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49ers: 23 Packers: 20

By Category

49ers: 23 Packers: 20

Tramon Williams, John Kuhn, Jordy Nelson

The Bad

The Bad

Aaron Rodgers, B.J. Raji, Mike McCarthy

The Bad

The Bad

Morgan Burnett



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D B H's picture

Honestly, I though Burnett played his best game in a while...that's how bad he's been this year. He made a couple plays, came close to making a play on the TD to Davis, and only missed a handful of tackles. Glad we locked this guy up on the cheap.

Point Packer's picture

You're on drugs.

Morgan Burnet's cap hit is almost 5 million in 2014. Making him the 15th highest paid safety in the NFL. I don't think his contract and "on the cheap" mesh.

Phatgzus's picture

Pretty sure that was sarcasm right there.

Point Packer's picture

Oops, missed that.

Al Fresco's picture

Does that mean we can't can this guy?

Bwilly's picture

Ugly, 49rs cut blocks taking out two linebackers.

Bad. Offensive game plan.. Needed quick passes. This was obvious 5 minutes into the game yet we kept going for the deep ball. I sure miss jermichael.

Good. Defense played solid. They just couldn't come up with that lat stop.

Phatgzus's picture

The first 3 "drives" were essentially nothing but runs and short passes...

Bibbon Hazel's picture

They were not. They were runs and 5 step drops.Nothing "quick" about it.

Stroh's picture

Except for how quick they got off the field. Allowing SF to take complete control of the game early.

Nerd's picture

"Polish Football."

They went into the lull early this week.

TommyG's picture

The ugly: 7 three and out drives.

jack in jersey city's picture

wow! i didn't realize there were SEVEN 3 and out drives in this game. jesus!

TommyG's picture

The copious amounts of beer must've had me seeing double. We had FOUR 3 and out drives, ONE 5 play -2 yard drive. So that's 5 drives that ended in a punt. NINE total possesions; so that's more than half of our possesesions were essentially 3 and out.

Mojo's picture

7 three and outs? If that's the case, then, definitely the offense(and the play callers) were the most responsible for the loss.

I wonder how many total drives the Packers had in this game. Unless it was a significant number, seven three-and-outs is horrendous.

Mojo's picture

I was able to find the drive chart at ESPN:

Seems there was "only" four Packer three and outs(I wouldn't count the one play drive before the half). Were you just joshing us Tommy or did you mean both teams combined?

madmanJack's picture

aaron rodgers in the bad must be joking. how bout james jones in the bad for letting that pass bounce off his face mask at the one yard line. if he would have caught that, we would be talking about Carolina.

THEMichaelRose's picture

While I agree James Jones wasn't good and may have been bad, I'm definitely okay with Aaron in the bad.

Aaron wasn't one of the 3 worst guys to suit up. But he's under more scrutiny given the impact his contributions have on winning and losing. He didn't do even close to enough. The offense was poor all around, with exceptions for Jordy and the running game at times.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Good - Nelson, Cobb, Lacy, Starks, Williams, Rodgers (just for the escape he made and hit Cobb for a first down). I will add Kuhn as well.

Bad - McCarthy's play calling early on. Especially the first possession. 3rd down they take out Eddie Lacy and put Kuhn in. Then they do a running play with Kuhn. Seriously??? Take out Lacy and put in Kuhn to run the ball??? WTF?

Ugly - Injuries... I really think that this game would have been different if Neal and Shields stay healthy. Especially Shields. Losing him forced Capers to have to use House (who played decent overall) and Bush (who was ok).
So in yesterdays game they had to play without their top defensive player (Mathews) and then lost their 2nd best OLB, and then lost probably their 2nd best playmaker on defense.

I guess the injuries are fitting for the season.

denniseckersley's picture

For some reason I didn't hate that first 3rd down call... probably because of the opponent. They were going for the element of surprise on that one, and honestly I think their chances of success were as likely with that as anything else they were doing to start the game off. I think if they had put Lacy in there instead of Kuhn, then the niners would have been more suspicious.

Bert's picture

I know Arod didn't have nearly his best game but given that he has to always play his "A" game to make for the defense it's tough to place the blame on him. Kinda like when Favre was trying to carry the team. If we don't get Rodgers some help on defense very quickly he'll waste his prime years just like Favre did. Always good enough to carry the team to the playoffs but not good enough to win in the post season without some help. This defense needs some serious upgrades or we'll be revisiting the same post next year and the year after that.....

C's picture

You watch coach's like Trestmen and Kelly find creative ways to leak the TE/RB out of unconventional sets (often using motion) to counter cover-2 against good defensive units capable of pressuring without blitzing and then you watch McCarthy and/or Rodgers continue to dissect 6-7 man coverage by insisting on throwing directly into it where your windows to throw a receiver open are very, very small, if non-existant, and it's just painful.

They stress that offensive line way too much, for what reason I have no idea? So, who really needs to do the soul-searching this season? Feels like it's the tandom of MM and Rodgers more than anything. I would like to see Rodgers play 5-8 more years at a high level, not 3-5. They're on course for 3-5 if they insist on playing a high-risk game of stressing your protection, extending plays and hoping a receiver breaks free.

Phatgzus's picture

It's a process, MM and A-Rodg have been dissecting teams for so long they still haven't fully adjusted, I think as the running game continues to improve that they'll have more faith in it, particularly in crucial situations. Right now it seems as though they have one foot in the water.

Mojo's picture

Agree with everything "C" said. I can't figure out either why they don't take advantage more of the underneath stuff.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Excellent analysis C. It has been 2 full seasons and McCarthy does not effectively attack Cover 2 and its variants via the dropback passing game.

Bob Tundra's picture

I'd have to add Jarrett Bush to the ugly. He overcommitted on SF's last drive which allowed Kaepernick to run for a first down and seal the game against us. If Bush just contains Kaepernick, instead of trying to sack him, we make it a lot more difficult for their kicker to make the winning field goal or maybe force Kaepernick into making a mistake.

murphy's picture

He messed up there, but I don't feel that he was exploited as a weakness in coverage when he was pressed into duty. Hyde, on the other hand...

Brando's picture

Yes, but at the same time, it looked like him jumping and putting his hands up was the only thing stopping a big completion up the middle to (I think) Boldin. Seemed like him coming off his feet to block the passing lane allowed the blocker to push/carry him inwards which freed up Kap. Just going off memory from the replays though...

L's picture

Agreed, I think J.Bush prevented Kaepernick from making a throw there and I didn't think J.Bush was the main culprit for the big play on foot either; the pursuit by OLB Mulumba was. Mulumba's bad leg (that occurred earlier in the game from a nasty chop block) prevented him from reaching Kaepernick before Kaepernick reached the 1st down marker. Had there of been a healthier OLB trying to make that play I don't think Kaepernick gets the first down.

C's picture

Matt Bowen (former NFL DB) details it here:

It's on Bush, he can't leave his feet regardless because DB's are in cover '0' with no eyes on the QB.

TommyG's picture

In the replays I saw a no-win situation for Bush. If he jumps (which he did) he stops the pass but Kap gets to run. If he stays on his feet to stop the run, Kap throws for a big pass right down the middle. Kap made that play happen. A true pocket passer might have hung out for a little longer and allowed for a sack.

Patrick's picture

BJ Raji should have been benched for his half hearted effort all year..I'd like to see them switch to a hybrid 4-3 with Jones and Perry/Neal at DE and Jolly/Pickett or Daniels/Boyd on the inside

Bert's picture

Yes!! Same here. We've been beating our heads against the 3-4 wall for 6 years and still don't have the talent to play the 3-4. The LBs have not developed or are hurt much of the time and unless we pick up a FA or two next year will be a replay of the last 6 years.

PackFanInChiTown's picture

Do we have the talent to switch to the 4-3? I thought we'd been gearing for 3-4 all this time. Can't really see Clay and company starting in the 3 point stance.

Sir Cheese's picture

If they Packers switched to a 4-3, Matthews would still play LB not DE. He has the skill set to play any LB position in any scheme.

Morgan Mundane's picture

and replace him with who? I think Ted drafted Worthy with the sole purpose of letting Raji go.
Worthy sucked so they let Jolly come in and now he is probably done for life, we have two guys that suck and were paying both of them. Ya another fiasco for Ted.
Just like he bet on both Bulaga and Sherrod being ready for the start of the season so no need to draft a top O linemen to protect your 21 million dollar guy, lets save a buck and wait till the fourth round for that.
This whole mess the team is in should fall squarely on Ted T's fuck ups.

Barty Smith Jr.'s picture

Amen brother.....Thompson really disappoints me. Is he going to nickel and dime for Rodgers whole career? Go get a lanky DB, someone who can protect Rodgers, and a lineman who can rush the passer

Bearmeat's picture

Aaron Rodgers was NOT in the bad. If you are expecting 300 yards passing against that defense in that weather you are on crack.

I'd put Capers in the good. He gets a lot of crap from fans, and when he does well it needs to be acknowledged. What he did with the pieces he had yesterday was impressive.

G: Tramon, Capers, Eddie
B: Burnett, OL repeatedly collapsing against 4 man pressure
U: Injuries

Withtout even ONE of the injuries we had yesterday we win that game. It was that close. Their days of dominance over us are through. Get a safety in the draft or FA. Ditto ILB.

Start renegotiating B Jones and Burnett's contracts. Cut them if they're not amenable.

packeraaron's picture

I'm not expecting 300 yards. I am expecting a former Super Bowl and league MVP not to piss down his leg in the 1st quarter of a playoff game against the 49ers for the second year in a row. Rodgers wasn't terrible, but he was far from "good"

Jameson's picture

I love Rodgers. I'm glad he's our QB. I think he's a great QB. But he seems to lay an egg playing good defenses way too often. Sketchy defenses he rips apart. Great defenses he seems to fall apart. Maybe it's just the sting of yesterday and my over reaction, but it's starting to give me pause.

Phatgzus's picture

It is, usually plays well bs. good Ds, this year (Cincy, Balty, Chitown) he did not. For whatever reason he always seems to miss the deep throws vs. San Fran (JJ, Jordy in tge first game and last year's regular season) not sure what the deal is.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I suppose it can be a fine line between "pissing down your leg" and adjusting to subzero windchills against a terrific defense.

Three runs on the first series = no fault for Rodgers. A sack on each of the next two might be somewhat on Rodgers, who definitely needs to pay more attention the mental clock to get rid of the ball. But I sure don't think that rises to the level of "pissing down his leg".

The 49ers get paid to play ball too. And they do it pretty good on the defensive side.

jeremy's picture

"not to piss down his leg"

I'm relieve you said it, because that's what it looked like to me. He was playing scared, afraid to throw to players underneath. I know the time off hurts him, but you have to try.

Jameson's picture

He's scared of throwing interceptions and at times it shows.

He'd rather take a sack than take a chance and after throwing 2 picks last week he seemed even more reserved this week. I don't know who was calling more plays but at times it was truly mind boggling.

I appreciate his conservative approach most of the time, but if he's going to go with that I wish he'd throw it away more. Going 2nd and 18 against a good defense is pretty much setting up for a punt especially when you hand it off twice against the number 1 rush defense.

Hank Scorpio's picture

Being scared of throwing interceptions is the best quality any QB can have, especially in the playoffs.

I'll take a few more sacks than might otherwise happen with a more cavalier approach to ball security. Sacks are drive killers. Turnovers are game killers.

Evan's picture

"Scared" isn't the right word.

He just understands that turnovers are killers. He'd rather eat the sack and live to fight on the next play than turn the ball over.

And while I scream at the TV for him to throw it away as well, there are the times like yesterday's 4th down play where he holds onto it and makes an amazing play. So, it's not so cut and dry.

jeremy's picture

Except that guys open on a good portion of those plays. I saw them myself as did many others within earshot from row 54. We all didn't scream "Quarless is Open!" because of our collective imagination.

Free's picture

I don't think Rodgers is afraid to throw undeneath, I thinknhe is loathe to do it when there something else happening downfield. He hardly ever goes for the checkdown early. Or at least that's the way it seams to me.

Bearmeat's picture

I didn't say he was in the "good". He didn't win the game for GB. But he didn't lose it either.

Here's the thing Aaron: (I can't believe I'm saying this to you, because I know that you know it - but I'm going to anyway)

Teams gameplan to stop ARod. Almost exclusively. It's the job of the all world guys to perform in spite of that kind of coverage. To win it all in spite of that kind of attention. And guess what: 9 times out of 10, they don't. None of them: Joe Montana lost a LOT of playoff games. So has Tom Brady. So has Peyton Manning. So has John Elway.

The ones where they win it? They are awesome. But you can't sit there and demand it every time. These guys are.. guys.. not robots. And the other guys are pretty good too.

ARod was good. Not great. He didn't belong in the key performers of the game conversation. But the reason GB lost is (I know this sounds like a cop out) injuries.

If even ONE of the guys who went down are available for this game, we win. And since that can't be controlled, I'm ok it.

Go Panthers.

Idiot Fan's picture

Wow, Aaron, normally I agree with your picks, but I could not disagree more with Rodgers being in the bad. I thought he was incredible. The 49ers played 6 men in the box almost all game, which means that there were a lot of guys out there covering the receivers. Yet, the 49ers were still able to get pressure just with their front four. Rodgers navigating that was pretty impressive.

Also, on the early drives, there were a lot of rushes trying to get them out of the 6-man fronts (to little success). One three-and-out, I think, was just three straight rushes. That's not Rodgers pissing his leg.

IMO, the O-line deserves a bad for this game (along with James Jones). Their inability to run block against six for much of the game, or pass block against four was the biggest issue.

4thand1's picture

Agreed, Aaron must be drinking the cow juice. The o-line pretty much got owned. Lacy had to pound out yards on his own and Rodgers got pressured with 4. SF has the best front 7 in football.

C's picture

It was a mixed bag, but disagree in general. That front four will get to you in time. Ball needs to consistantly be out in 2.5 - 4 seconds. Rodgers was meeting or exceeding that 4 seconds frequently. Looking forward to McGinn's 'rating' tomorrow, where I think he's going to give at least half of the sacks/pressures to Rodgers. Give just as much of the pressure to the route concepts that don't favor a quick release where the entire back-7 is playing coverage. I don't get the 'blame the offensive line' narrative today.

Idiot Fan's picture

I blame the offensive line mostly because they couldn't run against a defense that was completely designed to take away the pass, which is another reason why Rodgers had trouble getting the ball out quickly. But the amount of pressure that they allowed from a non-blitzing front six was also troublesome. I don't get how you can not give the oline a decent amount of blame. People want to blame MM for his playcalling, but if the oline can't runblock against six men, his options are very limited.

C's picture

I said 'mixed bag' for a reason, they deserve some blame. But route concepts and extending plays because said concepts can't attack the defense and your coach and QB are stressing the blocking schemes where there's no need to.

bkshimada's picture

I thought Bob McGinn's grade was fair in the MJS. He gave Rodgers a 3. Which is basically average. And unfortunately, with the defense we have, average might as well be bad. And since we're grading on a curve, I agree with Nagler's decision to put him in the bad category. Needs to be better for us to win another SB. And I fully expect him to come back with a vengeance next year. The critics are back (cough Cowturd cough) and Rodgers seems to play better with a chip on his shoulder.

Also, Rodgers does fine against good defenses. The Steelers were supposedly the number one defense the year in terms of yardage when we won the SB and he torched that D. Let's also not forget that up until this year, his running game was shoddy at best which could help against the better D's to open up more. Also he put up plenty of points against SF in the first game and plenty of points against CIN. I know people don't want to use weather as a factor, but yeah. Take away Kap's runs which I know you can't but if you do, his passing in this game was actually pretty average against our terrible defense.

jay's picture

The offense deserves blame for their train wreck of a first quarter, but it doesn't remove the blame that the defense let the 49ers go all the way down the field on that final drive.

Hank Scorpio's picture

When the 4th quarter rolled around, Rodgers and the offense doubled their point production to first take the lead and then tie it up, once again adding to the total of times Rodgers has tied up the game, or given the Packers the lead in the 4th quarter of an eventual loss. It is amazing how many of these scoring drives he's led.

Unfortunately, every time the Packers scored, the defense allowed the 49ers to answer.

I think the difficult conditions contributed to shaky offensive performance by both sides. Because when crunch time arrived both Packer units performed to expectations. The offense did well and the defense did not.

TommyG's picture

I think I see this situation flipped from your scenario. I saw a defense keeping us in a game and allowing the offense a chance to tie or take the lead. Those first two drives by SanFran could've very easily been TDs and not FGs. If our defense doesn't make a stand we would've been down 14 before grabbing that INT. Instead of a 3 point loss as the clock ran out we might've seen an 8 or 11 point defecit with no time on the clock; an ass-kicking if you will.

MurphDawg's picture

True that the D did prevent them from scoring TD's...BUT they need to get the Niners off the field quicker. I would love to know where we rank as a D on third and long situations. I have ZERO faith in a Dom Capers defense on third down. I have to believe that the rest of League laughs at our ability to stop people on third down. We do not have the personel to run a 3-4. BJ Raji should be taking the first offer he gets. I got to more QB's than he did this season. I know his job is to plug the hole, but once in a while get some pressure on the QB. As long as I am placing blame-are we cursed or do we need to revisit how our training staff is designing workouts and pregame routine for our team. Or are we not tough enough? Like VTL said, "You are either first or you are last." Today I certainly feel like we are last place.

Hank Scorpio's picture

It's true that the Packers deserve some credit for stiffening in the red zone early. But let's not forget SF got into the red zone pretty easily. So that "credit" is tempered, at best.

SF only needed a punter in the 3rd quarter. They did not punt in the 1st half or 4th quarter. They outgained their season average by about 60 yards on a day with wind chills of -10 or more.

Given how bad the Packers defense has played, especially vs Kaepernick and SF, that is some progress. But it is hardly what I'd call a good defensive effort.

C's picture

Going to quibble just a bit here and say the defensive call and initial execution was frequently outstanding on behalf of the Packers. They were exposed AFTER the play had broken down and Kaepernick was forced to improvise. You can easily make the case that the Packers individually didn't have the athletes to contain Kaepernick at that point. However, they executed very well considering their personnel limitations.

They had quite a bit of yardage off broken plays where the Packers were in good position on defense, only to have a single defender lose contain. Tough to place that entirely on Dom or the call.

Jameson's picture

Good-Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Tramon Williams, John Kuhn

Bad-The offense on way too many drives, Devon House, Morgan Burnett

Ugly-This whole injury plagued season that showcased how bad a lot of our "talent" truly is, poor clock management costing us a chance at 4 more points, poor tackling for the 17th week in a row, and more undisciplined play.

jack in jersey city's picture

i'm good with this jameson! i would add eddie lacy to the good too

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

lacy ...just write him down for the good for every week for the next ten years

Derek in CO's picture

It almost seems to me that MM sacrifices the first two series of games to see what the defense is doing. Their opening drives are just terrible, like he's not even trying to move the ball. SF had the ball on our side of the 50 the entire 1st quarter, we had 6 yards. Awful!!!!

jack in jersey city's picture

another thing that was awful all year was our production in the red zone. i can't believe that we struggle that much with all of the weapons we have on the offense. i'd like to hear mccarthy comment on this

Barutan Seijin's picture

That's what happens when your O line is subpar.

TommyG's picture

You are correct. We needed to come out of the gates moving quickly down field. MM did not draw up those plays into his scripted 11, or whatever it is.

MarkinMadison's picture

Good: Guys I thought could be salary-cap casualties (Williams, Kuhn) this off-season.

Bad: Guys who want to get paid (Raji, Jones).

Ugly: Guy who got paid (Burnett).

I'm in the minority on House, apparently. I was not impressed. I think he's lucky the refs were letting them play in the D backfield.

Evan's picture

haha...nicely put.

Phatgzus's picture

House looked pretty awful early, but then again Crabtree had 71 yards on the first DRIVE. Once Davon came in he had about 44 yards the rest of the game. Agreed he got away with a number of grabs, but still, I'll take that-he played a helluva lot better in this game than his past 6 or so.

Evan's picture

Both sides got away with a lot of grabs - it was actually nice to see the refs let them play a bit (aside from the BS hands to the face call on Bahk).

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I'm guessing the refs didn't want to stop play very much, that's why they let them play more.

That Bakhtiari penalty to me was bad. I have seen a lot worse not get called. Also that was a play that came at a bad time. Packers would have had first and goal at the 5? They ended up settling for a FG on that drive.

Evan's picture

"That Bakhtiari penalty to me was bad. I have seen a lot worse not get called."

It's not just that, it's that Justin Smith was just as guilty (probably moreso) of illegal hands to the face.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I agree with you there..

I thought the penalty was a bad call.

On a side note, Is there a more whiny bunch then the 49ers? It seems like every play someone is whining to the refs asking for a penalty.

Uncle Louie's picture

Totally agree Mark, House never turns to look for the ball he grabs, holds, face-guards to the bitter end. Advantage GB with no calling pass interference yesterday. SF DB's know how to cover and play the ball. We have trouble stopping jump balls down the field. Williams really played great the last part of the season, I thought his better days were behind him.

Ran's picture

You're playing one of the best run defenses in the league minus a starting cornerback. You have one of the best passing offenses in the league and a suspect defense. The weather is nasty and the best way to take advantage of nasty weather is to come out fast, hard and productive. You need to put the other team on the heels from the outset, get a lead on them and all of a sudden that cold weather starts to eat at them mentally.

How did McCarthy open the game? 3 straight running plays that went nowhere. 3 possessions that went nowhere. I like McCarthy as a head coach but I really want someone else calling the plays next year.

The defense will be fine minus one or two players that can't think and play at the same time.

Idiot Fan's picture

What was the defense showing on those three plays?

Ran's picture

A good question that I can't answer, but one I'm not sure is relevant. Doesn't McCarthy script his opening plays? I know he used to, and if he doesn't would an opening pass have resulted in a worse outcome? Probably not, AR doesn't throw many interceptions.

Jameson's picture

Can I just say that whatever James Starks did to McCarthy I hope he makes up for in the off season.

Starks seemed to have an advantage over Lacy yesterday and yet still had what seemed like 5 carries to Lacy's 20.

Starks is quicker. Lacy is more powerful. A fabulous 1 2 punch and yet we don't use them that way. It's Lacy Lacy Lacy Lacy Starks Lacy Lacy Lacy Lacy. Starks seems to come in when Lacy has to come out.

I don't get it. Yes Lacy is a great running back and they should use him a lot, but Starks is also great. They are different runners and can be used to keep the defense off balance. And if our game plan was to try and run the ball a lot we should have rotated those backs a lot more than we did especially considering Lacy's ankle and the cold.

Evan's picture

Starks is a free agent. I'd be shocked if he's back next year.

I think a Lacy/Harris 1-2 punch will be equally as effective though.

RC Packer Fan's picture

And mix in Franklin as well...

keith carterke's picture

U have lost your mind. Starks is a good back. I hope we can keep him. But u can forget that. Some team will pay him good and we get left with a hopeful.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

I don't understand why they never seemed to put both backs in at the same time. Seems like it would really open up the ground game. Maybe the opposing D is pretty sure we're going to run then, but who gets it? I dunno, lots I don't understand about our play calling at times.

C's picture

I get the impression McCarthy would rather attempt to get them in nickle/dime by spreading the field with an additional receiver. It gets one of San Francisco's stud linebackers off the field. I would rather contend with the nickle/dime corner than Patrick Willis and go no-huddle when they do draw the matchup to keep him off the field. An extra back and you get San Fran's base defense with all the linebackers.

Stroh's picture

Your right McCarthy wanted to get them in nickel/dime. And once he did he would go no huddle and keep them in it. Usually tho, SF kept all the LB's in the game and took out a DL like the Packers do. Its pretty rare for both Bowman and Willis to not be in the game. Getting, and keeping them in nickel helps the Packers to control the game and be able to run the ball efficiently. For the most part it worked too.

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

until calling a timeout with 5 in the box on first and goal from the eight with a gassed SF D and a full lathered Starks ready to roll. That timeout still stings me...anyone know why they had to use it?

jeremy's picture


Barty Smith Jr.'s picture

Agree...I thought they stuck with Lacy too long against the Bears...give Straks a few more carries!

Bull42's picture

During Flynn's time the receivers often covered for poor throws by making great plays. On TV you can't see how open WRs are, but AR seems to hold the ball WAY too long. Has Boykin totally disappeared or is AR simply not seeing him? AR is great, but holding the ball too long is a MAJOR flaw in his game that kills drives, leads to sacks, and opens him up to injury.

C's picture

I don't want to have it both ways as a fan. In other words, I love it when he extends a play for a big gain, but I hate it when he eats the coverage sack instead of throwing it away.

The bigger question is, why does he so frequently even end up in the position to, 'extend plays?' Receivers don't win one-on-one battles? Great defense? McCarthy and/or Rodgers make a poor call or adjustment?

Personally, I feel as though it's forcing an offense regardless of defensive looks. Feels like McCarthy AND Rodgers are too rigid in how they intend on dissecting the opposition. Sometimes they will their way through it, other times they get killed. I'm a bit irritated by it, personally, though I don't know who to blame?

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

He seems to be looking for the deep kill shot too much and ignoring the shorter, quicker throws. This is not new, but I thought he had improved before his injury. Back to old bad habits maybe?

Barutan Seijin's picture

Maybe. He could be entering the Favre-ish stage of his career where he's going to do what he wants to do.

BartAK's picture

I thought Rodgers holding the ball too long was more about Harbaughs game plan. Once again McCarthy and Rodgers got outfoxed. I don't think that Rodgers reads we're lining up with where defensive players were on the field. There were lots of unscouted looks at the beginning of the game. After they made some adjustments they were ok it it was enough to keep Rodgers unsure and off balance. Harbaugh knows how much Rodgers rely on his preparation and took advantage of it

C's picture

San Francisco's defense wasn't showing any unscouted looks, at all. That was the two-deep shell rushing 4 and blitzing less than 10% of the time. That was the same defense the Packers had seen in each prior matchup. Hell, Smith and Smith didn't even run more than 3 twists all game.

TNT's picture

Good: Fans for braving the cold
Bad: Two dropped interceptions-one in the end zone. The "O" line's pass blocking-or lack of.
Ugly: Unimaginative play calling (for the tenth game in a row). Lacey running on first down 90% of the time doesn't fool anyone, Mike. The 8yr old in the upper deck sticking pins in her Chicago Bears doll knows he's running it on 1st down. Don't remember the last time we ran a quick crossing route with the tight end. Or a wide receiver screen. Hey Mike-Aaron's getting killed out there-what about rolling him out? The play calling makes me think we have Dan Reeves' playbook from the Denver days-Run Left-Run right-Pass for 8 yards-then kick it. Hey Aaron stop holding on to the ball so long-throw it away! And It's OK to spike the ball when you don't have time outs. And receivers- when you run a side line pattern-think about being near the side line so you can step out & the kill the clock.

RunAndHyde's picture

Well...cya around draft time. Reading this shit is just depressing.

RC Packer Fan's picture

there is a reason why I avoided this website yesterday.

I'm sorry, but the trolls ruin it...

After the game, and still today, I am able to hold my head up high, and realize that this team is better after this years playoff loss then last years.

Arlo's picture

Sorry, but, 8-8-1 is not better than 12-6. Your denial of everything real is comical.

Get ready. Unless Thompson has an epiphany & suddenly realizes that one can actually improve a team through free agency, things may actually go south abit more in season 2014.

RC Packer Fan's picture

My favorite Troll... How are you buddy...

Packers would have been 12-6 at worst if Rodgers didn't get hurt. The difference between 8-8-1 and 12-6 is Rodgers got hurt. That cost them 4 games.

The way the Packers lost yesterdays game was a lot better then how they lost last years game. The Packers had chances to win this game. Last year they didn't.
In this game the Packers didn't make about 4-5 plays that would/could have won it for them.

I feel a lot better after yesterday's loss, then the loss to the 49ers last year.

Arlo's picture

You're just a kid who hasn't experienced enough NFL football to know any better.

And I know you agree because you agree with everything.

RC Packer Fan's picture

31 years young... Ok, if I'm still a kid, I'll take that...
Experienced how? I've watched enough football to know what I'm talking about. I played football in high school. No I didn't play in college or the NFL. But I know what I'm talking about.

Also, isn't it pretty much mostly just common sense?

And I don't agree with everything. I usually just comment on the ones that I do agree with. I disagree with others on points, but sometimes its not worth my time to come on here and argue with people.

PackersRS's picture

Actually, the 49ers are worse.

There is not a single statistical cathegory in which the Packers were better this year than last year, except for the run game.

And sacks given. Instead of 51, for the 2nd worst, it's 45, for 9th worst. Which is kind of a progression, though it was really, really hard to do worse than second to last.

Everywhere else, they regressed. Particularly on defense.

25th on opposite qb rating,
24th in sacks,
25th on rushing yards per game,
27th in average rushing yards,
25th in yards per game,
24th in points per game.
22nd in turnovers.

There wasn't a single cathegory where the defense wasn't a bottom 10 defense in the league. There were 3 other teams tied with 22 turnovers, so essentially there were only 9 defenses worse than the Packers' in that regard.

Injuries be damned, this type of results should not be acceptable, especially taking into consideration the recent body of work.

And even though they held the 49ers to 23 points, generated a turnover, and I overall couldn't find a play to blame Capers for, as IMO he called a good game, and the defense played fairly well, it was still up to them, with very good field position, to win the game. Yet they let the 49ers bleed more than 5 minutes and kick a 33 yard field goal to win the match.

So, no, it's not a better team. If Bob Sanders wasn't given any mercy after a terrible season, even though his previous one was an 11th ranked defense in yards and 6th in points, and they were riddled with injury in that awful year, keeping Capers would be an act of hypocrisy.

Yes, I understand they won a Super Bowl with an elite defense under Capers, but truth is they have regressed severely since then, and in his 5 years coaching the Packers, they've been a bottom 10 defense twice, including being the third worst defense in the history of the NFL in 2011 in yards given, only surpassed by the 2012 New Orlean Saints and 2013 Dallas Cowboys.

PackersRS's picture

Also, they've been badly outcoached in every phase of the game in the last 3 playoff losses.

PackersRS's picture

Though, to add, it won't matter the DC if the safeties next year are Burnett and M.D. Jennings...

Idiot Fan's picture

I'll give that to you for last year, but I totally disagree for this year. What did Harbaugh do that was so special, besides cleverly blowing his timeouts?

IMO, this game came down to execution of the players, and our players didn't execute. The oline didn't run block or pass block very well. James Jones dropped catchable passes that would have been big gains. DBs dropped INTs that would have changed the game. Burnett didn't defend a defendable pass into the endzone. That has nothing to do with Harbaugh's supposed genius.

RC Packer Fan's picture

The way I'm looking at it. If our players made the plays we would have won.

At the end of the day we lost by 3 points. And that is without our best defensive player, we lost our best cover corner, and we were down to 1 somewhat healthy OLB.
We had our chances to win, and didn't. Last years game we had no chance of winning that game. We were just blown out...

PackersRS's picture

As I said before, Capers in this particular instance didn't do any glaring mistake, but the first half by Mike McCarthy was god-awful, and the rest of the game wasn't much better either. If not for broken plays, I doubt the Packers get a single touchdown.

Can't fault Slocum that much, because his unit was hit the worst by the injuries. But it's been terrible the whole year (except for the free kicking), losing the field position battle every game.

Joe's picture

Now Ted Thompson can start drafting offensive lineman to keep the 49er defensive line at bay. No pun intended

egbert souse's picture

Aaron Rodgers bad? Are you nuts? Did you see the way he played against the No.1 or 2 D. in the NFL with no protection, receivers barely open and letting the ball hit them in the face when it got there? As opposed to Kapernich, who had all day and a 10 yd. gap to run through when no one was open and still threw a few up for grabs.

That last 1st down by Kap was on Bush, who jumped and let him break contain. I hope we've seen the last of that bum, although TT seems to have a man-crush on him.

MVP was Jordy or Eddie Lacy, who got 81 yds with no blocking, probably 75 after 1st contact.

Hyde has to make that last pick, it's the playoffs, you have to take it up a notch.

4thand1's picture

All I can say is FUCK, I'm out.

Don c's picture

Big mistake If the pack gets rid of Kuhn. Every team in every sport needs player who do the dirty work which doesn't get noticed. Pack needs a safety and solid d lineman

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

Ted T is a cluster F living off a superbowl win three years ago. Since then he has brought in no free agents to help on D, no quality linemen, no defensive backs who are worth a shit.
Did you know that our O line are almost all 6'4. Our dbacks are all 5'10 or 5'11, same size, same build, same speed.
Apparently he has a formula and drafts guys that fit exactly what he is looking for. Thats why he has passed on some real talent, they didn't fit his mold. The guy is nuts.

Morgan Mundane's picture

I agree Al, Ted is the worst evaluator in football but keep in mind, it costs a hell of a lot less to pay a 5th rounder than a second rounder. Give the second up for two 6's and you get two players for the price of one.
Ted does not evaluate injury proness and he is drafting smallish guys from Div II or his Div I guys were third stringers. Thus, all the injuries are drafting guys who are used to having injuries all the time.

Al Fresco's picture

I hope Ted figures it out before next season. The Vikes are deep, young and talented and one QB from being a dominant team with great defense.
Lions who knows? They have talent and defense.
Bears need defense too and could improve greatly with a couple of picks.
May not be playoffs next year? Lets hope not but something has to improve on this team.

PackersRS's picture

No. The NFCN is a joke. Let's get real. This team was devastated by injuries, and even without them, was only a contender because of one single player, who was lost for 8 games.

Yet they still won the division with 8 wins.

The Bears have a terrible, terrible defense and a choker of a QB. The Lions have physical talent but are mentally immature, and the Vikings don't have nearly enough talent outside Adrian Peterson to even be in the discussion.

The problem is that division championships are not good enough.

And this team hasn't made past the divisional round since 2010.

Getting beat by a small margin in the wildcard round at home might be good for some, but I expect more.

Barutan Seijin's picture

There is a lot of talent on the Lions. Schwartz was a godsend to the rest of the division. A competent coach could put them over the hump.

4thand1's picture

Bravo, 3 dumbass trolls posts in a row!

firemike's picture

My opinion, McCarthy blew this one with terrible playcalling at critical times. Our last drive we were rolling down the field and lacy and starks were hot all game. then we get a 1st and goal from the 9 yard line and we dont even have either of them on the field, instead he pitches the ball to Randall Cobb as a goal line play? Just plain stupid to not give it to lacy there, that is where Lacy is at his best. Bad playcalling cost us that one.

Barty Smith Jr.'s picture

Overall I have to give the defense a "weak good". Still frustrating when the opposing QB has no one open and can easily run for 15 or 20 yards. Might as well rush 3 and put a linebacker in contain on the QB......and Hyde had a decent rookie year but for god sake....catch that ball on the route you jumped and we are headed to Carolina!! A couple DB's over 5'10" would be nice too.

Charlie M's picture

Does it still count as 3 if they're written by 1 person?

Packerwest's picture

McCarthy is the worst clock manager in football. How do you not take that last timeout with 20 seconds left in first half and get 2 plays into endzone? His redzone playcalling is an embarrassment. How many of you just knew that we would settle for a field goal on that last drive and then lose the game? McCarthy needs to concentrate on being head coach and let Rogers and an offensive coordinator make the play calls.Tired of us getting outcoached every game. Defense steps up despite all the injuries and McCarthy playcalling and clock mismanagement lose the game. Seriously no throws to tight end with them loading the box?? No screen passes?Only 3-4 playaction passes? How about Rogers on a bootleg on the 4 or 5 yard line?(Worked for Luck and Alex Smith all day!)Oh well just venting!!

Evan's picture

They did run one screen pass. It got blown up immediately.

Idiot Fan's picture

Loading the box? What in the world game were you watching? Sadly, that run defense and pass rush came from a very small number of guys.

billy f's picture

McCarthy is 3-7-1 without HoF Rodgers/Favre at QB.... and 1 of those wins came in a meaningless final game against the lions.

This year McCarthy went 2-5-1 without Rodgers. The Packers competed and had chances to win every game they played (except the Thanksgving day Lions game) bu lost because of McCarthy's Run, Run, pass, punt play calling strategy. The RedZone play calling by McCarthy even with Rodgers is horrid. People want to give McCarthy a pass for this year because of the injuries but even if the Packers are not injured and have a full strength team it would not change McCarthy's idiotic approach to his play calling and constant clock mismanagement game after game. The Pittsburgh game was all on McCarthy in the final minute... What coach attempts to run twice inside the 15 with less than 40 seconds and no timeouts when needing a TD and then not being aware of the situation and not telling your back up QB to spike the ball to stop the clock for 2 attempts at the endzone... McCarthy is a clueless idiot and is living off the coat tails of HOF QB's.. the end of the first half against the niners wasting 20 seconds on the clock sums up McCarthy's incompetence.

Jordan's picture

Rodgers definitely belongs in the bad.

McCarthy and Rodgers aren't changing a thing for next year. They're both too stubborn.

I talk to packers fans all the time that still think the McCarthy/Rodgers offense out scored the steelers offense in Super Bowl.

Maybe we'll get lucky again and the stars will align in 2014/2015.

Red's picture

Rodgers in "The Bad" and Aaron's admonition that he shouldn't "piss down his leg" for the first quarter is the kind of reactionary fluff that's getting pretty typical on this site (which I still enjoy, BTW).

Essentially, Rodgers' task was to play mistake-free football against one of the best Ds in the league dropping 8 into coverage with a o-line leakier than the Polish navy in 0 degree weather??? Oh, and protect that collarbone while you're at it.

I think AR played damn well considering the circumstances.

Jordan's picture

But Rodgers did piss down his leg in the first quarter. There's nothing reactionary about it. It's just stating the truth.

Homers don't like the truth.

It doesn't mean that Aaron Nagler doesn't love Rodgers or the Packers. He's just stating the truth.

Red's picture

I just don't believe you can say that without backing it up with something other than "he shoulda done better".

Did he rush throws? Misread the defense? Overthrow/underthrow open receivers?

I didn't see any of that, even in the first quarter. I saw Packers stubbornly trying to establish the run (which did pay later dividends) and then fail in pass protection in 3rd and longs.

I don't think it's blind homerism. Just saying there wasn't anything choke-worthy to support that comment. That's all.

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