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Aaron Rodgers Officially Ruled Out for Steelers Game

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Aaron Rodgers Officially Ruled Out for Steelers Game

The Green Bay Packers officially ruled Aaron Rodgers out for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Head coach Mike McCarthy explained the situation in a Friday press conference that didn't sound much different from the past few previous Fridays, saying Rodgers is not medically cleared and that it's an organizational decision.

Rodgers broke his collarbone in early November and is now roughly seven weeks removed from the injury. Like he has the past couple weeks, Rodgers did practice in a limited fashion on Friday.

Without Rodgers, the Packers will once again enter this weekend's game with Matt Flynn as the starter at quarterback.

With most of the NFL universe focused on the decision to sit Rodgers, the Packers did have better news for several other players on the roster.

Four players who didn't practice at all on either Wednesday or Thursday returned to action on Friday and all are listed as probable: running back Eddie Lacy, along with linebackers Mike Neal, Nick Perry and Brad Jones.


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L's picture

It is what it is. Need another heroic performance from Matt Flynn and the rest of the team. Go Pack Go!

mark's picture




Dennis eckersley's picture

It's hilarious how I let the packers play this game with me every time.

The TKstinator's picture

You are being unfairly targeted. Shame on them. Bullies!

mark's picture


gmanB's picture

Dang. There is a limited time to contend in the NFL. Each season there are injuries and upsets which can throw a teams season upsidedown. There are no guarantees that 2014, 2015, and so on will be any different. If the team has a chance to make a run then I think you have to put all your chips on the table and make the run. The Packers organization seem (have seemed) ready to give up on the 2013 season - which is shameful.

Rodgers is healthy enough to practice, he should be able to play. After he spoke yesterday it is clear that he thinks he can play.

It is going to be another tough game to watch.

Evan's picture

No one is tackling him in practice.

mark's picture

"The Packers organization seem (have seemed) ready to give up on the 2013 season – which is shameful."

dude. sorry but what the hell are you talking about? you don't think this organization wants to win? you think they are giving up? collarbones take about 8 weeks to heal. i think it's been 7 for rodgers, so right on schedule he's close, but probably not there yet. this is the franchise we're talking about. the $120 million man. you don't risk it. this is the right decision. in fact, it's not even a decision. if the bone isn't all the way healed, then no way.

besides, flynn is playing great. this entire TEAM is playing great. the confidence in that locker room, i suspect, is through the roof right now. steelers are in for a helluva game on sunday.

shameful? c'mon man. that's horseshit.


gmanB's picture

I don't think the organization thinks they can win this year - shameful.

If Rodgers feels good enough to play then he should be ready. He's too smart to risk re-injury, he wouldn't want to play if he thought he couldn't. This is the organizations decision.

Flynn's played well in the past 2 games during the 2nd halfs. He stunk the 1st half of both games. Defense played well against the pass-happy Cowboys (2nd half) and okay against the injured Falcons offense. Anyone think they can amount a 3 straight 2nd half comeback? Chances aren't likely.

phillythedane's picture

Neither Aaron Rodgers' desire to play nor his intelligence determine his risk of re-injury.

The risk itself, however, can determine the outcome of today's game, this season, and the future of the organization.

WKUPackFan's picture

+1000 on that Mark!

SOL's picture

I don't know if that's their intent to give up on 2013. I truly believe that Dr. McKenzie has swung the pendulum on injuries to the extreme conservative side. His fear and their fear is a lawsuit if it re-breaks again.
I will agree with your statement about the ups, downs, twists, and turns a team goes through. Dallas is a perfect example, they're on a Romo-coaster.

packeraaron's picture

They don't fear a lawsuit. They fear their franchise quarterback being out for 8 months if he re-breaks it.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

You got that right. and besides these things do take time to heal. I would not be the least surprised if he still had a hairline crack. WHy screw up next year.

Stroh's picture

Giving up on the season? I guess that's why they've won the past 2 games and put themselves in position to control their playoff lives. I see how the really "gave up" alright... WHen MOST teams would give up, the Packers STEPPED UP!!! In a HUGE WAY!

Given up huh?

Derek in CO's picture

Flynn to Win. If anyone didn't think the Packers were very conservative about injuries, today's events should change your mind.

Ranch Tooth's picture

I don't know why they just didn't IR him outright.

It's like the organization is kinda sorta giving up on the season, but kinda sorta making not as obvious as they could. Kinda.

mark's picture

again, sorry, but horseshit.

i can promise you that exactly zero people within the packers organization have given up on anything. if anything, it's a small percentage of defeatist fans who are the ones who have given up.

gmanB's picture

They barely scraped by the Falcons and got a Romo-miracle last week. The organization feels they cannot win this year and are taking a conservative approach.

If you think that's horseshit thats fine but I'm calling it how I see it.

Brian's picture

+1 and add bullshit! They aren't giving are.

phillythedane's picture

+2, what he said. There's prudent, and then there's reactionary...

Tom's picture

Las Vegas has made Green Bay a 2 1/2 PT favorite. I don't play the Green Bay game, but I don't like this line. I'd like to see it go to at least 4.

KennyPayne's picture

Thanks for keeping the fans up to date with the latest Pack.

I am especially grateful to Ted Thompson for letting the fans know what has happened regarding our franchise quarterback.

I'm sure fans of the rest of the NFL teams are envious of how forthcoming Packer management has been regarding this situation. We are lucky, lucky fans.

Evan's picture

I agree that TT should be out there instead of MM, but what else is there to really know? He's not cleared. We'll know when he is.

Unty Lou's picture

Flynn is the man, so get over it already. You gotta piss with the cock you got, and Flynn is it. Love to read all the comments, but the hindsight and basement G.M crew is getting old. Either support the team you have, or find a new one!

RunAndHyde's picture

If ..n I say if we win....and AR comes back to play the bears next week for the NFC championship against the same team that almost ended his season I will almost think the NFL is rigged. Talk about ratings.....that would be TOO ironic.

cLowNEY42's picture

Yep - this would be epic.
Movie-worthy shit, right there.

RunAndHyde's picture

NFC north*

mark's picture
Paul Ott Carruth's picture

This is more about the competency of Mike McCarthy as an offensive play caller/strategist than it is about Rodgers being cleared at this point. I mentioned this in a different thread but at this point it's about McCarthy winning games without Rodgers. I believe McCarthy has an inferiority complex. If they make the playoffs without Rodgers McCarthy looks like an offensive genius. It will be, "wow, what a great coaching job. Mike McCarthy can win with any quarterback." This could be a legitimate position....IF they run the table these last two games. Frankly, I believe there is tension between McCarthy and Rodgers and the flow of the offense in game. In Cincinnati it spilled over on to the sidelines for all to see. If you're honest with yourself you will admit that if one of the two were to part ways with the Packers you would hope McCarthy would be the one to go. Rodgers is far more valuable to the team in the long haul. After a while coaches wear out their welcome. It's the nature of the beast.

Make no mistake about it McCarthy is making this decision. The "medically cleared to play" mantra is no longer viable. Why? Well, the statements below shed light on to this situation. If this was solely a medical decision there would be no need to mention anything about how the organization feels about this situation. There would be no need for three way conversation. This would be in the hands of the doctor. Period. In one statement McCarthy references medical clearance and in another he mentions only an organizational decision. See them for yourself:

"As we do every week, a lot of conversation about Aaron. As an organization, we feel we are not ready for him to play. ...He is not medically cleared. Still the case today. As an organization, we feel this is not the time for him."

"I thought Aaron Rodgers did everything possible he could do. Attacked the rehab. Did a lot in the weight room. Really well at practice. But obviously this is an organizational decision. ...As an organization Aaron Rodgers is not ready to play. I'm not going to get into ifs and whos."

Now, "did a lot in the weight room" can mean an abudance of things. But let me make this clear. An athlete who says he's experiencing pain will not....I repeat....will not attack much of anything in the weight room. Nor will the athlete work in practice. It just doesn't happen. All athletes are evaluated by the training staff when they are injured. This includes the team doctor who is present on the sidelines and post game. You can bet your life that all of the players listed as probable have been evaluated by Dr. McKenzie. Yet each one of these guys is going to go because it becomes a risk/reward scenario that involves a discussion with the coaching staff and the medical/training staff. At that point the decisions are no longer medical. This makes the situation with Aaron Rodgers a decision with the final arbiter being McCarthy. While these discussions are taking place among McCarthy, McKenzie, and Rodgers they also take place among McKenzie and McCarthy themselves. It happens.

Those who know me know that I am critical of McCarthy's play calling/designing abilities as well as his ability to make adjustments and attack weaknesses in defenses. Case in point....why did it take so long for McCarthy to finally attack the low and intermediate middle with Quarless in the Dallas game? The linebacking corps for Dallas is a weak area. Yet it took him an entire half to throw the ball to that area of the field. Mike McCarthy is a Paul Hackett disciple. Yes, Hackett coached for Bill Walsh but Hackett, while retaining some principles of coach Walsh, is nearly the polar opposite. Hackett has been notorious for being slow to react persist at a course of attack for far too long, often at the expense of offensive production. It should no surprise that we see the same issues arise with McCarthy. McCarthy may have been groomed by a West Coast disciple in Hackett but he's nowhere close to the roots of WCO approach. McCarthy and Gruden worked together for Hackett at Pitt but remember, coach Gru was a quality control man for Holmgren in San Francisco. Gruden is much closer to the Walsh branch of the WCO than the Hackett branch. The comparable quality that both McCarthy and Hackett possess is their ability to improve quarterback play. They are good teachers. When it comes to overall offensive strategy...both are average at best. The reason this is an organizational decision is because McCarthy wants/needs to prove he can run an effective offense without Rodgers. I predicted this would happen and it now has. These last two games will shift the balance of power on the team to either McCarthy or Rodgers. Don't think for one second McCarthy's ego hasn't played the largest role in all of this.

Idiot Fan's picture

Those are some pretty big accusations against MM based on, honestly, nothing but your own interpretation of a few quotes.

"Make no mistake about it McCarthy is making this decision. The “medically cleared to play” mantra is no longer viable. Why? Well, the statements below shed light on to this situation. If this was solely a medical decision there would be no need to mention anything about how the organization feels about this situation."

Based on the quotes you listed, I don't really agree with your interpretation. He flat out said he's not medically cleared to play. And even so, I'm sure that medical clearance is a murkier concept than a simple yes/no. With a certain amount of healing, there is a certain amount of risk of reinjury. So it's a legitimate question as to what point the organization "feels" comfortable with the risk of having him out there. To say that this type of decision is not "medical" and therefore is all because of MM's ego and whatever is a huge leap.

You don't like his playcalling, fine. But to attack his motives and character based on something you can't possibly know about is lame.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Fair enough. I'm not in that NFL locker room or facility. But I've been in others to know a thing about how this process works. It ceases to be in the hands of the doctor when discussions about risk reward come in to play. That, as you said, makes it murky. And when it becomes murky it is no longer based solely on medical data. There is no disputing this. If you don't believe conversations occur between head coach and team doctor regarding a player....conversations that occur behind closed doors out of sight of others in that building you are sorely mistaken. Ask yourself these questions: why would a coach, who wants his franchise quarterback to play, talk about organizational decisions? If it's medical it's medical and out of the coach's hands. At this point, it's no longer a medical decision. Doc Mckenzie says he can't play. End of story. No need for meeting with the head coach and player. No need to reference "organizational" decisions. That is all code. 100% This isn't about McCarthy's desire to win. All coaches and players want to win. He's not giving up on the season. But what makes you believe there isn't something in this for McCarthy? If they run the table he can lay claim to the fact that they did it without the best quarterback in the business. And rightfully so. It kind of puts Aaron in his place so to speak. It sends a message that Aaron is not bigger than this team. Green Bay went through this once before with a guy named Favre. Take a poll of most fans and the majority of them will say with Aaron Rodgers under center the Packers help the defense out by moving the ball. I happen to agree. Guess what? Josh McCown has been able to guide the ship for some time. Seneca Wallace was able to go 2-2 under Holmgren when Hasselbeck missed time. The Packers offense....not so much. McCarthy's seat is warm. I'm not the only one to criticize his play calling. Members of the media have started as well. They've won two games by 2 points against the 28th and 32nd ranked defenses in the league. They struggled offensively while others with back-ups have been able to move the ball. Good offensive minds can accommodate the situations they are presented. Is anyone expecting a juggernaut offense in Rodger's absence? No. But a minimally functional offense that can at least generate some first downs? An offense that can be semi-productive to help out a weak defense? Yes. It's been done before, during and will be done after this is over.

Maybe I am reading too much in to this. Maybe I'm way off base.....lame as you call it. Fair enough. But take the scan then. Use data to show the level of healing in the bone. Not this we "had a pow wow and this is in the best interests of the organization." I thought having a healthy franchise quarterback, who took part in practice, conducted hand-offs, worked in the weight room, and, by all accounts, looked good to McCarthy was in the best interest of the "organization." But perhaps the best evidence to determine this isn't a medical decision anymore is that the phrase "best interest of Aaron Rodgers" isn't being uttered anymore. All risk/reward. What logical reason other than losing him to a compete break, could McCarthy be using to keep him out at this point? It makes no sense.

Chris's picture

I agree with you Paul. It all started with the play calling that MM was doing, prior to the injury. Aaron was NOT HAPPY WITH THE CALLS, thus the sideline tussle. No way they want him in there right now. You are right, it makes no sense!

Evan's picture

I totally disagree as well.

I interpret his phrase "organizational decision" exactly the opposite way. I read it as him shifting the "blame" to TT. I think when MM says stuff like "he looks ready to go" he's lobbying TT/Doc to let him play.

The TKstinator's picture

I am on the same page as Evan.
And it's ok when it's in a three way (conversation.)

Stroh's picture

Exactly how I see it. If you see McCarthy's press conferences earlier in the week he was CLEARLY frustrated that Rodgers hasn't been cleared. I think McCarthy wants Rodgers on the field every bit as much as Rodgers wants to be on the field. McCarthy's job is to win games and for all intents and purposes he's being hamstrung by McKenzie and Thompson (to a lesser extent IMO).

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm sure you're right that there are a lot of conversations going on behind closed doors, I just don't think we can speculate as to what those might be and whose ego is pushing what.

But I totally disagree with this:

"McCarthy’s seat is warm."

How spoiled are we as fans where we believe that a coach who won the Superbowl in 2010 and created a record-setting offense in 2011, but hovers around .500 in a year of catastrophic team injuries should be on the hot seat???

cLowNEY42's picture


1. you're "wordy" as hell. chop that shit down, bro.
2. the whole "Rodgers is healthy enough to play but MM wants him out so he can prove what a great coach he is" crap is complete garbage... and I know a thing or 2 about garbage.

Not sure why people are so up in arms about this whole deal. It's not that complicated.

-Rodgers broke a bone.

-That broken bone hasn't healed yet.

-Team couldn't put him on IR designated to return because they already used it on Cobb.

-Team knew he probably wouldn't play for the rest of the season but decided to keep him on the roster because... HE'S AARON FUCKING RODGERS. They learned a lesson when they put Bishop and Grant on IR too early. Both of those guys could have played at the end of the seasons in which they were injured but were put on IR right away.

-Of course everyone in the organization is going to "leave the Rodgers door open" every week... make their opponent work a little extra. This is something new?

The mistake so many people are making is that they're expecting 12 to play each week and then getting disappointed when he doesn't. What they should be doing is expecting 12 NOT to play and then be surprised if he does.

I have the same feeling about this game vs the Steelers as I did with Dallas... if the Packers lose it won't be because of the offense.

mark's picture

agree with all of this.

lebowski's picture

me too

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

I won't apologize for my "wordiness." I am who I am. As it relates to the injury. The bone is healed to a point where he can play. It is now an organizational decision and not a medical decision. Don't confuse the two. They are light years apart in comparison. Bottom line...he physically can play. Of course they weren't going to IR him because the MRI showed the injury wasn't as severe and it was believed he could return in 6-8 weeks. We are in the middle of that window right now. The organization made the decision....not the doctor.

If we have Thompson and/or McCarthy weighing risk reward scenarios and looking long term and placing a higher value on that then this weekly update at this point is nothing but a charade. They would be going counter to their analysis by subjecting him to even minimal work in practice by handing the ball off with his left arm. If this is the case then both Thompson and McCarthy are not very bright men.

Leaving the door open to make opponents work extra hard is a joke. First, defenses prepare for scheme. Second, they look at tendencies in down and distance, field position, time on the clock and a whole host of other things. The last thing a defense will scout are individual players and most of this is done by the individual players on the defense and not in unit or squad meetings. This theory is pure bunk. It's not as if the Steelers or the Bears will tremble in fear if Rodgers happens to start when they were expecting Flynn. If Rodgers suddenly transformed in to Kaepernick or Newton you might have something. Other than that...nope.

If the Packers lose I will bet the house that the offense will contribute to it. This offense has not been functional for a complete game. The defense bailed out the offense against Atlanta and Garrett bailed them out last Sunday. If the Packer offense starts out slow like it has in every game since Rodgers went down I guarantee you the Packers will lose. The defense may contribute with their poor play but the offense, who has displayed utter incompetence both with and without Rodgers based on offensive strategy, will be just as culpable. 5 consecutive three and outs against the Lions. How many consecutive three and outs against Dallas? 64 meaningful 1st half yards against the 32nd ranked defense? And you're telling me the offense isn't culpable? If you say so.

cLowNEY42's picture

I want to read all of this... really, I do.
Just can't.

Cliffs Notes, maybe?

packeraaron's picture

What a shock. Someone has a cogent argument against your nonsense and you can't be bothered to read it.

That pretty much sums up your existence on this site Cow.

Stroh's picture

POC. It Is a Organizational decision. One that has a hundred MILLION dollars riding on it. I was hopeful he would be able to get back on the field sooner and if he were another player he would be playing. But the decision is in the best interest to protect that 100 Million dollar investment. Other players would be out there again sooner, due to the fact that they make 100 Thousands, its a little different when its 100 Million we're talking about. Make no mistake about it!

WKUPackFan's picture

Agree with all of Clowney's comments also.

zeke's picture

"The bone is healed to a point where he can play."

Practice. The medical staff evidently doesn't think it's healed to the point where he can play.

"What logical reason other than losing him to a compete break, could McCarthy be using to keep him out at this point?"

I think the answer is right there in the question.

James's picture

Thanks Paul for your great point of view on all this. Your wordiness is often misinterpreted as jargon too intelligent for the "average" knucklehead to understand. It's pathetic that one or two of those special people respond thinking that if they use some F******, and S***, C***, A******, and use some dude and bro, that they will come across as infinitely superior in both their points and conclusions. Good job Paul and thanks. I get it. Am I being too wordy?

Brian's picture

Wow...deep thoughts on the conspiracy theory. Do you really think this is the primary motivation behind Rodgers not playing? I find it hard to believe given the Pack is two wins for the division crown.

packeraaron's picture

Sorry, POC. You are the Master of the X's and O's. But you're completely off the mark thinking McCarthy wants anything but Rodgers on the football field.

Ted Thompson is making this decision. Not McCarthy, not even Dr. McKenzie anymore. It's Thompson. He doesn't want to risk it. And that's ok.

Clay's picture


POC probably knows who shot Kennedy too.

This is insanity. Bone is not healed enough and as such would exposed him to a displaced fracture, which would require surgery and a steel plate in shoulder permanently, thereby potentially screwing up his mechanics forever.

WHy is this so hard for people to understand? Enlighten me Aaron?

A Dude's picture

I approve of this post.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Ted Thompson is a personnel man. Draft, free agency....well, maybe not free agency so much. He brings guys in. He and Russ Ball work with the cap. They do the assessment on long term projections of current and future players and then decide on the contractual aspects. That's it. I'd bet the farm that Thompson has no input in to this. But I'll entertain your guess Aaron. If....and that's a BIG if, Thompson is making this call he has given up on the season. He will then be weighing the short term reward with the long term risk, which is that the clavicle becomes a completely displaced fracture and requires contoured plating. The healing process ranges from 3-6 months in this scenario. Thompson will have come to the conclusion this season is not salvagable and is, as you said, being overly cautious. If this is the case then why expose Rodgers to further injury in practice? That defies all logic. If you believe your position then Rodgers practicing is nothing but a charade and very disingenuous to the face of the franchise. If we are to believe that Rodgers really wants to play then I can't really buy your position. It sounds nice but I highly doubt Thompson would jeopardize his relationship with Rodgers.

Maybe my speculation as to McCarthy's motives are "out there" but I find them more plausible than Thompson meddling in an area with which he has nothing to gain. McCarthy and Rodgers have had a public blow up on the sidelines and had to be separated. Where there's smoke there's fire.

Stroh's picture

Thompson isn't the major decision maker in this. Its McKenzie... Thompsons part is wanting to protect the 100 Million dollar investment that is riding on Rodgers. Nothing more. But it certainly does give him something to gain. Thompson has to think of best long and short term ability of the team to win (mostly long term for the GM). McCarthy as the HC is about winning games in the short term

packeraaron's picture

<em>. McCarthy and Rodgers have had a public blow up on the sidelines and had to be separated</em>

Totally get that. And I think you ARE right about Mike wanting to prove he can do this without Rodgers. But he wants Aaron out there. He wants to win.

packeraaron's picture

Also re: <em>I highly doubt Thompson would jeopardize his relationship with Rodgers.</em>

He's not jeopardizing anything. This is the guy who traded Brett Favre for God's sake. He's in charge. Aaron knows this. Ted also knows he'll take heat for the decision. And Ted has shown he can take it. After the summer of '08, this is child's play.

Ruppert's picture

I'm with Nags all the way.

Just watch the video of McCarthy speaking. He's PISSED. And he's not pissed because he just got his way by keeping Rodgers out. He's pissed because he isn't getting his way. He wants Aaron's ass on the field Sunday.

And who has the power to override the Head Coach? The GM.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I concur.

The TKstinator's picture

I recur.

Like a hamstring strain. (Couldn't resist)

Cole's picture

I think there are three distinct possibilities.

1. POC's theory is correct.

2. McCarthy and Thompson realize that if Aaron does reinjure the collarbone and it becomes a career-derailing injury that they are likely going to be fired. Both McCarthy/Thompson knows that McCarthy isn't a good enough coach/playcaller to win sustainably without him.

3. It's entirely TT. He's always planning for the future like a great financial trader. Each player is a stock. Thompson sees brady/belli winning for decades and wants to have the same thing happen in GB.

If it is either 1 or 2, those are both fireable offenses.

If it's 3 then TT will have to shoulder the blame if they miss the playoffs.

My take is that if he can play he can play. Every play you are at risk of having something awful happen. That's football.

If you are going to play scared then just shelve him for the rest of the year and be done with it.

Arlo's picture

Cole --- Only 3 theories? There's at least 7 more I'm sure you can conjure up before daylight. Have fun. An even 10 would be nice.

A Dude's picture


Jamie's picture've lost a lot of credibility with that post. Take the tinfoil off your head and join the rest of us here in the real world.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Jamie...I'm not worried about my credibility and whether you think I've lost it. But I appreciate your viewpoint.

Clay's picture

A comma was the appropriate punctuation after the word 'it' in that compound sentence.

Al Katraz's picture

Duh, do you think that there may be an issue with Mac's play calling and Rogers. You would have to be a total moron to not understant that. He is on the sideline right now bitching about the play calling.
How impressive is the two runs by Lacy and then a pass. Two runs by Lacy and then a pass.
This is the Detroit lions offense for 35 years. Not now of course but for a very long time. They didn't like the Qb (ex Flynn) on those teams either.

jack in cincinnati (aka jack in jersey city)'s picture

i'm with nags on this one too. jason wilde even reported that ted's name started popping up this week when he was interviewing the players.

i just think that ted has made the decision that he wants his investment to fully heal 100% before going back out there to play. he doesn't want the same situation that the redskins have with RG3.

i'm 100% convinced that aaron is finished for the season. i think ted knows that there were just way too many injuries this year and certain players haven't progressed as he thought they would. also the having the bye in week 4 didn't help either.

bottom line is that everybody knows that the team was just snakebitten with the injuries. it's better to cut our losses, get our injured players healthy, trim some of the fat in the offseason, hope the rookies and the 2nd year players make significant progress, and try and have a solid draft this year. there's no shame in facing the reality that this team isn't going anywhere in the playoffs this year.... with or without rodgers.

packeraaron's picture

Al, you realize Paul has forgotten more about playcalling than you'll ever know, right? Of course you do.

4htand1's picture

The Packers should have said 8 to 10 weeks. Then if he came back a bit early everybody would have been happy. Why do they let us get our expectations up like this? HA!

Evan's picture

I believe it was always 6-8 weeks.

The 4-6 talk never came from the Packers.

Tom's picture

4thand1, I respect greatly what you &amp; most others have to say on this blog. I am a Packer fan, as you are. I'm also a Successful Pro Football Better.. No one wants to mention Gambling &amp; Pro Football. Mike McCarthy is Smarter than you think. He is giving us the Best Chance to win on Sunday, by going with Flynn. I'm not going to try to convince you. I just hope someday, you &amp; others find it out. Honestly, I really do respect your posts. I don't like the 2 1/2, but it's better than PK-UM.

4thand1's picture

It seems we want to win at any cost. Its more disappointment than anything. If the Packers can win Flynn one more week, maybe he'll play. Expect a snowy day and a lot of running. To have the QB play we've enjoyed for 20 years, think about it 20+ years. We are all lucky to have seen a lot of great football, trouble is, we spoiled brats want more.

Al Katraz's picture

Please. Have you ever had a doctor say, in exaclty 15 days you will be healed? Get a life. Not everyone heals at the same rate and mostly the talk was 8 weeks. It was the el stupido fans that got this 5 week healing, not the doctors.

gmanB's picture

1. You guys should read this memoir about former WR/TE, Nate Jackson. He tells how he went throw platelet-rich-plasma injections to get back on the field and describes what it is like inside the training room. If a player like Nate Jackson is going thru PRP injections then I have to think that Rodgers would have at least consulted with a doctor about it.

2. Rodgers is doing everything he possibly can do to get back. It's clear that he is upset about he decision not to play him. I still have to wonder why he is taking snaps away from Flynn and Tolizen if he isn't cleared? With the new NFLPA rules about practice it doesn't make sense to practice a guy that isn't going to dress.

Arlo's picture

Sorry, but, you all are just alot of flies buzzing around. None of you are on the wall at 1265 Lombardi. You can't possibly know. All you can do is guess.

Most of you need to return to your pile of and wait for the book to come out in ten to 20 years.

Cole's picture

That's the point of the website dumbass. To speculate. Because it's fun and entertaining. That's why these sites exist, so that fan's have a voice.

Arlo's picture

Extend yourself all you like, you're wasting your time. --- Conspiracy theories are for fools.

How about a new idea? Like back to football and reality. The Packers are playing this Sunday, in case you missed it.

Walty's picture

It seems to me that Rodgers admitted that things weren't healing quite as quickly as everyone had hoped and that there was little change in the scan of two weeks ago to the scan of last week.

I think Rodgers is obviously frustrated. And I won't blame him. But whether he has reason to be is not likely, especially since there's no real reason to believe that there's any disagreement between anyone else in the organization.

MM's comments about Aaron looking ready to play were odd given that he wasn't medically cleared and was declared out just the next day. But it seems a stretch to base very much on that.

briank029's picture

Bottom line. Rodgers wants to play and he is capable of playing. Bone is not completely healed and there is a risk of injury. Risk vs Reward. Risk: he could re injure the collar bone and be out for the year, but if they lose they are done anyway. Rodgers heals for next year, done. A clavicle is not a career ending risk. Ted Thompson is the one that is holding Rodgers out because he is Ted Thompson. He makes dumb decisions all the time. Mr. I don't believe in free agents and I will just keep this team one of the youngest teams in the NFL forever. He will totally squander Rodgers prime years away with unproven rookies and will be LUCKY to win another super bowl with Rodgers under center. It's really ashame. What a waste of talent from one of the best QB's to play the game.

Al Katraz's picture

Youngest, most inexperience and lacking skill. The Vikes are a very very young team of first and second rounders who will come of age next year. We will still be young and untalented with our 5,6,7th rounders. Big difference and yes a TT screw up.

4thand1's picture

Why do people keep referring 5,6, and 7 round picks. Its BS. Donald Driver was a 7th round picked that worked out great. It happens, but very rarely. Look at the starting line up at the beginning of the season and tell me how many starters were penciled in as 5,6 and 7 rounders. Get the facts right.

RunAndHyde's picture

We need a little magic. A little Lambeau fn magic! Go pack go!

4thand1's picture

The long term future is more important than the present. Simple.

Stroh's picture

About the most simplistic and most relevant point there is to make!

jack in cincinnati (aka jack in jersey city)'s picture

right on 4th!

Clay's picture

Scary the lack of that positive sentiment especially considering the historic won last weekend.

Spoiled fan base maybe? Same types who were Favre loyalists when Thompson (the world's biggest idiot in their mind) refused to let Favre return and went ahead with Rodgers. Now they are crying that Rodgers isn't playing.

Amazing how many people here are smarter than the Packer brain trust...NOT.

They might consider forming their own NFL team, The Green Bay Trollers!"

RunAndHyde's picture

I don't think its because of a spoiled fan base . I think we are all just too aware we are of how close we are to the playoffs. For a change we have had to watch our team scratch n claw its way through the last few games just to stay "in the hunt" and now that the post season is almost upon us and Damnit we want to be in it! At least that's how I see it haha. Eddie.....if your listening.....take us there. Keep your legs churning in the snow...stiff arm Ryan Clark's dirty hitting ass straight to the frozen tundra ..spin past TroyPol and rumble straight for the endzone! 12 isn't playin oh this f#ckin game anyway so he can come back next week and beat some bare ass! (you see what I did there?)

gmanB's picture

I think we've watched enough football to know that making the playoffs is huge and that you cannot count on making it every season. If you have a chance, you have to attack it. Every year there are injuries and there is no guarantee of success. We've all been spoiled to watch 20 years of great QB play - that includes you guys that think that next year will be better and the year after will be better yet. Go ask the Chicago Cubs about next year.

The postseason is there for the taking, now just go take it. Don't wait until next year.

Finally, we'll see how we all feel about TT in a couple of years if he refuses to bring FAs in to help an aging Rodgers. (Note: I like TT just wish he'd sign a veteran FA or two)

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

I just don't get where people got this idea to begin with that he'd be out only 5 or 6 weeks? These injuries typically take 8 weeks to heel and considering were talking about him in particular going out on a frozen football field to test it? I don't think that was ever realistic. If they make the playoffs probably but if they lose Sunday, season over for him.

4thand1's picture

Ok, where are the fair weather fans who said MM and TT dropped the ball on developing a back up QB? So GH, And BJC didn't work out. Soooo, lets see, there's this guy named Matt Flynn. Who drafted him? C'mon don't be shy, fess up. Who developed him? MM that's who. Ok, go on and say it, "but they let him go!" I'll give you 10 million reasons why boneheads. Who brought him back? TT that's who when the rest of the league gave up on him. And its also TT's fault Seneca Wallace got hurt in his 1st start. You all FAIL, TT knows more about football than you.

The TKstinator's picture

I have always acknowledged that TT and MM know more about football than I do.
Many fans just get frustrated with the results, but many of them fail to realize or acknowledge that they have hindsight on their side. That's why I have taken up complaints about playcalling as my personal pet peeve. When a run doesn't work, these armchair geniuses cry out, "they should have passed!" and vice versa, grumbling to themselves about MM's "stupidity" while they pat themselves on thieir brilliant backs.

Sheesh. Strange how these "idiots" get paid millions of dollars to manage and coach while most of us make middle class money to apply our overwhelmong skills in "normal" professions.

phillythedane's picture

An intelligent remark, Yay….

Stroh's picture

Not too mention when a run doesn't work they fail to realize that the original playcall was likely changed by the QB specifically to a run based on the Defense and the fact that almost all playcalls have about 4-6 plays that the QB sight adjust to based on what the QB sees.

Makes criticizing play calling about the dumbest most idiotic thing they can possibly say!

The TKstinator's picture

Ok, I'll put you two (philly and Stroh) on my team then!

Arlo's picture

Always looking to start an argument even when no one's around.
The 'ultimate troll'.

Buster's picture

4thand1 doesn't understand that posting inflammatory off-topic remarks are what a troll does. What's with all the name calling? Who's he even talking too?

I'm thinking it's LongShanks with a different ID.

4thand1's picture

Nope not Shanks, just settin the record straight. Fair weather and bonehead are sooo hurtful,lmfao. Love it

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I think if we beat Pittsburgh then he should play, assuming he can play at his normal level, or close to it. As someone said earlier, if you get on a roll and get into the tournament and players start believing, well, anything can happen. We can't count on anything for 2014 or 2015. What we know right now is if we beat Pittsburgh then its one game vs Bears to host a playoff game

jack in cincinnati (aka jack in jersey city)'s picture

i think he can play at his normal level right now. the "organization" is worried about him taking another hit to that shoulder before it's back to 100%. also, the packers are one of the most conservative teams in the NFL. this is why i can't see him playing again this season.

cLowNEY42's picture

From Nagler to me...

"What a shock. Someone has a cogent argument against your nonsense and you can’t be bothered to read it.

That pretty much sums up your existence on this site Cow."

See how easy that was?


1. Sarcastically insulted my presence on the site.
2. Established your intellectual superiority by using a fancy word like "cogent".
3. Confirmed your own opinion that I have limited football knowledge.
4. Appeased all of the other posters of this site who enjoy seeing me put in my place.
5. Protected/massaged a poster who's opinion you value (and who you want to ensure continues to peruse your blog).

...All in 3 little sentences.

Take a note POC.

By the way - I've never questioned POC's football knowledge. Just think his take on this Rodgers-clavicle thing is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY off base.

And you gotta agree - the dude writes books on here.

Arlo's picture

You have to remember that Nagler is rarely somber for any of his posts, especially on gameday. If the internet had even an ounce of regulation, this place wouldn't exist.

4thand1's picture

Did u mean sober? Can u get anything right? Nice try Shrek.

Arlo's picture

Go away, troll.

zeke's picture

"Cogent" is a fancy word? I apparently went to a better high school than I thought. Yay, me.

jyros's picture

Uh.... Is a Reggie White-ish 'miracle' recovery out of the question?

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

OK so we hacve a 23 mil a year man and Ted doesn't want him to get hurt????? A little late Ted. Lets get some of that money that the Packer Org can't afford back. He is doing nothing on the bench Ted.
His salary is forcing you to get late round 5,6,7th round picks and undrafteds but heavens if we get any decent and available free agents. That went up in smoke in Rogers contract.

The TKstinator's picture

So you'd rather have some "decent free agents" than Rodgers?

antonio's picture

Anybody ever thought that POC is Aaron Nagler?
I really Do think they're the same person.
I'm serious.

phillythedane's picture

I don't know doo about diddly. McCarthy undoubtedly has a large opinion of himself - it's a prereq for the job. McCarthy undoubtedly has fallen on his sword innumerable times for his players - often to his own visible frustration.

There was way too much media and fan pressure being placed on Dr. McKenzie. Is it so hard to believe McCarthy is falling on his sword for the good doc, as well? Doc's just doing his job.

I don't doubt there a bazillion upper management closed door meetings about Rodgers' health, risk/reward, this week, next week. I just think McCarthy is man enough to be the lightning rod. We've seen it a lot from him.

So, P.O.C., I love you, man. It's an interesting theory. But I avoid conspiracy theories when a faced with a reasonable explanation.

James's picture

The best we can hope for is that TT is "officially" ruled out for any further Packer games. Thank you TT for our loss. Thank you for our losing season. Thank you for keeping AR out. By the way, we don't give a care how AR will do next season. WE lost this season. This season we needed him. Want to test this? Find out next season when you receive week after week of non-fan support regardless of our status. The packers could be 12+ and I promise we will not let you forget how you screwed us.

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