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The Overtime “If”

The Overtime “If”

Yesterday someone on twitter asked @PackersLounge a question regarding the Packers playoff options that included the word "if" about 20 times.  I'd like to add some more.

The playoffs are finally here, and with them they bring the anticipated overtime rule changes.

If the team that receives the ball first scores a field goal, the game is no longer over.  The other team has a chance to score as well.  If the team that receives the ball first scores a touch down, the game is over.  If the team that receives the ball first punts or turns the ball over, the next team to score wins.  If the team the kicks off the ball first, onside kicks it and recovers and scores a field goal, the game is over.  If the team not receiving the ball first should get a safety, then the game is over.  If both teams should score field goals, sudden death rules apply.  If the full 15 minute overtime period ends with a tie, they keep going until someone scores.

Got that?

Okay, so this morning on Espn Radio Mike and Mike brought up the extra "if".  If you win the coin toss, do you try to onside it?  If you don't recover but hold them to a field goal, you still have a chance to win, but if you should recover it, your score ends up winning the game.  Or do you always go for the ball first?  If you lose the toss, do you onside it?  Do you ever onside it?  If you're receiving the first kick do you risk a possible great return to help protect against the onside?  How many times can I say onside and if in the same paragraph??

Either way, regardless of initial strategy, the playoff overtime picture just got even more confusing for the Packers.  And for a team that lost two crushing overtime games in the regular season, there's way too many "ifs" around for my liking.  I will sleep a whole lot easier if we just win out in regular time.


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Adam Czech's picture

Both McCarthy and Reid are not known for thir understanding of clock management.

If Sunday's game goes to overtime, we could see both Reid and McCarthy resign on the spot and walk out of the stadium. It would be too much for either guy to handle.

Jayme Snowden's picture

If this happens, I will never stop laughing. Ever. I will need medical help. Someone be on standby

Mark's picture

I asked the question to Chris Mortenson about if a team onsides it but doesn't recover team kicks FG, is the game over? he said it would

Jayme Snowden's picture

interesting. from my understanding everyone gets a chance at the ball (unless there's a TD scored). being on field to field a kick counts as a chance. if you kick the ball and someone else gets it, you shouldn't have given up your choice. Will definitely have to look into this further.

Jayme Snowden's picture

According to the stated rules, attempted an onside kick does not count as the chance to possess the ball. Therefore if you onside kicked it and failed to recover it, and hold the receiving team to less than a touch down, the team would still have a chance to possess the ball and score.

Mark's picture

asked bedard if the team that loses a coin toss does an onsides kick and recovers kicks a FG would the game be over? He said it would. I think the saints/packers are the only teams stupid/crazy enough to do it

Jayme Snowden's picture

Yes Mark. I also said that in THIS article. If you recover your own onside kick and score any points then the game is over. However, if you onside kick it and do not recover and the receiving team scores a FG, they then have to kick off to you.

Mark's picture

Ok I got ya thanks for clarifying

dullgeek's picture

Quote Jayne Cobb: "I'm smellin' a lot of if comin' off this plan."

PackersRS's picture

WOW. Never thought of that. Great catch Jayme (take the credit, noone's gonna know).
If I'm a coach, specially if I have this Packers' D, I'll choose to kick and onside it.

We have only allowed 16 TDs the whole season. Not only that, Mason Crosby is the best onside kicker in the game. Quite frankly, this rules have been made in heaven for us.

The chances of an onside kick couples with the chances of our team preventing a TD are bigger than just kicking the ball or receiving the ball, specially considering our ST.

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