2021 Packers Stock Report: Week 10

Take a look at the stock report for the Green Bay Packers after a 17-0 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

It wasn’t pretty at times (mainly on the offensive side of the ball), but the Green Bay Packers earned a win over the Russell Wilson-led Seattle Seahawks on Sunday to get to 8-2 on the season.

AJ Dillon rushed for two touchdowns, Mason Crosby made a field goal (and missed one, too) and the Packers defense held the Seahawks to zero points for the first time ever in Wilson’s career.

So let’s get into the stock report for the Green Bay Packers after a 17-0 win over Seattle in Week 10.


AJ Dillon- With Aaron Jones likely missing the next couple weeks due to his MCL sprain, AJ Dillon will be the go-to running back for the Packers offense. He’s been playing extremely well, and has only gotten better throughout the season. Sunday he touched the ball 23 times for 128 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns. What makes Dillon so tough to defend is the first tackler rarely brings him down. The bruiser bounces off defenders (or runs through them) with ease. I’m excited to see what he can do as the feature back for a couple weeks.

Joe Barry- I’ve seen some comments over the past couple weeks saying it’s time to ‘buy’ Joe Barry stock. If you already did – good for you. I’m definitely late to the party. Truth be told, Barry has this Packers defense playing better than ever. When you coach a defense that shuts out the likes of Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, you get put on the ‘buy’ list. What’s more impressive, is that Barry is doing this with many of the same guys that Mike Pettine had last season. In fact, a couple of the defense’s best players aren’t even playing. Impressive stuff.

Adrian Amos- Here’s a name I haven’t written down all season. But that’s probably a good thing. Adrian Amos has been solid for the Packers defense in the back end of the field for the majority of the season. He kept up his good play on Sunday, picking off Wilson’s deep ball in the second half, and keeping everything in front of him all game long. The savvy veteran has been a leader for this team, and this defense, since training camp.

Interior defensive line- Kenny Clark, TJ Slaton and Dean Lowry have been outstanding over the past few weeks. Heck, even Tyler Lancaster has made a play or two. I was incredibly critical of this unit’s performances between the first two games. But these guys have been reliable since then. They have clogged up the middle of the offensive line and made it difficult for offenses to run the football, which has allowed for more freedom to make plays in the back half of the field. It’s been awesome to watch.


Whitney Mercilus- Truth be told, I don’t have anyone to sell from this past weekend. I think there are a lot more players that deserve a ‘hold’ categorization. The *only* reason I’m putting Whitney Mercilus on this list is due to a bicep injury that will knock him out for the rest of the season. Before the injury, Mercilus had been a massive boost to this Packers pass rush and one of the better mid-season signings of Brian Gutekunst’s career. I, like many Packers fans, am sad to see him miss the rest of this season. He will be missed.


Aaron Rodgers- It’s okay that Aaron Rodgers looked a little rusty on Sunday. Heck, I would expect him too after not practicing for 10 days. But don’t sell him after one tough game. Rodgers is the unquestioned leader of this offense, and he will play much better in the future. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him put on a vintage performance this Sunday against Minnesota.

Injured players- The Packers dodged a bullet on Sunday. Actually, the organization dodged two of them. Rashan Gary’s injury wasn’t too serious. He might actually play on Sunday. Aaron Jones will only miss a couple weeks with a sprained MCL. So don’t sell any of their stock. Hold on to it, because these guys will be important in the long run.


Gunnar Davis is a lifelong Packers fan and a recent graduate of Simpson College, where he was a 3-year letterwinner on the offensive line and graduated with a degree in multimedia communications. You can follow him on Twitter at @Gunnar57Davis.

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Ya_tittle's picture

November 17, 2021 at 12:11 pm

We will miss Mercilus. He was rounding into a real weapon.

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AnotherLombardiPlease's picture

November 17, 2021 at 12:26 pm

Regretfully, I would add Crosby to the sell list. For so many years he was money but now I actually cringe when the Packers line up for a FG attempt. Yes, much of the recent failures can be attributed to the long snapper, the holder, the blocking, and the coaching... but Crosby still remains the centerpiece of this equation.

This is affecting LaFleur's play calls and coaching decisions too. Already, he's shown a preference for going for it, as opposed to having Crosby kick a long FG.

If a tight playoff game came down to Crosby needing to make a long FG, I think the alcohol consumption in Wisconsin would spike to a new record right before the kick!

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porupack's picture

November 17, 2021 at 05:10 pm

buy low, sell high is the way to get rich. I wouldn't sell Crosby stock now. He's had a rough spell, but he has gone through and surpassed his past slump, so teamates and organization will give him all the support and faith to overcome this slump. I'll buy from any sellers out there: 50 cents on the dollar.

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dobber's picture

November 17, 2021 at 05:49 pm

"Already, he's shown a preference for going for it, as opposed to having Crosby kick a long FG."

He's talked about the odds of completing 4th downs and has espoused going for it more often. If anything, this turn has just enabled his desire to go for it more.

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splitpea1's picture

November 17, 2021 at 03:30 pm

Buy: Amos and Douglas, because in addition to defending the pass, they can tackle.

Buy: Dillon. Cue the song "Lean On Me".

Hold: King. Not sure if I'll ever be ready to buy, but he's been pretty solid for us when he's been in there.

Hold: Run defense. Opponents are averaging 4.6 yards per carry. Barry needs a plan to stop Cook first and not let him run for 163 yards and 3 TDs like he did in last season's home game.

Risky hold: Crosby. Okay, so the holds may have not been totally perfect on the last three misses from 37-42 yards. But shouldn't he be able to punch at least one of them through, anyway? MLF may be starting to lose confidence in him, which means we might be going for it when we shouldn't.

Indict for securities fraud: Green Bay Packers, Inc.; So for $300 and an additional 12% "handling fee", I think fans should be getting a lot more than an overt scam. How about a replica of the original stock certificate housed in an elegant wood frame, complete with a holder and/or wall mounting kit (and something more trustworthy than Command products!)? Also, the "dividend" should be a semiannual gift of some useful trinket embossed with the team logo (hey, Harley-Davidson does it with nail clippers).

Sell: Deguara. I don't know what the problem is here, whether he's not seen as a viable receiving option often, or he's not executing (AR got annoyed with him once last game)--but we need more catches out of him. i don't know when it's coming, but he's overdue for a big game.

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Alberta_Packer's picture

November 17, 2021 at 03:44 pm

Very much like your ideas about stock enhancement. As is, I view the current stock sale as just a gimmick - an expensive souvenir - almost a grift. For this reason, I will not purchase - without some type of guaranteed return(s).

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Slim11's picture

November 20, 2021 at 10:12 am

Good thoughts about the stock "enhancements."

I dare to bet many stockholders, like me, received their stock as a gift. Mine was a Christmas gift from my wife and daughters. It falls in the category of "something I wouldn't buy for myself."

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wildbill's picture

November 17, 2021 at 07:23 pm

Everyone who knows me is aware I’m a rabid Packer fan since 1961. I don’t need to spend $336 on an item for my wall to tell people that. I hope the Packers sell every one and I’m happy for those who buy but I’ve got my eye on other items, jersey/hats/etc

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MarkinMadison's picture

November 17, 2021 at 07:45 pm

Of course the stock sale is a scam. Of course it is a donation to the Packers. We all know that, and my wife and I both (separately) did it anyway.

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canadapacker's picture

November 17, 2021 at 08:00 pm

If it makes you feel good glad, you went and did it. On my personal front - I fail to see any type of happiness in going to a casino and rationalizing away any money that I lose by the statement that its part of my entertainment.Yet when one drives by any casino it is full of vehicles. I would much rather spend my entertainment dollars on watching a hockey, football or baseball game than gamble. I would much rather go to a music concert or to fundraiser for a good cause or even donate to a good cause such as a 50-50 draw supporting a hospital etc. And buying that Packer share is much the same and congratulations enjoy.

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Starrbrite's picture

November 17, 2021 at 08:09 pm

Nicely stated—-I’ve been a stockholder since ‘97, but decided to buy a stock each for the children.
A friend of mine and author of the book, The Ultimate Evil,”: the real story of Son of Sam, was a devoted Giant’s fan. He was also friends of many of the Giant players of the 60’s. As a tribute to Lombardi’s connection to the Giants, he purchased a Packer stock—-cool!

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NoNonsense's picture

November 17, 2021 at 08:29 pm

Yeah no Packers stock for me thanks. I always make sure to read the fine print. If you did buy this round of stock just know that you probably shouldn't be posting any criticism of the team or the NFL in your real name online or anywhere.

Not sure it would ever happen but by purchasing the "Stock" in your name you agree to the possibility of being fined up to $500,000 for conduct detrimental to the NFL for criticizing the league or anyone associated with the league.

No way am I paying money to sign up for that! That is ridiculous.

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PewAuKeeFan's picture

November 17, 2021 at 11:36 pm

So they fine me. And if I don't pay the fine then what? They suspend me from playing?

You crack me up 😂😂😂

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