3 NFL Games to Watch

Week 1 is in the books and we've already had a pretty exciting start to Week 2 with the Denver Broncos last minute win over the Kansas City Chiefs, but there's a lot more football to watch this weekend. With Green Bay playing Sunday night, you've got all day to watch other games while you wait for the 'big' one to kick off.

Here are three games you should keep an eye on this weekend when you aren't ironing your Aaron Rodgers jersey.


New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

What do we really have in the Buffalo Bills? Rex Ryan has a habit of talking big and then delivering - to an extent. He rattled Andrew Luck in a way many defenses don't and found a way to limit what his quarterback Tyrod Taylor had to do to keep the offense moving.

The thing is, this was a Colts team that looked about as unprepared as we have ever seen a team in Week 1, and the Bills coaching staff had months to prepare for this one game. And while the defensew looked good, the overall offense wasn't anything to write home about.

So what will happen to it when it meets a much more prepared Patriots team? 

Ryan likes to talk about his success against Brady and the Pats, but he has only beaten them a pair of times. So is this the week where the wheels fall off the blustermobile?

For the Patriots, the defense looked OK in Week 1 against the Steelers, but not dominating. That said, the offense was humming and will trest the Bills defense.

It will be interesting to see if the Bills can keep the momentum going and if the 'Hate Powered' Pats train keeps rolling along.


Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

The Cowboys probably should have lost last weekend to a poor New York Giants team and now have to play minus Dez Bryant. The Eagles did lose to a surprising Atlanta team and looked completely out of sorts for the first half on both sides of the ball. 

Chip Kelly continues to be a very confusing coach to watch and there are times that not only will we not know what he's doing, but we're not sold he knows what he's doing. Sam Bradford has already had his first X-Ray (congrats!) and the defense had a hard time with an Atlanta offense which shouldn't have given them one.

And the Cowboys looked pretty week running the ball, which is only a surprise to the Cowboys as you couldn't think that they would look as good downgrading from DeMarco Murray to Darren McFadden, Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar. They also had issues defensively and will have to adjust against an Eagles offense which should look crisper this week.

Of course, losing Bryant is the biggest issue. Jason Witten, Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley will have to pick up the slack, but Bryant is going to be missed no doubt about it.

These were the two powerhouse teams in the division but neither looked like it. We'll see if someone gets their act together this weekend.


New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

The Jets arew about what we thought they would be - a solid defense with an OK offense. The intriguing part of this game is the Colts.
Indianapolis looked fully unprepared for the game last week. After looking at the ALL22 several times, that's the easiest conclusion. Offensively they looked worse than the Bills, and defensively it looked like they hadn't prepared at all.
The offensive line is an especially big issue, as they struggled to hold the Bills blockers, specifically defensive tackle Kyle Williams who was all over the defense, as my co-host Corey Griffin and I I talked about on our latest podcast. If they do not adjust, the Colts are in a lot of trouble with Mo Wilkerson and Damon Harrison coming at them.
And as mentioned above, Andrew Luck looked lost. Sometimes we might overlook some of his flaws because his upside is so spectacular, but he's still a young quarterback and looked every inch of that last week.
How the Colts respond this week will be an interesting thing to watch. If they win, all might be right with the world (STEAK AND SHAKE FOR EVERYONE) but if they lose, they might be in panic mode. And rightfully so.


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croatpackfan's picture

September 20, 2015 at 05:26 am

I will watch Patriots Bills and Minnesota Detroit... Also, pay attention from time to time to see with how large difference Bears are losing... It is always good to put some distance in your conference in the beginning... So, I vote for tie score in Min vs Det, and lose of Pats and Bears...

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Hematite's picture

September 20, 2015 at 11:21 am

I will be watching the Lions Vikings game.
They are our competition in the NFC North.

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Mojo's picture

September 20, 2015 at 12:29 pm

The Cowboy improbable comeback last week is exactly what the networks wanted.

After decades of inconsequential play, the Cowboys will be the media darlings this year. I could see the hype machine building throughout the off season.

Get ready for endless Romo is underrated stories and how Jerrah has revived the franchise.

Unless you have a strong stomach, it might be a could time to turn the volume on the talking heads down.

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