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3 Pre-Season Games Mean Nothing

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3 Pre-Season Games Mean Nothing

Just echoing Corey's post from last week.

Yes, it's exciting. Yes, the Packers are playing good football - but it means absolutely zero. The Cardinals game was exciting, I mean, who doesn't like to watch Rodgers slinging it around for 300 yards and a couple scores? But as Greg Bedard pointed out, the Cardinals did not gameplan for the game. McCarthy didn't say one way or the other, but my guess, from looking at the stuff they ran, is that they had some very light game-planning sessions. Remember, McCarthy game-planed heavily in advance of the third preseason game last year against the Broncos, so I wouldn't be surprised to find out he did some for the Cardinals this year.

That said, the Packers, almost player for player (save for Larry Fitzgerald) were better individulay across the board. The big bright spot for me was the play of the starting offensive line. They just took over the line of scrimmage and won almost every play at the point of attack. A truly impressive performance.

So yes, there's plenty to be excited about. But let's not get carried away. There's lots of work to be done, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The two biggest issues I can see needing attention from Capers are the outside contain against the run and the apparent soft spot in the middle of the field behind most of the zone-dog stuff Capers has been sending this preseason. It wouldn't be so worrisome if the Bears weren't the perfect team to exploit both those weaknesses with Forte making a living running off-tackle stuff and the Bears' perfect middle-of-the-field weapon in Greg Olsen.

So, again, to echo Corey: It means nothing. Get excited about the individual performances and pray for no more injuries.

But we haven't seen anything, good or bad, yet.

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Ruppert's picture

Perhaps I'm just starting to get really down on the guy, but AJ Hawk is ALWAYS a step or two slow, coming over to get in on the play on off-tackle runs. And if we don't get that fixed, Adrian Peterson is going to run for a mile, because the Vikings live off those runs. I'm sure the defense will be working on handing off zone coverage area responsibilities a LOT this week. Still, when focusing on individuals on both sides of the ball, you can't help but be pleased. Aaron Rodgers is possessed.

Packnic's picture

I don't see the big deal about what Woodson said. I dont think it's getting carried away at all.
If you don't think you can win the Super Bowl, why play? If we wanna win anything, you gotta believe it and want it first right?
The Defense definitely still has some work to do (as Woodson noted). But its already evident with basic game planning and some repeated blitzes that this defense is already putting our players in better positions to make plays. The D is still learning and can really only go up from here.
If Woodson would have said, "I guarantee that we bring the Lombardi Trophy back home" after the AZ win... then I would be suspect. IMO if he doesn't believe they can win it, they might as well rest him for the season until they think they can.

Holly's picture

I agree that improvements must be made on run defense and that soft spot in the middle. I agree that these last 3 games mean diddly-squat as far as playoffs or divisional wins are concerned. But, I also agree with Aaron Rodgers that you can't but be excited about the Packers this season. I'm sure the coaches are drilling caution into the heads of their players -- everyone knows the points don't matter. But the confidence matters. The QB-WR relationships matter. The cooperation along the DL and OL matter. And that's what I'm excited about. Who cares about the wins, when you have beautiful throws that wouldn't be caught were it not for the well-oiled and well-practiced relationship between Rodgers and Driver?

ctpack's picture

What no Miami trip in Feburary.I am already booked.Watched the Bears game last night and Orlando Pace is (Warrick)Dunn.He is finished he is slow and weak.Have to take advatage of him in the 1st week.

WoodyG's picture

I do agree that caution is the word but I'd much rather be in the Pack's position than the Browns, Bills & Cardinals..... They all look like sub-500 teams at this point in preseason & it'll probably carry over to the regular season.
C. Woodson is a veteran & the best player on defense.... He has the right to set the goals... especially when the goal is the same for all 32 teams.... Why not say it if you believe it ?

bomdad's picture

Has Charles Woodson been to a Super Bowl? Yes. Dont doubt him.

Asshalo's picture

Of course. You're not going to see the same preparation, packages, or intensity as a regular season game. Different coaches commit to varying levels of each of the above because it's simply a trial period. It's still probably going to be a three team race for the majority of the season.

Part of the excitement comes from FB being back on and part from our performance last year.

PackersRS's picture

Wow. Am I the only one that is HAPPY about our run defense? Last year, they just overpowered us whenever they wanted. Not now. They have to run it to the outside to get something going. Yeah, it's just preseason, but we're 7th in run D. I'm much more worried about our pass D. 32th. Dead last. The thing that makes up for it is that we're the best team in takeaways by MILES. But, like you said, the middle of the field in those inside blitzes, specially over 15 yards, are something to improve on. Improve, because if you take a look at it, it was mostly the backups that gave up those big plays. The just can't get enough pressure on opposite qbs in time to make up for the zone weakness.
All in all, the record 3-0 means squat. HOWEVER, the 72-10(?) is a very good indication on how things will go in the regular season. Not blowouts. But competitiveness. Using Detroit's preseason record to say that preseason means nothing isn't a valid point. Those were all close games. Don't matter how bad a team is, it's still the NFL. How many teams blew out that same Lions last regular season? New Orleans, Tennessee, Minnesota. That's it. If you consider our game at Ford Field, at some point it was a very close game. Blowing out first stringers in the NFL EVERY game IS a big deal, preseason or not.
And BTW, the gameplan excuse is BS. Every team does it in the 3rd preseason game. It's not an intensive, film-breaking preparation. But it is, nonetheless. To say that the Cardinals didn't and blame the blowout on that is an pathetic act by their coach.

Asshalo's picture

They were saying on the pre-game that AZ didn't really game plan

PackersRS's picture

So AZ didn't know there were going to be a game against us that night?

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