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A Dramatic Interpretation Of Favre & Peppers

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A Dramatic Interpretation Of Favre & Peppers

Because sometimes, the written word just isn't enough...

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Andrew Garda's picture

That was brilliant. Nice Bill shatner moment there too.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

I thought exactly the same thing!

lebowski's picture

Aaron puts it in perspective once again. Awesome.

lebowski's picture

Happy Holidays to all the Cheesehead TVers out there.

Ruppert's picture

Nice! The only thing missing is the mime interpretation.

PackersThad's picture


Aaron Rogders's picture

I am betting on the second version happened.

Philkarpo's picture

That was awesome. And I agree with your take on it.

packsmack25's picture

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Favre was in New Jersey right now going over film with Eli, trying desperately to ensure the Giants beat the Packers.

foundinidaho's picture

This is true.

Alex s's picture

Aaron you are heck of an actor

mark's picture

c'mon man! saying *anything* is kind of douchy. it just reveals a guy who is petty and bitch-made. thankfully, brett and his purple friends got spanked twice this year, so talk all the petty crap you want brent. and enjoy your off-season sleeping on the pull-out couch as you reflect on your losing season and your retirement.

Tommyboy's picture

Sorry, Aaron - you're not going to convince me that it didn't happen the second way. If you watch the postgame of the tape, you can CLEARLY see Peppers wearing all pink, looking adorable, and simply folding in giggles.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

That was awesome. Best holiday viewing so far

foundinidaho's picture

Madeline Nagler - Academy Award winning portrayal.

Aaron Nagler - a little lacking. ;)

Seriously, as I've said, I don't care which way it went down. It was a douchey thing to say and he knew it. Just when I thought about taking my #4 stuff out of the closet...he made sure it stayed there.

Norman's picture

All I would say is, had the Bears next opponent been the Packers, or had it not been an NFC North team that Brent just got spanked by, it would make more sense that the comment was just typical 'best wishes' comments from one NFL player to another. But to tell another player "go get 'em" when they don't play that team for two more weeks, that to me gives a little more insight into the mind of the little dick-texting weasel. Especially given that the Bears' next opponent is Brent's other ex-team.

I hope the Pack wins the Super Bowl if for no other reason than it would just eat Brent up inside!

Glorious80s's picture

However it went down, BF forgets he still has some friends on the Packers. Wonder what they're thinnking.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

I liked the acting in this video... a little mellow dramatic for the leading man but the cute little leading lady held it all together!

I give it a solid A.

ps. We should all get help... ESPN loves to play us like Favre media junkie addicts attempting to create hyped drama and bait us in ... let's give up the Favre crack (no pun intended) --- that's hardly our problem right now! No need to get distracted. We can't blame Favre for no playoff wins in the last 3 years.

JustJeff's picture

The thought that Packers fans are blowing this out of proportion ignores one fact.

Doesn't it seem a little odd that that quarterback knows the Packers schedule?

Oppy's picture

No, Brent was a Packer for a long enough time, when the NFL schedule is first released, it's probably still instinctual for him to scan down the list and find the Bears-Packers matchups, ignoring all else.

Besides, it's a divisional rivalry game, the oldest in the NFL, and it's the final game of the season. I'd bet every player in MN and DET have known the Packers would face the Bears in the final game.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Well, your drama-queen tendencies make a little more sense now.

If duh bares next opponent was the GBP I could see it, but why not "go get those eagles"? There's some spite on his end, Which is understandable because I guarantee he wishes he would have retired after '07 given the absolute mockery he's made of his career and marriage.


cheese5's picture

hahahahahahahaha that was great... Yo says Madeline from behind the camera

Scott's picture

Noticed you have an AP T-shirt???

The same people that liked Rodgers rooting against the Vikings in last years playoffs are the people pissed Favre said something to Peppers.

DAWG's picture

Nice to see father and daughter working together--gezzz- some people got it made.

#4 Sez he just plays for the love of the game, busted again.

yooperfan's picture

justjeff wrote
The thought that Packers fans are blowing this out of proportion ignores one fact.

Doesn’t it seem a little odd that that quarterback knows the Packers schedule?

No, absolutely not, the NFL checks in with Brett when making these schedules, he's the man lol.

they know Brett is concerned with who the Packers play, he hired the wicked witch of the north to put a spell on us,he keeps tabs on our injurys to make sure she is doing her job.

seriously if there where a way Brett could stick it to Ted, he would, us fans get the back lash of that anger

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