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The Six Pack

The Six Pack



It's time for a midweek edition of the Six Pack. The "talentless" series that highlights six Packer stories that are catching my eye right now.





The Six Pack

1. Aaron Nagler, the hater, has fired back. I expected as much, and as usual Nagler runs for the cover of articles written sometime back in the stone age. Suckers, Nagler? Seriously? I would like to think of them as savvy entrepreneurs who know a solid investment when they see one. If you are looking for an investor to feel sorry for, I would pound down a couple of cold Titletowns.

As far as not reading your blog, I try not to. But, it just gets so lonely at the top sometimes.


2. Speaking of hating, Tony Moll is ranked as one of the worst lineman in the league. That's a huge surprise. What is even more surprising is talk that Moll is on the trading block. This could be the first trade in history where the trading team has to give up both the player and the pick. However, I am sure the Lions are looking for upgrades.


3. Is Will Blackmon officially made of glass? It's hard to say, but his latest injury doesn't seem to be getting any better, and furthermore everyone seems to be pretty quiet about it. Said McCarthy:


"I don't have a comment on Will's medical."


That's fine Mike, but can you comment on who is going to fill that role in week one? Inquiring minds want to know.


4. Mike McCarthy seems pretty pleased where the team is at in regards to the fullback situation stating:


"Our fullback situation is the best in the league in my opinion."


I imagine the chance of keeping all three guys is a little much to ask, but I can think of a few other players I would let go long before either Kuhn or Hall. Can you let Quinn Johnson go? That's a tough, tough call.


5. It appears that some of the talking heads are finally starting to get it right. Except for Pat Kirwan, who is obviously baked out of his mind right now.


6. Finally, this is perhaps the dumbest article I have ever read, highlighted by this gem:


"Now, Thompson and McCarthy have to be nervous. And some Packers rooters have to be wondering, too, about the decision to ingloriously dump their beloved future hall of famer."


Wow, Charlie Walters. They pay you for that crap?

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Comments (9)

IronMan's picture

1. I love all of you guys. Not getting in the middle of this one.
2. Bleh, whatever.
3. At least we have Jordy to return punts.
4. Whether or not to let Quinn Johnson go isn't a tough call at all. Hell no you don't let him go.
5. I never got too worked up about who gives us "love" in the offseason. If the Packers win games, they will get all the love they want.
6. Two more years of waffling and not wanting to participate in training camp, and people are STILL saying we should have kept Favre? Have they seen Rodgers play?

packerslounge's picture

1. It's all in fun IronMan... I love you too.

Jersey Al's picture

I'm with you Ironman - just call me Switzerland...

Erik's picture

Charlie Walters could have at least waited until the Vikings emerged out of their three in a row victories at the beginning of the season to have some faux credibility. The Vikings have arguably the easiest first three weeks in football with Detroit, San Francisco and Cleveland to kick things off. Favre will get all the credit for their 3-0 start from the Walters of the world, but Vinny Testaverde could put the pads back on and get those first three wins.

MrBacon's picture

I expect Thompson to do a couple of trades for picks or players, more than usuall since we are overflowing with talent.

Lace's picture

Lol that's a cute response.

The problem isn't any one article or even about this preseason. Nagler is right that the Packers have things to work on (tons of them), and that preseason is not the smartest thing to get your hopes up about. A good Packers blog should talk about the successes, failures, the areas they need to work on.

But he doesn't pick things that the Packers should work on. He picks on everything. Rodgers not throwing checkdowns? Did he even watch the 2008 season? How often was Rodgers throwing checkdowns for 1-2 yard gains? So the one time Rodgers instead opts for an enormous play that made him the lead rusher for the evening (on the Packers' side of the ball, that is), he starts insinuating that Rodgers is unable to throw a checkdown.

This is just one article, but a good snapshot of how some of his articles can be more drama queen than a constructive critique of the team. Where some bloggers and packers chatters are too high on their players, and gloss over their faults (like Hawk and Barnett, etc), Nagler goes to the other extreme and basically suggests that anyone that doesn't agree with him has their head in the clouds.

The truth lies somewhere between.

PackersRS's picture

This is getting too beligerant for my taste...

wgbeethree's picture

1. I'm thinking we need to market this little ''schism''... how about team nagler and team alex t-shirts... ok maybe I'm the only person who would be lame enough to buy something about an internet ''war of words''

2. ....and in other breaking news grass is green and water is wet

3. I nominate tramon williams for kickoffs and punts

4. I still think we end up cutting sutton and keeping all three fullbacks if jackson is healthy...every year people fall in love with a guy during preseason that just is not that good...sutton isn't a factor in the return game, doesn't block well, and doesn't follow his blocks...I don't see anything he does better than the rest of our backs that makes him worth keeping

5. The Packers look better than everybody else in the division right now...if favre doesn't throw a ball more than 15 yards down the field all year the vikings could be really good as well

6. yeah I think I'll take our 25 year old quarterback who looks like he could be one of the best in the league for a long time to come over a 40 year old who has been mediocre for the last 5 years thank you very much

Max's picture

Seriously this Nagler guy has some mental health problems. He needs to stop shooting up on the street corner, get a fucking job and quit bothering us REAL Packer fans.

In terms of Tony Moll, the dude sucks. There's no trade value there.

They said Will Blackmon would be ready for the season starter against the teddy bears. I'm going to take them on that.

McCarthy should be pleased about the Fullbacks, they're fucking amazing. Sadly one of them has to go and it's going to be John Kuhn because he doesn't quite have the receiver qualities of Hall. Quinn Johnson stays as there's no way he stays on the practice squad without getting picked up by another team.

Pat Kirwan can jump in a pile of horse shit. The Kirwan thinks he's all that and a bag of potato chips, he aint. A disabled donkey does better analysis than Pat Kirwan.

Just read this quote from the Twin Cities article: "If Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy were watching Brett Favre quarterback the Vikings in Houston on TV Monday night, and it's expected they were, the Green Bay Packers' general manager and coach had to have glanced uneasily at each other and murmured, 'Uh-oh.'

HA FUCKING HA. Do these guys even watch football. All favre managed was a few slant passes, a couple of dump off passes, a dirty dirty low tackle and then "lets leave the rest to that Adrian Peterson dude". He was sacked fucking TWICE (four times in two games... woo hoo) by a Texans team that blitzed very little. Yeah I'm sure TT and MM are shaking in their boots, "Oh man, why did we get stuck with Aaron Rodgers, a guy who's posted up some amazing stats in preseason and been sacked zero times so far....... boy do we suck!"

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