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Aaron Rodgers, Five Others Named Packers Postseason Captains

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Aaron Rodgers, Five Others Named Packers Postseason Captains

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, wide receiver Jordy Nelson, linebacker A.J. Hawk, safety Morgan Burnett, kicker Mason Crosby and special teams ace Jarrett Bush have been named postseason captains for the Green Bay Packers.

Players are voted upon as postseason captains by the team for the duration of the playoffs. It's Rodgers' fifth selection, Bush's fourth, Hawk's and Crosby's third, while Nelson and Burnett are captains for the first time.


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Zub's picture

Burnett named captain, the mystery on why the defense is not playing up to a championship level is rooted in this vote.

Really, Burnett Captain

WKUPackFan's picture

Disagree. I believe this shows the players understand Morgan's overall value to the team. He has faced a lot of challenges this year. Without Hayward, Burnett has had even more responsibility covering for The Doctor's deficiencies. The injuries at OLB meant that Burnett had more to do in run support, causing him to play shallower than usual.

One example. On the long pass to Jefferies when Burnett was criticized, you can see that he is shading toward the slot receiver being covered by Hyde. That's smart, because Hyde is much more likely to need help than Shields.

Could Burnett have been better this year? No doubt. However, it should noted that there are many reasons why this has happened.

Arlo's picture

"he is shading toward the slot receiver being covered by Hyde."

Are you kidding? A fan sitting at home watching his boob tube can only see so much, no matter how many times you watch it. (And I doubt you can read his mind)

So you like Burnett. Don't make up stuff to make it appear he's a player. --- He's basically stolen his pay this entire season.

packeraaron's picture

Uh, he wasn't "shading" - he blew the coverage by not staying over the top of both. That's his job. That's why you see Shields quickly point at Burnett once he sees he's not there while trying to run down Jeffery.

Burnett has some talent, but he has been mostly hot garbage the last half of this season.

WKUPackFan's picture

Aaron, I get a little concerned when you agree with Arlo. Nevertheless, I went back and watched the replays. Whether you want to refer to it as shading or not, Burnett made a choice to move toward the slot receiver. You can also see that Shields hesitates on Jefferies' inside fake, losing a couple of steps. The situation was 3rd and 4, so it's understandable that Shields would be concerned about Jefferies running an inside route. Perhaps we need POC to break down the coverage so we'll know for sure.

And Arlo, it's not that I "like" Burnett, I just believe there are numerous reasons for his issues this year, including others I didn't enumerate. Neither you or Aaron addressed those reasons. Perhaps I didn't choose the best example, was trying to use one that was fresh on everyone's minds. If we're going to pile on Burnett, we should at least examine what may be causing his issues this year.

Oh, and Arlo, I don't make things up just to make a point. I might see something incorrectly, but I respect the writers, commenters, and discussion here too much to fabricate "facts".

WKUPackFan's picture

Speaking of mistakes, just realized it's "Jeffery", not "Jefferies". Sorry about that.

Arlo's picture

You say many things that can't be verified by 'most' reading your posts (or yourself). In my book, that's very similar to 'making things up'. --- Even now you mention "his issues" but don't mention any of them. You're just leading everyone who reads your post to believe that Burnett has a multitude of reasons for his poor play of 2013. Did you ever think he could be JAG?

WKUPackFan's picture

Arlo, the site doesn't provide a reply button for your comment of 3:32 pm so if this reply doesn't appear in order I apologize.

Burnett may be a JAG, don't think so, but he may be. He played every snap last year, and I don't recall heavy criticism of his play before this year. Thus, logic tells me that there must be reasons why he has regressed this year. Those reasons could include:

1. He missed the first part of the season with the hamstring;
2. Hayward, playing the slot DB, I believe was able to cover some of the Doctor's and McMillian's deficiencies last year. TWill and House are playing out of position when playing at slot DB. Burnett has to pick up some of that slack now,
3. The OLB injuries may have increased Burnett's run play responsibilities, effecting his ability to play deep,
4. Everyone, including me, likes Hyde. However, let's face it, he's not the fastest guy out there. It's not too hard to believe that Burnett would pay extra attention to Hyde's man in man coverage, and
5. Capers, due mainly to the multiple injuries (Shields missed time also) may have been asking Burnett to do more things than he's capable of.

In the end I don't have the answer. The above possibilities are not made up, they seem to me to be reasonable to me based on facts. All I know is there has been a lot criticism of Burnett's play, but I have yet to see an analysis of why he has regressed, and I think I've read just about everything here and at Jersey Al's. I'd love to see someone more knowledgeable than me take a shot at such an analysis.

Arlo's picture

Good analysis. I basically agree. My thoughts are that Burnett was never as good as his most recent contract ext, but that's yet to be determined for sure.

However, I guess my beef is the avalanche of excuses Pack fans have invented as a result of the 8-7-1 record of this season. Most of these fans only offer up the excuses without any explanation of any kind. Most would have never survived the '70s & '80s.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

The Packers were in zone coverage based on Shields play. Shields was in bail technique and reading the #2 receiver (slot receiver). That's why he passed off Jeffery deep. Burnett was supposed to apex his drop between the slot and Jeffery but instead he stayed tight to the hash. It was a huge technique error in the coverage and it was entirely Burnett's fault.

4thand1's picture

Yes, since none of us can vote, why not leave it up to his teammates. If most of the fans on these sites voted, we wouldn't have a team.

phillythedane's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

So True.

steven's picture

Hey cutler resigned for seven years. Woop!!!! Alright now we will definetly take the win lead for all time

GrnMachine's picture

Haha I was thinking the same thing! Now how the hell do we convince the Lions to take Schwartz back?!?

RC Packer Fan's picture

Does it matter if they get Schwartz back?
I mean, I agree that Schwartz kept them dysfunctional and it was great, because they do have talent.

But isn't Stafford Jay Cutler 2.0?

TOM's picture

JMO, I don't think we should be running down Chicago or Detroit players, coach's, or fans at this point. Minn might be a different story. I am a Packer Fan, with homes in both WI, & Las Vegas. I get into a number of the sports books in Vegas, & I talk with a lot of Chicago fans, & I've talked with Detroit fans as well. We all agree that we don't like one another, with the Chicago fans, it's Hate one another during the season. The many Chicago people I've talked to, I've said, "If we can't make it, we hope you do". They've all said the same to me. I've told many of them, "We don't like Chicago, but we Hate Minnesota. Chicago & Detroit are both teams to be reckoned with next year. IMO, their offenses are making the North, maybe the toughest division to play in, regardless of records. Had Chicago won last week, I believe a lot of Packer Fans, including me, would be pulling for them.

cLowNEY42's picture

Be careful when celebrating Cutty's re-signing.

He's never had weapons like he has now.
He's never had as good a line as he has now.

The more he gets to know that offense, the better he's gonna be.

That O could get scary-good (it already is).

I would have rather they let him go.
He's better than McCown and/or any rookie.

TOM's picture

cLowNEY, While I dissagree with a lot of what you say, I agree with you on this one. As I've said, "I don't know what happened in Philly, but we beat a Damn good offense last Sunday.

steven's picture

Clowney you want a scary offense? Look at ours next year. The draft will only make it better

Jamie's picture

Those bashing Burnett, specifically calling his play 'hot garbage', apparently 1) are blind to the overwhelming pile of hot garbage Burnett has had to play next to and make up for this season (as mentioned by WKUPACKFAN), and 2) have amnesia re: some of Burnett's stellar and improving play over the last couple of seasons.

Sure Burnett needs to be better, but giving him ZERO benefit of the doubt makes the ones bashing him really seem out of touch. I've come to expect that from Nagler, but the rest of you should know better.

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