your comprehension level but that's your problem not mine! Keep it that way!

Bearmeat's picture

This is easy:

1. AR to Dr. McKenzie - Shut the hell up. I'm playing. (Kicks McKenzie in the nuts, walks out of training room. Entire Team erupts in applause)

2. AR to MM - I'm playing on Sunday.

3. MM to AR - So be it. All in baby! (MM runs off to tell his stock broker to put his house equity for collateral on the nuclear fusion reactor futures market)

4. MM to TT: We have to beat Dallas on Sunday. Detroit's going to choke and our season depends on this game.

5. TT to MM: What about our long term investment in ARod? What

6. MM to TT: STHU. Even IF he were to get hurt again, he'll have all offseason to heal. Plus, even if we miss the playoffs, neither of us have a chance to get fired. Win/Win!

7. TT to MM: So be it. All in baby! (TT runs off to the casino and puts his salary on Red-22.

8. MM to AR: You're starting. We need to win. NO SCRAMBLING. THROW IT AWAY after 2.5 seconds. Period!


10. Team erupts in applause. Newhouse hangs head in shame.

11. AR Comes back. Cobb comes back. Finley Comes back. Bulaga comes back.

12. Team wins Super Bowl

Jamie's picture

Woulda been a lot easier if they woulda just signed McCown two years ago.

RunAndHyde's picture

Finley won't be back.....but other than that I agree. P.s. that was funny as f#ck lol.

Longshanks's picture

The key words here are "Dr McKenzie". He works for the Green Bay Packers. Notice it didn't mention someone from outside the organization. This tells me that Rodgers is playing 100% against the Cowboys.

I know I hate Brett Favre for how he acted in the final months here but I can't help but compare. If this was Favre he would be playing hell or high water.

I hate to even say this since Rodgers is the best qb in all of football but if he for some reason doesn't play in this game a lot of his career will be defined by this game.

If he plays and loses, that's fine but I think pretty much everyone in WI and Packers fans around the world are 100% expecting him to play this game and be cleared even if he isn't 100%.. If he doesn't, man he's going to hear the "soft" whispers for the rest of his life unfortunately.

Having said that I fully expect him to be suited up and beating the Cowboys on their way to the playoffs and eventually to a super bowl showdown with Denver in a snowy game in New York/New Jersey where ever the hell they are playing this year.


C's picture

The NFL has entered the 'League of Denial' era where every team now defers post-injury decisions to the medical staff. Favre, if he were in his prime during this era, would be forced to sit multiple games. There's no rebuttal to offer, no speculation to the contrary. It's a different era.

Also, while everybody romanticizes Favres ability to play hurt they neglect to remember how awful he was at times while playing hurt. He didn't improve the team by being on the field in those situations. He was an impediment.

Al Fresco's picture

IF the doc's don't clear you, you don't play period. Favre or no Favre. MM has no authority to trump and would not trump the doctor. If so, no reason for a doctor just let Mikey decide.
My take, he doesn't play in Dallas. That is a hard surface to get slammed to, not grass. and he will get slammed early and often on that shoulder. With our O line I wouldn't let him play next year either. LOL

Stroh's picture

Its an organizational decision made by the HC, Dr's, trainers and Rodgers. Is all about risk/reward at this point. Not a cut and dried decision in one mans hands. Read...

Bearmeat's picture

Longshanks - you are a very strange dude. One week you're predicting doom and gloom for the forseeable future... the next (after a last second victory at home over a 3-9 team) you're predicting a super bowl berth.

GB is a good team that will be better next year if healthy. But there are some holes that great teams (SEA, NO, SF, CAR) will expose.

Longshanks's picture

Yes, I know about "the docs" clearing you now. That's why I like the fact it's McKenzie looking him over. You don't tell me Harlan or Murphy goes up to him.. winks, shakes his hand with a long firm grip and just so happens releases a plain envelope filled with cash? Trust me, Rodgers is playing this week. Millions and millions of potential dollars are at stake. In the end it's always about the money. Don't kid yourselves.


RG's picture

Rodgers is not playing this week. If on last Wednesday he was still having pain, there is no way he is playing this week. I am having serious doubts that he will be cleared this year.

billy's picture

Get some of that stuff AD AP was on...worked for him and who's gonna test one of the NFL's poster boys...they would never have the guts to test Peterson or Rodgers...

Steven's picture

Favorite cheesehead t.v. comrads. Stroh, evan, and longshanks. Also is clowney 42 cow? And if he is than thanks for allowijg me to return

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