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5 reasons the Packers will beat the Jaguars (and 1 reason why they might not)

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5 reasons the Packers will beat the Jaguars (and 1 reason why they might not)

For the past several preseasons, the Jacksonville Jaguars have fooled football analysts into thinking that they’ll actually be good. That notion inevitably went out the window by week three when it became obvious that the Jaguars would be the same old terrible Jaguars, not the young, upstart team with a bevy of high draft picks ready to break out that many thought they’d be.

The Jags no longer hold the preseason “bad team ready to finally be good” title belt. The Oakland Raiders stole it from them. Now the Jags are just the Jags again: boring, nondescript, and destined to win no more than six games.

Here are five reasons why one of those six wins will not come against the Green Bay Packers this afternoon:

Because Jordy’s back
Don’t expect Jordy Nelson to go for 10 catches and 150 yards in his return, but he doesn’t have to in order to make an impact. Having Nelson back gives Jags defensive coordinator Todd Wash another impact player to scheme for, which will result in things opening up for Randall Cobb in the slot and maybe even Davante Adams as he begins his bounce-back season.

Sweaty Eddie
Speaking of bounce-back seasons, Eddie Lacy’s begins today. Lacy doesn’t appear to be drastically slimmed down, but he’s playing for a new contract and to show that last season was an aberration. It’s also going to be hot in Jacksonville, meaning Lacy will probably be so sweaty that defenders will slide right off of him.

Falling behind
Since 2014, 1,331 of the 2,000 offensive plays Jacksonville has run have been run with the Jags trailing. If the Packers can jump ahead early, look for Aaron Rodgers and the offense to maintain the lead and the defense to force a few key turnovers to seal the victory.

Shushing the whispers
Let’s be clear about something: The Packers are an elite football team. They’re legitimate Super Bowl contenders every season. But the Packers postseason shortcomings since winning Super Bowl XLV have many people whispering that Mike McCarthy isn’t the coach to deliver another championship to Titletown. “Sure the Packers are good,” these people say. “They’ll win 10-13 regular season games, then collapse in the playoffs.” Beating the Jags in week one won’t silence those whispers, but you have to start somewhere. If the Packers lose to Jacksonville, those whispers will get louder, and nobody in the Green Bay locker room wants to start the season like that.

Because it’s Jacksonville…
C’mon. It’s the Jaguars. The Packers aren’t going to lose to the freaking Jaguars.

If, for some reason, God wants to punish the Packers by having them lose to the freaking Jaguars today, this might be how it happens:

Two guys named Allen
Receivers Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns combined for 144 catches, 2,431 yards and 24 touchdowns in 2015. Throw in tight end Julius Thomas and his 46 receptions in just 12 games and the Jags have plenty of big receiving targets to torment the Packers defense and possibly steal a victory.

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sheppercheeser's picture

Pretty lame article. Couldn't come up with better reasons than than?

Nick Perry's picture

Actually it's a pretty Awesome article for a few reasons....

1) Because ALL the reasons are valid and true.
2) Because Adam is back writing the article!

Welcome back Adam!

NashvilleCheesehead's picture

Welcome back!! So glad to see your article on game day!!

NashvilleCheesehead's picture

Benefit of the may come from new or infrequent reader??

Nick Perry's picture

Absolutely NashvilleCheesehead, I was just pointing it out. Hopefully I didn't come across as being rude, but I'm definitely happy to see these words at the top of the article...

By Adam Czech

Jersey Al's picture

Pretty lame comment. Please go back to "Ask Vic."

adamczech's picture

I'm hoping to have a similarly lame article every Sunday and Tuesday. Stay tuned!

NashvilleCheesehead's picture

For many, many, many years to come!!

GVPacker's picture

Keep those Lame Articles coming Adam, my Lame Ass Loves Em!

The TKstinator's picture

Welcome back, AC!!

The TKstinator's picture

And oh yeah, football.
Go Pack!!

GVPacker's picture

Great to see you're back Adam! Oh good article TOO!

packsmack's picture

The heat is really the biggest reason the Packers might lose. I know it's been a hotter than usual summer in Wisconsin and whatnot, but there's just no way to prepare for Florida heat.

EdsLaces's picture

Their defense is gonna be stout.Run like the wind not so fat Eddie run like the wind....And welcome back Adam!

Bedrock's picture

Take the laces along for the ride. ;)

Turophile's picture

I predicted a 15-1 season for the Packers this year.

Their one loss, week one, in the heat, while the team is still firming up its identity, while Jordy is knocking the rust off, with Bakhtiari likely to not play at LT and Lane Taylor at LG.

Just because I predicted that, it doesn't mean I don't WANT the Packers to win............Go Pack and prove me wrong.

MarkinMadison's picture

Down and distance. The Jags have a respectable running tandem. The Jags' poor OL matches up well against the Packers' thin and inexperienced DL and ILBs. Control down and distance, and the Jags can win.

Welcome back Adam!

MarkinMadison's picture

Down and distance. The Jags have a respectable running tandem. The Jags' poor OL matches up well against the Packers' thin and inexperienced DL and ILBs. Control down and distance, and the Jags can win.

Welcome back Adam!

marpag1's picture

"C’mon. It’s the Jaguars. The Packers aren’t going to lose to the freaking Jaguars."

I agree. I think the Jags are being overrated... especially their defense. There's no other way to say it: their defense was horrible last year. I don't know why people would think otherwise. They were 31st in points allowed at 28 pts per game, which would have been a bottom five number in each of the past 15 years at least. They were 24th in total yards allowed per game, 29th in passing yards, 21st in passing yards per attempt. They were better against the run, 15th in rushing yards allowed and 5th in yards per rush. Only three defenses forced fewer INTs than Jax, and they were bottom half in fumbles forced and recovered. They tied for 20th in sacks and allowed opponents to convert 3rd downs 46% of the time, the second worst percentage in the league.

Malik Jackson is a nice addition, even if they woefully overpaid and will regret it. Myles Jack was everyone's draft day dreamboat, but he hasn't shown much in camp and might not even see the field. Jalen Ramsey should help.

One of the main reasons that the Jax passing yardage looked OK last year is that they were so often playing from behind. So the yardage looks good, but their completion percentage was awful, and their passer rating and yards per attempt were ordinary. They were 27th in total rushing yards, and average (15th) in yards per attempt.

4thand1's picture

1st game of the year. last year fast start then the wheels came off. You never want to lose any game, especially the ones you're supposed to win. Could be a nail biter, but I prefer a blow out so I can relax. I'll say Packers 35-24. No excuses this year, young receivers with another year experience, really good secondary, ILBer should be improved, running game, overall team is healthy. Great to see you back Adam.

stockholder's picture

#1. Jordys back is great news. Jordy yes. Cobb yes. ADAMS No. You should have mention Cook instead of Adams. 1 demerit. # 2. Lacy's, weight and asthma will still slow him down. I believe that Lacy will not be a Packer next year. Still feel Starks is the better player. 1 demerit # 3. Best part of the Article. 1 Merit #4. MM is a very good coach. He's won just as many super-bowls as TT has as GM. The 2010 talented football team shows, that TT has not come up with the talent needed. 1 demerit. #5. No respect 1 merit #1. reason why not = 2 guys No. If the packers lose it will be because of the holder for crosby. Those 2 guys are going against the most talented secondary in the NFL now. 1 demerit. The key to this game is how many catches the packers can make. The more Nelson, and Cobb make, the more they won't give the game away.

Spock's picture

I didn't care how good or bad this article would be; I just got excited to see you were writing it, Adam. Hopefully, this means you are on the mend? So VERY happy to be reading an article from you again on a Packers game day!

Tundraboy's picture

Welcome back Adam. Now I'll go back to finish reading this.

John Galt III's picture

We will know a lot more after the game. There will be surprises no one anticipates.

If Pack loses: You would want a loss early in the season to see what is NOT working and fix it, than to get a loss late in the season or playoff's.

There will be adjustments after this game.

Since '61's picture

Adam - Welcome back! It's good to see you contributing again. This is one of those games the Packers will only lose if beat themselves. The only question mark for this game is the left side of our OL. If they hold up we'll be fine. On defense I think that our young legs will get through this game and get off the field on 3rd downs. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

adamczech's picture

Thank you all for reading and the welcome back notes. Much appreciated!

mrtundra's picture

Another reason the Pack will win today is because I want them to be 1-0 when we play the vikings in The Terrarium. Welcome back, Adam!

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Welcome back Adam! I hope you're feeling better and got a handle on this. Excellent article. Go Pack! Aloha.

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