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To Hell With Them!

To Hell With Them!



Recently my pal Aaron Nagler made a response post about responses to his Kampman post. Why? To hell with them.





Aaron recently went on a rant on how Kampman “is not a great pass rusher. Not even close” and as you may expect, that kind of crazy talk wasn’t received well.

I disagree with ol A-Nag on this obviously. Forget that Kampman is a good guy and a good story. Forget he’s a favorite player. All that good stuff aside, Aaron Kampman is a great pass rusher. I honestly don’t know what else Kampman could do to impress people. Nagler says Kampy doesn’t make big plays when the game is on the line. If he did that, he wouldn’t be a great pass rusher, he’d be the Most Valuable Player in the NFL.

Anyway, people went nuts on Nagler for being wrong and decided to address them\us.


You said what you wanted to say, who cares if we think you’re not taking your medications. You had a perspective on something and let it all out.

If I personally made an address post after being called out on things I’ve said, I wouldn’t have time to write anything else.

You think Aaron Kampman isn’t a great pass rusher. I disagree. I think you’re wrong (among other things) and you know what? Who cares what I think.

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MrBacon's picture

My thoughts on AK47 or AK74, he is nowhere near the IDEAL body frame for a DE/OLB, but he still gets the job done. I guess people are intimidated by people with a small body size and still be able to do the job. Like for example, Drew Brees. Brees is considered too small to be a QB, thinking his height won't make him see enough of the field yet he blows up, and gets over 5000 yards. In the end it's about how much work ethic you put in to your assignment, and Kampman makes up for his body size with the ability to bullrush a lineman and get to the QB when he has 1-on-1.

PackersRS's picture

You nailed it Dale. It was a RANT. It's not supposed to be based on facts. And it's not supposed to be debated. But Aaron is so cerebral that he wants to make it a thesis, and such thesis disconsidering Aaron Kampman as an elite pass rusher will never be accepted by fans.

Asshalo's picture

MM seems to think the 3-4 is going to help AK a lot as the vast majority of his sacks came in similar formations and very few coming in the base 4-3. I'm waiting to see how he does this season before I write him off.

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