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The Proof is in the Pudding

The Proof is in the Pudding

I am a history freak. I like remembering things. I like to have proof in front of me before saying things. I loved working in the archives of the Milwaukee Public Library, digging through the past, finding the exact words of what was said/what happened.

I also am a bit of a freak about recording everything I do/say/think/feel, and have been since 2004.

This has helped me in many ways. Now when people are all surprised about Vince Young being worthless, I can point to an April 2006 post about how I knew he'd be a moron.

I can substantiate my claim that I was excited when we signed Charles Woodson because I blogged about running around my house screaming his name.

And ask ACME Packing Co or Hammen on twitter, I will spend however long it takes to find the proof of my claim. In this case it was me saying I used to have the entire 1996 roster memorized. Bold claim. Luckily my love for documenting everything lead me to take a picture of my drunken scribbling of the roster in 2006 and post a blog about it. So there I sat (well stood) at Sherlock's in Arlington going through my old blog posts to find said picture. And once I did, boy was I proud (and possibly drunk) and showed it off to everyone and anyone I could.

That's just the strange type of girl I am. I like the details; I like the proof.

That's why when PackerHQ mentioned today that he has nailed 70% of TT's draft picks over three years, I was impressed, but like others I wanted proof. I don't want proof because I necessarily think someone is full of it; I just am that kind of gal.

So I then went on a mission. A very long, drawn out, headache causing mission. I searched back through two years of CHTV posts (HQ said that CHTV had linked to his draft) to find an old draft and do the numbers myself. This is not an easy task, as you can search the CHTV archives, but only by year and they start at the end of the year and you have to work your way back. Also in 2009 on page 31 there's a glitch and you can't hit previous posts. (yes, this is what I did with my day). Later I learned that the links wouldn't work even if I did find them because of switching serves and technical mumbo-jumbo that I leave to people like Wally, Alex and Corey. But either way, I never found the post. I did however find a nice little article from Nagler about him disliking the NFL Combine.

But I was not done in my searching. This was not about proving anyone wrong. Or finding out how Nagler felt about things three years ago. So then I turned to trusty google, which did, indeed, lead me to links of HQ's prior draft boards. However, as promised, the links were dead. I did manage to summize through follow up comments that HQ did pick the Packers to take Bulaga.  He also had the Pack picking Toby Gerhart. That's about all the names I could find.

The point to all of this: if you're going to say you were right about something, and something pretty awesome, I'd like the stats to prove it. And if you don't provide me with them, the craziness of my brain will take over and an afternoon of my time will be spent digging through the Internet. Side note, if anyone would like to hire me to read through the archives of your website, it appears I would be a perfect fit.

Also, I'm horrible at picking the draft. And if anyone ever remembered the drunken bets I make, Winston Justice would have cost me $50. I also fully admit that Ted Thompson is smarter than I am. So anyone who can get even one of his picks right is ahead of me.


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Comments (7)

Davod's picture

Aaron used to hate the Scouting Combine? Interesting.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

Yep, I witnessed Jayme frantically searching for her '96 roster pic at Sherlock's.

OK, no claim to fame here, but I was at the draft party in 2005 and knew, once he fell past 12/13, that Rodgers was going to be the Packers pick. I'm actually the guy on ESPN crossing my arms frantically "No!" - well I sure was wrong on that pic.

Also remember seeing someone on one of the Packer sites state we were going to pick Jordy Nelson. Remember researching him and seeing his highlight video on YouTube. When the collective "Who?!?!?" arose at the Draft Party, I could immediately pull up the video to show to folks. Thought it was a good pick then...

PackersRS's picture

"he'll turn michael irvin on your ass and sit on the sideline at a game in some gold suit and be all distracting and ugly and clearly on crack."

See? You were wrong there. Purple drank was the drug of choice, in Young's case. And, in the case of Mr. "Seniority!!!", it was cocaine.

For someone so fixed to the details, you're not paying enough attention to the abused substances, Jayme ;)

tommyk's picture

I can without a doubt make the claim that i do not satisfy my wife 70% of the time!

And NO, you do not have to verify that.

KCousineau09's picture

And to think this all started because I RT'd a comment from Matt Bowen at the Natinoal Football Post. Sorry for taking up your afternoon Ms. Jayme. Nice work by the way!

Chad Toporski's picture

Great post. I'm very much like you in that I will take an inordinate amount of time to search for something really only has meaning to me.

packercorey's picture

Haha the links are dead... Jayme u rock

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