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A Word From Andrew In Atlanta

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A Word From Andrew In Atlanta

For those of you who may not know, long time reader, and one of Cheesehead TV's biggest fans, Andrew In Atlanta has done an amazing job holding his tongue throughout the entire cycle of Favre drama. I promised him a post if it ever became official. Now that the deed has been done, I yield the floor to Andrew.

I really hoped this day would not come, but ok, it did.  I told many of you this was coming if it did.  Apologies to Keith upfront (even though his recent posts indicate even HE might be over this).

Let me start with some caveats…

BF will be in the NFL Hall of Fame first ballot

BF will be in the Packer HOF and have his number retired one day

BF is a Packer legend and the 2nd best GB QB ever

Every player should be play until they have nothing left if they so desire

I have 2 of BFs jerseys and some framed Packer Report covers with BF on them

So what’s my beef?  It’s the cold, hard truth that if you cheer for a purple-wearing BF when he comes through the tunnel at 1265 Lombardi then you are not a Packer Fan.  Period.  If you feel such intense warm and fuzzies for the guy then do nothing.  Sit on your hands.  The only sound that should echo through Lambeau is booing and very loud booing at that.  He’s a sophomoric, lying traitor.

Let’s be clear about two facts that are often overlooked…first, GB made Favre, not the other way around.  DDD posted a great 3-part article a few weeks ago on this.  Favre HELPED make GB relevant again, but it was a quartet.  It was Wolf, Holmgren, Reggie and BF.  I am as sure of the next statement as I am that the sun will come up tomorrow – if Favre stayed here in ATL or went to another metropolis, he would not be “Favre The Legend” today.  He would have been out of the league in less than 5 years; maybe a multiple rehabber; maybe worse.  Favre NEEDED GB.  He needed Holmgren.  He needed the small market.  He needed the small media.  He needed the idolatry of GB and the forgiveness that comes with it.

Second, and this is my very biggest pet peeve on this topic, the annual BF “will he or won’t he” saga DID NOT START IN 2006.  IT STARTED IN 2002!!!!!  That’s when he started talking about not being sure if he would come back.  I don’t know what year he started skipping OTAs and such, but I believe it was shortly after that.  Make no mistake, I blame Rhodes and Sherman as much as BF on this.  But the fact is Favre thought he was bigger than the team and Rhodes & Sherman enabled this behavior.

Further, BF pouted when Rodgers was drafted.  Rodgers took the high road and dealt with Favre on Favre’s terms.  This argument that Favre should have been allowed to decide to come back or not whenever he wanted, for as many years as he wanted, is as sophomoric as BF himself.  Six years of “I’m not sure.”  Three years of “I’ll let you know after the draft.”  Are you freakin’ kidding me???  So TT drafted Rodgers.  Who in their right mind would not take a QB???  Especially one like Rodgers falling that low.

But let’s forget about all that for a minute.  Some would have us believe Favre was forced into retirement.  Seriously??  The gunslinger??  The guy who did it HIS way his whole career suddenly said “I’ll just quit because it’s what the Packers want me to do???  In my best John McEnroe - You can’t be serious!!

The cold truth is EVERYONE in Packer management wanted Favre back after the 2007 season!!!  EVERYONE!!!  This is well documented.  TT and MM even told him they’d take him at 70% or 80% of what he was (or only play 70-80% of the snaps) and be happy.  Management simply wanted to know BEFORE the draft for a change.  Oh gee Brett, I’m so sorry they wanted a decision before the draft after going 13-3 and going to the NFC Championship.  God forbid you do what’s best for the team and not for #4!!!

Now, back to the Queens.  You can tell me all day that MN is a great fit for BF.  Maybe so.  But this was EXACTLY his plan when he could not sign with MN last year.  Why?  This from BFs own mouth – “…motivated to play GB twice per year.”  He even admitted it was the wrong motivation a few months ago.  Now, all of a sudden he says he is playing for the right reasons.  Maybe #4 thinks we all have a sign on our foreheads that reads “We’re so stupid that we’ll believe any horse shit explanation you give us Brett!!!”

There are only 2 places Favre could not go in my book – MN and CHI.  He could have gone ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!  He knows damn well those are the two places he simply can’t go and he has thumbed his nose at Packer Fans.  You, the fans, made him what he is.  YOU ALL made him a very rich man.  Yeah, it looks like he’s really appreciative of that fact doesn’t it???  Oh, and did he really compare his situation to Vince Lombardi on the Joe Buck show???  Really???

So, I’ll most likely be at TJs in ATL when #4 comes through the tunnel at Lambeau.  I’ll be booing and swearing at the top of my lungs (unless my daughter is there, then not so much swearing).  I’ll be hoping someone like Raji, who doesn’t give a rats butt who BF is, plants his ass into the Tundra turf.  I don’t know where each of you will be, but I say it again – if you cheer for this guy in Purple you are not a Packer fan.  I don’t mind that he wants to keep playing (even though it’s HIS fault he is not playing in GB).  I DO mind where he is playing and why.  If I had my way, his number would not be retired in GB until he was so old he had to be wheel chaired out to the 50 yardline to pick up the framed award.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

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cheese5's picture

all right Andrew. i couldn't have said it better myself.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Thanks Corey & Aaron for letting me get that off my chest. Blood...pressure...normalizing...ahhhh

Ron La Canne's picture

Andrew - you've nailed it. It's all about Bret then and it's all about Bret now. I guess he tolerated us hicks from the Norhtwoods as long as he could use us. Now he's moved to a place that will allow him to try and punish those who offended him. He will be in purple and therefore, he will be my enemy.

May all things bad happen to him.

Stock Lemon's picture

Nice post. He's past his prime anyway. We just had an item about how betting against the Vikings with Favre is the smart play.

Keep up the good work

nerdmann's picture

1: I don't really think they wanted him back after that NFC Championship loss. His body wasn't able to last a whole season, and he couldn't function in the cold anymore. Not only that, he thought he should be able to dictate TT's moves. The cost benefit analysis of Favre was by far in negative territory.
2: I wouldn't mind him going to the Queens or the Bears, really. IF he was doing it honorably and for legitimate reasons. But what he's doing is just not right. In fact it's downright pathetic.
Great article, though.

PackersRS's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Just got off the phone with my dad in Eden Prairie MN, we both said the EXACT same thing... ANYWHERE BUT MINNESOTA OR CHICAGO. We helped make him a very rich man and he just SPIT IN OUR FACE (he knows EXACTLY what he's doing here). Anybody caught cheering for him Nov. 1st, should catch a fuckin' beat down... SERIOUSLY!




Jeff's picture

Truuuuth! This is exactly what I've been thinking translated into essay form. Perfect.

Especially this: "It’s the cold, hard truth that if you cheer for a purple-wearing BF when he comes through the tunnel at 1265 Lombardi then you are not a Packer Fan."

Anybody switching teams has never been a true-blood Packers fan, fair-weather if anything.

D.D. Driver's picture

Completely agree, except about retiring his number when he is so old he has to be wheeled out.
His number should be retired the same as Reggie White's number: posthumously.

Dale Z's picture

That was a hell of a thing.

PackerBelle's picture

I agree with pretty much everything said here. I don't mind him regretting retiring (however doing it multiple times tests my patience). What I mind is his basically trying to stick it to the Packers. He did that with his tantrums in the media last year and in wanting to go MN last year and this year. If you want to play - fine. But use your head and a little bit of tact and stay away from your former division.

And does anyone have any doubts that the Vikings tampered with Favre last year? I certainly don't.

brihea's picture

Yay Andrew in Atlanta! I'll be there screaming at TJ's too!

I was happy for Favre last year when he went to the Jets, but this year? Hell No! Anywhere but the Vikes, Bears or even Tampa (I'm still mad at them from the late 90's).

My Favre jersey is staying put in the closet until Hall of Fame days. The sight of Favre in purple just sickens me, but not as much as those happy Vikes fans who are so eager to rub it in now.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Well said, Andrew.

Just one question: where do I get a keyboard with the triple exclamation points and question marks?

gbpf127's picture

Passionate! I especially liked your thoughts on Favre needing GB ... never thought of it that way!

I'm just glad that the vocal majority Packer fans are finally finding their voice. And the Favre fans can find a new team!

Go Pack Go!

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

LOL Franklin. Drive your blood pressure up to about 240/180 and those keys magically appear

keeley's picture

Your ego has far transcended your accomplishments on the field. Brent - you are dead to me. Curly is probably shaking his head right along with the rest of us - surely he realized the error of his ways long before you ever will. I do not wish you well going forward - you have totally sabotaged your legacy in Green Bay. Are you happy now? Millions of Packer fans are not.

Ruppert's picture

There is one simple point in your excellent post that I feel I must reiterate: "It’s the cold, hard truth that if you cheer for a purple-wearing BF when he comes through the tunnel at 1265 Lombardi then you are not a Packer Fan." This should be carved in granite and placed outside Lambeau Field, and at every road that enters the state of Wisconsin. I cannot think of a single valid point that can be argued against this.

BuckslayerNYC's picture

I am calling it now!

November 1st at Lambeau....everyone brings every Favre Packer Jersey they have or can get between now and then. We all do the ritual tailgate and burn the Jerseys on the coals...Put the word out now, let it become viral and word of mouth. On that hallowed day that the ghosts of Lambeau have their way with Squire Favre....we offer his former armaments as fuel for their fury.

At the onset of the November days we ritually rid the vermin Favre from our system via our own tradition, we tailgate his ass out of town!

SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruppert's picture

Check out this cnbc video about how the Queens pulled their ticket offer package this morning as soon as they knew Favre was coming...I got this from, by the way, who also has an awesome paroday video...check it out

Rainman's picture

Things went down in the whole fiasco 2 years ago the way they had to, and in the way that was best for the Packers then and now. It was handle very clumbsy by everyone involved with the possible exception of MM, but if it hadn't happened Rodgers may not be here and we would have Brett backed up by Brohm and Flynn. How does that sound. We are better off without him and better off with how it happened.
However as fans, we want our players to do anything to win, to get a Superbowl. Nothing else should matter. It's the reason we accept players with question histories, its why noone is outraged that NFL Players use PEDs. Felonies? Who cares? As long as they will stop at nothing to win.
I don't know who said what behind closed doors 2 years ago, but the end game the Pack is done with him. Is it any wonder that he might feel the desire to win one more Superbowl at any cost (even his legacy)? Can anyone come up with a better chance than the vikings? If the patriots or the steelers needed a QB and they called he probably would have went there.
Cheer against him, I know I will. But know, the same desire to win that drove him to play though injuries, is what lead him to the vikings.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Well written Rainman but I don't agree with the "desire to win" arguement. It's not just 2007 and beyond. One of my main points was the waffling has been going on since 2002. I see it as more of a desire to hold the team hostage March - May/June because TT & MM would not let him run the show like the previous coaches did.
And a desire to not want to do the work in camps & off season training. Seems to me if one really wants to win late in their career they need the offseason and training camp work even more than when they were younger. This certainly has not been the case with Favre for many years

Packsmack's picture


Favre wanted to come back in spring of 2008, TT wouldn't have it. Do you blame your ex-wife for getting remarried after you, yourself divorced her?

Hurray for Favre for playing on guts. Ted Thompson made this happen.

I won't be booing Favre, but will continue to boo Thompson.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Then why did Favre ask to wait so long before deciding if he would come back in 2008? After years of waiting on him, you think it was TTs fault that he and MM wanted to know how they should draft? Are you one of those people that think Favre should have carte blanche to decide if/when he will come back at whatever time of year he wants? Name me one other player in the NFL that got to do that at all, much less as many years as Favre did it.

nerdmann's picture

Buckslayer, don't burn your Favre jerseys, throw them on the field. He can have them back.
Rainman, it's not the desire to win or compete that has brought him back. It's his desire to get back at TT... for not letting Favre run the team.

Ruppert's picture

Packsmack...."I won’t be booing Favre, but will continue to boo Thompson." This is the mentality that I am completely at a loss to explain. If you boo Thompson, you are booing the Packers. If you cheer Favre, you are cheering the Vikings. Can you call yourself a Packers fan if you boo the Packers and cheer the Vikings?

Rainman's picture

Nerdman, I don't disagree that there may still be some "I'll show them" motivating him, in fact I would be suprised if there wasn't. As some one who got cut alot, I can say i understand the "they'll be sorry" motivation. But if this was all about making the pack pay, he could have done much worse to them 2 years ago.
Imagine if out of spite he hadn't agreed to a trade to the jets. Then things get real painful for everyone. The Pack say they won't cut him, Brett unretires eating cap space and real dollars, and the team ends up longing for 6-10. If it was just spite, he could have done much worse. From a logical perspective the vikings are the best choice for him to make.
Heck given the way he has worn down towards the end of the season the last couple of years he can probably even justify orchestrating the missing of training camp with the argument that it'll leave himself fresher later in the season.

seekr's picture

This is a post for the books. Wonderful job AinA.

darthvander's picture

Just one question. What happens to Brett Farve's Steakhouse. I mean really. Who could ever go here again?

Vapackerfan's picture

Andrew, great points my friend. I especially agree with you about the end of the 2008 season. Even at the time I was blaming Favre more than Thompson for that whole fiasco. The facts simply point to Favre's egocentristic ways as the culprit. The meetings and phone calls by TT and MM proved to me they still wanted him, especially knowing they were one throw away from the super bowl with Brent. It took awhile for Packer fans to come around to that conclusion, but with time it seems more and more are starting to see the real Favre.

ACDC84's picture

Very very well said.
What BF just can't understand is that by coming back to Lambeau as a Viking, he is NOT "sticking it" to TT, as he so badly wants to do. TT couldn't care less. TT decided to move on with Rodgers, and Rodgers went on to obliterate any reasonable expectations anyone had for him last year, vindicating TT's decision. Also, as any half-way decent GM would do, TT hasn't let complaints from players and fans dictate how he does his job. He sticks to his guns, and whether his decisions are good or bad, you gotta respect that.
No Brett, you're aren't sticking it to TT by coming back. You are sticking it to the thousands and thousands of Packer fans that have supported you for 15 or 16 seasons. I have had a fairly negative opinion of BF since last summer, but when he decided to "stay retired" a few weeks ago, all my anger and frustrations went away, as I thought that BF may have finally gotten it and that a friendly relationship with the team could be reestablished sooner than later. But now, it's going to be a decade until I care about this guy. When I go the bar this year to watch my Packers and people ask me, "So, where do you come out on the whole BF thing?", though it will pain me a bit to say it, I will reply with, "F*ck Brett Favre!"
It's a shame.

WoodyG's picture

Notice how there is still a trickle of apologizing by the duped BF loyalists.
Will they ever get it ??
BF has always been about BF.
The ass-whooping that Irv would have put on BF for his bad behavior over the last year will now be applied by the Pack.
How sweet it will be !!

D.D. Driver's picture

Woody: Brett Favre has not always been about Brett Favre. In fact if was NEVER about Brett Favre, it was about **everybody else**. He said so himself. So, you know, its true and stuff.

Matthew's picture

Well the one thing I am glad about concerning Brent's behavior, is that it is much easier for Packer fans to now rally around Rodgers. Not that the majority didn't like Rodgers (although there were those idiots that booed him on family night), but following a HOFer is always a daunting task. While Rodgers proved he could play last year, I believe this is the year he will truely be embraced and loved by all Packerfans....not just us die-hards lurking in the blogosphere.

Jayme's picture

"Favre wanted to come back in spring of 2008, TT wouldn’t have it. Do you blame your ex-wife for getting remarried after you, yourself divorced her?"
Packsmack, you got your analogy wrong. Do you blame your ex-wife for breaking up with you and trying to win you back after you have found someone new? Do you blame her for threatening to divorce you for 6 years, before finally doing so, then trying to break up your future relationships? I know I sure would.

foundinidaho's picture

Thank you for stating how I feel so eloquently. Part of my love for the Packers is just how Green Bay the town, Green Bay the team and all of us form something that to me is special. The first time I went to Green Bay, the year of the Super Bowl win, I felt right at home, immediately. We were all a big family cheering and supporting that kid who was very, very talented but had made mistakes on and off the field. And I truly think at that point in his life he valued that. At some point he started believing his own hype. That's too bad, but it's not irreversible. And when, and if, he really sees what he did to the relationship with the REAL Packer fans during all this shtick, he may, and should, feel like a piece of dung.

Packsmack's picture

Andrew, you say name one other player who has carte blanche to decide if/when he will come back at whatever time of year he wants. How about this: name one other player who has done what Brett Favre has done?

Ruppert, Booing Thompson is booing the Packers? Must one have total submission to all aspects of whatever is green and gold and no discernment therein? What if you boo the cheerleaders, or the guy at the hotdog stand in Lambeau? Is that booing the Packers, too? Get real. Thompson is an idiot, a Ron Wolfe wannabe.

Packsmack's picture


Nope. That's not how it happened. Sorry.

PackerBelle's picture

Packsmack give Peyton Manning some time and he could likely do what Favre has done. Same with Tom Brady (aside from the consecutive starts). Favre is talented. But he's not willing to put in the work to succeed. Coming in during the middle of training camp for a new team having not worked out much during the off-season is lazy and stupid.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I love your passion but I could not disagree more. You answered my question with a question so I'll just stop here and we can agree to disagree

chazman's picture

Andrew that was beautiful, thank you for mentioning the fact that he started his waffling in 2002. Everyone kept mentioning that it was only in the last couple of years but I always thought it was a heck of a lot longer. Brent is dead to me, my only hope is he survives the first Packer game (loses of course) so he can be destroyed on the field that gave him birth.

D the Dragon's picture

Love it!

Packsmack's picture

Andrew, actually you asked three questions and then challenged me to give a name, so let me respond to all four items.

1. Why did Favre wait so long before deciding in 2008? A: I think because he is getting older and the body takes more time to really heal, and since he plays on inner desire, he did not want to commit unless he was sure that he had it in him. Thus, it took longer.

2. Is it TTs fault that he and MM
wanted to know how they should draft? A: Any time you have an aging qb like Favre you should draft for the future. No mystery there. Favre's choice should have had no impact on their draft decisions.

3. Should Favre have had carte blanche? A: Yes.

4. Name one other player. A: Paul Horning

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

#3 is where we totally disagree. On #4, I know Horning had a big ego but I don't recall anything even close to Favre's waffling. And I wasn't really thinking of guys that far back (who made no money and are difficult to compare to players today). I was thinking of icon's like Montana, as one example. He eventually left SF but he never held the team hostage every spring in the years leading up to his departure. Marino, Moon, Aikman nor any other QB late in their career didn't waffle like Brett either. He got to be bigger than the team and previous Packer's management enabled it

Rainman's picture

Andrew, They enabled it because he was a great player and traditionally great players get the rules bent for them. Just last week Cutler was quoted as saying he expected to be consulted on offensive personnel on the bears. Elway once said in interviews as saying he was asked whether the bronco's should keep Shannon Sharp or some other guy. It make some sense to give them some input and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.
But once that player is "less Great" that influence tend to diminish. Then you have problems.

Keith's picture

Amen, brother.


I thought I wouldn't care. I told myself that "this is a new era." Screw all that. I'm pissed. We better win the division this year.

an80sreaganite's picture

Amen. I wash my hands of him. DO NOT retire his number and give only the amount a space in GBHF that is required to tell his story. Done. I wonder what "Big Irv" thought about 'motivation by revenge'?

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