2021 Packers Practice Roundup: Day Two



Practice No. 2 goes one hour and 45 minutes.  Demovsky  [Shorts and Helmets.]

Gutekunst said the Packers' salary cap is OK with the Cobb addition, but he said QB Aaron Rodgers' deal will be restructured later when more cap money is needed so that they can get through the season. He said nothing needs to be done right now.  Silverstein

Aaron Rodgers’ reworked deal now is signed, per sources. Here are the “on paper” concessions in the new contract:  2023 year is voided; Forfeiture provisions were removed from the contract, preventing the Packers from pursuing prorated portions of Rodgers’ signing bonus.  Adam Shefter [Will Packer fans forgive me for this source?  LOL.  But which is true: Shefter or Silverstein?]

Tie Break:  The #Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers have finally agreed to terms and language on the reworked deal, source said. The saga is over. Only thing left is to sign it.  Ian Rapoport.

Gutekunst says the Packers couldn’t get through this season without altering Aaron Rodgers’ contract to clear up cap space. Has to be done to facilitate Randall Cobb trade.  Schneidman

Micah Hyde said his phone was blowing up after Aaron Rodgers mentioned his name in his press conference yesterday. He was extremely flattered and said he was impressed by Rodgers’ presser. “He was speaking facts.”  Matthew Fairburn

Neither WR Randall Cobb nor OT Dennis Kelly has received any snaps in team drills yet.  Silverstein  [Cobb took part later in drills.  I did not see anything that suggested Kelly participated so I am not sure if his deal has been signed.]

Cobb said he fielded punts in practice and will see how things go and what special teams coach Maurice Drayton is thinking as far as a returner.  Silverstein

ILB De’Vondre Campbell masked up.  Wood  [I don't know if Campbell is cautious or has not yet been vaccinated.]



LaFleur said he will have discussions with Rodgers on a daily basis about his plans on which receivers he wants in his game plan that particular week. If he wants Amari Rodgers in the plan over Cobb, he said he'll discuss it with him.  Silverstein

Amari Rodgers still getting first-team reps even with Randall Cobb here. Rodgers just used as the jet motion guy in Matt LaFleur’s scheme. Seems like an obvious role for him, Cobb or no Cobb.  Wood

I understand there are no pads but Amari Rodgers looks like a scary dude in space.  Uglem

Matt LaFleur says having a pair of slot receivers now in Randall Cobb and Amari Rodgers doesn't change how he'll use Davante Adams. Last year, Adams lined up all over the field, and often did his best work from the slot. Adams will still line up in the slot, LaFleur says.  Wood 

Wow. Davante Adams with one of the best late-hands catches I’ve seen in a camp setting. Rodgers lofts a ball down the sideline that’s nearly picked but gets through to Adams for a 60-yard TD.  Hodkiewicz [Seems like the same play as described below by Wood and same as Herman describes under DBs but Herman thinks Savage and DBs were at fault.  IDK - I wasn’t there.  TGR]

Aaron Rodgers drops one into a bucket to Davante Adams down the left sideline. Darnell Savage looked like he had a bead on it, but Rodgers’ pass beat him.  The QB is already in midseason form.  Wood

Juwann Winfree still making plays. Hauls in a deep ball over Adrian Amos on a heave from Aaron Rodgers. Gonna be hard to cut him if he keeps that up.  Schneidman

Juwann Winfree getting first-team reps with Aaron Rodgers, and he makes the most of them. Winfree steps behind Adrian Amos deep down the middle of the field, and Rodgers hits him in stride for the home run. Perfect pass from Rodgers.  Wood

Winfree with another catch in the developmental period. He’s been a machine today.  Herman

Benkert with a back shoulder dart to Winfree in rookie period. Winfree keeps forcing his way into the conversation.  Uglem [Same as above: development period equals rookie period.  Included due to Benkert's name.]

rookie CB Shemar Jean-Charles upends WR Bailey Gaither after catching a pass across the middle of the field from Jordan Love. Landed upside down. Heck of a catch holding onto that.  Wood

Love throws a pass behind Kylin Hill who had to spin behind him to try and make a catch. Falls incomplete. Love hasn’t been sharp today (thus far).  Herman

First interception of camp for Jordan Love. He airmails a pass to Kylin Hill in the middle of the field underneath, directly to Ty Summers. Summers picks it and runs the other way.  Wood

Rodgers hits MVS on a slant. Alexander comes back with a PD a couple plays later.  Hodkiewicz

Loves best pass was a shot across the middle to a streaking Devin Funchess. Perfectly timed, right on the money.  Silverstein


Dexter Williams had a little hesitation at the line but it allowed him to set up his blocks and he accelerated quickly foe a nice pickup. Williams has had a nice start to camp.  Herman

Nice first down catch by Quadzilla on a broken play.  Uglem

AJ Dillon has really shown off his hands today. Dillon has really natural hands and plucks the ball out of the air.  Herman


New starting OL today. Jenkins Braden Myers Patrick Turner.  Herman

False alarm: New Packers OT Dennis Kelly is wearing David Bakhtiari’s jersey. It looks like Bakhtiari, but it’s not him. That’s cruel (though Bakh had been activated from PUP).  We’re all in preseason form. I fell for it. That’s not actually David Bakhtiari. Dennis Kelly already messing with us on Day 1.  Schneidman [Bakh showed up later wearing Kelly’s jersey with #79 on it.]

Billy Turner fantastic protection against Rashan Gary to allow Rodgers to fire to Adams who drops the pass. Stokes in coverage.  Herman

Matt LaFleur says Elgton Jenkins will continue getting LT reps for now. Sounds like he's the Packers' plan for blindside if David Bakhtiari can't go Week 1: "I prefer him to be anywhere on the field. He's such a dynamic player. Not too many guys play all five positions."  Wood

Runyan now in w/ the ones at LG.  Runyan does a great job picking up an inside blitz by Barnes and Rodgers fires a no look check down pass to Amari Rodgers along the sideline.  Herman

Big run off tackle by AJ Dillon behind Marcedes Lewis and Billy Turner.  Herman


Gary and Clark, specifically, are ruining people.  Uglem

Kenny Clark with a would be sack of Rodgers. Really nice practice for Kenny today.  Herman

NT Kenny Clark said that there are a ton of things being introduced to the defense and the challenge is staying up with all the daily additions new coordinator Joe Barry is presenting. He said OTAs allowed for a good base knowledge, but now the heat is on.  Silverstein

We’ve got a Jack Heflin sighting. Knifes through for a would be sack on Love. Love throws a tight bullet to Funchess anyway who makes a nice catch against Ka’Dar.  Herman [Where to put this?  QB, WR, or CB section?  DL because that’s the most intriguing.  TGR]

A Jake Hanson/Simon Stepaniak double team on TJ Slaton does nothing. Slaton was still moving in a positive direction. He’s going to be tough to handle.  Herman



Kabion Ento with great coverage on Amari Rodgers over the middle.  Herman

Nice tight window throw from Love to Lazard but a pbu from Josh Jackson. Great throw and better play by Josh.  Herman

Showing some 3-safety nickel with Adrian Amos in the box. Vernon Scott back deep with Darnell Savage Jr.  Wood

Rodgers to Adams deep to open team. Jaire held Adams to start, then Savage badly mistimed what should have been an easy pick. Adams hauls it in and keeps running. A lot of bad on that play that ended up looking good for Rodgers/Adams.  Herman

Stokes with sticky coverage on Adams on a second-reaction play. Incomplete from Rodgers.  Uglem

Now Innis Gaines with a great pass breakup in coverage against Isaac Nauta.  Herman

Aaron Rodgers throws an out route to Jace Sternberger to the left sideline, and Alexander shoots out of a cannon to break it up. Terrific break. Seen that before.  Wood


Gary finally beats Turner with pure strength and forces a throw away by 12. Alexander was on the sidelines and picked it off out of bounds.  Herman

Marcedes Lewis 1x1 against Rashan Gary protecting 12. Lewis is so damn good. Just a 6th OL out there.  Herman [but see the next tweet: oops….]

Rashan Gary gets the edge on Marcedes Lewis on an outside toss to Dillon. No easy task against Marcedes.  Herman

Tipa Galeai is so smooth. Just put Coy Cronk in a blender with a spin move. Would have had a clean sack.  Nagler

Preston Smith standing up over center ala Za’Darius Smith and knifes through for a pressure….  Herman

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Coldworld's picture

July 30, 2021 at 12:28 am

Thank you for putting this together TGR, it is much appreciated by me.

A lot of interesting snippets, but very happy to see darker horses Gaines and Ento showing in coverage already. One reported statement stood out for me apart from the reports of particular plays.

“ LaFleur said he will have discussions with Rodgers on a daily basis about his plans on which receivers he wants in his game plan that particular week. If he wants Amari Rodgers in the plan over Cobb, he said he'll discuss it with him. Silverstein”. That certainly sounds like a fairly significant say not just in the roster but game plans and actives, at least with respect to Cobb/Amari. It also sounds very much like LaFleur is looking at them in an either/or context at this point.

8 points
KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

July 30, 2021 at 05:01 am

Yes, I too caught that remark. Do not like hearing it! LF knows game in game out who should be playing and would not allow bias to cloud his judgement like AR. I find this particularly disturbing!

3 points
Leland's picture

July 30, 2021 at 07:31 am

Let's wait and see. It's possible that LF will still control the situation. Nothing wrong with listening to input.

2 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

July 30, 2021 at 09:27 am

We disagree on AR vs. FO, but that doesn't mean things like this don't make me uneasy. They do. I do think play-calling has always been a tussle between QBs and offensively minded HCs. Belicheck is more of a defensive mind, so that might have helped smooth things over in NE all of those years, though NE paid a bundle for their OC (can't remember his name - failed as a HC outside of NE).

I really should have put in Gute's comment on Cobb: the gist was that GB would not have acquired Cobb but for AR while at the same time Gute insisted that he hadn't ceded personnel decisions.

For me, Shefter's report that the forfeiture option was removed for GB is very interesting. I don't think it matters too much because I don't think AR is going to retire, but it gives him the option do to so. Now he won't have to pay back signing bonuses if he retires in 2022.

I was looking forward to a 3-year window to win another super bowl. Now if looks like the window is 2021. Sigh.

3 points
13TimeChamps's picture

July 30, 2021 at 10:48 am

"though NE paid a bundle for their OC (can't remember his name - failed as a HC outside of NE)."

Josh McDaniels. Not only did he fail miserably as a HC in Denver, he also hasn't been particularly impressive as an OC the two years he didn't have Brady...one year in St. Louis and last year in NE. A number of people on here wanted him as Green Bay's HC after MM was fired. Thank god that didn't happen!

0 points
Harold Drake's picture

July 30, 2021 at 12:58 am

Outstanding report. Much appreciated. Let us all hope that Gary, Slaton, AmRod, and Stokes will be the instruments of an improved team this year.

4 points
Savage57's picture

July 30, 2021 at 04:33 am

Reading this is getting the fire stoked. Love the preseason reports, gets fans' minds back to football being played out on the field, not our computer screens and phones.

2 points
KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

July 30, 2021 at 05:05 am

Every year there is that buzz and excitement regarding young players and their potential. However, NEVER do I recall there ever being so many intriguing story lines as this year. Multiple players at each position group have real talent, and ascending talent in years #2 and #3.

5 points
Coldworld's picture

July 30, 2021 at 07:16 am

This looks to be the most competitive camp in terms of depth and scope of competition that I can recall. While nothing is perfect, we’ve come a long way since the regime change. Let’s hope it lives up to that billing and perhaps we see some real surprises.

2 points
Spock's picture

July 30, 2021 at 09:14 am

Really appreciate your taking the time to assemble this for all of us who never see a practice and/or don't read much other than CHTV for our Packer information. Thanks!

2 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

July 30, 2021 at 09:14 am

I chose to use a photo of Juwann Winfree. There aren't that many photos of Winfree in a Packers uniform and I didn't like the ones I found of him alone (couldn't see his number or his name, etc.). This one with Winfree and Hill worked for me as there were a couple of positive reports about Hill as well.

Practically every CB no matter how buried on the depth chart they might be got a mention.

I included four tweets of the bomb from AR to Adams. Three gushed about AR and Adams and Herman's tweet blamed the safeties. Could be due to differences in the angle that each media member had. Remember these guys aren't getting network TV camera placements or slow motion replay, or replay at all!

Perhaps it is abusing editorial control but every mention of the defensive line probably is going to appear in the roundup. Right now these articles are long because I am not omitting very much.

In that same vein, mentions of players at positions I view as up for grabs will get posted often. Dexter Williams with a strong start, Hill as well, so Taylor still has time but he also needs to get out there. Gary might be more deserving of having his photo used at the top, but that will largely be used to emphasize which guys on the bubble are challenging for a spot.

Good day: Winfree, Hill, Gaithers, Dexter Williams, Innis Gaines, Josh Jackson, Ento, Runyan.

My other thought it take into consideration who player x beat. Preston beating Cronk is at a lower level of achievement for me (yes, I know a bunch of people are practically in love with Cronk). Now if Cronk stonewalled Preston, or better Gary, that would be interesting and exciting. Tipa had a great, really a stupendous, TC last year beating players all the time, but I never read a tweet wherein in beat a Jenkins, a Bakh, a Linsley, not even Turner. It was always someone like Zack Johnson, Nijman, and Hanson, and IIRC Runyan once or twice. Gary beating Turner and Marcedes is impressive; Gary beating IDK, someone like Dafney or Nauta in my mind would be less impressive while still interesting [Gary did not beat Nauta or Dafney, those are just examples.]

1 points