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Underestimating Health

Underestimating Health


While going 6-10 in the 2008 season was ugly, we don’t need a major overhaul. We don’t need to go crazy in free agency or the draft. We need to get healthy.





It’s easy to get lost in free agency. Free agency kicks off and you suddenly think back to how ugly things got in 2008. You think about how bad things were on the defensive line. You think about the lack of pressure on the quarterback. You think about an inconsistent running game. You think about how Charles Woodson has to play safety for a couple weeks.

Not all of these issues need to be resolved through free agency.

We don’t necessarily need a right end. We need a healthy Cullen Jenkins.

We don’t really need safety help. We need a healthy Atari Bigby.

We don’t need a linebacker overhaul. We need a healthy Nick Barnett.

We don’t need to break the bank for a running back. We need a healthy Ryan Grant(in camp from the start). Or at least Brandon Jackson getting more carries.

We don’t need new offensive linemen. We need Giacomini, Sitton, Wells, Barbre, and Clifton to be healthy. People easily forget how lights out these guys were in camp and pre-season, then they all died.

We should still make a move for most of these positions and I think we will. We missed out on getting Canty but reports say Green Bay was pushing hard for him so it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Going to the 3-4, it seemed at first we’d have to make a lot of moves, but it seems it isn’t needed as this team has a good amount of talent that can fit the scheme already. We’ll make some moves, mostly in the draft because college tweeners are easier to mold to a 3-4, but we won’t need to make a ton.

But let’s not get carried away. We’re not as bad as our record seems. With better coaches this year, another year under the young players’ belt, and HEALTH, we’ll be back to 13-3 or better.

Remember how good we are when we’re healthy.  Even Mike McCarthy knows we need to do a better job in the weight room.  Mike McCarthy said he thinks "we can get a little more out of the weight room this time around."  I hope so.  It starts now, and news is breaking from fan fest that James Jones is now 100 percent.  That's a start!  Let's get healthy, then stay that way.

Here’s to hoping Ted Thompson spends the money wisely. Here’s hoping he makes smart and decisive free agent moves while taking care of our own boys like Greg Jennings.

Author's Note:  Yes, I have run out of ideas to talk about. Sign someone, Ted!  Bail me out, buddy!

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Comments (3)

Pack93z's picture

"We don’t need new offensive linemen. We need Giacomini, Sitton, Wells, Barbre, and Clifton to be healthy. People easily forget how lights out these guys were in camp and pre-season, then they all died."

You mean like the 49er game where Rodgers and the backups just about got killed by the pass rush.. face it.. we don't have much solid depth on the oline.

But to the point.. with all the injuries we were in all but one game right to the bitter end.

This is the same basic team that went 13-3 two years ago.. minus a QB and Williams and KGB on the defensive line.

We need some poise at the end of games to close things out. We need the offensive line to be able to consistently get push late in game so that we can control the ball at the end of games. We need the defense to make a stop late in the game, not melt like butter on a toasty stove.

Will the real Packers please stand up.

Asshalo's picture

Of course we don't NEED to make a move. But then you say we should?

You make it seem like it was all injuries. Couldn't be farther from the truth. Cullen Jenkins being healthy would have made a terrible defensive line less terrible. We needed depth at the taackle and DE positions and that really hasn't changed. Now it's just OLB and DE, expcept now we're relying on Brady popinga and not jenkins for our second most sacks on the team. Here's hoping we can get an OLB who can fill a starters role in the draft, but then we still have serious depth issues at DE. JOHNNY JOLLY CANNOT HANDLE A STARTERS SPOT and Pickett can't play all game. What if Jenkins is a little sluggish after being out a year. There's still time to fix the leak in the damn, but there's still time for it to get worse.

Optimism is fine, but frankly, a lot of times its blind when it comes from you. That's awesome when you're at Lambeau or watching, but I don't really give it any credit when it comes to analysis.

Asshalo's picture

But you are a cubs fan and a packer fan. A rare breed, but the finest of all breeds

also just found this...

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