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We All Knew Finley Was Dumb

We All Knew Finley Was Dumb

I imagine some fire is going to shoot out of some people's ears when they read the Pro Football Report article on Mark Chmura and Jason Wilde allegedly stating that Jermichael Finley is perhaps not the brightest light in the string. Well, I have a giant news flash for you, he isn't.

Says Chmura:

"First thing I'd do, I'd say Shut your mouth. Shut up. Shut up! You're dumb," Chmura said.  "You're a heck of a player but . . . be quiet!"

I hate to say it, but he's right. Every time Finley does something off of the field he looks and/or sounds like a complete dumbass. I even did an interview with him once and thought the same thing. From screwing over his fans, to the whole TGIF thing, everything else that comes out the man's mouth just reeks of, "I ain't got no guidance."

I'll be the first to say I salivate over the man on the field, but from everything else I have seen, we have a young kid who has no clue about how to act in mainstream society.

I applaud someone (mostly Wilde because Chmura is douche who shouldn't have that job) for mentioning something. I think the question isn't on his intelligence but rather on his actions off of the field. That as it is, it's really apparent that the guy needs a little more guidance than he is getting, and perhaps this will wake up someone to that fact. Who knows, perhaps Finley will take it to heart and let his true intelligence show where it belongs.

On the playing field.

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Shmedly82's picture

"I got one word for y'all. Dallas-Texas-Super-Bowl-Baby!" Jermichael Finley 8-7-10 post game comments after Family Night.

brad's picture

It's one thing if he's acting like Pacman or getting wasted like Koren, but let's be frank- Jermichel is a positive dude, albeit a cockeyed optimist.

Call him immature, call him lazy. But don't call a person dumb, especially a person who is trying hard and is someone you want in your corner. In the house I grew up in, I could curse all I wanted but if I called my sister dumb or stupid my ass was grass.

This is the dude who could single handedly get this team to the big dance, and he has made strides to act better. Don't pile on in the eleventh hour, that's weak shit. Just my opinion, thanks. Always a good read Alex.

asshalo's picture

His comments about Revis Island were definitely dumb, but not if he follows through on them. He hasn't said anything that has got too much attention yet, though he seems to be flirting with disaster.

Chmura's comments seem to me like he's playing Devil's Advocate. But if this starts some sort of back and forth between he and Finley, then Chmura is the one that needs to shut up. It's an unneeded distraction.

anita's picture

Finley is immature, that's for sure. He's only 23 years old, and let's face it, was a football player at Texas. I'm thinking that didn't require much work in the classroom, if you get my meaning. However, he seems upbeat and positive and maybe he is trying to put on a little show. Being around guys like Donald Driver and Greg Jennings on a daily basis can only help with his maturation. However, calling him "dumb" is pretty fucking insulting, especially coming from a guy who should be grateful that his pub crawling days with Frankie and Brett came BEFORE camera phones and Twitter. And how much intelligence did it take for Chewy to put himself in the situation that ended his Packer career? Hmmm. Devil's advocate or pot, kettle, black?

Pauline's picture

ahh.. I think you need to report on more positive things. And to call one of our Packers a dumb a--.. That goes too far for someone that runs a Packer website. And besides he isnt the only one that is saying the Super Bowl aspirations. Come on now Gees. Support our Packers , dont call them names...

packerslounge's picture

I appreciate your conviction, but I have no responsibility to the Packers at all.

FITZCORE1252's picture


SpiderPack's picture

He's certainly not sophisticated, but I really dig his spirit, and even his expressions in interviews. He may teeter on the edge of "too immature" for optimum public relations. He's young and he finished what, 2yrs of college? But he's not dumb. I mean he's no astro-physics major(i.e. Brad Jones), but he's not dumb. I think he's got decent guidance and I'm glad the Pack is letting him be himself on camera, he's a far cry from embarrassing.

anita's picture

Just curious. Is anyone calling out Nick Barnett for his outspokenness, or his Tweeting about bodily functions, or his "Super Bowl of Die" shirts? What's he doing that is any different than what Finley is doing? Okay, he's more well spoken, and his Tweets make more sense, but he's also older and been in the public eye longer.

I don't recall a certain "good ol' boy" QB as being particularly sophisticated or intelligent, either (not to mention being VERY immature) when he first came to town. Yet, Chewy had no problem partying with that guy.

Don't underestimate being around Driver, Jennings and having Rodgers as his leader, either. Finley is surrounded by good guys who he can hopefully learn from.

Cole's picture

I love jermichaels attitude! He wants to be the best, there's nothing wrong with that. He's never disrespected any of his teammates. Chmura is just wrong to call him dumb. Finley knows how to entertain, harmless fun IMO

CSS's picture

I don't doubt that, as far as light-bulbs go, Finley is likely about a 3 watt. That being said, I appreciate a subtle wit from the media (Kornheiser show used to be great at subtle insults) and to here Chmura and his limited use of single syllable words manage to only utter, 'stupid', 'dumb' and 'shut up'.....well, there's a funny irony there about intelligence, right.

Sounds like a kid at the playground yelling at another kid, 'nuh uh, you're the stupider, stupid one...'

Good times, good times.....

jbeebe1571's picture

Give the guy a break. He openly stated he was trying to improve himself, and we've seen nothing but evidence to that effect since. I loved watching Chmura play, but his comments smack of hypocracy and perhaps jealousy when held to the light. Chewie needs to shut his mouth and mind the skeletons in his own closet before calling out someone else.

FITZCORE1252's picture

What about B-Jackson talking SB not two minutes from when J-Fin did after Family night? What about Barnett? Woodson? Kids got a big mouth, he can back it up on the field. I respect someone that talks a mean game and can back it up, reminds me of a young FITZCORE.


PackersRS's picture

Yeah, because it was a brilliant move to get on a hot tub with a 17 year old.

I'm not related to Finley in any way, why should I care if he's immature/unpolite/plain dumb?

As long as it doesn't reflect on the Packers (getting arrested, missing time, being a primadonna douche like Javon and asking for a huge pay), I'm fine with him.

PackersThad's picture

Alex, your comments on the JerMichael Finley interview did not seem to imply that you thought he wasn't smart. You described him in pretty positive terms throughout the article. Is Finley a Rhodes Scholar? No, but no one expects him to be...but is he a "moron" (as described by (Chmura). No, I don't think so.

GW's picture

I am a life long Packer Fan,lived in Wisconsin all my life, I have read many articles on the Packers and I have never read such garbage. Chewy should just shut up,be professional and the Packer
Lounge shouldn't post such trash.

packerslounge's picture

What is wrong with reporting this story? Chewie said it, why not report it? Finley has a big mouth, and holds empty promises off the field. That's newsworthy to me.

GW's picture

I see your point but I would think that being a Packer Hall of Famer Chewy would learn to be a little more discerning with his comments about an active player and you give him credibility by reporting it. Thank you
Have a good one! Go Pack Go

packerslounge's picture

Oh I agree, Chewy needs to shut up.

packersplanet's picture

Finley may not be very smart but he at least understands the offense and he is going to blow it up this year. That's all I need to see from him. He's keeping his head out of his ass during his personal time so TGIF it is!
Speaking of dumb asses, I can't even translate what Atari Bigby is saying on twitter. That's one player I stopped following.

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