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Aaron Rodgers emphasizes desire to 'move the same way at 38, 39, 40'

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Aaron Rodgers emphasizes desire to 'move the same way at 38, 39, 40'

-- If things go as planned, Aaron Rodgers won't be playing for anyone else but the team that drafted him with the No. 24 overall pick in 2005.

Rodgers has reiterated his stance goal to continue performing at a high level, but to continue doing so for the Green Bay Packers into his 40s.

At 34 and set to turn 35 in December during the latter stages of the 2018 season, that milestone is right around the corner. Nevertheless, two different collarbone injuries in four years puts a slight damper on those chances.

Whether he's forced to reconstruct the way he's used to playing the quarterback position -- elusive, twitchy at times, prone to leaving the pocket -- to a more composed, unruffled style that requires him to get the ball out of his hands quicker than normal, a la New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, isn't entirely out of the question.

"I'd love to play to 40," Rodgers told NBC's Peter King for his new "Football Morning in America" column. "I just think that number means a lot. Obviously, Tom [Brady] is kind of rewriting the book. Brett [Favre] had a good season when he turned 40. My goal is to be able to move like I do or close to how I do and still be able to do that at 40.

"So to be able to move the same way at 38, 39, 40 would be cool. That's my aim."

Among many of the things Rodgers has reiterated in recent memory, hoping to finish his career in Green Bay is at -- or near -- the top of his priority list, with hopes of falling into the same category of the likes of Derek Jeter, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.

Prior to suffering his collarbone injury last season, Rodgers made it through the first five weeks of the season at an efficient rate, piecing together what could've been his third career MVP campaign. He had 13 touchdowns, three interceptions and three consecutive games with a passer rating above 102.0.

Rodgers' current contract doesn't expire until after the 2019 season, but the Packers are adamant that an extension will be done sometime in the near future -- potentially even before the July 25 start of training camp.

While quarterbacks continue to leapfrog Rodgers in annual salary, he continues to descend down the ranks despite his consistently generational level of play on a yearly basis. Still, there's a lot to map out with a new deal that is expected to keep Rodgers at the top of the salary totem pole for years to come.

It would also keep him tied to Green Bay for years to come.

"I think in my time there, I realize no one is above the team. They can trade Brett Favre, Jordy Nelson. They can not re-sign a Charles Woodson or Julius Peppers. They make decisions that are in the best interest of the team. It could be me at some point. You have to be humble enough to realize that, and I do. ...

"How many guys get to actually pick the way and the team how they go out? You know? Hardly anybody. You have to understand that's a real possibility. But yeah, my dream situation would be to stay in Green Bay."


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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GBPDAN1's picture

I believe that Rodgers does want to be a Packer for life. I do wonder if that desire was starting to fade under TT the last few years? TT's conservative approach with draft and develop was becoming problematic due to the lack of drafting difference maker talent ( last 3 years or so). Drafting late in the round didn't help his cause, but his restrained approach with FA was not supplementing the roster properly after draft failures.

Rodgers has to be feeling more positive about BG being the new GM. Obtaining new coordinators, a willingness to enter the FA market, and hopefully better drafting has probably improved Rodgers outlook (Jordy Nelson's release asided)

Jonathan Spader's picture

Where are you drawing that conclusion from? If Rodgers was really that happy wouldn't his next contract be signed? He didn't just lose Jordy Nelson he also lost Van Pelt his QB coach for years. At the work place a ton of change all at once can be scary even if it winds up being for the best. It's just my opinion but I think Rodgers is doing what we as fans are doing. Waiting to see what the results from all these changes are in 2018.

kevgk's picture

He has said on record multiple times that a new deal is on the way. His last extension was right before training camp. Why rush into, when you have all offseason to do it right? Stop trying to stir up controversy.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Not trying to stir up controversy kev just saying that you don't have anything to back up your opinion. As fans we.have hope that the changes are for the best but we can't assume different is better.

"Rodgers has to be feeling more positive about BG being the new GM. Obtaining new coordinators, a willingness to enter the FA market, and hopefully better drafting has probably improved Rodgers outlook (Jordy Nelson's release asided)"

We have no idea of what BG has done will improve the Packers. At this point in the off season last year TT added Kendericks, he who shall not be named, House, and Evans. We were all excited about King, Jones, Adams, Biegel, Yancey, Dupre, and others. We all know how that worked out.

Until we see the 2018 season what we have to be excited about is that it's not more of the same. It doesn't mean that these changes will be for the better but as a fan I hope they are. Why should Rodgers be excited about BG being the new GM the offensive side of the football wasn't addressed until round 4. Maybe he drafted better on the defensive side of the ball but it's way too early to tell. Hiw do we know that BG is a better drafter when we're evaluating talent that has never played a snap in the NFL?

Johnblood27's picture

oh come on!
van pelt?
rodgers happiness?


van pelt was a complete nothing for the team, see hundley, b.

i am sure he was a real driving force for AR...

Jonathan Spader's picture

"My quarterback coach didn't get retained," Rodgers said via "I thought that was an interesting change -- really without consulting me. There's a close connection between quarterback and quarterback coach. And that was an interesting decision."

GBPDAN1's picture

JS, TT was a trainwreck the last so many years. We saw the product he created, with out Rodgers, last year. Things were going nowhere but down.

Im not saying that any of us know that things have gotten better so far, and with only one off season under BG, they probably haven't improved that much yet. What I am saying is it was time for some changes including TT and DC. This has made many of us Packers fans happy and I also believe, Rodgers too.

Lphill's picture

I agree his enthusiasm is renewed under new leadership it's amazing how year after year we all knew it was gonna be same old thing , no free agents to help and hope an un drafted player steps up , how this went on for so long amazes me , things should have changed after the melt down in the Seattle game or maybe sooner . At least we on are the right road now .

croatpackfan's picture

We are hoping we are on the right road now!

Since '61's picture

Croat - I was sorry to see your team lose to France in the World Cup. I was cheering for Croatia to win. The problem with the World Cup is that now you need to wait 4 years for your countrymen to have another shot at the World Cup. However, the team played very well and I'm sure that you are a very proud to have reached the finals. Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

Rodgers leave? HAHAHAHA, make me laugh. The front office knows, McCarthy knows, Philibin knows, Murphy knows, they'll all be looking for work if they didn't have AR at the helm. People say no player is bigger than the game or team, but Aaron Rodgers is pretty dam close in GB. They will play if he's not here and they would suck if he's not.

croatpackfan's picture

No player is bigger than Franchise. Never was, never will... At the time player become bigger than Franchise, Franchise is dead!

Lare's picture

The only way the Packers suck without Rodgers is if they don't have an adequate backup behind him (like last year). If Peter King's article is correct and Rodgers is demanding a contract that is structured differently to give him some freedom, then he may only be playing for Green Bay for 4 more years.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I expect Rodgers to sign a new deal and finish his career in Green Bay, but if rumors of him wanting more "freedom" and "breaking the mold" with his contract are true--just rumors, mind you--then I want him gone. Seriously.

This isn't the NBA, where Giannis is one of 5 starting players. It's the NFL, where giving early opt-outs and max cuts of the cap to 1 of 25 starters--even an elite guy like Rodgers--could devastate the team. We have to build and maintain a championship-level team around Aaron, and that becomes harder if he demands "break the mold" cap percentages and opt-out freedom while whining every time the GM cuts one of his expensive buddies like Jordy.

Our post-Aaron time is coming in a few years regardless, so we Packer fans need to stop wetting our beds every time the thought of him leaving comes up. If Aaron wants to demand Gute build a super team while Aaron handcuffs Gute's efforts, then Gute should trade Aaron for exciting assets and move on.

All of us, meanwhile, should act like adults and support the team leadership putting our team first, not the player putting himself first--if indeed that is happening.

kevgk's picture

Agree with this. Packers will keep going well after Rodgers leaves, and management needs to make the right choices, whatever they may be. Don't let loyalty become nepotism.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

That's actually better put than mine. Well stated.

The TKstinator's picture

It has been a really long time since I’ve wet the bed.
Weeks, probably!

WKUPackFan's picture

AR also discussed his pending contract extension with King. AR said "It's only been on my mind because...people have been writing and talking about it a lot...I never said anything about [tying the contract to] the cap. I just think there's ways to do contracts where you can still be competitive so the team is happy about it, but have some more freedom".

Once again, AR has shot down the speculation that he initiated discussion of some team breaking deal. He clearly states his understanding that his contract has to fit into the team's needs.

Regarding Jordy, AR said "I think in my time there (In GB), I realize no one is above the team. They make decisions that are in the best interest of the team. It could be me at some point. You have to be humble enough to realize that, and I do".

That does not sound as though AR is complaining or whining in any manner about Jordy's departure.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

While I wish you'd stop commenting on my posts, I'll agree with much of what you've written. None of Aaron's alleged discontent over Jordy or unusual contract demands are anything but rumors, and could all be nonsense.

My post is only applicable if we later learn there was some fire behind the media smoke.

Lare's picture

I'm not sure why you edited out certain comments from the conversation. Rodgers full comments were: “It’s only been on my mind because … people have been writing and talking about it a lot,” he said. “There have been many conversations about it. I think that there’s some merit to looking into where you do a non-traditional contractual agreement. If anybody at this point is gonna be able to do something like that, I think there needs to be a conversation about it. I never said anything about [tying the contract to] the cap. I just think there’s ways to do contracts where you can still be competitive so the team is happy about it, but have some more freedom.”

Peter King also added “I believe, and I believe strongly, he wants to break the mold. This is me speaking, this is not Aaron Rodgers,” King said. “He wants to break the mold and he would like to see his contract tied in some way to the rising tide of the salary cap. In my opinion, this is going to be a very tough deal to do,” King said.

WKUPackFan's picture

The gist of the entire first paragraph in your post is included in the portion I quoted. It was "edited" to save space. Feel free to say what you really think, instead of implying some nefarious motive.

As to your second paragraph purporting to quote King, I do not find those statements anywhere in King's column on PFT. Perhaps you found those quotes outside of that particular column. Again, just come right out and say if you think that AR is up to something other than what he stated.

Lare's picture

With some of the longwinded comments we see occasionally, I can appreciate your efforts at editing to save space. I simply felt that Rodgers contract situation would be put in better context for everyone if all his comments on it were included.

As to King's "purported" comments, they were made in an interview this morning on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football”. You can find them at various internet sites, I found them on Packers Wire.

WKUPackFan's picture

Cool, no problem. Thanks for the cite.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

For what it's worth, my possible concerns also came from the Packers Wire article.

I think the main thing here is, we don't really know how Rodgers is playing it with Ball. I'm just saying if--big if--he's actually pushing for such things as King implied are possible, then I'd be ready to move on. I love Aaron and all he's done, but one big reason New England is always elite and Belichick is hailed as an ultra-genius is because of an elite QB who puts team success FAR ahead of his market value.

Since '61's picture

I believe that Rodgers wants to stay in Green Bay where he can retain control of the offense. If he were to go another team even in a few years down the road he would probably need to learn another system. It could be that the "out" he is looking for is an "out" that would enable him to leave due to a head coaching change.

It's all speculation and rumor at this point. I'm confident that once the deal is signed we'll have plenty to discuss. I'm expecting that Rodgers will sign the largest contract in NFL history and that it will keep him the highest paid player for at least a few seasons. Thanks, Since '61

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