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5 reasons the Packers will beat the Lions (and 1 reason they might not)

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5 reasons the Packers will beat the Lions (and 1 reason they might not)

If the Green Bay Packers are to win this afternoon and avenge last season’s shocking home defeat to the Detroit Lions, a few things are going to have to happen:

1.       Aaron Rodgers needs to snap out of it. It’s up to the quarterback to make this Packers offense look like an actual offense again, not a bunch of kids drawing up plays in the sandlot.

2.       Personnel looks must be diversified. Remember when Mike McCarthy used to line up with a full-house backfield? Or five wide receivers? Or two tight ends? He rarely does that any more. These days, it’s 3 wide and a tight end virtually every snap. Yawn….

3.       The field position battle must be won. I’m tired of seeing the Packers constantly starting inside their own 10-yard line and watching Jake Schum’s punts die after 35 yards at the opponent’s 25.

4.       Mike McCarthy needs to –

(At this point, the author of this post slaps himself in the face and dumps a bucket of cold water over his head. He gets up from his chair, walks around, takes a deep breath, eats a bratwurst, washes it down with some cheese, and sits back in his chair.)

Whoa! Wait just a minute! Sorry, I went out of my mind momentarily. I was actually writing a post that insinuated the Packers might have a tough time beating the Lions today. IT’S THE FREAKING LIONS! PLAYING AT LAMBEAU FIELD!

I don’t care how shaky Rodgers and this offense has looked, they’re not going to lose to the Lions at home two years in a row.


No way.

Not gonna happen.

Here are five reasons why:

No Ziggy
As fun as it is watching Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah take on Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari in a battle of player’s names I can’t pronounce, it’s a big deal that Ansah will miss today’s game. He had five tackles and one of his 14.5 sacks against the Packers in 2015. He's a good one.

Leaky line
The Packers have been getting after quarterbacks this season, and that should continue against the Lions less-than-stellar front. The Lions have allowed five sacks through two games – not a huge number, but Indianapolis and Tennessee aren’t exactly known for their explosive pass rush.

That’s how many rushing yards per game the Packers have allowed so far, and one of those games was against Adrian Peterson. The duo of Theo Riddick and Dwayne Washington definitely won’t be striking fear into Green Bay’s hearts. However, I almost hope the Lions have some success running the ball so they don’t throw it on every down and try to exploit a secondary missing Sam Shields and Morgan Burnett.

Where’d these guys come from?
The Packers are getting solid contributions from the likes of Joe Thomas, Nick Perry and Kenny Clark on defense. Nobody expected much from these players, so the fact that they appear to be reliable pieces should help the Packers cover for some banged-up regulars on D (Burnett, Clay Matthews, Datone Jones and Letroy Guion).

Catch phrase
Remember R-E-L-A-X? Or “Shhhhh?” What’s Rodgers’ catch phrase going to be this time when he explodes for 400 yards and five touchdowns? Whenever Rodgers and the offense have come under fire in the past, they usually come through and rebound in a big way, followed by some type of smart-alekey postgame interview from the QB to quiet all the detractors.

Remember when the Lions actually beat the Packers at Lambeau last season? I try not to remember, but unfortunately, it’s a nightmare that I can’t forget. If a similar defeat is to happen today, here’s why:

The Cooter effect
Ever since Jim Bob Cooter took over play-calling duties for the Lions halfway through last season, their offense has been effective. Matthew Stafford has cut down on the Cutler-like mistakes and become very dangerous in the red zone. Taking on a short-handed Packers defense, look for Cooter to get Stafford going early and a steady does of short to mid-range passes.

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Nick Perry's picture

Speaking from a Fantasy Football Perspective the Lions allow the most points to opposing TE's, 2nd most points to QB's. That would tell me even in McCarthy's Offense, the one he cried to have a "Field Stretching TE" he never uses, maybe just maybe MM and AR actually USE Cook and Rich Rod. I would hope Rodgers starts using his TE's a little more this week, Cook for larger chunks, Rodgers for those shorter move the chain first downs. They should be open, at least some so we don't have to see out punter every 4th play on Offense.

Be nice to see a large dose of Eddie Lacy, sighting of Abby and Monty would be exceptional as well. The truth is the Packers should blow the Lions out of Lambeau, shouldn't even be close. If Rodgers struggles this week, if he continues to throw 3rd and 1 passes 35 yards downfield and 5 yards out of bounds, then I'm afraid it really is the beginning of the end of a era. It's pretty messed when you become concerned if the Packers can beat the Lions at their Home Opener.

BUT..I predict Blow Out!!! Cook, Lacy, Cobb, and Nelson all score and so does the defense. Rodgers throws for 327 yards and 3 TD's, completing 22 of 28 passes. Packers 38 to 13.

carusotrap's picture

Strange to have a "must win" game against the Lions in week three. Of course, Rodgers and company will argue it's not (because we're all idiots), but a loss today would be the final data point in this little 15 game research study. Obviously everyone's job is safe - it's Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy after all - but the pitch forks down the road become pitch forks and torches at the front door of the castle, and the drawbridge is down.

Well, at least no one will say that this season is boring or we've all become complacent with winning.

ray nichkee's picture

Jim Bob Cooter is my favorite coach's name. He gets my vote for McCarthy's eventual replacement (I'm not speculating when) if only just to hear it all the time.

Savage57's picture

When you live in the south and hear names that sound just like that several times a day, it loses some of its novelty and attraction.

dobber's picture

So agree...

barutanseijin's picture

Taking the points on this one. This team was a miracle play away from dropping both games to Detroit last year. Rodgers has had a year of mediocre performances to snap out of. Why should the last one be any different? MM & #12 seem to be in denial, so if it didn't happen after the Denver game, I doubt that it will happen now. But the Lions are the Lions and the Packers are at home, so Packers will probably win a close one.

Rossonero's picture

Given the inuries on defense for both teams, it'll probably be a nail biter (although it shouldn't be).

I'll be watching for those personnel groupings and how Eddie Lacy will be used. He must get 20 carries and run north-south between the tackles, not this delayed handoff BS to have him run outside. Most importantly, I want Rodgers to GET RID OF THE BALL QUICKLY. 3 step drops, quick strikes, etc. Packers 31, Lions 27.

carusotrap's picture

You're not wrong wanting all those things, but there's a huge problem. You're asking for a fundamental shift in not only game-to-game scheme, but in overall philosophy. MM is the captain of the Titanic...there's no iceberg and even when he finally sees it for himself, he's incapable of getting the ship turned in any reasonable amount of time.

The score SHOULD be: 38-17 Packers.
The score WILL be: 24-16 Lions.

- Starks has 1 TD. The rest are FG.
- The offense gains reasonable yards - 295 - but strange play calling fails us in the red zone.
- Rodgers has 198 yards passing - but no INT.
- Over-under on 35 yard back shoulder sideline passes on 3rd and 2: 3
- Passing game spread to no fewer than 8 players including TEs.
- Rodgers gets dinged when Barclay misses another block. Out for one series and Hundley moves the chains with simplified play calling thus providing fodder for next weeks discussion forums.

Really hope I'm wrong about all of this.

Savage57's picture

Since a 1-2 record isn't a post season death sentence, I'm more interested in the Packers offense finding their mojo.
If they're effective enough to put up points, even if the Lions outscore a depleted defense, I'll be more optimistic about the teams' chances going forward than if they continue to look moribund, but still squeak out a win.

4thand1's picture

The Packers need to go 8-0 at home. I'm almost starting to think they don't want to play at home in Jan, but this off is set up for changing the play. It's almost impossible to do on the road. I've said it before as many others have, time to get back to ball control and shorten the pass plays. If they lose today, I'll personally be in front on MM's office with a pitch fork and a torch. I won't be alone.

EdsLaces's picture

No bout no Clay....Close game pray we win....21 20 pack.

Tarynfor12's picture

With Matthews out this is the game where Perry must bring his all. The spotlight is his with no injury.....let's see if he can dominate.

dobber's picture

This must be SO painful for you... ;)

ray nichkee's picture

Time for some crow. Make sure it is dead first and cook it well and smother it with Sweet baby ray's.

jlc1's picture

Weird as it is to type it but with so many out on the Packers' D the goal would seem to be to keep Matthew Stafford off the field and keep Aaron Rodgers on it. Lacy and Starks will be key to any success the Pack has today. Alternatively the Pack could blow up a lot of the Lions' playbook by scoring the first couple of TD's. Not likely though. Go Pack.

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