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Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Played Through 2018 With Tibial Plateau Fracture

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Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Played Through 2018 With Tibial Plateau Fracture

This morning, ESPN Milwaukee's "Wilde and Tausch" radio show aired the first part of an extended interview with Aaron Rodgers that was getting big publicity primarily due to Rodgers' unrestrained comments about the Tyler Dunne Bleacher Report article, and specifically his thoughts on long-time malcontents Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings.

During the interview, however, Rodgers revealed a piece of new information: in addition to playing through the 2018 season with an MCL sprain, he also had a tibial plateau fracture that he suffered on the same hit in week one against the Chicago Bears.

There had been plenty of speculation that Rodgers' injury was more significant than had been fully reported. This new information will only add to the speculation of how much Rodgers' performance last year was diminished by that injury he sustained on opening night.

According to Rodgers:

"My two bones that come together on the outside made an indent fracture. The good thing was that it's not super weight bearing, but there's definitely some moves that affected it."

Rodgers also touched on the concussion he suffered in Week 17 against the Lions:

Here's to a healthier 2019 for the Packers' most important player.


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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southonfire's picture

Wikipedia: "People [with a tibial plateau fracture] are generally unable to walk."

dblbogey's picture

I don't trust wikipedia, along with journalists in general.

MikeDV34's picture

Your mistrust of Wikipedia is warranted.

Your general mistrust of journalists is stupid.

sonomaca's picture

It’s very unusual to find a good sports journalist, one who tells a gripping tale without taking sides or injecting personal politics or morality. Tyler Dunne should be ashamed of himself. This is TMZ stuff.

GBPDAN1's picture

After listening to Rodgers passionate rebuttal yesterday in defense of the Bleacher report and now hearing he played through the fracture along with the ligament injury, I have a lot of respect for his resolve.

We have a warrior. No wonder he had an off year comparing to his past standards. Being sacked the 3rd most in the league had to be on the back of his mind in regard to reinjury. Yet he still wanted to play even when we were eliminated from the playoffs. We need to draft a stud O-lineman to help shore up the front.

And what a terrible decision it was by Management to let him start when we were eliminated from the playoffs. Now he has a major concussion on his Medical history. 138M dollar investment, and they allowed him to play, SMH

Skip greenBayless's picture

"And what a terrible decision it was by Management to let him start when we were eliminated from the playoffs. Now he has a major concussion on his Medical history. 138M dollar investment, and they allowed him to play, SMH"

Yeah, that was a terrible decision and I was at the forefront of wanting to sit Rodgers the final two games and have them play Kizer and especially Boyle. Of course I was right again. It would allow those two some valuable experience also more than likely assuring us a higher spot up in the draft. Philbin and Rodgers are to blame more specifically Rodgers since he calls the shots on playing. I don't care what anybody says. Rodgers playing those two games was not heroic but totally selfish. He hurt the Packers, the fans and himself. Well done!!


MikeDV34's picture were at the forefront. That's awesome!

Old School's picture

Actually, Dash was right out front on that. I remember because I disagreed with him, saying that you play to win, period, and that if you're the leader of the team and you quit on the team because you're afraid you might get an owie then real men are going to sneer at your leadership. It's frickin football.....if you're afraid of getting hurt then find a different sport, like ballet.

And Rodgers did take a concussion. Fact. I'm trying to recall how many concussions that is for him and I looked it up and officially it's three. He's also missed big chunks of the season twice in his career because and a broken collarbone (twice). That's twice in 11 seasons.

He played the entire 2018 season with a fractured tibia plate, reportedly. He had his third concussion. He's turning 36 this season.

But Nooooooooo. We shouldn't even consider an early QB in this draft. We'll just put all our chips on #12. See you in Vegas.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"Actually, Dash was right out front on that. I remember because I disagreed with him"

Thank you for the verification on the "forefront" controversy Old School. It means a lot coming from another future yellow jacket elite member here. You and I might have to get our yellow jackets fitted early this season if this continues to snow ball like it did yesterday. Perhaps we can request White Tornado to take our jacket measurements for the ceremonies. I think he would like that.


IceBowl's picture


IceBowl's picture

In the case of ARod sitting, I think I was at the forefront. I just don't have to tell everyone.

Point Packer's picture

"I don't trust wikipedia, along with journalists in general."

So who do you trust for reliable news related to what is true/untrue at 1265 or anywhere else?

Mojo's picture

Whomever agrees with their point of view.

As far as Rodgers playing the last two games, that's more on ARod and his insistence to show how important it is to be a leader. I have a strong suspicion management (MM * BG) would have preferred he sit those out, at least the majority of the games. Don't know if Philbin would have though and he had no interest in overruling Rodgers.

Skip greenBayless's picture

It's a very good question Point Packer. Right now besides myself, there's only a few guys left I trust. As far as journalists who only care about reporting the truth, they are clearly Tyler Dunne and of course John T. Kirk.


IceBowl's picture

just skip Dash

Unsubstantiated hogwash

Old School's picture

Good question, Point Packer (attended Point 1974-1976). What did people do for reliable news before TV, or newspapers, or journalists? Before the printing press?

IMO, it is wise to distrust people who spend millions trying to influence the way I think. I have a brain and an education and the freedom to figure things out for myself.

As Denzel Washington so eloquently said " It doesn't matter if it's true, it only matters if it sells". Remember that the next time you tune in to these folks.

John30856's picture

players play. Injury can happen anytime

gbslapshot's picture

My question. Is this going to come back to bite the Packers? Aren't teams supposed to disclose injuries in their injury report? I don't know exactly what they have to disclose so this is why I am asking. I'm sure one of you know the full policy.

jasonperone's picture

As far as I've seen, the listing of a "knee" each week satisfies the disclosure of the injury. Now there were a few weeks that he wasn't on the report, if I'm recalling correctly, so I assume they were within their ability to leave him off. Teams aren't required to get more specific than the injured body part and I'm thinking Rodgers wouldn't have shared what he did if it were going to come back and hurt the team.

Old School's picture

Exactly the question I have. Aren't injuries supposed to be disclosed? Isn't that the purpose of submitting injuries to the league? What type of medical attention was the club giving? Did the club know? Should the club have known?

Has stuff been covered up? Are people lying and cheating here?

If this injury was known to the club, when did they know and what did they do? If it was a fracture, shouldn't that have been disclosed?

dobber's picture

Only if it impacted his practice status.

packersrule's picture

The club doesn't have to say the type of injury, they can say leg. They have to say doubtful or whatever the status is. The Packers report way more information than is required by the league (just follow the Patriots if you want to hear a team bending the rules).

Lphill's picture

Just goes to show he could have sat out but yet he played through injuries to try and lead the team , unless of course you ask Greg Jennings or Jermichael Finley.

Bearmeat's picture

you know dash... I don't ever read your comments anymore. you're a troll and not worth my time and frustration.

Bearmeat's picture

sorry LP. meant this to be in response to Dash's screed above.

Bearmeat's picture

Gah. Double post. I suck today.

Old School's picture

He did a good job of leading us to 6 wins and half the coaching staff getting fired.

One of the themes about last season is that guys who might have been vet leaders to help with Rodgers, like Nelson and Sitton and Lang were all gone. We didn't really have much leadership outside of Rodgers, and when he was butting heads with McCarthy there was nobody to say "'re hurting the team".

OK. Fine. It's over. There's pressure on Rodgers and LaFleur and Gutekunst to win. Good. I damn sure don't want to miss the playoffs for the third year in a row. That hasn't happened in almost 30 years.

I think we've made a mistake by putting all of our eggs in the Rodgers basket, personally. If we hadn't extended he'd be entering the last year of his deal this year. If we'd drafted a QB, he could be getting ready this year to take over next year or play this year if Rodgers was hurt.

But we've put all our chips on Rodgers. I don't think that was a smart move. I hope I'm wrong.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"One of the themes about last season is that guys who might have been vet leaders to help with Rodgers, like Nelson and Sitton and Lang were all gone."

They were all gone because all 3 are now out of the NFL. There was still Bahktiari, Adams, Daniels as leaders. We hedged our bets by signing defensive FAs.

John30856's picture

yes, you are wrong. Still can be a MVP QB with a supporting cast.

Lets see, hmm lets let our MVP QB walk after this year

Could he get hurt, yes but then so can any fottball palyer

TheBigCheeze's picture

....said it last year.....if you're out of playoff contention....DO NOT PLAY YOUR STARTERS!!!!!!......yet mcfathead played Rodgers...who sustained a serious concussion.....CLEARLY.......the fans know more than the coaches.....PITIFUL!!!!!

John30856's picture

that's not how the game is played

Clearly they do not

Old School's picture

I think the important thing to remember is that we’ve improved our backup position in case he gets hurt again.

NitschkeFan's picture

Sweet! Thanks for my LOL moment of the day.

sam1's picture

Rodgers will more than likely coming back healthy! Will come back as block busters and play back to MVP standards and probably be MVP which shouldn't surprise real football fans. Not the schiesters who make outlandish idiotic claims here regularly as to how bad
this and that garbage about Rodgers!

carlos's picture

A lot of garbage lately to digest. Hope Rogers stays healthy and I think he’s going to play his heart out this year. He seems to step up when his back is put up against the wall.

Mojo's picture

I'd like him to step-up when he's making his throws.

Point Packer's picture

Rodgers playing in that last game was ridiculously unnecessary. Still drives me nuts that GP trotted him out there.

Hopefully all this drama just makes the locker room tighter. Doesn't appear to be any dissension from within at this juncture.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Apparently the mention of RODGERS saying the rules were not followed and injuries hidden makes all the Mark Murhpy fans disappear.

Since '61's picture

It was clear that Rodgers was having trouble making certain throws and the his mobility was limited. I understand that he wanted to play, all players want to play.

What concerns me is why did the medical staff clear him to play, especially after the games became meaningless.

Shouldn't someone in the media be looking into why our medical staff is not concerned about the safety of our players, in this case the franchise, instead of wasting time on he said, they said articles based on players who have not been on the team for 5 seasons with axes to grind. Does anyone have any idea of what the priorities are on this team? Imbeciles. Thanks, Since '61

Demon's picture

I can answer that 61. Because asking those kind of questions would not be serving up the meatballs our journalists normally ask.

They must be worried about losing their press passes.

You live on the east coast, do the reporters there have that fear?

Since '61's picture

Not at all. They hound the party involved until they get answers. They had a two time Super Bowl winning HC here, Tom Coughlin, and they were merciless with him when the Giants began losing.
But the big difference here in NYC is that there is no off season. We have 2 baseball teams, 2 NFL teams, 2 NBA teams, 3 NHL teams counting the NJ Devils. NY is home to the US Open Tennis Tournament and the Belmont Stakes. There is always a story here, an actual sports story about winning and losing. Not to mention the literally hundreds of alternatives people have here for theather, arts, music, museums etc on a daily basis. Reporters have too much competition. They need to get answers, cover the story from all sides and not waste people's time. Bottom line, no one really cares who said what to whom. What we want to know is did we win today? If not why? If yes, how.

This Packer tempest in a thimble would not even make it into the NYC news.

This is what it sounds like:

Greg Jennings, “Ooh Rodgers said I should sign with another team, ooh, ooh, boo hoo what should I do.”

J’Mike - Ooh Rodgers wasn’t nice to me. Ooh, I’m going to show him and tell a reporter 5 years from now. Ooh, I’ll show him.

“Oh no, Murphy told Rodgers not to be a bad boy.” Ooh,Murphy is going to speak to Rodgers mommy, ooh.”

This is nothing but a bunch of Mamby-Panby 4th grade BS.

I’m just grateful that we didn’t have any of these pxssies in the Nam. They want something to cry about, that’s something to cry about. When the shit hits the fan you find out what’ s important real fast. And it ain’t he said this or they said that.

This is the problem when you have people who are desperate to stay relevant. In the end what you have is nothing. New York news are laughing their asses off at this 4th grade BS. Be well brother. Thanks, Since ‘61

IceBowl's picture

Since 61,

Loved your post. How true! I don't think you could have nailed it any better. You can repeat that one in most threads and be just as relevant. Probably weekly too.

Kudos and thanks for your service.

Since '61's picture

It was a Privilege to serve. Thanks, Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

"Shouldn't someone in the media be looking into why our medical staff is not concerned about the safety of our players"

If anything this once again proves who was actually calling the shots and I have been saying it from the beginning. It wasn't the medical staff, the head coach, the front office. No, no, no. it was the quiet innocent guy that everyone wants to love and believe. It was Aaron Rodgers. Could you be anymore of an enabler to Rodgers Since 61'? Now you want to blame the medical staff? They tell him don't play and he says make me and goes on doing what he wants to do. That's what has been going on for a long long time now. Poor Winston Moss was gagged from speaking then immediately fired when he got loose on them for a day. There's some serious stuff going on at 1265 Lombardi and it all involves no. 12. Where there's smoke there Rodgers and 90% of you here agreeing with him.


packergal's picture

I can't believe the sniping and pettiness that occurs here when posts by Dash, John Kirk, Old School and formerly Taryn are posted/appear.

Throughout my Executive career, (in Executive Management with several Fortune 50 companies over multiple decades) I noted that while female colleagues were accused of occasional pettiness, many Male Executives actually demonstrated this pettiness with regularity.

Yes, I do understand being competitive but...can't Dash, John Kirk, Old School and yes, even Taryn express opinions about AROD, MM and GB Management without getting trashed?

Their posts on all things Packers are informative, entertaining, funny and worth reading--just like many other posters' opinions here.

Finally, note to Dash, your new "nom de plume" is witty and in light of future AROD stories yet to be written-- quite apropos!


Since '61's picture

Hey Packergal - I’ve consulted with most of those same companies. Mostly on Mergers and Acquistions and launching new lines of business. Also on entering new markets outside the U.S. Maybe our paths have crossed.
I’m retiring later this year so I’m taking a final world tour of my clients. Then I’m out before the Corporate world finishes blowing themselves up and eating their young. Stay well. Thanks, Since ‘61

packergal's picture

Hello Since 61...

Yes, we likely HAVE crossed paths!

I am the attractive, fit, put together, rabid female Packer fan that inadvertently gets asked questions about "Travelin Travis Williams" to prove my Packer knowledge before we review the financials and the EBITDA.

You were on the transaction team that performed the diligence and asked the most pointed, difficult questions!

Thank you for the well wishes and good luck in retirement.

Since '61's picture

Travis Williams, the Road Runner. Yes, I was on the due diligence team probably asking too many questions. Best wishes to you as well. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

White92's picture

Woe wait a minute. "attractive, fit, put together"? Why no picture? :)

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I would say I agree with you and something I too have been thinking about the past couple of weeks. The philosophy and style from some or all of the aforementioned posters may not always set well at CHTV but they are often "informative, entertaining, funny and worth reading" as you state. Often some of the posts are obvious trolling for negative responses but those moments should be easy to decipher. Other times I out right laugh at the humor or stupidity of some of the posts. Likewise, I can be very impressed with the information and insight they provide from time to time. I enjoy looking at an issue from different perspectives and optics. I believe there is value in these posters and everyone should simply choose if you want to read their posts or ignore them.

IceBowl's picture

Hey packergal,
There is much I have to figure out here. I am pretty new.

We are all anonymous here, so basically we can conjure up anything we want. Some of that information is accurate, verifiable and thus informative.

A lot of the information posted is hearsay, conjecture, imagination and just repeated info from other posts. It has a chance of being informative, but most is not.

Some try to be so anonymous they take on double identities. (like a user name of Skip greenbayless but signed as "Dash." Dual personality for sure, and who knows how many more. We will not know.

So my point is informative is one thing - objective and accurate. But entertaining, and especially funny, are a second matter. What someone finds entertaining or funny is personal. To one's taste, if you will. So some funny, some not.

But what you didn't mention is deceit. Passing on, assuming and posting some hearsay or conjecture as fact is deceitful to a good honest conversation. Some of those you mentioned have participated in just that.

But entertaining, yes if you don't get bored first. Maybe that is why people assume double or triple (or more) identities. Maybe they think they can help end their (our) boredom with various reposts/variations of the same deceit. But from what I see the community picks up on it after a while. More entertaining.

I wish the entertainment wasn't seated in deceit, but it is what it is, in an anonymous, open environment.

Anyway, as I said I am learning this blog stuff. (Can't everyone stay on topic? LOL)

Jonathan Spader's picture

Ice bowl not all of us are anonymous.

IceBowl's picture

Jonathan Spader,

No offense meant. I am just saying no one knows for sure. We have EddieLeeIvory and Nick Perry for example. I don't know if they are the real guys or are aliases. None of us can really know, unless we have personal friends or multiple names we use.

So, you are Jonathan Spader. Nice to meet you. I am IceBowl. Hope to talk to you in the future.

Jonathan Spader's picture

No offense taken IceBowl. Nice to meet you as well.

John Kirk's picture

"A lot of the information posted is hearsay, conjecture, imagination and just repeated info from other posts. It has a chance of being informative, but most is not."

Translation: As long as the hearsay, conjecture, imagination is Packers flattering it's not deceitful. When anything that "I don't agree with" is posted, and is perceived "by me" to tarnish the Packers image that is deceitful, hearsay, conjecture, and imagination.

You can try neutering fans who form strong opinion based on intensive study all you'd like.

Here's something germane to this thread...

I saw a tweet on Twitter today that compared Rodgers to Watt. It stated Watt missed the season with the same injury Rogers had and Aaron didn't miss a game.

The takeaway is clear. Rodgers is just so, so, so tough and Watt is weak and less tough than Rodgers. This tweet had been retweeted 269 times and liked 646.

That disingenuous tweet posits Rodgers as tougher than J.J. Watt. It's completely deceptive. There are degrees of the type of injury Rodgers allegedly had but Packers fans eat that complete drivel and deception up.

If I point this out am I being deceptive? Am I using hearsay, or conjecture? No. The tweet says what it says and was posted to portray Rodgers as a warrior.

The reality is Rodgers may not have had the injury he claims he had. Who would know or tell save for him? HIPAA prevents anyone else from disputing his claims. Too bad Greg or Jermichael weren't around in the locker room, they'd probably be glad to break HIPAA to expose Aaron. :)

IceBowl's picture


Do you know the validity of a tweet? OPINION! Unless referenced by someone reliable.

You are putting yourself in the same validity conversation!

I'm not putting myself there, or use that as my basis.

But pick your references as you will.

John Kirk's picture

I know exactly what Peter Bukowski was trying to do.. Mislead.

Good thing Zach Kruse wrote a piece on his website that destroyed what Peter tweeted.

This has been a major theme for me for years. This fan base is "dumb" because of the people it's exposed to. People like Peter. People who promote TRASH like the tweet putting Rodgers toughness on a pedestal above J.J. Watt's. Ludicrous. I still can't believe he tweeted that. It's unfathomable.

What happens is a gullible fan base reads it and BELIEVES it. It tickles their ears! Hey, Rodgers is freaking tough! By extension, since I'm a Packers fan, that means I'm tough, too! Only someone absolutely dense would like Bukowski's tweet. 654 did last I checked. 654 very dimwitted Packers fans who run around with their heads filled with so much absolute garbage about their team in their heads. Those same people come to sites like these and tell people who aren't like that how dumb they are that they don't see how tough Rodgers is.

It was very hard trying to post because after awhile it's just depressing so many people are in a cult-like fog. It's actually scary to me. I don't want to be a regular poster ever again.

This story has too many legs for me. I don't enjoy this anymore. It was fantastic when the Dunne piece hit. All the confused and dazed drones tweeting and posting trying to help each other convince each other it couldn't possibly be true and outright hating on anyone who dare say it was true or believe it.

I was telling my wife why I even bother to post. This world concerns me. We have so many people walking around incapable of forming cogent thought on their own who parrot whomever they fancy. This goes to sports, politics, all of it. Those who can't think and wish to just fit into some club that has some kind of code is so dangerous.

All I ever wanted was people to think and not be a drone. I had a GREAT moment this evening, I had a young guy out in Washington state tweet me after never tweeting me after our initial back and forth tell me he doesn't agree with much I say but did agree that it was wrong to tie Watt and Rodgers injuries together and elevate Aaron. He called it a "fair point". That kid thought for himself and decided not to drink the koolaid Peter had on tap. He actually took the time to think and realize that Watt's injury and Rodgers weren't even close to the same thing.

I only wish there were more like him.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agree that there is an obvious difference between a QB playing with that injury and a 3-4 DE. I never questioned AR's toughness, and this only provides additional evidence.

sam1's picture

So that is the key Dash is really a woman hiding behind a gals skirt, now that explains it all!

IceBowl's picture


you stripped the "cloak of invisibility" right off skipdash.

Another alias? :-)

Old School's picture

Huh?? After several posts where he said he was changing his username.....WHAT cloak of invisibility?

IceBowl's picture


EddieLeeIvory's picture

Well stated, Packergal

Old School's picture

Hey!!. How did I get lumped in with Kirk, Dash, and Taryn? I wouldn't care to belong to any club that would have somebody like me for a member!

Since '61's picture

A Groucho Marx reference! Nice job Old School. Thanks, Since '61

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Adorabelle's picture

This is a site for Packer fans to discuss the Packers and try to get information you might not find otherwise. So when someone who obviously hates the Packers so bad and who only is happy when the Packers lose is bound to get some pushback. He is certainly entitled to his opinions and the constant critics are also entitled to their opinions.

My opinion is that his comments are just a repeat of each other. It only takes about 2 of them to know what the other 998 will say so I don't read them. He has a deep seated total hatred for the Packers and lives in dread of them actually winning and not being able to come here. But since winning a super bowl is difficult he is most likely safe to keep hating here for some time. He will come in after the draft and tell you why the packers draft was a disaster - it wont matter who was selected it will just be a disaster no matter what. Then he will come in and tell you why the packers camp is going so poorly, it won't matter what actually happens it will just be a disaster no matter what. And so on. I don't actually read his posts so they don't affect me - though I will admit it is a letdown when you see there are 140 comments on an article but then find 75 of them are his repeated comments over and over.

4thand1's picture

You learn fast belle, keep up the good work.

Montana's picture

Wow what a week of sniping and hand wringing over Rodgersgate. I for one will be glad when football takes precedence again over this toxic news cycle.

Although I'm glad AR spoke out I wonder why he waited nearly a week to respond? Also why are we now just learning more about AR's knee and who was responsible for holding that information? I could perhaps see withholding that information during the playing season but that ended months ago.

I'm done with the Dunne article and now feel basic journalism was lacking here given the post articles that have arisen and AR's denouncement.

Looking forward to draft day, a new season, a positive beginning to a brand new season.

Go Pack

Adorabelle's picture

It is what happens with the long off season of football. Articles that make a big deal of what the rest of us do all the time. You mean to tell me that football players don't always get along with each other? That they sometimes snipe at their boss? You mean just like we do at our work places every day? Heavens! We must start the outrage machine.

John Kirk's picture

Have you ever been paid 30+ million a year and tried getting your boss fired? Ever been the face of a franchise like Rodgers and go after your boss and call him out in front of millions? These are not the same things. Not even close. In mindset they can be but to equate Rodgers with you being upset with your boss is not the same.

Rodgers probably played last year because he knew if Kizer led them to 6-9-1 McCarthy would get a pass because he wasn't around. The only way to get him fired was to play poorly and make it look like it was all Mike's fault. I don't care if Pee Wee Herman was coaching the lose to Arizona , at home,had to be intentional. How does that happen? Magic Mark and Aaron may have had a convo about getting McCarthy out and getting a loss outcome at home vs. AZ would make it palatable. I'm not saying this happened. I'm saying it isn't implausible.

LarryPennell's picture

Could Pee Wee Herman have kidnapped Rodgers and then played quarterback for the Arizona game thus getting McCarthy fired? I'm not saying that happened. I'm saying it isn't implausible.

John Kirk's picture

Oh, boy.

Teams tank in every sport. Remember, Suck for Luck?

Not implausible nor crazy that the Packers orchestrated McCarthy's exit.

IceBowl's picture

Montana, you in big sky country?

I too am glad ARod spoke out. I think he eliminated half the questions the media was going to throw at the team. However, I think this still has a ways to go. MLF hasn't been asked/said anything yet. And then the media gets to meet with the players. (Think they will ask some vets some questions?)

This is all so sad as the story is so anonymous, slanted and out of context, that it really doesn't deserve our attention. (Yes, I have read it - more than once sadly)

Montana's picture


Yes I am, grew up in Bozeman... live in Helena now. How about you? Sadly the story is not over as you say, there is more sausage to grind. ML needs to stay in front of this and above the white noise while firmly steering this team forward. If he doesn't, I'm afraid respect will dwindle quickly and the new direction will become a lackluster path.

IceBowl's picture


Loved Montana. Took a wilderness camping trip there. Remember it to this day.

I'm in WI. Certainly grind sausage here. The tasty kind :-)

I'm (blindly) optimistic MLF & the organization to get through this in a positive way for the team. It's really not that big of a deal once everything gets in the open. Smartly, ARod has taken a big step in that direction. And, as Arod says, he has had 100 players reach out to him. Sounds like those in the know aren't selling the farm.

Montana's picture


Where do you hail from in Wisconsin? Never been to Wisconsin but Lambeau is certainly on my bucket list.

Where did you spend your getaway in Montana?

Been a Packer fan all my life and I'd sure like to see AR and the team get back to the caliber of play from 2010. I too am an optimist with realistic expectations, I am quietly optimistic that ML can right this ship. I love offense but I believe our defense needs to be in the top ten as it was in 2010 to get back to the SB.....

IceBowl's picture


N Wis. Small. I have never had a bad time at Lambeau. Do it!

Montana - Beartooth

I would like to see the offense score 35 a game and take it from there. Quick hitting, multiple options, that provides an open receiver in 1 - 3 seconds. Much like the old 49er's. (If you are old enough. LOL) I watched them and just felt sorry for opposing D's. Love the Pack to find that kind of rhythm. And commitment.

Hope you get to make the trip. You will not regret it. Your cold bones could even enjoy a Dec. game.

Montana's picture


That's ironic as I was just looking through photos from taking my boys into the Beartooth today. My wife and I are heading to Phoenix this Friday to visit our oldest son is I'm taking some duplicate copies of our trip. was a memorable journey.

Yep gotta do Lambeau.

I'd welcome 35 points per game as long as we had a defense that was close to our 2nd ranked defense of 2010. Rhythm has certainly been missing, great point IceBowl.

These bones definitely are looking forward to some Phoenix heat and yes they'd feel right at home in Lambeau for sure......

Montana's picture


IceBowl's picture


I will always remember the trip for reasons too numerous to mention here.

LOL, I say 35 pts per game if our D doesn't improve (which I hope happens). Hopefully we do not need that many, but foot on the gas. Foot heavy on the gas gives cushion. But our hopes do not equate to the field. They gotta do it.

Enjoy the warmth, we are in for our next snowstorm. Yipee!

Montana's picture

Thanks.......just had our latest snowstorm there yesterday, guess it moved on to Wi.

I think our D will improve but we could use a few more key players.

I am optimistic.....

Christian Roussel's picture

I'm from Canada (francophone from Quebec) and even though the Packers are my favorite team since the Reggie White era, i'm all in only since 2011. So i don't have the history going from Favre to Rodgers and everything that comes with it. So i'm very humble in saying that i don't understand how underappreciative the comments i read about QB1 are on most web sites. I know he's a polarizing player but god, have you looked around the league? We are lucky to have an unbelievable talent at QB and i hope 2019 can remind everybody of that. Damn i'm pretty sura that this will happen, Go Pack Go

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and screw Bayless, Cowherd, Jennings and Finley

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That's not a nice thing to say. To think your parents named you Christian. These are all human beings. Just because you don't like them or agree with their opinions is no reason to talk that way.


Christian Roussel's picture

you're right Skip, my apologies!

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Thank you for acknowledging I'm right and for calling me Skip. I think you and I will get along just fine. By the way, the Packers I believe are playing their 3rd preseason game against Oakland in Canada some where. Just heard it on the news tonight but you never know with the Fake News whether it's true or not.


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skip Dash,

I'h here for you too.

You're right.

You're right!

You're right!!!!!

But it's your opinion. Your baseless opinion.

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This story reminds me of when Al Czervik broke his arm during the big match with Dr. Beeper and Judge Smails.

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$100 bucks says you slice it in the woods.

Theres no gambling at Bushwood.


You can owe me!

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You will always be Douche Ziplock, have a great day.

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Since 61,

Thanks for your service Sir!

Since '61's picture

It was a privilege. Be well Bo Hunter. Thanks, Since '61

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I never read the Dunne article as I assumed it was "click bait" based on all the old rehashed stuff others were saying about the article I "skipped" it just like I try to "skip" the various posts from what's-his-ego's various pseudonyms. It does simplify reading CHTV. Rodgers is a competitor and wants to play. I agree with some who question whether the medical staff should have allowed it, but I'm no doctor and I do know that the Packers practice has been to allow players cleared by medical to play if they can. The mantra in football has been "you can't play scared" so it is a bit of a conundrum. I'm just glad that Rodgers doesn't take himself out of games like Jay Cutler did in the Packers/Bears NFC title game (and then Jay was seen dancing later that night at a club). Do I wish our franchise QB would not set himself for injury in what was essentially a meaningless game? Sure, but I also had no problem with him showing the "leadership" that some question here by leading by example. Jordy Nelson played with broken ribs and was hailed for his competitiveness but Rodgers plays with injuries and people go crazy about it. It's football and the great ones all want to compete. Just my two cents.

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Excellent observation. I guess you have the Vulcan logic ....... "just like I try to "skip" the various posts from what's-his-ego's various pseudonyms." Watch out though, your captain James T Kirk lingers around. Oh, never mind, that's one you won't be reading. :-)

You're right, ARod, like all real players, wants to play. I think all players play hurt in one degree or another. So mgmt. should have kept him out. Their bad decision in my opinion, as I said right away they should sit him. Extremely slim possibility of benefit.

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AR is totally exonerated. Nothing to see hear, witch hunt, hoax.

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Why the hell did Arod insist on playing the last 2 games?! And who the hell let him play? We would be in a better draft position choosing number 7 and he wouldnt have been concussed the last game. Kind of pisses me off.

Old School's picture

I wanted Rodgers to play out the season. If the leader quits because he might get hurt then that's not the kind of leadership I'd respect. Play to win or stay home.

I think that rationale was every bit as logical as Dash's position that there was a risk of injury, and he did get a concussion. So we disagreed. We probably still do.

I really, really think the bigger issue is the fact Rodgers could get hurt again, it could happen in the opener, it could be bad enough to have him miss games.

We obviously want to run more and block better to reduce his exposure to hits. I really think we're making a big mistake by not putting more importance on getting somebody behind him that we might have a chance of winning a game with.

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What I find hilarious is that Larry Pennell is the actor that played Dash Riprock on the Beverly Hillbillies. Yet, on Cheesehead TV, we are led to believe they are enemies.

Johnblood27's picture

That's good knowledge!

Gold star post.

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Well Bo, the good news is Larry "Lare" Pennel's days of fame are over with the passing of Dash Riprock. I put an end to that yesterday.


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With out Dash I'm not sure I can survive. What a cruel, cruel world! Dash, come back to me please, I want to invite you to the super duper elite future seeing club.

IceBowl's picture


Funny. But please bring him back and get him established in today's reality first. You know it takes a firm base to explain the exciting "elite future forward seeing club." Maybe he can give us his favorite AR goggles. Or at least tell us why he loves his.

Sounds like great fun.

LarryPennell's picture

I also want to let everyone know that I was right about everything and was the first to be right about it. I was at the forefront of the code red where's there smoke there's fire and therefore will be getting fitted for my yellow jacket that Dash got for me before his demise.

IceBowl's picture


There is entertainment here. I knew i would find some eventually.

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