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Trade Nick Collins

Trade Nick Collins



He’s holding out and his stock will never get higher than it is right now. Trade him.





Nick Collins got to the pro bowl. Congratulations. You got there due to your early season numbers when you jumped everything and were aggressive. What happened in the second half? What’s that? They started pump faking you and treating you like a rookie because you don’t play receivers honest? Gotcha.

And now you want to hold out? At a time when people question your intelligence on the new defense and whether you even fit with the style? Really?

I’ve been on the “Collins is overrated” bandwagon while he was putting up pro bowl numbers (I knew they’d drop. I was right).

Trade him. Now.

Package him and James Jones together and get a 2 or even a 3. Let’s get rid of some of the flash on this team and replace it with substance.

Someone is going to play opposite Atari “Polamalu Jr.” Bigby and it looks like I’ll be getting my wish, because every day that passes, it seems it will not be Nick Collins, the most overrated safety since Darren Sharper.

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JustJeff's picture

Those of you who know me realize that I am not squeemish about trading "star" players. Back in early March I made a case for dealing Al Harris and Nick Barnett (for the right value). I even mentioned Aaron Kampman (again - for the right value).

I don't think it would be wise to deal Collins right now because you wouldn't be able to get what he is worth.

As for Bigby, I was one of his few defenders back at the old PackersNews forums when he made the big jump in training camp. I'm still a huge fan. He won't even play the Polamalu role in the new defense. Bigby will play the role of Ryan Clark. Collins' slot is the Polamalu role and physically - he fits.

As for Collins "hold out," I still believe the family issue story because several media outlets confirmed it. I think his agent took advantage of the situation. When an agent uses "even if" to begin a sentence, you can ignore the rest.

Graham's picture

I'm stuck on this issue. I do hate how players dont play out their contract. If you want a new contract here is what yo do, you go to Ted and say, either sign me this offseason or I'm walking next year...however he wont be a free agent next year unless we get a new maybe that wont work. I think that is what Rodgers would have done if Ted had allowed Brett back. Rodgers would have said hey I'm out if you let him back. I wont sign another deal with the Green Bay Packers. Thank god Ted listended. Collins is going about this like a little school girl like most players in the NFL. Pay me pay me or I wont play. Bullshit, they will play fine his ass as much as possible, put him at the end of the bench and see how much more these girls can whine.

I was not a fan of trading Mike McKenzie or Javon Walker when they started to whine about their contracts. I would have called their bluff's, but that is why Ted has his job and I have mine....Toss me another beer I've got to write another post.

Pack93z's picture

Said the same thing right after the season, his value will never be higher and he has limitations in the cognitive processing of information.. and apparently communication with his agent as well.

Problem is, you aren't going to retrieve premium value back for him at this point, so do you fire sale him or make him play out his contract as signed?

Trading him if he actually holds out sends the wrong type of message to the other 18 players with expiring contracts.. become a problem and you get moved and get paid as well.

Greg C.'s picture

I 'm not really with you on Collins declining as the season went on. I remember him gambling and losing once or twice, but that happens to Woodson sometimes too. Collins' game-by-game stats don't show any obvious decline, although there's nothing in here about getting beaten in coverage, so they are not all that helpful:

Best case scenario is that he ends the holdout, because if he's replaced we will have to go through this learning process again with another guy. It would be a shame to live through these growing pains with Collins and then lose him just when he gets good.

MrBacon's picture

Well just remember this, your more likely to get interceptions when you make the QB feel pressured. At the end of the season, we had a weak line, because of injurys and depth so the QB had tons of time to pick our secondary apart, because WR have a advantage over Secondary after 5-6 seconds because WR can break from their routes and just try to get open.

Aaron's picture

Finally Dale, something we can agree on.

Asshalo's picture

I doubt we'll trade jones, especially since Driver's contract is up at the end of the year.

Dale Z's picture

Why do people think we won't get fair value? If we wait till training camp and some of these other coaches\GMs realize they made huge mistakes at their safety positions, we could end up getting MORE THAN FAIR value.

Jersey Al's picture

The Saints made him look like an amateur with their double-move routes and pump fakes. The rest of the league noticed (See Carolina and Steve Smith the very next week...). The Packers lost 5 of their last six starting with that Saints game. Sure a better pass rush would have helped, but so would have more intelligent play from Mr. Collins. So I agree with you on Collins. But trade him now? Not unless you think Anthony Smith is the answer...

jeremiah's picture

drew brees and steeve smith have made alot of people look foolish.

what do you expect from drew brees when he has all day to find an open target?

steeve smith is steeve smith for a reason, and he showed it on that last catch.

you can't blame collins for those deals.

PackersRS's picture

Assuming that he is holding out is quite much.
Yes, his OWN agent says so.
BUT, he is saying he isn't, that it's all about family business.
Family business are, indeed, real, and complicated. That much we know about.
Even though his agent is supposed to only work when given permission, we all know that all the time the agent makes moves that the player has no conscience about, because it's in his client's best interest, but mainly BECAUSE IT'S IN THE AGENT'S BEST INTEREST. He has a percentage everytime his client gets a bonus, and such...
So, yeah, IF and WHEN Collins hold out, I'm with you, trade him. We can get as much as a 2nd round pick for him. And maybe some more. It's not an indication of a player getting his way. It's a indication that the player don't care about the NEW defense or the team for that matter and that such kind of player is not welcome in Green Bay.
But, untill then, unlike some former Green Bay player (Yes, I'm looking at you, Sharper lol), he is still a man of word, and I have to abide it.

jeremiah's picture



trade a probowl S and a very good prospect WR in james jones, for a 2nd round pick???? what is wrong with you. i could unerstand just collins for a 2nd. but why are you throwing james jones, or anyone else infor that matter, into the deal. and IF we trade collins we need to get a player back in return. i agree with your reasons for trading him, but you scenario is a bad deal for the packers.

Bobby.O.Shea's picture

I'd be with you if it was before the draft. No way we trade him for a pick a year from now.

Toby Hump's picture

Woah, Bigby "Polamalu jr"..... ROFLMAO. Bigby is a hard hitter, shame the rest of his game is so poor. While I agree that Nick Collins got way overrated last season, what exactly do we have (bearing in mind Thompson won't get in a top Safety FA) to replace him? We got squat.

john's picture

you make some good points in wanting to trade collins but i dont know why you would want us to trade james jones....i think he could be a solid number 3 WR which is more important that most people think and i do think that once driver hangs it up i think jordy nelson will be able to step up and be very solid for us but if he is not jones very well could also step up and no body is gonna give up a lot for him considering the year he just had

and about collins i think we should try to work something out and if he wants to much money or is just bein a douche then lets see what we can get for him

longtimefan's picture

Serious family issues could be father was on death bed?

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