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So you think you can beat CheeseheadTV writers at Fantasy Football?

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So you think you can beat CheeseheadTV writers at Fantasy Football?

Continuing a tradition I started over at, we're giving all you amateur GMs out there a chance to show your stuff against our writers. Six selected readers will compete against six of our writers for a year of bragging rights and some Packers swag (TBD). 

If you're serious about playing, can participate in the draft next Sunday night (Sep 2nd, no auto-drafts!), and think you can kick our asses, leave a comment below on why we should pick you to play in the league. We will pick our favorite comments and let you know if you're in.

Go Pack!



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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steven burgess's picture

Because i was the first to comment! Oh and my username! But in all seriousness, a few years ago I was one of the ones chosen. Unfortunately like a stupid teenager i never checked my email and forfeited my spot :(. I had a different name back than but would like a second chance!

steven burgess's picture

Plus aaron Rodgers is the greatest QB of all time.....

Ryan Graham's picture

You want Ryan Graham in your league. Ryan Graham makes your league more competitive. Ryan Graham makes you a better fantasy footballer. Ryan Graham is a trend setter when it comes to FFB. You will not regret inviting Ryan Graham to your league.

P.S. Ryan Graham will stop talking in third person if you pick him.

Jersey Al's picture

Ryan Graham needs to check his email and respond or else Ryan Graham will forfeit his place in the league. (Says Jersey Al)

Kyle Dunlop's picture

You should select me as 1 of 6 GM's to face you writers because I am the toughest fantasy SOB you've ever faced. Team Pettine 3:16 will select 1 RB (WHAT?), 1 WR (WHAT?) 1 QB another RB (WHAT?!). Other GM's will talk about greatness, well Pettine 3:16 says I just whooped your Fantasy football ass!

Dontworrygopackers's picture

i think a good hawkeye fan would make it more interesting

packerdan77's picture

You need a token Canadian,eh? As a bonus, everyone that enters my Packer cave is faced by Corey in full face paint.

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

We all thought Ted Thompson was pretty good at drafting, but if he had me on staff, he definitely would have cracked a smile more often than every Jay Cutler interception. I may take risks from time to time, but I get my guys and I get the wins. Give me whatever draft position you want, it doesn't matter to me, I'll be ready to rock.

bustagb's picture

Because I love all things that start with B. Beers, bourbon, babes, Bouagnon, bluegrass, bluegill, birds, boats, shoot nevermind, da Bears suck.

Jersey Al's picture

Do you also like being booted? You need to respond to my email or your spot in the League will go Bye-Bye... :)

Wader's picture

Only other fantasy league consists of 12 family members - brother, uncle, wife, sister-in-law and nephews. My mother is the commissioner of the league. Need to determine whether my fantasy football analysis skills will hold up with the big boys vs the family feud. Thanks for the opportunity to be considered. Wade

Samson's picture

"can participate in the draft next Sunday night (Sep 2nd, no auto-drafts!)"

What does this even mean?
What draft are you talking about?
The final 53 or what? --- Be specific. -- Thanks.

Samson's picture

Here you go.

Go back to foosball. At least there, you get bathroom breaks.

Dontworrygopackers's picture

i can't really come up with any reasons why u should pick me but i came up with 5 good reasons why u should not.
1) as much an honor it would be to win i would use my prestige to further my agenda of bernie sanders for president.
2)i will show up the second the draft board opens and flood the comments sections with my opinions as i consume some ice cold beverages.
3) other than my family league 0-6 I've had much success in most others. i think this league would bring out the best in me.
4)i was the first person to own a mike daniels packer jersey
5)someone has to talk smack about wisconson football. i love the pack but the badgers?

Dontworrygopackers's picture

this might be considered ass kissing or brown noising but jersey al did i ever tell u how much i appreciate the draft report. pulitzer prize material

packrulz's picture

I played last year and even though I tried hard every week I got my butt kicked. But, it was still a blast and this is a new season so I'd be happy to give it another try.

cfl106's picture

You guys need some Packers fans from Cali to be in this league.

I can't guarantee I will win but I will keep it competitive.

I can guarantee I won't pick Demarco Murray and I will draft on Sept 2.

Fordham Ram's picture

I was born approximately 800 yards from the Fordham University gridiron where Vince Lombardi played at the now defunct Fordham Hospital. That made me a Fordham Lamb. I am now grown up, that makes me a Fordham Ram. Care to butt heads.

RodrigoDuterte2D30's picture

I'm a transplanted SooperYooper living in the Philippines...
Born and raised Packer fan still bleading the GnG...
Been on several several season tours including the last super bowl run through Atl and on to Jerryville...
I still dont miss a game dispite time differnces being a half day ahead here...
Lets make this league international and beat the commisioner at his own game..hehe
Fear the 2D30!!!!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I had a lot of fun last season. I'd love another chance, since I lost the number one pick David Johnson in week one, to show what I've got.

Jersey Al's picture

check your email.

Springer's picture

To whom it may concern,
I'm probably too late... I'm migrating over with the Nagler return to this site, but if I'm not too late there are several reasons of varying validity for which I should be involved:
-I'm usually pretty quiet in the comment sections of news sites but am very active in fantasy; maybe the crossover will spur me into a more active role on this site.
-I know how to use a semi-colon
-I can compartmentalize my life; I don't let fantasy ruin my fandom which leaves me as someone willing to draft falling Vikings and Bears players.
-I can reach very high for my height.
-And lastly, I have a name picked out which I'm proud of and photoshop skills to do it proud.
Thank you for your consideration.

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