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5 reasons the Packers will beat the Cowboys (and 1 reason why they might not)

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5 reasons the Packers will beat the Cowboys (and 1 reason why they might not)

It wasn’t a catch, Dez.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s examine five reasons why the Packers will once again beat the Cowboys this afternoon.

Plenty of time
The Cowboys can’t rush the passer. The Packers have done a great job protecting Aaron Rodgers in recent weeks. Green Bay’s offense may not be what it once was, but if you keep Rodgers upright most of the game, he’ll score points.

Goliath vs. Goliath
Will the Cowboys top-ranked rushing offense overcome the Packers top-ranked rushing defense? I think it’ll be a draw, but here’s the thing: Without a huge game on the ground, I don’t think the Cowboys are good enough to win. A draw won’t be good enough.

Third downs
Cowboys rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott might be an elite runner, but his pass-blocking skills need some work. If Elliott is back there on third-down passing situations against this Packers pass rush, Dak Prescott could get walloped.

Dak’s luck runs out
Prescott, a rookie, has yet to throw an interception. It’s about time the rabbit’s foot is removed from Prescott’s you-know-where. Sure, the Packers may be without their top two cornerbacks, but Prescott is long overdue to throw his first NFL pick.

Fan in the stands
I’ll be in the stands at Lambeau this afternoon. That means the Packers can’t lose, right?

Somehow, some way, the Cowboys have beaten the Packers in the past. If they are to do it again today, this is how it might happen:

Slopping it up
The Packers offense hasn’t put together a full game in a calendar year. If they bumble their way through this one – dropping passes, wasting timeouts, ignoring open receivers – things could get ugly.



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Nick Perry's picture

Hopefully the Packers use much more Montgomery and Abby in this game. Even if Lacy is able to play, I'd highly doubt he'll be used THAT much. This Sunday should be the Sunday McCarthy breaks out the 5 receiver sets. Put Cobb and Montgomery in the backfield together and watch the Cowboys try to cover those two from there.

DaTomkat's picture

Nick I love how you think !! Also lots of quick timing passes.Screens-Slants-Quick outs. Some short 5-6-7 yard passes to the RB'S and break some tackles. Get the timing down. Then go over the top for the Kill. Let the pass set up the run this game. The cowboys won"t be able to tell which way the train is going by just looking at the rail.

stockholder's picture

Nick I think you have a great Idea. But I just don't see Montgomery and Cobb in the backfield together. I would blitz big time if I was Dallas. ( if they were. ) A-Rod is still having trouble with pressure this year. You have to keep Rip in to pick it up. Kuhn was so good at blocking. And thats why I mentioned that this game is going to show us what Rip is made of. What may help, is putting both Te s in at once. Then I could see it. You still have to rotate the Wr s.

dobber's picture

"Nick I think you have a great Idea. But I just don't see Montgomery and Cobb in the backfield together. I would blitz big time if I was Dallas."

Then I'd audible to a flat pass or screen. Doing the Packers a favor by letting them get the ball to those guys in space...

Amanofthenorth's picture

packers are not the giants, skins, 49ers and Bears

Tarynfor12's picture

A loss certainly makes it hard to keep them from that group though.

Curry Rambeau's picture

Similar to the Giants.

carusotrap's picture

Unfortunately, I have to restrain myself from providing the 5 reasons they lose, but...

The reason they win is that the Packer coaches finally, finally, finally understand what they have and go to the short to moderate slashing attack that seems to work so well at the beginning of games.

The reason they lose is that their personnel management is so completely and utterly bumfuzzled that they honestly believe running Randall Cobb out of the backfield is some sort of perfectly acceptable alternative to real running backs.

(OTOH, Starks is not available, so the yards per carry HAS to go up, right? RIGHT?!)

cpabandit's picture

Her's the problem I see with the reasons for winning. Last week Rodgers was upright all game, had more time to find a receiver against a weak Giants' secondary than I have ever seen a QB have, yet the passing stats were sad and the receivers can't separate from the secondary. Even considering a called back TD, a dropped TD and Starks drop that would have been a TD. Daks "due" for a pick? That's what Cincy may have said last week, and the niners the week before. Now, the fact that you're in the stands may mean something. That one I'll give you. Enjoy the game Adam. Go Pack Go!

Norm's picture

I was going to make the exact same comment on how much time Rodgers had last week but still couldn't find anyone open for the most part. I'd like to see 5 receiver sets with Abby playing a role for once this season, with the ball coming out quickly. If Lacy isn't 100% I don't see any other way for their offense to move the ball.

Glad to hear you're going to be at the game Adam, Go Pack Go!

Savage57's picture

My only reservation for this game stems from the fact that when the Packers find themselves in one of these 'something's gotta give game', they're typically generous to a fault.

Look for Dallas juggernaut OLine to blow holes in front along with the idea the Packers have a legitimate run defense. This is after all, still a Dom Capers coached defense with their history of coming up small when the challenges are largest. See, Wilson, Russell and Kaepernick, Colin.

Go Cowboys's picture

If it had been Jordy Nelson on the receiving end of that pass you would be screaming that it was a catch. True the Packers are not the Giants, Bears, Skins and 49er's, but then the Cowboys are not Detroit, Jacksonville and the Giants. You all premise a win on containing the Cowboys running attack with your "top-rated" run defense. Lets break down those numbers. Against Jacksonville (avg 3.5 yards a carry) and Minn (2.5 yds) your defense held both those anemic running attacks to 1.8 and 1.4 yards a carry. Against Detroit (3.9 yds) and NY (3.8 yds) they ran for 5.1 and 4.6 yards a carry or better against GB than against their league average. That's not what "top-rated" run defenses should allow. Given that the Cowboys average 4.6 yards a carry their ground attack should run all over GB's defense minimizing the time your offense has on the field. If GB's run defense mimics the last two games it will be a long day for the GB defense and the Cowboy's should win. If the defense is not the "smoke and mirrors" it appears to be then it will be a long day for Dallas.

Nick Perry's picture

If it had been Jordy Nelson on the receiving end of that pass i'd been screaming for the Defense to make a stop. Instead the Cowboys gave up 3 1st downs and that was the game. Had the Packers needed to score they would have simply because they had moved to the Dallas 29 yard line with 2 minutes to go. Instead your Defense gave it up, gave it up, and gave it up some more.

Catch, no catch, it wouldn't have mattered! The defense was leaking all over the place when you needed it most. This was also done with Rodgers playing on ONE leg.

Lastly Karma's a bitch isn't it? If it wasn't for the ref's picking up the OBVIOUS PI Call in the Detroit game the week before, the better team, the rightful team, the Detroit Lions would have been playing the Packers. Now quit your crying and go ride your pony.

Go Cowboys's picture

No one is crying here, if the roles had been reversed and it was a GB receiver I still would have thought it was a catch. My problem with it is that the NFL rules committee still has not really addressed as what actually constitutes a "football move" in circumstances similar to that one.

Point Packer's picture

Agreed, just look at the polling to see how many of them are voting for Trump.

Go Cowboys's picture

Point Packer; thank you for your contribution, that added so much to the conversation.

dobber's picture

Thus is the story of our blog...

Since '61's picture

DPF - excellent point about the Lions game. Also, the Cowpie fans conveniently forget that after that play the Packers went right down the field after that play as they had been doing all day against the Cowpuff defense. Thanks, Since '61

Since '61's picture

Sorry double post. Thanks, Since '61

Go Cowboys's picture

Unbelievable, one has to wonder about the collective IQ on this blog being equivalent to that of an eggplant. I did not complain about the call, did not call it correct or incorrect, just responded to the Packer blogger that posted it wasn't a catch with if it had been a GB receiver he would probably be singing a different tune. Under the rules at the time the player had to demonstrate a "football move"? "Football move" has now been taken out in the new rule. The question was does 3 steps after the catch with the final step a push off to the goal line and a stretch for it constitute a "football move"? I just maintained that had it been Jordy in that play Packer fans would be screaming about being robbed. Never said it was the right or wrong call. Still think Dallas' O-line will dominate your D-line for a Cowboy's win.

Since '61's picture

I think that the Packers OL will dominate the Cowboy's D-line for a Packers win, but that is why they play the games. Thanks, Since '61

Since '61's picture

This is a game where the Packers offense needs to be their best defense. They need to score early and often against the Cowgirls defense. That will take Eliot out of the game and force Dak to pass. So far, Dak has not been asked to do what most QBs do. He is put in positions where he only reads half of the field and he has limited progressions to go through. He can buy time with his mobility but he can be exposed into mistakes. Dallas is one dimensional and that dimension is Elliot. The problem is that Eliot has the speed to score from anywhere on the field. Therefore, the Packers must be sure tacklers an rally to the ball. If Eliot gets away its a long day for the Packers. The flip side is that the Packers offense can score almost at will against any defense as long as they don't beat themselves. The story of this game will be the dominance of the Packers OL versus the Dallas D not the story of the Dallas OL. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

EdsLaces's picture

With their offensive line being so good ito gonna be hard for Dak to make a mistake. I don't see him getting pressured very much today.

zerotolerance's picture

Packers front D needs to set a hard edge and contain.

ray nichkee's picture

That rabbits foot has to be good and brown by now. It's time for a two interception game. Capers is good at making rookies look like rookies...except for Cam Newton but they let him play ball in that game. This will be different. Stop Zeke and all will be good for the green and gold.

Lphill's picture

There is no good reason the Packers should lose to the Cowboys , only good reasons why they win , I think Rodgers has a good to great game and puts the critics to rest . The Giants have a much better defensive front than the Cowboys so let's go Pack !

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